Gramps (Revised)

The Plunge


By Ripsnort

My name is Hal, aka Ripsnort, and Ed (from GSOHM) said it would be okay to tell you readers what happened here because none of you would believe it anyway. The reason I’m telling you is because I wouldn’t have believed it could happen either, but it did, as did many other equally wild things since all this started. You only know what you’ve already experienced in your limited lives, but it’s like being gay in a world that doesn’t appreciate it. You have a lot to offer if people will give you a chance, and if you’ll give yourself a chance. Ed says no matter what I say, you won’t believe me, but I know that a few of you will, and for those who do, I have special plans.... No one knows what all the possibilities really are. Well, maybe you just have to FEEL it and stop trying to prove everything. I know that’s how I managed to get through it when it happened....and my friends and I don’t have to wait for science to validate what we already know.... “How big would you like to become, boy?” I asked Chris as the apartment building elevator we were in finally reached the basement level. Inside the elevator, Chris pushed aside the two stacked chairs he had brought in to help me move into the basement from upstairs, and then he came right up to me and put his hands up motioning a certain width which was my then current body width and a height my then current body height and genital and nipple sizes which were my sizes at that time. “I’d like to be HUGE like YOU!” Chris exclaimed. “So you want to be damn big, huh.” “Dam BIG, that’s right!” Then I locked the elevator so no one could use it, and left my clothes and the boy at the elevator after I told him to strip, taking all the chairs we had brought down as I started walking away. Now Chris was wondering what was going on and got this big grin on his face and yelled out to me as I walked down the dark hall to the room where Ed was. “You look fantastic walking away like that!” I came back a few minutes later with a flashlight and a blindfold, both for Chris to use. I guided the naked, blindfolded boy down the dark hall. “Don’t remove the blindfold ‘til I say.” “I won’t.” “I’m gonna show you something great but you have to crouch down now. When I tell you, take off the blindfold and turn on the flashlight.” The boy reached out and touched the crawlspace he was supposed to enter, but I stopped him. “You have to go in backwards.” I picked him up and placed him in it myself. The boy crawled backward several yards into what he said felt like a steel sewer duct. “How far is it?” “Not far.” “It’s so hard in here. These ridges hurt my knees.” “You’re almost there.... Okay, stop and look around.” “It smells funny.” He takes off the blindfold and turns on the flashlight. “Where am I?” The walls of the tunnel are bright pink and quite warm. “It’s too hot in here!” yells Chris. Then the whole tunnel moved like a silent earthquake and suddenly the tunnel that was horizontal as he crawled in is now vertical, and it started jerking and bouncing around! Suddenly the boy sees a light coming through the far end he had entered which is now high above his head. “I want out!” From outside, the boy hears an unknown voice, “Stand up straight. Put your legs together and your arms, the flashlight and blindfold to your side. You’ll be out soon. Go ahead and take a deep breath and hold it. Ready?” “Yeah.” Suddenly a flood of hot creamy liquid blasts him all the way out of the tunnel and fifty feet up in the air! When he opens his eyes up in the air, he can’t believe what he sees, a really big swimming pool of white cream which he then splashes down into. Sinking all the way to the bottom, he starts to panic. “It must be 30 feet deep” he tells himself. Chris had to swallow some of the liquid, which upset him a lot. As he struggled to reach the surface, he was very worried he might drown. When he finally reached the surface, he gasped for breath and noticed the pool had been covered now by some kind of steel lid, and as he held onto a pool ladder on the inside wall, he pushed against the cover but it didn’t budge. Between the cream surface and the lid was only about two feet of air space, but there were one foot high vents all around the top of the pool walls through which light and air was coming in. Through the vents he could see straight across the stadium-sized room, but he couldn’t see down. The pool looked to Chris to be perfectly cylindrical, about 40 yards across and 30 feet deep. Suddenly lights came on at the bottom of the pool and the white cream took on a bright glow. Through the vents he could hear my voice.... “Man, this chamber is HUGE! I had no idea it was down here!” Another man’s voice replied (the one whom Chris had heard earlier), “It’s 60 feet high and 480 feet long and 220 feet deep.” “Man, you got everything down here!” “Yeah, I brought everything down while you were upstairs.” “No, I mean. All this stuff I’ve never seen...anywhere!” “I don’t pee at all any more. It’s all cum.” “...Oh, man.” “Watch this.” Suddenly the boy noticed the level of the pool liquid rising. Chris yelled out through the vent, “How do I get out!?” The other man’s voice replied, “Push off the lid.” “I can’t.” “You will.” The whole pool level seemed to have raised about four inches in just a few minutes. “Hey! The level’s rising in here!” The strange voice said, “Drink it down.” “What?” “Drink it down!” The boy was thinking to himself, “What is this stuff anyway? It tastes so weird.” Just then he raised his arm completely out of the liquid and noticed its muscle had tripled in size! “What the fuck?” He felt his whole body with his hands. Everything had grown tremendously. He had been too excited to notice. He could hear the man say “the stuff’s extra potent now.” Then the pool’s liquid level started rising again. The boy started panicking. “Let me out right NOW!”

The strange man’s voice replied, “If you drink enough you’ll find a way out.” So the boy started drinking the stuff, lots of it, and it started tasting very good to him. Then, gradually, strange feelings he’d never known before started overwhelming him. Still holding onto the long pool ladder with his hands and feet, he began gulping down the liquid with no hesitations except occasionally to breathe. His body had now become extremely muscular. His muscular but extremely distended belly was becoming even more distended each minute as his muscles developed further. His genitals and nipples had grown to immense proportions and he started profusely spewing liquid from his genitals and nipples, which now looked like very large udders. “Hey, boy!” “What.” “You don’t have to drink it now. Your muscles are so developed now you can just will your asshole to open real wide and the stuff will be absorbed in that way. So the boy stopped drinking and tried it, and it worked! He was taking in the liquid about four times as fast and spewing even more profusely as his whole body gained about 40 pounds per minute! The pool’s liquid level stopped rising but it did not go down. “You guys stop pouring that stuff in here,” Chris yelled out. After that the level started going down about an inch every four minutes. The boy had stopped all panicking and was completely entranced by his own body growth. Never had he even imagined such magnificence. Then he tasted his own udder milk and his cum and they tasted the same as each other, but they also tasted the same as the pool liquid! He was immersed in a huge pool of supercum! And he was spewing it out as he absorbed it! But he was obviously absorbing a lot more than he was spewing out because his body was becoming more and more dense. Then he reached down to his left udder, now 23 inches long like the other udder, and pulled it up to his mouth to suck on it, but it had grown so thick that he couldn’t get it but two inches into his mouth. It spewed down his throat as he chomped down on it hard with his teeth, revelling in the sensations it caused throughout his body. Then he started coughing because he wasn’t stopping to breathe. “Hey, take time to breathe. You’ll be out of there soon enough!” said the strange voice outside. The boy pulled the udder out of his mouth, took some breaths, and put the other udder in as his left udder was left to spew back into the pool. Now his genitals and udders were spewing with the amount and force of a fire hydrant hose. He was gagging too much so he stopped drinking directly from his udders. By now his skin had grown so thin that it was completely transparent. His wholebody showed nothing but bright pink ridges of muscles and thousands of superhuge purple veins rising magnificently off his muscles. By now he was already much bigger than Ed, but he didn’t know it. He’d never met Ed—face to face, that is. He was completely drunk on what was happening, so he kept absorbing the pool cum. He kept growing and now the force of the jets of his cum-milk were so strong that as they rammed against the steel pool lid, they made a great noise which continued and grew louder as the jetforces continued to increase. Then he suddenly realized he’d been shot out of a humongous penis like a man shot out of a cannon! And now his cannon is much bigger than the one he was shot out of! Again he pushed at the pool lid but it wouldn’t budge. By now he had realized that he wouldn’t be able to push again after a few more minutes because his muscles had become SO big that they were beginning to leave no room for muscle movement. My muscles were crowding each other out! This worried him, so he closed his huge asshole.

Suddenly he heard my voice and the strange voice again outside the pool. “How come I never saw you around the building before today?” “You haven’t been here long. But you wouldn’t see me anyway. I don’t ever go higher than the floor where you found me, Hal. The guy who sent you here, Ripper—he does all the maintenance. I own the building.” “Now that you mention it, you WERE too big to fit through the door I came through when I first met you! You couldn’t be the building maintenance man.” “I’d been planning on your visit for several days. Ripper had fixed the heat controls in your apartment even before you got down here. He didn’t go out of town like he told you. He just needed an excuse to get you down here to see me. Your apartment was the only one he superheated. ...I grew a lot for a whole day before you arrived. I had to stop Ripper’s growth at 790 pounds so he could fit through the doorways and do the building work.” “Yeah, he cn barely get into my apartment he’s so monstrous. He doesn’t seem monstrous now though, compared to you!” “Ripper gets as many gay guys for me as I want. It’s easy for him. And you may not have recognized it, but all the tenants in this building are gay musclefans. Ripper makes sure of that.” “...You mean you stay in this building all the time?” “No, I own this building because of what’s underneath it. There’s a huge cave system with an entrance right under this building. That’s where I live—that and my big private estate several miles from here where the caves come out. You noticed I pushed a wall back like a door when we came into this big chamber. Well, in here there’s another wall like that which leads down to the caves. This tea comes from a mold that grows only down there and there’s an underground river down there that has the mold in it too. One day when I was swimming in the pool behind the building, I noticed the water tasted a little funny, but I also noticed that I got hornier and stronger after drinking it. Finally I found there was a leak in the bottom of the pool. I decided I wanted to keep it all secret, so I started drilling down from the building basement, and I came out in this huge cave chamber which I’ve since walled up so that it looks just like another part of the building. The river is in the huge cave chamber beneath this one.” “Man I want to see that river,...but what do we do about Chris’s dad? He should be home by now upstairs in apartment 216.” From the pool Chris yells out, “Don’t hurt my dad!”

“We won’t hurt him. We want him here too.” Hal added, “Really? Man you thought of everything!” “Go get his dad, Hal. If I’m not here when you bring him down, just wait for me.” Then the strange voice yells up to Chris, “My name’s Ed, but you just call me Gramps.” “Okay, Gramps!” Chris responds. After a long pause, “Is Hal still here?” “He left to get your dad.” “Gramps,...I’m so huge, my muscles don’t have room to budge. There’s plenty of space in here, but my muscles can’t budge. What am I gonna do?” “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you. Your skin is so thin by now that the stuff’s absorbing directly through your skin.” “I can’t even bend my head down to see my body any more. My neck muscles have pushed my head up and locked my head in a rigid position. My neck muscles are still growing, crowding out my head! And I’m finding it harder to talk.” “Don’t worry. You won’t lose your voice, but it will become much deeper.” “You’ve done this before with someone?” “Oh yeah.” “Who?” “You’ll meet them soon.” “I can’t budge at all!” Then, after a minute, Chris heard lots of metal clanking, like metal doors unlicking. Then, looking up, the steel pool lid started rising. A huge crane was removing it and placing it beside the pool. The Chris saw the crane arm reach in and flip his body on its side. Suddenly the crane noise stopped and Chris heard Ed approach.

“Why’d you turn me on my side?” “So you’d stop spewing outside the pool! That liquid is more potent coming out of you than it was going into you. It’s very valuable to me.” “Really? Damn!” Then Chris finally saw what Ed looked like as Ed stood on the rim of the pool looking down at Chris. “Oh, man, you just completely blow me away! Gramps,...I love you. I know I do. I know I can’t help myself! ...Will I ever be as big as you?” “As big as me? You’re already four TIMES my size.” “Me? ...Well, how come you can move and I can’t?” “Because it happened too fast with you and you didn’t exercise during the process. ...Don’t worry. This is how we want you.” “What are you gonna do?” “Be patient. You’ll see. I mean, you’ll feel it.” Chris just stared in complete amazement as Ed flexed and shot long streams through his superlong udders and 26 foot, constantly erect penis. Ed’s juices were again entering the pool and raising the poolcum level. “Am I gonna explode?” “No, but I know that’s how you’ve been feeling ever since you got in there. You’re going to become a lot bigger than you are now, boy. Don’t try to talk. Just drink it in, I mean, absorb it all in.” Then Chris heard Ed push back a huge wall in the room and the crane was started up again. And a hydraulic lift began pushing up the grated floor of the pool, eventually lifting Chris’s now mountainous body and leaving behind the poolcum, which still filled half the pool. Higher and higher Chris rose, until huge clamps from a machine on the ceiling grabbed the grated platform with Chris on it and started moving down a long track along the ceiling. Chris, still lying on his side and unable to move, noticed he was being carried out of the room to a lower level. It was a cave! Just like Ed had told Hal! And it was so deep that he got more nervous being so high from the cave floor, about 200 feet deep and almost as wide too, the part he could see because he couldn’t turn his head to look. Then Chris began to hear what must have been dozens of men’s voices coming from far beneath him. They sounded so far away, but they were very resonant. The voices were sure saying crazy things, and they were talking to Chris! This is what Chris heard: “Another big stud coming in!” “Oh, look at him! He’s startin’ out even bigger than we did!” “He’s so young!” “Hey, I’m the youngest one here! I’m eleven! That guy must be at least 14!” “He sure has great spouts! He just shot way over here. I felt it!” “Well I tasted it over here. Real potent stuff!” Just then Chris calls out to them. “Hey! Listen to me!” They all stopped talking. “How many of you are there down there?” One of the guys responds, “435 so far. You make number 436.” Chris is shocked and responds with “What?! All of you are superhuge like me?” Another guy responds, “Oh no, boy, we’re much bigger than you. We’re from 2 to 20 times the size of you.” Chris asks, “But how?” “Gramps’ll plop your butt in this river like he did us. Some of us have been here for 22 years, right where Gramps left us. And we’re all still growing.” Another guy from below joins in, “We absorb the mold from the river, but the river runs right through us and comes out more potent through our genitals and udders.” Another voice chimes in “He had to say it that way, didn’t he.” “We call the old ones here the geezer geysers, but this stuff reverses aging so they actually look and feel younger than when they first got here.” “We can’t move our heads but Gramps has big mirrors positioned right across the river from us so we can see each other. The lighting is from Gramps’s estate and it’s kept on 18 hours a day.” Chris yells out, “How can you stand it, being stuck down here?” “Oh, it’s scary at first, but the stuff keeps us all superhigh all the time, and it doesn’t age us, and we all feel more alive than we ever did before. Besides, we constantly have sex with each other just by streaming our juices out like we do. We wind up absorbing each other’s juices, and we never tire of watching each other grow even bigger!” Chris responds, “So you never eat or shit.” “No need to.” Another voice from below, “Gramps comes in regularly to make sure the jet streams from our spouts aren’t compromising the integrity of the caves.” “What does that mean?” Chris asked. “He means that we spew out with such a force that it can eat through cave walls if left too long.” “Jesus, and I’m gonna be just like you?” “Yep, you’re one of the family now. What’s your name?” “Chris.” Then Chris hears the whole bunch welcome him. “Hey, Chris!” “You’ll like it here.” “We saved a spot for you.” “Pull up a river!” “You stupid idiot! Why do you say things like that? That’s John 39. He’s always saying something stupid. We have 17 other Chrises here. You’re Chris 18.”

“I’m Chris 18? ...How many more guys is Gramps gonna get?” “Only one more after you. Then he’ll have what he wants.” “One more, huh? That’ll be my dad. Hal’s bringing him down now from upstairs.” “Yeah, Gramps told us he was getting Hal to be his new helper.” “Hey guys! Chris’s dad gets to be the “Volcano!” Chris is shocked again as he continues to travel along the ceiling tracks. “The volcano! What’s that?”

“This river doesn’t naturally go to Gramps’s estate, but the cave does come out there. By placing us next to each other, Ed is actually rerouting the river because of where he points our spouts. So this man-made river ends up close to the estate cave entrance but... Oh, looks like you’re here.” The machine stops moving and Chris hears Ed yell up from the cave floor, “I’ll get you down now, Chris.” Slowly the machine lowers Chris’s body hundreds of eet down tot he man-made rier, and all the guys in the river are cheering him and welcoming him. Then very carefully, Ed pulls Chris’s body off the platform with an enormous crane with two huge steel arms that grab Chris’s arms and situate Chris’s furiously pulsating body at the end of the river all the way up to his captivatingly developed neck. Chris asks Ed, “Gramps, why put me in so deep?” Ed responds, “You’ll grow out of it soon enough. The cum you’ll get here works very fast.” Sure enough, Chris’s body started expanding again as soon as he hit the river. Looking above him, he could see daylight through a hole several hundred feet up. “What’s that hole for, Gramps?” “That, my boy, is the hole your dad’s big dick will be shooting through like a constantly erupting volcano while he sits down here right beside you!” “Oh, damn! This is too much for me. I’m feeling dizzy.” Looking at the mirrors across from him, Chris notices that all the other guys’ arms are high up in the air like his own because their lats are so huge that the arms are pushed up to form a 120 degree angle V-shape high above their heads, just as their legs are also spread at 120 degree angles and their leg muscles are so huge that, though they’re completely spread apart, they’re pressed tightly against each other with yards of solid muscle. Everyone’s udders and dicks are pointing either straight up or down into the river. None of the mirrors had manjuice on them. But all the guys were completely caked in manjuice, many of them with their mouths open drinking the juice as it came down after being shot over 100 feet into the air by their colossal megadicks. Chris’s own dick was now shooting higher and harder. He couldn’t wait to see his dad shoot through that hole hundreds of feet above him while he’s sitting down here right beside his son! The guy sitting next to Chris said, “Go ahead and take a nap. You’ll feel better and be a lot bigger when you wake up.” Chris responds, “I told Hal I want to be dam big! But I didn’t mean as BIG as a dam and with the functions of a dam!” Chris falls asleep from emotional exhaustion as his body grows about 70 pounds per minute. He dreams of his dad because he misses him so much, and wants to show his dad how magnificent his son’s body has become. •

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