Pipe Muscle

By cubbigdog

Steve had just come home from the local pipe bar, with a few of his smoke buddies. He didn't really feel like going out but he had promised his friend he would meet them, just the same. He didn't even smoke his pipe in their company either, because he knows what the pipe does to him, personally, sexually. He had his Reds with him, so at least he could feed his addiction, though it wasn't the same.

Steve was really tired and distracted when he got back in the serenity of his own London home. He had been talking to a really hot young and hairy 25yo cub from the states on his computer earlier that day and they had shared similar interests, especially the pipe and cigars. He took a moment sitting his kitchen remembering how hot the young cub looked with his cigar playing around in his mouth. Thick streams of white smoke would purge from his mouth and nose after he would forcefully draw on it and deeply inhale. Steve loved watching this cub smoke fiercely for him, and ever so often get an evil grin from behind that cigar that the cub loved so much. The cub would rub his hairy chest, that was on his 5'10", 260 pound frame, giving Steve a taste of what he could if he wanted it.

And Steve wanted it. He wanted the cub just as much as the cub wanted him, in more ways than one. Their passion for smoke would bring them together, but it was the love of something else that would make them bind them for all eternity. Muscle.

Steve shook the imagery of the cub out of his mind for a second and stood up from the chair and stretched. Yawning a little bit as he did he could almost touch the ceiling. He was a tall lad, 6'2", nearing 200 well toned pounds. His dark eyes were watering a little bit from the yawn and he gently stroked his thick black beard for a moment before he changed to settle in the for night.

Wearing only a black t shirt and some boxers, Steve went back in the kitchen to get some water. He noticed his pipe on the table and realized he hadn't had his nightly pipe session. He was about to dismiss the idea and go to bed anyway when he stopped abruptly and turned back around. Steve looked at his pipe like it was calling him; begging him to be filled and smoked. He knew he couldn't really rest anyway until his needs were satisfied. And his pipe would give him that.

Steve eagerly sat down at the table and placed his pipe in his mouth and let it rest. It was quite a site at how the full bent pipe looked so natural in his mouth. It belonged there. They belonged to each other. The pipe man looked around for his tobacco tin and remembered that he was out of his favorite blend. Checking around his kitchen (just to make sure he didn't have some stored somewhere), he found an opened tin of a new blend that was given to him from one of his "pipe playmates". The other guy had mail ordered his tobacco and was sent the wrong thing, and just never sent it back. He thought Steve would like it since he loved so many different kinds of pipe tobacco.

Steve had just never had the opportunity to try it, until now. Neither of them had ever recognized the brand though. The shiny black tin was something of a mystery with it's silver embossed pipe emblem on it. Steve didn't care at this moment. His hunger for his lungs to be filled was growing by the second and didn't waste a moment opening the tin and filling his pipe with the contents.

The flame from his lighter did a dance from his pipe as he greedily starting taking in the smoke from his pipe. Oh how wonderful the taste. He sucked in more smoke as he kept lighting the fire in his bowl until he was satisfied it was lit. Billows of smoke came from his mouth. He had never gotten this much smoke from his pipe before, and he loved every puff he took from it. His lungs were still not fed, so taking deep draws he sucks in the pleasure smoke in his hungry lungs. Magnificent, he thought to himself. Thick, opaque clouds of the new pipe smoke passing from the pipe down to his lungs, and then finally releasing out of his mouth of nose continued for 15 minutes. Steve didn't notice he didn't have to tamp the pipe once or have to relight it. It just kept going on it's own. He was enjoying this moment and his dick's hardon that his pipe was giving him. But then he always had a hardon when he enjoyed his pipe.

Steve's hands were rubbing his puffing chest and found it's way to his nipples. He teased them a bit with his fingers. Then Steve started getting hot. Hot meaning his body temperature started to rise. Hotter and hotter he got, flushing his face with utter intensity as the reaction started. Beads of sweat starting rolling from his forehead down his face. Steve kept smoking his pipe, filling his needs as when he first lit it. His body started feeling heavy, heavier than he thought possible. Parts of his body began to itch but couldn't seem to make a move to get to any of them. It was then that Steve started to grow. Panting and still puffing at his pipe, Steve's chest began to swell slowly. He could feel the growth taunting at his t shirt as it stretched to accommodate him. Thicker and broader his pecs grew, forcing his t shirt to expand with it. The shirt was soaked with sweat as it began to rip down the center, exposing the rock hard granite chiseled muscle that was growing underneath.

The muscle in Steve's arms began to grow as well. Bulging slabs of pure beef hefted his biceps until a taut bowling ball shaped mass stretched his skin and tore his sleeves apart. But it didn't stop there. His forearms thickened and hardened, bigger and stronger they grew. Thick pulsating veins emerged from his thinly stretched skin, running the hot blood to his new found strength.

Steve kept smoking his pipe.

The massive growth continued to his back. His lats were widening and thickening to accomodate his powerful chest. Stronger, and bigger and wider they grew, ripping the dripping shirt to shreds. Steve's neck ballooned outward, muscling up bigger, thicker, and so strong that it ripped the collar forcing the tattered shirt to fall to the floor. The power continued to his shoulders as they rounded and grew stronger, making Steve look even wider than his powerpacked torso already was. The sweat was still dripping profusely off his body, and the smoke still liberately coming from the pipe, and being released from Steve's now heaving massively muscular chest.

But it was far from over.

A tightness came from Steve's quads. The power forced them to grow and grow, making his boxers strain from the pressure. Thicker and stronger his hamstrings grew, ripping his boxers from the sides. His growing legs were as big as his waist and kept growing until the boxers could not handle the strain any longer and ripped entirely from the seams and fell to the floor. The growth from his massive legs forced his knees apart and pushed his sweaty cock and balls up to lay across the striations of his tree trunk thighs. The massive explosion continued to his calves, where they bulged and fought for their new growth, straining the skin, stretching the limits and they pumped with the same power, thickening until they were the size of his bowling ball biceps.

Steve's feet and hands began to grow some too, strengthening with newly formed muscle, to accomodate his herculean size. At his thick feet, the itchiness began to intensify. Thick dark hair began to sprout up his fully bulled calves and stopped just below his knee. The same dark hair began to swirl on Steve's powerful forearms, entwining just below his elbows. Steve's still heaving chest began to sprout new hair as it covered his granite hard pecs, forresting around the senual strong curves enough to accentuate his prescence of power, and down his bulging abdomen, creating a thick love trail down to his throbbing groin.

Still inhaling deeply from the pipe, Steve was able to stand up. Enormously he had grown 4 inches in height and didn't realize it. 6'6" and over 375 pounds of pure raw power and bulging strength. It was a dream come true.

Bringing both of his arms up he slowly raised and did a double bicep pose, flexing the untamed muscle even bigger. This put Steve over the edge, and with his biceps still flexed his rock hard cock shot his stream of cum across the kitchen, splattering the wall facing him. Shot after shot he came, muscled flexed, pipe smoke pouring out of his mouth and nostrils. The longevity of his musclecum blasts lasted for 10 minutes, until they finally subsided, dribbling what was left coming out of his cock like a leaky faucet.

Steve couldn't believe what just happened. His temperature started to decrease back to normal as he brought his arms down from the pose and tried to regain his composure. He embraced his new found growth, power and strength and decided this is way that it should be. He would be this absolutely monstrous, bearded, overly musclebound pipe dad with the thick masculine body hair for all eternity. But Steve couldn't spend this eternity alone. He needed a son. And he knew just where to find him. •

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