Growing Friendship

By Erik

Late one night in James' dreams, he was standing tall against the courthouse of his small town. He loved when he dreamed of being big because it would always give him such a hard on when he woke up that it felt so great to get up. In the dream he was always praised and watched by many observers, eyeing his every move as he flexed his muscles when doing the work for his mom on the farm. He stood tall, about 40 feet, and lifted tons of hay and even positioned tractors in different places. Though right when he was about to go and have fun, he would wake up.

That day in school, he could not stop thinking of that last dream he had. It was hard for him to concentrate and he excused himself to the bathroom. There he sat in the stall, trying to calm him self down, he sat cross-legged on the seat. Then two kids came in and one said to check under the stalls, there was no one they could see. And with that they both went into the opposite stall to James, where they both began to kiss and suck each other. James wanted to leave but couldn't because they'd know he was there, so he plugged his ears.

At the end of the day he just wanted to get home, what with everything he had to put up with today..., but he had to go to Baseball practice after school. During practice he felt strange, he hadn't eaten for hours since he had no money for lunch and now he felt weak and didn't do well. He missed the balls and got struck out three times. This was turning into the worst day of his life, and it was only going to escalate...

He proceeded into the locker room and took off his shirt which revealed his very well developed muscles and stomach. He took off his cleats and socks, while the other boys took off there clothes as well. James' friend Andy, now completely naked, walked over to the sulking team mate. He sat his nude body down on the bench next to James and asked what was wrong with him today. James said it was a bad day and that he would do better tommorrow, then he got up with his boxers still on and walked to the showers.

Andy followed in with his dick swaying side to side with every step, and walked over to James and said that anything he needed to just let him know... James walked out and realized he had gone in with his boxers and now they were all wet...

"I can't wear wet boxers! Ugghhh! I hate this day, could anything else go wrong!

Suddenly his dick filled with blood and sprung up, pushing his boxers out around the crotch. Some kids laughed, and then James felt that strange pain in his stomach again, this time stronger. He knelt over in pain only to hear a ripping sound, he got up to see what happened. He had no shirt on, but he noticed on his butt that the seam had ripped. This enraged him even more, then he heard another rip and he also felt it. He looked down to see his boxers shred and burst apart exposing his ragging hard on. He didn't know what was happening and got more mad, then he felt every muscle in his body tingle and vibrate. He could feel his skin stretching also that his head was really close to the ceiling and that he was looking down at the rest of his team mates.

The rest of the teens fled from the locker room petrified of what they saw, while James still grew pressing against the ceiling. Andy watched James grow, his lust for him accelerating. The growing teen felt a rumbling in his balls and then hot steamy liquid flowing down his shaft until it erupted out spraying Andy across the room. The soaked Andy got up and licked his mouth and told James that his cum was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. He began to lick off the floor, more of James’ cum, practically shoveling it into his mouth. James couldn’t look it was so gross.

Then down in his belly, Andy felt a strange trembling. He got up and noticed his underwear was shredding apart, it split revealing a massive hard on. He felt his body stretch and grow taller until he reached the ceiling.

“WOW”! “I’m growing too…”, said Andy.

“It must be from my cum” said James.

James felt another pain in his stomach, and felt his muscles stretch and grow again. He started to push through the ceiling, as his body continued to expand. Andy came over and cupped his mouth around James’ meat and began to suck vigorously, drinking the cum of James by the gallons (In the normal scale, not theirs…).

James strangely became aroused by this and grew faster, shooting skyward up to 100 feet. He then noticed Andy matching his size as he drank the last drops from the expanding dick.

Andy and James stood up now at 200 feet tall, looked at each other and gave into the urge they had buried deep inside for so long. They embraced each other and kissed passionately in front of everyone within eyesight. They fondled each other and massaged their dicks. James turned around and said...

"Fuck me..."

Andy didn't waste a second, he rammed his massive meat slowly up James' ass. He pushed slowly and could hear James moaning with pleasure, he pushed it fully in and couldn't hold anymore, he bursted his cum into James' ass ejaculating every last drop. Within seconds both James an Andy began to grow again, they watched the school get smaller and farther away.

"This is the best day of my life." said James.

"Let's go have some fun..." replied Andy.

And with that they walked towards the center of town eager to paint the town red, or merely destroy it. Either way... •

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