My Coach

The boathouse by moonlight


By Musclebuff

I stopped, watching six feet of shining, bulging cut muscle dancing maniacally in the moonlight. Can this really be mine?

"Your place or mine!" he yelled, throwing my lyc-rags at me. "Where díyou think?" I yelled

back, hitting his butt with his rags. I ran away from him down the long sweeping lawn towards the lake and plunged in, not looking back to see if he was following me. The shock of the cold, night water felt so amazingly sensual, licking at my muscles as if it was trying to devour them. I beat on my pecs, let out a Tarzan and swam for the Boathouse.

Iíd already lit several of the two dozen candles I had installed on a ledge that afternoon - along with a couple of wrestling mats and a few other necessaries - before Rod hauled himself out of the water. I threw him a huge blanket towel and finished lighting the candles. He stood there shivering in his tent, so I crept under the blanket and put my arms round him. God, he felt good! The two godboys, with their arms round each other standing under a warm blanket. As he held the blanket together around us, I rubbed the goose bumps out of his back and his butt. I pressed him close so we could both be muscle-conscious as we warmed us up.

The candlelight flickered in his emerald eyes. It was so great not to be looking up at him

anymore (thanks again, Coach!), for the two godboys to be equal to each other - even if one did have bigger muscles than the other! We hadnít said anything to each other since I ran from him on the lawn. That suddenly seemed like a year.

"Hey, Rod!" Quietly.

"Hey, Monster!" Quietly.

"Is this really the guy who wanted to rape me in that bathroom a year ago?"

"Is this really that surly little shrimp who shivered in front of me?"

"The one you blatantly waved your dick at before you blew him?"

"Are you the guy who saved my life and hasnít spoken to me since?"

"Yeah, saved your stinking life with a kiss! Should have let you die - only you werenít worth the trouble!"

"You sure of that?"

"Pretty sure."

"Prove it then."

"How do I do that?"

"Monsters are supposed to turn into handsome Prince Muscles, arenít they?"

"And how do they do that?"

"Like this."

Our two bodies, our souls, grew together in that kiss, inextricably cemented together for ever. Our lips were locked, our tongues fused. Huge pec melted into huge pec as the nips collided, arms, shoulders and lats were carved out of one piece of marble. Even our two throbbing fuckpoles demanded each other as the precum melded and glued our abs together. Quad remembered quad and only our backs, calves and glutes felt out of the picture - for the time being, but they cheered on the rest of the double-giant body.

Our eyes defocussed into each other, green mixing with blue, as we kissed without shutting them. Then a shadow seemed to pass over me and I shut mine and shivered.

"Hey, fucker! Whatís the matter? Cold?"

No, I wasnít cold. I was thinking of Coach going to bed by himself while his two creations made love to each other. It seemed like some kind of betrayal, even if it was with nis blessing. "Congratulations to you both!" I muttered as I remembered his proud, sad back marching off through the crowd.

But Rod couldnít help but hear me mutter.

"Itís that furkiní Fischer, isnít it?" he growled, and pushed me out of his tent. "Are you always going to let him come between us? Some relationship!"

"No, no! Come here! Itís just that he looked so lonely tonight." He was back in my arms again, but a bit of the old Rod sounded when he said: "He neednít worry - I wonít be here after Monday and he can have you all to himself again!"

"Oh, shit, Rod! Come on, we both owe him all we are, and we have each other, and he has no one. Donít be so bitter about him. I may have feelings for him, but theyíre not the same feelings I have for you, man. You know that. Youíre the chief reason Iíve gone along with all this - ." I flexed an arm and pinched one of his pecs.

"You really mean that?"

"Well, it didnít start like that - the wimp wanted to be Wonderboy from the start but it got real complicated when you appeared on the scene."

He softened and grinned. "OK, Iím jealous - jealous as hell. I want you all to myself but I know I canít have you. So how about that raincheck? Itíll soon be out of date!"

"Shit man! Donít keep reminding me. If Iím gonna let you fuck me, I want my brain as well as my body to be all yours!"

"Is it all mine?"

"Yeah. yeah, it is."

"Promise or threat?"


"Then you fuck me first."


I turned him round and pulled his wide, wide back against my thick, thick chest. He was so wide as I was so thick it was quite a job to get my hand meet across him as I nibbled his ear. I reached out to the ledge and filled my fist with lube. While my left hand was stroking his satin, veiny, long thick cock, my right was stuffing three fingers of lube up his butt-chute. The rest went on my very impatient dick. I turned him round by his dick and mashed our two crowns together so that his got covered with lube and my precum. He grabbed my balls and took over the lubeing process so that I was able to torture his nips.

"Hey, give me your ass!" he said as he sat in front of me, jerking me off. Not wanting him to stop whatever he was doing, I straddled him and shoved his face upwards to my butt. His muscular tongue probed the entrance and I started to moan. "Yeah, man! Fuck my hole with that tongue! Eat it up!" He squeezed my balls and I jerked my dick which by now was ragingly purple. Hell, I couldnít take much more of this! I shoved him down on to the mat, pulled his legs over my shoulders and shoved my swollen fuckpole up his butt. He took it like a man. I could tell he enjoyed it rough. It went in deep, deep as I leaned forward and out my hands on each side of his shoulders. I was doing a kind of press-up over him, only it was my butt that was doing all the ups and downs as my fuckrod mashed into his guts.

"Oh jeez! Fuck the cum out of me, man! Harder! Give me all youíve got. I want all of you - all your fuckiní muscle and all your fuckiní musclejuice. Get it into me, man! Make me cum!"

"No! Youíre not to cum! Gotta save it all for me, man! Just take that dick and shut up!" I started to road-ram his butt as I locked his lips with a kiss and fucked his mouth with my tongue. Somehow during the process he managed to get a long finger up my chute and homed in on the joy-button.

"Aaaaargh! Mnmngaargh!" I was panting and yelling into his mouth, as he was into mine.

I could soon tell we were both dangerously close and I desperately didnít want him to cum too soon. So I redoubled my efforts, ramming that dick in so hard and thinking all the time that Mr Perfect-Prefect-never-been-fucked was writhing his great muscles under mine. My head reared up as I shot a massive wad deep, deep into the very center of his being. Never has a dick been so deep inside a lover! At least for the moment.

I pulled off him, letting his insides and his butt swim in my gism and before he could recover himself I sat down hard on his dick - that went even deeper than mine had into him.

"Hereís the rain-check cumminí up!" and I started to squat up and down on his mighty thrusting thick, so thick fuckrod. I was twisting his huge nips and this was making him buck right up into me as I was thrusting down into him. We were both yelling FUUUCK! FUUUUCK! at the tops of our voices.

He wasnít content to leave matters like this and somehow he sat up, pushed me back, twisted me round, never disengaging his dick, and was fucking me hard as he lay flat on top of me. I was flat on my face and he was flat on top of me, his Mighty Hunter reaching parts of me I didnít know existed.

My dick was vibrating on the sweat-slick mat. "Shit, man! Iím going to cum again!"

"Not until I tell you This is MY rain-check!"

Then he started to get rough. Tearing at my thick pecs, chewing on my ear and slobbering into it, while his milk-bottle fucker was pounding my joy-button to hell or heaven whichever came first.

"OK, man, CUUUUUUM! Iím filliní you up, so CUMMMMMMM, darn you!"

Mighty spasms inside me gripped his dick as both of us jetted and spurted fountains of cum. He into me and me on the mat. He pushed me aside and lapped all that up, then fed it to me, mouth to mouth, so we could both enjoy it before he swallowed it all.

We lay there locked in each otherís huge, sweaty arms, and hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed.

That wasnít the only time we came together that night. I was already one up on him so he soon fed me a pint down the throat before we collapsed and fell asleep - for a while. We didnít have enough hours left together to waste any, so we didnít.

Chapel bells woke us in the morning and we 69ed each other till they stopped. We washed ourselves off in the lake and tidied away the evidence in the boathouse. Then it was time for him to go and pack.

And for me to find Coach.

Shit. •

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