Hot July, A

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By FanTCMan

Sean's fourteen year old cousin, who was staying at Sean's house while his parents toured Europe, waited in his bedroom, watching TV to stay awake. Sean had called and told his parents that he would be late.

"Sean, what's the matter with your voice?" his mother had asked, some alarm in her voice. "You aren't at that place are you? Why? Because some of the kids from your work told Kyle that you were, that's why."

"We told you . . . We don't care what the other guys are doing."

"Sean, you're only sixteen. Well, you be home by midnight, anyway."

Sean's mom and dad had obviously not wanted to say too much in front of Kyle.

"Oh, Ted, what are we going to do? Our Sean, becoming one of those, those . . ."

"Calm down, Karen," Ted said, with a glance at Kyle. "I guess we'll just have to get used to it, like everyone else."

Kyle thought Sean's dad's answer was pretty cool, for a dad.

Not that his Uncle Ted wasn't pretty cool, but there was something in the way he answered that made Kyle feel excited, something about the way he seemed to accept what was happening to more and more guys around town.

What was happening to those guys seemed so extreme, the blatant sexuality of it, and guy to guy sexuality at that. It had the allure, to Kyle, of something forbidden but delicious. It excited him that his Uncle Ted was so accepting of it. It gave him a boner. And now, to think that Sean was going to be one of them. Sean. His cool cuz, and only sixteen.

He'd seen Sean naked plenty of times. They shared a bathroom, so they saw each other naked often. Kyle himself was just hitting stride in the puberty thing, and after seeing Sean with his dark wreath of hair around his dick and the thick, small, black patches under his arms, the new hair that ringed his own cock and was sprouting under his own arms excited him. Lately, everything seemed to be exciting him.

He'd been excited this day in particular, ever since he'd stopped by the pizza place to talk to Sean. He ran into Steve, whom he had always thought to be a total stud anyway, a guy he'd like to grow up to be like. He must have looked shocked. He was shocked. Steve, who was definitely still eighteen-year-old Steve, looked like this huge bodybuilder guy, his face all whiskery, and his huge, bulging chest covered with gold-brown hair that swirled flat all the way up to his neck. He was so big he looked like he could explode out of his clothes. His pants fit tight and he had a bulge at his crotch that was so big and obvious it looked like he'd stuffed his pants full of something as a joke. But the way he looked and acted, Kyle knew it was no joke. He was so cool and cocky and confident as he grinned at Kyle's shock.

"Hey, little dude. If you're lookin' for Sean, he had to make a delivery . . . to the mansion, dude. Your cuz is gonna be one big, buff stud now, little dude." And he grinned and flexed an arm right in Kyle's face, making a biceps that popped up so thick and huge, all snaked over with big veins, that it finally did what had to happen, right in Kyle's face. The inside seam of the sleeve just gave way with a ripping sound, and the material fell back to reveal the full size of the thick muscle.

Kyle didn't think he'd even said anything much more than "okay," and he heard Steve laugh as he left the shop. He couldn't believe it.

Steve. And he was into that whole sexual thing, too. Just right out there, not even a little embarrassed about the way his pants bulged or the size of his muscles. To be so young, just like those other guys, Matt and Russell, and suddenly just transform into a huge muscle guy, all hairy and with such huge meat that just stuck out in their pants, right in everyone's face. But Kyle couldn't deny how he felt. Steve looked really good. His face looked like he was ten times more handsome, and those whiskers, that total, dense 5 o'clock shadow, and that hair on his chest. His chest. Holy shit, he thought, as he went home in a haze, picturing Sean becoming one of them . . . those muscles . . . all that. He couldn't think of anything else, and even though he knew he had to tell his Uncle Ted and Aunt Karen, the whole thing had him feeling confused, a little scared, the way it was happening now to guys he knew . . . confused and very, very excited.

He had a boner all the way home.

And he had one now, waiting. It was almost midnight. He could hear the TV on downstairs. and he knew Ted and Karen were waiting up for Sean. He watched an old rerun of Superman, and he thought about Sean becoming one of those guys. Wow. His boner was so hard.

About five after midnight, he heard the door. He turned down his TV, and he heard Karen say, "Oh my God, Sean, look at you." He heard Sean answer, "Don't get all bummed, Mom. I feel great." His voice was lower, deeper, more grown up, much more masculine. Then Ted said, "Sean, just go on upstairs so I can talk to your mom."

He heard Sean go into his room and shut the door, and then he heard him go into the bathroom between their rooms. It was quiet for a minute, and then he heard Sean saying, "Oh. Awww. Umm. Oh, yeah."

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the bathroom.

"Yeah?" Sean's voice answered. "Kyle?"

"Yeah, you okay, Sean?"

"Yeah, I'm fine little dude. Come on in, bro."

Kyle went into the bathroom, and Sean had his shirt off, his pants undone, and was flexing while he looked at himself in the mirror.

Kyle's mouth dropped open. Sean wasn't as huge as Steve, but he was so much more muscular than before. So much that he could see right away why Karen said, "look at you." He had real pecs, square, thick enough to be rounded, cut deep underneath, and his abs were a six pack already better than the guys in the fitness magazines. In fact, that's what he looked like. One of those guys, only better built, if that was possible, more muscular, and black tiny hairs were all over those pecs and starting to make a line down the middle of his abs.

Where he'd undone his pants, the trail spread out and there was black pubic hair sticking out from the waistband of his briefs, and he was showing a rod that lay to one side and was like some big sausage and under it the bulge of his balls, already big enough to see, clearly.

"Whatta ya think, little dude?" he smiled at Kyle as he popped a biceps that looked like a baseball.

"Wow." Kyle felt like an idiot. What could he say? "Yeah, I know. Bro, I feel so fuckin' hot, man."

He flexed his arm harder, and it seemed to look bigger still, and Kyle looked, not just at the big hard muscle, but the thick, dark, full thatch of hair in the deep pit that formed between arm, pec, and the lat muscle that flared out wide from above Sean's tight small waist.

He could see why Sean felt hot. He looked amazing. His face was handsomer, more mature, the whole shape just so much more good looking, and he needed a shave more than he ever did, and his whiskers formed the perfect full shape of a man's beard.

"So?" he said to Kyle, who was just staring at him, "whatta ya think? Looks good, doesn't it, little dude?"

"I guess, yeah. Yeah, it looks good, Sean. I saw Steve today," now that he was talking, he was blurting, "and he's so big, are you gonna get like that, Sean, are you gonna get that big too, 'cause Steve looked really cool, man, I mean . . ."

"I know what you mean, little dude. Yeah, I'm gonna get like that, and bigger, little dude. So will he. It's a whole new thing, man, a whole new thing for guys, and it's so hot, dude. Check this out."

And he reached into his pants, pushed them down, and pulled out his cock and balls, let his big balls flop and held his cock for Kyle to see.

"My dick is already getting big, man. Feels so hot. Gonna get so huge, man, so big everyone will see what I'm packin'. Get the tape outta that drawer, man, measure it for me. I bet it's already over nine inches"

Kyle got the tape. He was almost shaking, he felt so nervous, excited, amazed. He held the tape, not sure how to do what Sean wanted, but Sean just held his dick with a couple fingers so it was sticking straight out, arching up just a little, and said, "Come on, man. just push it right next to it against by abs, man, and see how long it is."

Kyle couldn't believe that he was holding the end of the tape right in Sean's groin, pushing into that thick, black pubic hair that had become so much more dense, bigger, spread out. He pulled it along the length of Sean's cock.

The tip of the head of Sean's cock hit at the nine and three-quarters mark. Kyle just looked up at Sean, and Sean was grinning with pride.

"Almost ten, man. Fuck yeah. Feel it, little dude. Feel how heavy and big it feels. Want to see me cum, man. Shit, I gotta cum anyway, now, bro. Yeah. Come on. Feel it, man, make me cum, dude. I know you want to. You're so boned there, little dude. I know you want to do me, Kyle. Look at me a second."

Kyle looked at Sean, and Sean caught Kyle's eyes with his own.

There was something in Sean's eyes that grabbed Kyle by the balls.

There was something so attractive, so masculine, so magnetic, so intensely sexual, totally erotic, so just right out there with his sexuality, that Kyle suddenly would have done anything, would do anything Sean wanted, and what he knew he wanted right then was for Kyle to get him off. He didn't even have to figure out what to do. It came as naturally as anything. He looked at Sean's incredible muscles, reached up and felt his abs, then pulled down his pants and took his big cock in both hands. He slid the thin, veiny skin against the hard meat a few times, and then he leaned forward and took the head in his mouth. He sucked on it, took it to the back of his throat, and when he had it good and slick with spit, he worked it with both hands and his mouth while he listened to Sean groan with pleasure. It made him feel so incredible to make Sean groan like that, he took it deeper in his throat, even when it almost made him choke, but Sean was too cool to choke on, and then Sean had him by the hair, pushing his head against his groin, pushing his face right into his thick pubes so Kyle could smell the smell of man sex, thrusting harder, until he stopped, went stiff, and held Kyle's head with his cock firmly down his throat while he jerked and shot hot sperm, over and over.

Kyle swallowed as fast as he could, and it was almost like chugging a milkshake, but finally it slowed and stopped, and Sean let go of his head.

"Aww, fuck, little dude. That was SO sweet. Come up here, man," and he pulled him to his feet.

Before Sean knew what was happening, he was being kissed by Sean, kissed hard, and deep with his tongue, and the feeling of his whiskers and the smell of him almost made Kyle's knees buckle, but then Sean had his hand on Kyle's boner, inside his underwear, and Kyle couldn't even think, he could only kiss him back and surrender his dick to this hero of studliness.

Steve didn't get home from the mansion until almost two that morning, and when he did, his father was waiting for him. He hadn't been able to get into the clothes he'd worn to work that day by the time he'd left, so he wore some Lycra shorts and a sleeveless T shirt.

"All right, son," Ken Madison said, "Tell me about it.

Jesus, you're bigger than you were this morning. You're getting so big it's almost obscene."

"Yeah, and they gave me more, dad. I'm gonna get even bigger. What ya want to know?"

"Why you did it. Why all you guys are doing it. It must feel, I don't know, what does it feel like?"

Steve flexed one arm and felt his chest and stomach with the other.

"Hot, dad. So totally fuckin' hot." He put on a show for his dad, the way he touched himself, and his dad watched, fascinated.

"No need for that kind of language, son."

"Oh yeah there is, dad. Oh, fuck yeah. Almost obscene, you said.

How about fuckin' hot, huh? Look at this, dad." He reached down with both hands and surrounded, caressed, lifted the bulging package that pulled and pushed on the material of his shorts, the huge cock and balls defined by the cling and sheen of the fabric. "My fuckin' balls are pumping man juice, dad, my fuckin' cock is already sixteen inches of meat. Sixteen inches, dad. You know what that feels like? Look at this, man."

And he pulled down his shorts to show his meat.

"Yeah, I can see, son. But what can you do with something that big?"

"Aww, man, this shit makes it all work, man. Anything. I can take twenty inches, man, yeah, your fuckin' boy can take twenty inches in either end, man. You want to try me, dad? You want to check out this body, man? It's cool. Come on. I know you do."

Ken found himself unable to resist the erotic pull that Steve had on him, that seemed to reach through his throat, down his gut, and right into his groin, and he felt his cock stiffen and his will to hide it gone.

"Take off your shirt, Steve."

Steve stripped off his shirt and his shorts.

"All you guys get this hairy, too?"

He stepped over and put his hands on Steve's hairy pecs.

"Yeah," Steve said, standing still now, letting his dad touch him.

"Looks good, kid."

"Yeah, it's hot. Dad, there's this dude, lives next door to the mansion," Steve talked while Ken felt the contours of his son's massive chest, "he's way older than you, like almost sixty or something, and he did it, and I swear to God, man, he already looks like he's in his early thirties, and lookin' hot as shit man.


Hairy, too. Ohh, yeah. Big muscle. Big cock. Aww, yeah, so fuckin' hot, dad. Oh, man, don't you think so?"

"Yeah, Steve. It's fuckin' hot. Be quiet, don't wake your mother."

Ken undressed and went to lie on the thick rug, taking Steve to join him, and Steve lay next to him, sliding his huge cock against his dad's stomach and hip as his dad felt his body with his hands and his mouth. Steve could do anything to him now, and he knew it. He turned him over and kissed the back of his neck as he slid the head of his cock up against the crack of his dad's hairy ass.

The next morning, Kyle woke up feeling extremely horny. The first thought in his head was Sean and that incredible body. He would find out how to get into that place, if they would take a guy as young as fourteen. He was so hard. He reached down, half awake, to feel his boner, rub it. Maybe he would go into Sean's room. He wanted more of what they did last night. But when his hand reached down, he felt a dick noticably bigger than he'd had when he went to sleep, with much more pubic hair around it, and what he felt sent him running for the bathroom. The mirror confirmed it. His body had grown muscular while he slept, not huge, but he already looked like one of those fitness guys, and his dick was definitely bigger. He had real pubes, and pit hair, and he needed a shave where he hadn't even had any whiskers yet, and a few hairs were growing on his chest and stomach. His arms were hairier. Oh, man, he must have got it from Sean's cum. Oh, man.

He jacked. He couldn't help it. And just as he was cumming all over the sink and the floor, Sean came in.

"Little dude, look at you, man. I must've given you a dose in my cum, bro. Hot."

Meanwhile, Sean had put on another twenty pounds or so of muscle, and now he was looking more like a real bodybuilder, and more hair had grown in. His dick was hard, and it must have been twelve inches, but they didn't stop to measure. They got in the shower together, thinking both Ted and Karen had gone to work, but while they were lathering each other up and kissing, the shower door flew open, and Ted was standing there, naked, with a hard-on "All right, boys. Make room for daddy."

Bob Johnson went to the office. He wanted to spend the day at the mansion, but the idea of his partners seeing him was too exciting to pass up, and besides, he had talked Chad and Hal into giving him enough of the formula to dose his partners. There were only two, both average, decent looking yuppie types, worked out, expensive suits, expensive glasses, BMW types, both in their forties. There was a meeting scheduled for that morning, anyway, so Bob put on a pair of trousers that he could barely stuff himself into. God, they fit his ass like they were painted on, and his thighs, and his meat strained heavily at the zipper. He borrowed an extra large shirt from Chad, and didn't even bother with a jacket. He couldn't get his arms into any of them. And in the shirt, as large as it was, his pecs and lats and arms filled it, strained the material against their hard mass.

He checked himself when he left. Clark Kent. He looked twenty-eight, and handsomer than he could imagine. Even with a tie on, the hair on his chest made a fringe above his buttoned collar. He got to the office early, and waited in the conference room, the vials of formula nearby. He knew these guys. He knew anything that could make him this handsome and young looking would be irresistible, and he could hardly wait to see them, later, at the mansion, in posers, their many girlfriends distant memories.

Chad answered the door. It was Sean, with his dad and Kyle.

"Hey, you guys. Guess what. That stuff can be passed in cum, man.

Check it out."

He indicated young Kyle, who was even more muscular than earlier that morning, looking more like eighteen than fourteen, and his dad, who had just recently tasted his son's juice of transformation, and already had lost a few years and gained a few solid, shredded pounds.

"Yeah, we know," Chad said. "Come on in."

He took them to the kitchen, where Hal was having coffee with Steve and his dad. Ken, who had taken his boy's juice the night before, was looking much younger, handsomer, and more muscular.

"Steve and Ken here just came over with the same news. I'm just surprised we didn't realize it sooner. So we were just about to give them the real thing. Join us."

Ken and Ted, already well acquainted through the kids, smiled awkwardly at each other, almost, but not quite, embarrassed to see each other here.

"Hey Ken."

"Hey Ted."

"So, you going for it, too, huh?"

"Hey, guy. A fountain of youth and beauty? Who wouldn't?"

One by one, dad, son, nephew, cousin, they took their doses, and in minutes their cocks began to stiffen all around the room. •

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