Return of the Muscle Heroes

A decidedly fat teenager was walking down the street, unfortunately, that fat teenager was me. I looked at my reflection in the storefront window, "Well not REALLY fat," I thought, "5'9", 170lbs, I'd look OK if I was in shape, instead I look pretty dumpy." It was a Monday, we had Monday and Tuesday off from school this week, a holiday and a day for teachers' conferences.

Why wasn't I at the beach, a mall, or a with friends? I'd promised Marc, our church's youth pastor, I'd perform radical software surgery on his computer today. I was eighteen, a senior, and your classic nerd, with no time for sports and my nose always in the computer.

"That's where I'd love to be now!", I thought, "At my home computer, on the net, reading another muscle story from my online mystery man, musclehero." I loved muscle guys, the more muscle the better as far as I was concerned. So why was a gay teenager like me going to church to fix a computer? Well, first of all the church was cool, active but liberal, my family had belonged since forever. I was still closeted, still figuring out my identity, but if I'd come out, my church would have taken it in stride.

My parents...another matter.

The other reason I liked the church was the pastor, Bill Kent, and the youth pastor, Marc Andreesen. They were both single, good looking guys.

Pastor Bill was about 33, a former gymnast in college, he was my height, but built, with brown hair and green eyes, to my brown/brown.

I'd always liked him but we'd really bonded on one camping trip this fall. A few of us were rock climbing up a cliff near a waterfall. The other guys doing it were all jocks, I should have been more careful, but I tried to do a fancy move like one of them did and I wasn't athletic enough to pull it off. Before I knew it I was hanging on for dear life by one hand, my other wrist and an ankle badly sprained. Pastor Bill rescued me, he looked strong, but I hadn't realized how strong, he lifted me on to his ledge with one hand, like I weighed nothing, then carried me down on his back and in his arms back to the campsite. I still was in awe of Pastor Bill.

Marc, as we all called him, was different, I simply had a crush on him.

He was 28 years old, 6ft. tall, around 225lbs, and built, with pecs that strained any shirt he wore and arms and legs to match.

Marc had blond hair he wore short, but it was in tight curls on his head.

He'd been in search and rescue for the National Park Service before seminary and he still had a commanding air when he fixed you with his baby blue eyes. He'd asked me after church two weeks ago if I'd look at his computer in his office off the youth room at church. The youth lounge was great for parties with beanbag chairs and a lot of media equipment. It was deserted that Sunday afternoon, "I fought with this computer all yesterday, I don't know what's wrong!"

Marc said. I fiddled with it for a while and told him I'd need to come back with some programs that would help me reorganize everything. "You may have to dump some files, the poor thing's really overloaded,"

I said.

"Good, thanks," he said smiling, "We'll set up a time soon. Could you help me with one other thing, John?", he asked. "Sure, what do you need?", I asked. "Well, I didn't get my workout yesterday, and it will be a little while before I can get to the gym today. Could you help me get a little workout now?" "Uh, sure how?" I asked. "Would you let me lift you? Like a set of weights, I know it sounds weird but I've found it does give me a good workout." I was floored! This was a standard fantasy of mine!! "Uh OK."

And that's what he did, he curled me, hands under my armpits, pressed me overhead gripping my belt and shirt collar. He even did pushups with me sitting on his back!! I was in heaven. Fortunately he was all very prim and proper, not touching me in the crotch, or he would have known I was hard as a rock! When we were done he said, "Uh, John, do you mind not telling anyone about this? They might not understand it was just a workout." Marc's face was flushed, he looked like he'd gotten a really good workout, his muscles appeared more pumped, straining his clothing. "Uh sure!" Besides he might do it again if I kept quiet!

The other man in my life was my mystery online friend, musclehero, he was into muscle like I was but, even better, he liked to write erotic musclestories. I'd come up with scenarios and he'd write stories based on them. It was great, I'd gotten my rocks off countless times on his stories.

I'd basically been corresponding with him since last summer. We didn't know each other's real identity and that made it even more exciting.

I went upstairs to Marc's office off the youth lounge, Kathy, his secretary, was there, typing on her computer. I went in to the inner office, Marc was nowhere to be seen, the church had been totally deserted, it was a holiday and no one was around. I sat down at his computer in the inner office and used the diskettes with my reorganizing software on it. It works pretty well but I soon realized I'd have to dump some files if this was going to work.

"Uh Kathy," I asked, "Could you help me?" "Sure, John." With her help we eliminated a lot of files that were duplicated on her computer. I also dumped some obsolete software that hadn't ever been accessed. "Thanks Kathy, I guess that's it, when will Marc be here?" "Oh, he's around somewhere," she said on the way back to her desk in the outer office.

I shrugged, I decided to check out some files I was unsure of. I accessed "MVtxt". My jaw dropped open, I'm surprised my chin didn't hit the keyboard.

This was "Muscle Victory" one of musclehero's stories! It was about a football team waterboy who has a night of muscle sex with his victorious team when they win the state championships. Maybe this was a coincidence, maybe the story was posted somewhere. "MWtxt." No way! That was Muscle Wrestler, about a teenage fan who gets a night of muscle ecstasy with his favorite pro-wrestling star. I'd just gotten that last night, Marc had to be musclehero!!!

My head was spinning so much I didn't hear Marc come in. Suddenly my chair was spun around and I was staring into Marc's handsome face! Handsome, but angry, "Why, you little wimp, you've been snooping around!" "Are YOU musclehero?" I asked. He didn't answer me, he just went to his office door and spoke to Kathy, "Kathy, you can go home, I won't be needing you anymore today, and I'm going to have to discipline John, he accessed some restricted files on my computer!" "Uh yes, Marc," Kathy said, in a tone that made sure I knew what she thought of ME. Marc closed his office door and walked back toward me, his big muscles straining his sport shirt as usual.

Marc walked back to me and sat on his desk, facing me and the computer.

"To answer your question, John," Marc said, picking up the telephone book.

"THIS is what will happen to you if you tell anyone I'm musclehero," and he ripped the phone book in half! I was amazed, I'd known he was strong, but not than strong. Marc stood up walked over to the heavy steel bookcase filled with books on the side of the office and, grunting, picked it up! His arms strained, his muscles bulged, HOLY SHIT that bookcase must have weighed a ton! "I am unstoppable muscle power, if you reveal anything, you will be crushed." I saw my chance and I took it, I might just make the door before he put the bookcase down.

I ran for the door, Marc caught me by the waist and lifted me up to his chest. I gasped, Marc was holding the bookcase with one arm!! His right arm, supporting the bookcase, had swollen and had even ripped a little his sport shirt's short sleeve. Marc hiked me up till I was face to face with him and kissed me. His tongue pushed forcefully insided my mouth as he kissed me pressing me against his powerful muscles.

Then he began CURLING the bookcase, which was as tall as I was, with ONE arm. At the same time his tongue grew, it slithered and snaked inside my throat, I was choking.

Then I was fine, his tongue was normal again, our lips parted. He put the bookcase down. "Now do you realize why NO ONE must know I am musclehero?" he asked.

"YYYEEESS," I stammered in reply. "Good," said, smiling, "Let's go to my car, we've got things to do, you and I." He carried me through the back staircase to his car, I was cradled against his hard muscles, scared shitless and very, very, excited.

We went down the back staircase to the small employees' parking lot in the back of the church, Kathy's car was gone, Marc got into the driver's side of his Ford Taurus and placed me on his lap, we just sat there for a moment, I said nothing. It was almost as if Marc was reluctant to move me over to the passenger seat, I wasn't complaining, I was nestled on his lap, snuggled against his big muscles. With a sigh Marc effortlessly lifted me onto the passenger seat and buckled the seat belt. "Now don't cry out, or try to attract attention," he said, placing his hand on my leg as we pulled out of the parking lot, "or I'll break your kneecap!!" Then he gave my knee a vise like squeeze with his powerful hand. Damn, it hurt! I cried out involuntarily, and he eased the pressure, and but his hand stayed there for most of the drive.

We drove on in silence, and I marvelled at Marc's handsome head and gorgeous muscles. His hair was short, in tight blond natural curls, his eyes a dazzling blue, his arms big, with biceps and triceps that looked flexed even when relaxed. We were soon out of town, I knew Marc lived in an apartment near the church. "Uh, where are we going?" I asked.

"To a place my family has out in the woods. We can have some fun there."

No sooner had he said this then we turned off the main road onto a small lane that soon changed from pavement to gravel, then we pulled into a narrow drive with thick forest on each side. I broke the silence again, "How did you do it Marc?" I asked. "Do what?" He sounded genuinely puzzled. "You know, lift that bookcase with one arm. Nobody could be that strong!" Suddenly we pulled to a stop, right in front of a large stone and log house, we stopped so abruptly that my shoulder belt had to arrest my forward motion.

Marc looked at me angrily and said, "You doubt my amazing feats of strength?" He squeezed my knee again harder this time. "No, no!" I screamed, "I don't doubt you!" He relaxed his grip, "Yes you do! Get out of the car!"

I quickly exited the car, as did he. We both stood there, looking at each other over the roof of the car. "Watch this!" Marc said, in a militant way.

He squatted down, I could see him through the car windows, he seemed to be reaching under the car. Slowly but smoothly Marc stood up, the car tilted radically toward me, I darted back, the car was almost on its side.

Marc had almost completely overturned the car all by himself!!

I could barely see Marc's face over the now tilted car. "NOW, watch this!"

he said, even more defiantly than before. Once again he squatted down, I couldn't see him, then the car shifted back and lifted. There was Marc, shirt straining, pants straining, with the car held above his head by two arms exploding in muscle!! "Holy Shit!" was all I could say. "Now REALLY watch this!" Marc said, and he began squatting the car up and down. I was speechless, this was INHUMAN strength. Marc's thighs swelled to unbelievable proportions and his pant legs couldn't take it anymore. Marcs quads tore through the pant legs until you could see the flexing tear drops of muscle in his legs through the tattered legs that swung from his waist.

Marc stopped squatting, the car stood motionless for a moment as he looked at me. His gaze was so concentrated on me, so hungry looking that I was mesmerized and didn't notice at first that the car was moving up again.

Marc was pressing that ton of steel up and down with his arms! I gasped, Marc's arms, shoulders, chest, his whole upper body, was part of this maximum effort and swelled accordingly. Marc's shirt was destroyed in seconds, his shoulders and biceps ripping free first, revealing delts with so much corded muscle they looked like boiling rapids on a river.

His biceps were peaked, veined and bifurcated, pulsing with power. His pecs burst the shirt next, and even in the stretched state of full arm extension at the top of the press, those pecs were heavy with muscle. His lats ripped out the sides of his shirt, real wings of muscle. Marc's eight pack abs were tightly clenched as he lifted the car again and again.

By now my dick was straining in my pants. Marc looked at me, staring down at my obvious erection. "Come here!" he demanded. I shook my head, I was afraid to get under that car, what if his strength failed? Marc could sense I still doubted him and grew angry. "COME HERE!" he yelled. Even if he could have held the car in one hand he couldn't reach me, I shook my head again.

Marc smiled, it was not a nice smile. "Have it your way." he said. He opened his mouth and his tongue whipped out curling around my body before I could react! It was like I was a fly caught by a muscle frog! I tried to resist, digging my heels into the gravel of the drive, it was useless, I was irresistibly drawn right up to Marc, soon I was pressed right up against his heaving muscles!

I saw and felt Marc's tongue coiling back into his mouth. When it was fully retracted he said, "And now, for my next trick." He lifted the car up high, shifted his grip, and held the car up with ONE ARM! The other arm wrapped around me and held me to him. I whimpered, I knew I would cum at any moment.

Marc lifted me up and kissed me, I continued to stare up at his arm, and he did it again, he began pressing the car with one arm, slowly. This was too much for me, I came intensely.

My crotch was pressed against the steel washboard of Marc's abs and I shuddered as I came. I shuddered and shook and so did Marc. I felt his muscles flex and swell beneath me while his pressing of the car accelerated, each time going up and down more smoothly and easily, each time his arm ballooned even more. In a moment or two it was over.

Marc released me from the kiss and from his arm. "Stand back!" he said, and I scrambled back out from under the car.

I was shocked at what I saw. Marc's muscles had swelled. Before they had been impressive, now they were MASSIVE, and he was taller too. His pecs hung out obscenely from what I thought must be a 6' 2"

frame, his lats pushed out in amazing buttresses of muscle. Marc's pants and underwear were completely gone and two megalithic thighs framed a flaccid dick that looked like a garden hose ready to uncoil. This muscle was not for show. Marc, in one fluid motion lowered the car, again with ONE ARM, stepping toward me.

He now held up the car on his horizontal outstretched arm. I was in awe, especially since Marc flexed the other arm, showing off a craggy muscle peak bigger than my thigh.

Marc squatted down, lowering the car back onto the driveway. He grabbed me around the waist and tucked me under his arm like a teenaged duffel bag. I stared at his granite abs, felt his flexing lats against my crotch, and gawked at his swinging dong as he walked toward the house. "Come on, John, now the fun, really begins!" All I could think was "What the Hell could top that?" as we mounted the stone steps leading up to the impressive lodge.

Marc was right, the fun had only begun!

We entered the house, it has an impressive living area, with a high ceiling and flagstone floors and even had a large stone fireplace with the required bearskin rug. Marc walked over to the kitchen area, still lugging me, he went to the refrigerator, opened it and got out a large bottle of spring water, he opened it with one hand and drank the whole bottle in a few hungry gulps. "All this lifting and growing really dehydrates you," he said.

"So, John, I know you like muscle, show me how much you like mine!" I was incredulous, he wanted me to worship his muscle!! "Could you put me down?" I asked. "I don't think so." he replied, "I like you there for the moment."

But he did shift his carry of me so that I could reach his muscles a little better.

I started on his abs, they were firm ridged eight packs, and rubbing and kneading them was like caressing a Niagara of muscle, powerful yet fluid, hard one moment, soft the next. I began to get hard as I got into it, my every fantasy had come true! Marc seemed to like this, and rubbed my cock against his lat, breathing heavy. I looked down at his dick, it was stirring a little!

Suddenly the phone rang. I froze. "Don't stop,"

ordered Marc as he walked over to the phone still carrying me and answered it.

I continued rubbing his abs with my hands. "Hello?" Marc said into the phone.

"Oh hi, Bill."

He was talking to Pastor Bill! They started talking about something at the church. I froze again, what if Pastor Bill picked up on what was going on? Marc didn't like this, he tightened his grip on me until it was almost painful and flexed his abs against my hands, I resumed kneading, his grip relaxed.

I looked at his hard overhanging pec. 'Well, no time like the present," I thought. I attacked the pec with my mouth licking that hard veined mesa of muscle. I sucked hard on Marc's muscle tit, he liked this so much that he grunted a little. Pastor Bill must have heard this because Marc said, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I was a little distracted by one of those home improvement things I'm doing here at the lodge.........OK, later, Bill." Marc hung up the phone.

"John, you little muscle junkie! Why don't I show you what this muscle can really do?" Marc carried me out in back of the lodge, we went across this great deck, down some steps at the end, and stopped in the backyard of the lodge. There were trees all around, it looked as if some of the growth had gotten out of hand. The lawn was disappearing under a tide of saplings that were encroaching on it.

"I've always meant to clear this lawn, and now I think I will." We went over to one pretty big sapling, more like a small tree.

"Excuse me, John, I think I'll need both hands for this!" Marc said, then he picked me up with both hands and tucked me between his legs! I myself have done this with like books or something when I needed both hands free. Now I knew how those objects felt, a little nervous, and very excited. My chest and back were hemmed in by thighs that looked like displaced mountain ranges, with their peaks and canyons of muscle. These legs could crush my body easily, I was afraid but I couldn't help massaging the thigh in front of me in wonder.

Marc said, "OHHH, that's great, keep doing that while I take care of business." He gripped the sapling, I looked up and saw that this one was pretty big, Marc's circled hands were a little too small to circle its girth.

Nevertheless, Marc's hands had that tree in a grip of death, his fingers actually sank into the bark. Then he began to pull upwards. Marc's arms tensed, and so did his legs, the air was forced out of my lungs, fortunately I could still breathe. I was no longer massaging Marc's rock hard thigh, I was instead pushing on unyielding granite.

Marc's arms were bulging, his chest heaving, I heard a cracking sound and looked down, roots were pulling out of the heaving earth! "Yeah!"

yelled Marc, as he lifted the small tree overhead and tilted it so that he held it overhead like a barbell. Marc tossed the sapling out into the forest, he picked me out from between his legs and over to the next candidate.

We methodically cleared the edge of the lawn like this. I had a leg's eye view of the whole proceedings. Marc's strength was terrifying, most of the time he cleared two at once, one in each hand, tearing them out of the ground like they were dandelions! Saplings flew into the forest. Finally the lawn was clear of the small trees. Marc's muscles were pumped, and so was his dick, it was almost fully erect by now, and being so close to it I was impressed. It was strange being between his legs.

Marc looked like a giant stretching above me, his chest like a rock overhang, his abs like bricks, and his dick, around eight inches right now, like a spear above my head.

Only one thing remained on the lawn in front of the trees that defined the true edge of the forest, a small boulder. It was about the size of a small refrigerator. "My dad always wanted to get rid of that thing," Marc said.

He carried me over there in his arms, but once there it was clear that he couldn't put me between his legs this time. Marc would have to squat down too far to lift this rock for me to fit in between his legs. He lowered me down and placed me on my feet. "Stay right there," he said. He needn't have worried, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Marc leaned down and put his hands on either side of the boulder. This would be tougher than the car, he couldn't get as good a grip on the stone surface and he had to squat so far down it would make it really hard to stand.

Looking at him from behind I saw Marc's arms tighten around the rock.

Then his back suddenly tensed up looking like a relief map of the USA and his glutes seemed to turn into masses of cables. With a cry and a grinding sound as the rock came out of the ground, Marc stood up and lifted the boulder over his head. He screamed and threw the boulder into the forest. It didn't get very far, striking a bigger boulder a few yards into the forest and splitting into two pieces.

Marc turned around, his chest was heaving, his now incredible muscles glistened with sweat and his dick was fully erect, even spurting some precum.

Marc looked at me with such a look of hunger that I stepped back one step.

Marc stepped forward. Then I heard a voice behind me, "Now Marc, leave some of him for me!" I spun around in disbelief, it was Pastor Bill! •

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