Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

The huge brute climed up onto the statue Matt was lashed to. Up onto the plinth, he reached around Matt's lats and around the statue, and pulled his massive bosy real close to Matt. Matt's huge pecs were being pressed in hard - he flexed to try and counteract the brutes massive pecs, but the guy's steroid induced strength was too much for the teen. As if that wasn't enough, he brought his massive legs around Matt's waist, and clamped HARD. Matt gasped in pain - the huge guy was crushing his body. The freak's huge cock pushed hard against Matt's ripped abs, and precum dribbled down along his abs. Matt didn't know how long he could cope with the immense pressure being brought on him.

Brett quietly went up to Colm who was watching this scene with horror and hopelessness. "Take this bud, it'll help you grow a little", Brett whispered, and injected the serum into Colm's veined bi. Brett withdrew, and went around the room to Luke and some others, choosing carefull who was to get the serum. As he wqas giving Tim some, he heard a roar. Looking up he saw it was not the Ruhlish brute, but Colm, who was bellowing out loud.

Colm felt a rush of blood and energy through his body. His muscles were pumping hard, and with each pump growing larger and larger. His pecs pushed out - from the former big teen size to supeman size - bulging out to form thick heavy marble mounds, topped with the most massive nipples. His shoulders, arms andlats were quickly following. "Oh MAN this is GOOD", Colm roared, the sensation getting too much for him. He brought his massive hands up to his chest, massaged them heavily. "OH GOD MAN LOOK AT THESE MONSTERS!!", Colm said. Some of the guys around the room started jacking off slowly at the musclegrowth scene before them. The others - those who had been given the serum started to roar and grow themselves. The monster clamped around Matt looked around. He saw a whole bunch of guys below him growing and rubbing their huge new muscles. "Holy shit", the monster gasped. He hopped down off Matt and surveyed the scene around him. All the guys there seemed to have forgotten where they were. "Man I feel so fucking horny", Colm shouted. "Luke - come over here and feel my growing body". "Mine too buddy", Luke shouted over - and crab walked over - unused to the size of his newly endowed massive thighs. They were so big they thrust his balls and cock out from the mass behind them. The two twins massaged each others bodies feeling the growing muscle under them. "Here buddy - oh yes feel here", Colm shouted, and Luke grabbed the bis that started another spurt of growth. He held them fast, but they still grw up pushing luke's hands apart - the thick vein throbbing hard against his clamped fingers. "Man that feels good", Luke said. Some of the smaller guys who were jacking off went to join in the worship. Tim and the others were also growing, were soon surrounded by an army of fans - of muscle worshippers - each wanting to feel the growing throbbing muscle. "I'm still GROWING", Tim shouted excitedly at one stage, and he was. None of the guys had gained much in height - only a couple of inches to accomadate the new bulk - but they surely gained in muscle mass. Their torsos exploded out above their waists, their legs below in a classic bodybuilder shape. Those massive - each huge muscle was as cut and striated as before - veins running wild across their bodies. Colm and Luke pulled double bis facing each other, temporarily trapping Pete who had been examining Colm's huge cut thighs. His body was caught between the muscle mass. When they pulled apart, he fell down and lay on the ground - a smile indicating that it was like he had died and gone to heaven.

"What'ya think bro'?", Luke said - pulling a most muscular. "I think you're pretty damn horny", Colm replied. They massaged each other some more, unable to get enough of each other's huge new massive muscles.

"GUT! - SOME NEW MUSCLE VOR ME TO PLAY WITH!", the guntherfreak shouted. All the guys turned around. In the excitement of all the muscle growth, they had temporaily forgotten why they had been given muscle growth in the first place. Colm looked over, as if surveying something unpleasant. "Well what are you waiting for belly-boy? - come and get it..." With that the freak ran over - like a bull to the wall of muscle that was Colm. He stopped dead when he hit him. Colm's mass was such that it was an irrestible force. "We'll deal with you later - freak", Colm said passively. He strode over to Matt, who was still bonded to the statue. "Unleash him", Colm ordered. He stood there in his tight blue shorts that had got REAL tight with his new size. Matt got down. "MAN you are big!", Matt said to his former Class III buddy. "Yip - I think I like being the big guy for a while!", Colm said, getting excited with being huger than Matt. He wrapped his monstrous arms around Matt. "Are you ok buddy? Did he hurt you?". "No - I'm fine", Matt said laughing and gasping at the same time - Colm's hug was so strong and he didn't even realise it. "Man - I can't keep my eyes off you - you are fucking huge - take me bud - take me and fuck me - I want to feel yuour huge musces agaist mine - god let that body rub against mine" Colm grinned. He flexed a huge double bi. "Like this bud?" "Oh YES", MAtt replied. "God yes... " Colm started licking one of the insanely huge bis. Luke and Brett got in on the act. the two twins - massive now stood before the two former "bosses", licking their huge biceps. "Oh man that looks good", Matt said and both he and Brett started stroking their cocks at the muscle-fest before them. All around the room the guys were pairing and in threes - muscle guys with samller guys - it was heaven.

"Come and take us boys",Colm invited... It didn't take long to be accepted - both muscle teens leapt on the twins, massaging and rubbing their huge bodies. The twins flexed and showed off - their egos now universal proportions. "Fuck us dudes - our way" Col m understood. Luke stood in front while Brett pushed his huge cock up luke's mammoth tight glutes - his ass swallowed Brett's cock whole... Matt pushed his cock up Brett's and Colm finished the muscle-sandwich fuck by ramming his rod up Matt's - mercilessly. "Ow!", Matt complained. "sorry bud", Colm said - "have to get used to the new size!" With that he reached around as far as he could and managed to grab onto Luke's massive delts, onto which he clamped his massive hands. He flexed his gargantuan pecs and brought the whole muscle sandwich in nice and tight.

All the men started bucking and groaning - all the muscle imaginable in that fuck - bulging flexing and demanding.

As they were about to cum, Brett said "Ready bud?" "REady", Matt replied.

Brett gave him one of the two remaining growth serums left, and took one himself.

"HEy - that's not fair", Colm complained. "come on bud", Brettt said. "We're the big guys - we're going ot be Class Zero now!, but you are promoted - you're the new class I" "YEP - that's right", Matt roared - the effects already kicking in. "You're big guys but remember - we'll always be bigger - ALWAYS!"

The End. •

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