Sleeping Giants

The awakening


By Musclebuff

As I entered the gym from the far end, I could have sworn my mind I heard them calling to me. They seemed to be bathed already in a sheen of sweat, accentuating all the cuts and striations in their perfect muscles. I walked the length of the gym, past all the eight foot blowups I had of my favorite N paintings, and closed the shutters behind the Giants. The breeze machine bathed us all in a gentle coolth as I opened the bottle of posing oil. I sprayed it carefully over both giants, adding to their luster, then started on smooth it into, onto their magnificence. Each stroke was an aphrodisiac and I was ready to cum by the time I had felt every inch of swollen pecs, washboard abs, thick-cut quads, pumpkin-sized delts and all the rest. I took particular pleasure in gratifying the swollen bicep of the lying giant, who had one hand behind his head.

I stripped off - my own great muscles were already shining and slippery from the excitement and the effort. I sat astride the raised knee of the lying giant so that his outsize teardrop muscle was digging into my balls, then slid slowly down his quad till my butt arrived on his abs. I lay back against his chest and turned to lick at the opposite nip - something like an inch and a half in protuberance. I cushioned my head on his delt and looked up at the parted lips of the Giant kneeling over me. I reached one arm up to his neck as if I wanted to pull him down on me, then started to massage it, sliding down to his impossible traps, across the shattering delts on to his swollen bi. His pecs hung over my face, and his swinging dick was in east reach, so I massaged his impossible fuckpole (alas, really impossible!) at the same time as I started to jerk myself off.

I worked myself into a frenzy, sliding over those torsos, clinging to every fantastic limb, pressing my body, my muscles up on to theirs - it was like wrestling in oil with the both of them. I started to suck at the dangling muscle-fucker, as far as my lips and tongue could get round it. With the lying Giantís thick fucker grinding against my butthole I worked myself into a frenzy and shot bucketloads of fountaining gism, all over myself and them.

Far from being exhausted, to my surprise I found myself still hard and throbbing and demanding more. In my stoned-out-of-mind state, I massaged handfuls into their receptive torsos which seemed to soak it up through the marble. I reserved a good handful for the final task: I generously anointed their lips with cum. This seemed to me like a supreme climax of a sex rite, almost religious. I wanted to suck it back out of their mouths before I came again.

Then I lowered myself into the arms, so to speak, of the Giant sleeping beneath me, pulled myself up on his pec-slabs until I could reach his mouth with mine. I closed my eyes as I mashed his lips into a kiss. Then I stuck my tongue into the cavity of his open mouth, licking around it greedily. As I started to suck my cum back into my mouth, I felt another, much larger one penetrating mine . Of course I credited my wishful thinking imagination with this and sucked against the tongue greedily as "we" swirled my cum around both our mouths. Suddenly I felt something shifting violently beneath me: I opened my eyes to find myself staring into the a pair of the deepest and largest dark blue, Mediterranean eyes. As I made contact I felt his lips move. One heavy arm fastened itself demanding around my lats, and a giant tower forced its way up between my thighs.

I kissed him again to see what would happen: he rolled me over on to my back and lay on top of me, our lips still mashed together. God, the sensation of all that muscle sliding about on top of mine took my breath away! Then he knelt up astride my waist with his giant hands squeezing my pecs. I reached up to squeeze his mammoth chest, but he grabbed my wrists and bent my arms back above my head, leaning on top of me.

Those deep blue eyes grinning at me under that mane of dark golden, grecian curls seemed only inches away as I struggled impotently, in spite of my Mr.Olympia muscles, to free myself as he "spoke" to me. I couldnít understand Ancient Greek and Iím sure he was as illiterate in English, but he "spoke" to me telepathically, his deep voice resounding in my poor little brain.

"No, little brother [!], keep still. Thereís a lot of explaining to do before you free my Big Brother!"

His massive fuckpole swung provocatively against my still-swollen one, occasionally banging against my butthole too, as he told me their story. I lay there, wonderingly, as he described what had happened. It was a long story so, as I want to get on to the real MEAT of my tale, as Iím sure you do - Iíll give you a precis.

They are the Olympian twins, Castor and Pollux, who found all the joy of their youth in building their mammoth physiques and fucking each other, since they had no time for girls and no one else was big enough on Olympus to accommodate their lustful needs. Hera, Zeusís partner and the Goddess both of marriage and the Underworld, was so disgusted at their remarkable behavior and self-interest, that she turned them to stone, consigning their souls and spirits to the firmament where they twinkled away in the Zodiac as Gemini. Their statues were hidden inside a cave of marble where Hera thought no one could ever find them and, in any case, no one would know what to do with them, since the only way out of the curse was for someone similarly minded to kiss them back to life with his own gism.

Hera - now dead and unavailable for comment - reckoned without the greed and needs of archeologists and statue carvers and slowly the marble mountain as eroded until it reached their cave reached the state in which I found them - in their original cursed positions. Though Castor (my sexy narrator who kept teasing me with his dick, his long finger, and other little games) and Pollux were robbed of life and spirit, their brains were left to them, so they were well aware what was happening when I moved them to the U.S.A. All the vibes and dreams I had been experiencing since our arrival were the result of their own excitement, for they recognized me at once as being one of their own "kind". So, like the genie in Aladdinís lamp, they were now "mine". Or I was theirs, however you like to look at it. Two giant gods against one mortal, however big a mortal, seems to make for a rather unbalanced relationship.

But I was only to get one wish, and it wasnít time for that yet. Back to Pollux first. •

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