Fantasy (2001)

He had to duck when he entered the bar. My God I had never seen such a huge gorgeous man. The entrance to the bar was close to seven feet and his head was a good four inches above that. He was massively built, more like a powerlifter than a bodybuilder. The tank top barely contained his massive hairy torso. I noticed that he had cut slits in his jean shorts in order to ride past huge muscular thighs. The waistband was loose but the crotch bulged obscenely. He had huge feet and broad powerful hands. Only in my wildest fantasies had I imagined such a Latin God. He walked slowly to the opposite end of the bar allowing everyone lots of opportunity to stare at his masculine beauty. I was completely overwrought with desire. All sense of caution was thrown to the wind. I headed toward the restroom, which was directly behind him. I couldn’t pull my eyes off him.

He looked up from the bar and our eyes met. He studied me with his grey eyes like a predator. His gaze was frightening and erotic; a subtle smile revealed perfect white teeth. I entered the restroom and tried to compose myself. I was both frightened and powerfully aroused by this immense man. I couldn’t help myself I had to get him to seduce me somehow. I went back into the bar and sat a couple of stools away. I watched him drink his long neck Bud which seemed ridiculously small in his huge hand. While he drank his beer I drank in his beauty. He had jet-black curly hair, olive skin and a neatly trimmed goatee and mustache. He finished his beer in three swigs and turned and stared right at me with his penetrating grey eyes. He parted his thighs invitingly; the gesture was subtle but unmistakable. It was as if I no longer had a will of my own. He had drawn me in and I found myself nestling between his huge thighs and leaning against his massive chest. Even sitting on the barstool he towered over me. He placed his hand on my throat. His power was intoxicating erotic and terrifying. His touch was as gentle as a dove yet somehow menacing. I knew he could kill me as easily a crushing a bug. Gently he tilted my head back so that I was gazing directly into his hypnotic eyes.

"You like what you see." He said. His voice was thrillingly deep. Before I could respond he began to kiss me. I felt myself giving in completely. He pulled me onto his lap, invading my mouth with his succulent tongue, penetrating and probing powerfully then tenderly. He lifted me as easily as a child and caressed my neck with kisses, nibbling my ear. He whispered sweet nothings into my ear. His deep voice reverberated in his chest sending shivers of desire throughout my body.

Suddenly I realized that everyone was staring at us; some were even openly masturbating. I warmed with embarrassment yet somehow I found the feeling powerfully erotic.

"Do you want to go somewhere more private? " he asked.

"Yes! " I whispered, so overwhelmed I could barely speak at all. We kissed passionately one more time then he put me back on the floor. When he stood I nearly feinted from excitement. Somehow he seemed bigger and taller than before. Everyone stared at us in amazement. He placed his hand on the back of my neck and gently guided me out of the bar.

We walked a couple of blocks to a parking lot down the street and got into the oldest Mercedes Benz I had ever seen.

"None of the newer ones are big enough to fit me." He rumbled in his deep sexy voice, "My name is Charles."

"Jeremy." I managed to answer. He drove into the warehouse district somewhere near Julia Street. We pulled up in front of what looked like an abandoned building, which frightened me a little. Some of the lower windows were boarded up and the outside was covered with graffiti. The upper stories however all had new replacement windows. Charles pointed a remote garage door opener at a huge steel roll up door which ascended with a mechanical whine. He drove into the building and cut the engine on the powerful car. The garage door automatically reversed and closed with a solid thud.

"I own the building." He said matter of factly. "I’ve finished most of the upper floors where I live."

"What do you do for a living?" I asked.

"I’m a Doctor." He replied. We both got out of the car and my mind reeled. Was I going insane? Somehow he had grown larger still! He caught my look of utter surprise and shock and started to laugh. "Don’t worry little man," he said, "the transformation is almost complete."

Before I could ask any questions he lifted me into his arms, kissing me as he carried me into the freight elevator. The elevator ascended to the top floor and gently shuddered to a stop. He sat me back down and I asked, "What do you mean by transformation?"

"All your questions we be answered in good time, little man."

Charles pulled back the safety gate and we both stepped into a vast dark room. The ceiling was about twenty feet high and there were four columns in the middle of the room spaced equally in two rows of two. Imbedded in each wall were two pilasters, which effectively divided the wall into three equal squares of 20 by 20 feet. Had walls connected the columns and pilasters the space would have been nine perfect cubes. A huge arched window whose sill was about seven feet from the floor dominated each wall section. The windows were magnificent multi-paned industrial windows. Only the center section of each window was operable. Long brass rods connected in a complicated system of beveled gears and hand cranks operated the opening mechanisms. The cast iron columns were square and exquisitely decorated as were the pilasters. The entire ceiling was framed by ornate cast iron molding. The only section of wall that didn’t contain a magnificent window was the center section with the freight elevator. But even the elevator opening was adorned with an impressive frieze making it resemble a proscenium arch surrounding a stage. The exposed brick walls were badly eroded in some places. "Once I finish remodeling this will be my living space." He said.

"Its magnificent, Charles." I replied.

"For now I use it for my laboratory among other things." He said. Indeed there was a laboratory filled with workbenches, cabinets and all manner of equipment Evidently, other things included weightlifting and sexual gratification. The room was filled with all kinds of devices and toys. Some of the weightlifting equipment and toys seemed absurdly oversized.

In one corner of the room were two slings. One was standard size about 28" off the floor. Right next to it was another sling on steroids suspended from anchor chains set 50" off the floor. In another part of the room was the biggest bed I had ever seen. It had a chain-link headboard. On one side of the bed was a table filled with tubes, vacuum pumps, dildoes, sounds, tit-clamps and other bizarre devices that I had no idea what they were. On the other side of the enormous bed was a red roll-away tool chest. Attached to the makeshift headboard were several restraining devices. I started to get a little frightened. "Don’t worry little man, We won’t need any of those things." He said. I turned around and nearly feinted again. He seemed at least ten inches taller than when we left the bar.

"Is it the transformation?" I asked.

"The best is yet to come." He replied. His clothes were impossibly tight so he ripped them from his body. He scooped me up so fast I nearly gave a yell in fright. His kissed me savagely urgently. His skin was feverishly hot and the stubble of his beard was scratching my skin. His muscles were insanely huge and his torso seemed even hairier than before. He carried me over to the bed and frantically ripped the clothes off my body. This display of brute strength both frightened and aroused me at the same time. His kisses became more tender now. In the background I could hear a soft sinuous melody. There was something sensual and familiar in its hypnotic beat. Suddenly my mind went back in time when I was in Law School. I was dating a young Med student named Charles. We used to make love to Ravel’s Bolero.

"How can that be?" I asked.

"Remember the fantasy, Jeremy? I’ve found a way." He said. He reached over onto the table and opened a bottle of wet lube and poured some on my anus. He began to gently finger-fuck me and suck me at the same time. His hot hungry mouth swallowed my dick and nuts completely. His finger, which was bigger than most dicks, began to probe and massage my prostate gland sending ripples of unbelievable pleasure throughout my body. The music quickened becoming more savage and sensual. Charles kept pace with the music. I could feel my body tensing before the release. Suddenly I was an erupting volcano of emotions. Each shuddering spasm brought increasingly more powerful waves of ecstasy until I felt as if I was floating in a sea of pure pleasure and love. I wept for the beauty of it and he quieted me with tender kisses. "Remember," he said, "the best is yet to come..." His voice was impossibly deep. "...Can you trust me?" he asked. I answered yes. We both crawled out of the bed. I was totally shocked at his new size.

"How big are you now?" I asked.

"About nine feet tall and eight hundred pounds. Please come with me," I followed his gargantuan naked form into the lab. Somehow my old college flame had transformed himself into the giant of my dreams. His body was perfection and now I was only waist high to him. I stared at his hairy muscular ass and hamstrings. Most bodybuilders only dreamed of hams like these. He removed a set of keys from a hook on the wall and opened a medicine cabinet removing a pill bottle and a jar that looked like cold cream. He sat the keys and the jar on the counter. Opening the bottle he carefully removed one tiny pink pill that looked like baby aspirin. "I want you to take it," said Charles.

"But I don’t do drugs." I replied.

"You have to trust me," he said.

Realizing this was a command and not a request I took the tiny pink pill. "Now what?" I asked.

"Patience, little man, the best is yet to come..." He picked up the jar of cold cream and without a word I followed him over to the slings. "I want you to suck my dick." He commanded.

Even soft it was bigger than any dick I had ever sucked. He leaned against the wall and I started sucking his soft member. The pliant dick felt delightful in my mouth. I was surprised to find I could take him all the way to the pubes. Soon though he started to become rigid and more difficult to suck. Finally it became impossible to suck anything but the head and even that was very uncomfortable. I abandoned the notion of sucking his dick altogether and began to lick his massive balls. I licked his shaft, which was now at least 15 inches long. I started to giggle.

"What’s so funny little man?" he asked. "Well you always were big for your height." I answered. With that, he let out a rafter-shaking laugh. He picked me up and began to suck my dick again, gently scraping my dick with his teeth.

"Close your eyes little man," I closed my eyes as he lowered me onto the giant sling. "Let me help you," he said. Hoisting my legs straight up into the air he bound them to the chains holding the sling. My ass no longer even touched the sling. I was totally helpless.

"What are you planning to do?" I asked, shocked that my voice had dropped an octave.

"Relax Jeremy, I won’t hurt you." He said. He began to play with my nipples. I reached up and touched his hand. I was shocked by the feel, somehow they had shrunk.

"What’s going on here?" I asked, completely captivated and aroused by my new deep voice.

"It’s the transformation, Jeremy. You’re growing." My ass now touched the sling. I opened my eyes, surprised that my legs were no longer straight up into the air but bent. My thighs were at least as large as Charles’ when I first saw him in the bar. Even so I was certain that I was atleast two feet shorter than Charles. He began to playfully bite and suck my nipples. He pulled my arms above my head and began to lick my armpits. He ran his tongue slowly down my torso. The stubble of his beard gently scratched my skin sending tingles up my spine. He kissed my navel slowly and gently. Slowly his kissing went lower and lower. He lifted my ass to more easily rim me, sucking and kissing my anus. He was probing and penetrating me with his eager tongue. The feeling was so exquisite I couldn’t imagine how it could get any better. He gave my ass a playful little slap. "The best is yet to come, Jeremy."

He allowed me to lower my ass and I lifted my head to see what he was doing. He opened the cold cream jar and scooped a generous amount with his fingers. The cream glowed a feint iridescent blue. "Is that lube?" I asked uneasily. I was still unaccustomed to my new sexy voice.

"Sort of…" his vague answer only increased my anxiety. "It will heighten our pleasure." He said. I saw him rub about half of the cream on his stupendous cock. The remainder he rubbed into my anus. The heat was almost unbearable and the tingly sensation was impossible to describe. He stroked the bud of my anus with his cockhead. Millions of tiny fingers stroked and massaged my flesh. I was burning with desire.

"Take me!" I moaned. He put his cockhead against my anus and began to push slowly rocking in and out. The pain was excruciating and I clamped involuntarily. "Wait, I think you’re too big for me." I said. My voice was nearly as deep as his. "Relax big man, trust me." He said. I willed myself to relax. "I’m stretching your asshole, Jeremy." I was now completely relaxed. There was no pain anymore, only an exquisite tingling mixed with the curious feeling that I needed to void myself. I realized it was simply nerves unaccustomed to external stimulation. He was completely inside me. I had never been so deeply penetrated before. The gentle rocking had given way to long slow pelvic thrusts. The sling swayed slightly to and fro. His pace quickened and was more forceful.

"Oh my God!" I moaned, astounded that my voice was now even deeper than Charles’. I found the sound of my own voice intensely erotic and arousing; not merely a deep voice but the sound of a powerful giant. I began to jack myself off.

"Yeah man stroke it!" Charles growled in his deep and sexy voice. Charles alternated between deep slow strokes pushing at the top and quicker shorter thrusts. My entire body shuddered with pleasure. He felt my body tense before the release and began to pound almost savagely. My stroking became more urgent as well. My cock began to spasm, becoming once again an erupting volcano. The intensity of my orgasm astonished me. Each spasm was more intense than the last. Never had I felt such ecstasy until now. I could feel his cock spasming inside me as well filling me with wet warmth. Our low moans reverberated throughout the room, intoxicating and erotic. I was amazed to find I had shot such a huge load. Some of my cum had even landed on my face.

He unbound my legs. Some of the circulation had been cut off by the restraints causing my feet to tingle. I set my feet onto the floor, which increased the sensation. I nearly buckled and would have fell had Charles not helped me. "Careful big man." He said. I leaned against the sling; Charles supporting some of my weight. He kissed me savagely passionately and by turns tender and sweet. Finally enough feeling returned in my legs and feet to stand unaided. Unbelievably, I was nearly a head taller than Charles. I began to examine my new body, admiring my hairiness and huge muscles.

"How long will this last?" I inquired. The mere sound of my voice was arousing me.

"About 8 to 12 hours." Charles replied. He took me to a mirrored section of wall so I could get a better look at myself. This monstrously huge musclebear wearing my face stared back at me. I began to masturbate. My cock was absolutely enormous easily 18 inches plus and thicker than a beer can. "You’re a real stud big man." said Charles as he guided me toward the enormous bed. We crawled under the covers and began to snuggle and kiss...

I heard the faint click and hum just before the alarm clock shrieked. I gave the shut off button a savage thump. Shit! The most intensely erotic dream I had ever experienced was fading. Fuck it, I’m calling in sick. Sleeping next to me was the sexiest little man I had ever seen.

At 5’6" I wasn’t exactly a giant myself. Yet Charles was at least 4 inches shorter than I was. The hairy little musclebear lay nestled against my body. His plump muscular ass was pressed against my cock. His succulent ass was driving me crazy. I could stare into his beautiful grey eyes forever.

"Good morning Sir." He said sleepily. He rolled over facing me. His smile was heart-breaking and as innocent as a child’s.

"What does P.S. stand for?" I asked. "All your friends kept calling you that."

"Its short for Porn Star." he said blushing, "You know…." Yes I knew…his cock was huge and he knew what to do with it…several times actually. No one had ever fucked me the way he did.

For some reason he seemed too sweet and innocent. I couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow he had arranged all this. It seemed that we were always seeing each other in some public place like the A&P. Every time I was around him my gaydar would go off. Just wishful thinking, I had thought.

"You know, I had a dream about you last night." I said.

"So did I." Replied Charles. We kissed passionately and he began to nibble on my neck. His beard grew fast and the stubble on his cheeks felt delightful and sexy. He whispered into my ear, his voice impossibly deep, "Tonight its my turn, big man." I looked over at the nightstand and next to the alarm clock was a jar of cold cream and a bottle of what looked like baby aspirins.

"Don’t worry, little man," I replied in an even deeper voice, "the best is yet to come." •

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