My Coach

Early stages


By Musclebuff

So it began. Every morning without fail at 6 am. How I sweated as that horny sadist put me through it! Those tank-topped muscles standing over me with every rep. By the end of the two weeks I think he had begun to take me seriously. At least he saw how maniacally determined I was.

"Think you need some new encouragement. You have to learn to feel your muscles working, to put your mind into them. Here - ,"

He placed one of hands on his swollen magnificent pec, and one of his on my crotch. His very touch vibrated through me and I knew Iíd started a woody at once.

"All your strength comes from here," he said, squeezing my tumescent equipment, "and the power is transferred to here. All your muscular development must come from the center of your being." He was pressing my hand hard on to his pec as he flexed it. "Now shut your eyes and imagine how this," (my groin) "connects with this." (His pec). Then he placed one hand on my pec and one of mine on his groin. "Keep your eyes shut and now transfer to your own groin - imagine my power growing into your muscle."

I felt as if some cosmic secret had been revealed as I transferred the feeling of his pec into mine. Suddenly weak at the knees, I sat heavily on the bench press bench, but He pulled me up and turned me round to face the big posing mirror: I was amazed to see my chest was all pumped and swollen. My nips stood out a good half inch.

"Yeah - results are beginning to show. Now look - itís all going to be uphill from here - real hard work. Iíll give you plenty of encouragement, but itís up to you to pull it all together. AND - save your spunk! No jerkiní off while in training, got it? Iíll let you know when you can relax."

And so it went. Real hard work, plenty of rewards. I got thicker and harder and by the end of another month I could see I had the beginnings of a physique! He gave me plenty of hands-on muscle comparison which was total incentive to me. To feel a huge muscle of his and then go to work on my same muscle was truly helpful - now that I had learned to add mind to muscle I felt every fiber of the muscle contract, flex, relax on every rep. And all the time he kept on yelling at me to envisage HIS muscles while working on my own.

Neither of use knew what complications awaited us. •

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