Sleeping Giants

Happily ever after


By Musclebuff

The twins had been absorbed in each other all their lives, to the exclusion of others. Now there were three of us and they had accepted me into their "happy band of brothers". Setting aside all the reasons they may have had for being grateful to me - and I to them, God knows - they genuinely enjoyed the presence of a third equal. They had onmly kmown each other’s cocks and asses so far, but now they could feel a different one up their asses, a different fuck technique that gave them as much pleasure as they had each other.

Then I was able to introduce them to our world which intrigued them. I bought three identical huge Harley’s which they learned to control immediately - they were gods after all - and we roard together around the country. Pollux was certainly very much attracted to the whole leather scene and sometimes he would go off on his own to wreak havoc in the leather clubs while Castor and I fucked at home.

So we lived happily together - never any jealous moments - working out and having sex filled our lives. Somehow we were fused together and somehow I developed the same esp as the twins had. This cemented the bond and I was soon able to relax into this ideal triple relationship.

The world grew older around us and we didn’t. So we had to move round the world from time to time to avoid the inevitable questions. We always came back to La Jolla after a while and took up there where we left off. We commissioned N to do a huge mural on the spacious wall of the gym: the three of us attached to each other in impossibly intricate positions, every muscle flexed and bulging. Pollux insisted on wearing his chaps; Castor was fucking me rotten while I was sucking off Pollux’s huge fucker, clinging on to those magnificent quads, now doubly sexy encased in leather.

It was Castor who researched far and wide for different methods of having sex and we tried them all - even subjecting ourselves to some of the more extreme types of leather sex - these became Pollux’s speciality. Some of these we enjoyed while making a couple of videos which made millions for the entrepreneurs. One of these days I’ll show them to you!

The End -

I think, for we have no end

Immortality is great! •

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