Change for the Better

After work on a Friday night, I decided to go see a movie, that was supposed to be a good thriller. It was playing at the discount theatre just on the outskirts of town, so it was about 11:30 or so when the movie started. I got there about 5 minutes early, and bought a drink and walked in. The theatre was completely empty, and the show was rolling the promos, and I thought, "cool, a private showing for a buck!" I chuckled to myself and then almost choked as this gorgeous man entered and started walking down my row, he stops at me and whispers in a deep tone, "Is this seat taken?" I casually looked around the empty theatre, and jokingly said, "Well no one else is gonna sit there." He smiled and sat down. We didn't say a word during the whole movie, but every now and then I glanced at his face. He had short black hair, a square rugged face with dark eyes and a wonderfully trimmed mustache and beard, also in black. He had his top two buttons undone on his shirt and I could see that he had a nice chest of hair as well, and his jeans looked very filled out. As the credits started rolling, he got up and left. I felt a little awkward, but decided to see if I could catch up with him.

I went to the parking lot to see it empty, and the theatre closed for the night. I was a little hungry so I stopped in at Denny's for a bite to eat. The place was packed with high schoolers and other assorted weirdoes. There was a small booth available, and so I took it. As the waitress brought me my iced tea she said, "Sir? I know this is an odd request, but we have a lot of people waiting, and there is one gentleman who is also dining alone, would you mind sharing your table? I am afraid he will have to wait too long otherwise..."

I smiled awkwardly at her and shrugged, "I don't mind at all"

She smiled and walked away, and brought a man, who looked just like the guy I saw in the theatre, she handed him a menu and then took his drink order before walking away.

"Funny how these things work out isn't it" the man said with a grin.

I took a shot in the dark, "Yes did you enjoy the movie? I mean the theatre was so full"

He laughed and his white teeth gleamed, "I am Marc, and you are?"

"Chris" I said, "so may I ask you, why did you sit next to me when you had the whole theatre to choose from?"

He smiled and replied, "Actually, you were sitting in my seat, I go to the movies every Friday night and sit in that seat, I am usually alone, and it is in my opinion the best seat in the house, so I took the 2nd best"

"Well" I said trying not to drool "how about this, for ruining your seat plans the meal is on me!"

"Oh that is most kind of you Chris, but I couldn't let you do that" He said.

"Well how about Friday you can do" I replied confidently.

He thought about it for a second rubbing his beard and looking up, "Deal!"

We shook, and enjoyed a rather delightful evening, and we sat there for at least 3 hours just chatting, we found out that we liked a lot of the same things and he seemed like a genuinely nice man. I never told him I was attracted to him, and wanted to jump him in the theatre, or that I was imagining him naked all evening, but we had a pleasant time. He gave me his number and said to give him a call on Sunday perhaps for lunch.

I went home and immediately stripped naked and masturbated until I came in a fit of ecstasy thinking of him, and how wonderful it would be to have him there next to him...the next day I woke up rather late, as I was about to step in the shower I looked at myself in the mirror and was a little disgusted at what I saw...a man in his early twenties, about 50 lbs over weight, still kinda cute but chubby. Wondering what others see in him, and wondered if Marc saw anything. On Sunday I called the number on the paper, and I got a machine, the message was Marc's voice. "I am not available at the time to take your call please leave a message at the tone, Chris if this is you go to where we met at 2pm...*BEEP*" I immediately hung up and rushed to the theatre since it was about 10 until 2 already. I was wearing an oversized T-shirt and black pants. He was the only car there as the theatre is closed on Sunday's. He told me to leave my car there and go with him. I jumped in his jeep and we drove off toward the mountains.

"I have a surprise for you!" Marc said smiling.

"Oh? Will i like it?" I said mischievously praying he could read my mind.

"I can almost guarantee it, I packed a picnic lunch and I am taking you to my secret thinking place, it is perfect up there and away from everyone and everything" He said cheerfully.

He was wearing a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt, which hugged his athletic body, and the jeans were the same as the Friday, well fitting. We arrived about an hour later after idle conversation about our hobbies and TV shows. It was amazing, after a 20 minute bumpy ride on a deserted poorly maintained dirt road we arrived at a stream.

"We hike the rest of the way..." He said as he took out the basket.

I followed in awe at the natural beauty of the area, we came to rest about 500 yards from the jeep at a small natural spring which the stream flowed from. The grass was lush and full, the birds twittered and despite the season, which was late October in Oregon, it was warm and cozy. He set out the large blanket and the food, and smiled like a small boy who has just found paradise.

"I hope you like it" he said passing me a sandwich and pouring me some tea.

I could hardly speak as I was still in awe, "it is so magnificent here, the water seems too invitingly clear and I can't believe how warm it is...where are we exactly?"

He then looked at me straight faced and said, "I would tell you but then I would have to kill you and bury you here with the other bodies" He then paused while looking at me and noticing my tension he broke out in laughter, "I am just pulling your chain Chris!"

I wished he would pull something other than my chain, but I smiled at the joke and we chatted, after we ate, he put everything back into the basket except the tea, and took off his shirt... I was right, a beautifully sculpted chest, with dark fur in all the right places, and a washboard stomach, he bundled up his shirt and placed it under his head and laid back, with his hand behind his head, revealing his furry pits. I just stared hoping he would not notice as I felt our friendship was too important to try anything.

"Relax, we have the whole day!" He said unbuttoning his jeans.

I felt a little hesitant but just relaxed, he slid of his jeans and was wearing a tight pair of bikini briefs in black. Which held in a huge bulge and then he took off his socks and shoes as well. "You gonna join me Chris? We are both mature men, you have nothing to be ashamed of...nothing I haven't seen before" He winked at me playfully and just closed his eyes.

It was rather warm, so I put my inhibitions aside and took off my shoes and socks, and undid my pants and took off my shirt. I too was wearing a pair of bright red briefs, and just started to relax. This was nice, it was quiet, and I just imagined him, there and started to feel a little hard, and just let it go remembering what he had said, with my eyes still closed I felt a little itchy on my face so I scratched it and felt a little bristly, as if I hadn't shaved for 3 days. However the odd part was I just shaved that morning, again I let it go. I was totally zoned until I heard a splash, and a little water hit me on my chest. I look up to see marc in the water and his underwear on the blanket. My head was spinning, I bolted up and he laughed in the water up to his nipples, "Come on in Chris, the water is perfect today!" He dove under and I took off my underwear and went in, and it was perfect, like a warm bath. He popped back up and said, "Hey I want to show you something, open your eyes underwater and swim with me, and take a huge breath and let it out very slowly we have a little ways to go."

I hesitated but decided to try it. I dove under and opened my eyes, the water was crystal clear and I could see Marc's naked body swimming toward a cave, I followed best I could and he went deeper in till a light caught my eye and I could his full body for the fist time underwater he looked like an Adonis, his cock was about 6" soft and his ballsac hung low, we emerged in a small cave and could breath the air, he got on a ledge and sat there, and said, "This is a VERY special place for me, I found it one day, and it changed my life. it will change yours too!"

"Where is the light coming from? It is so well lit yet I can't see a source" I asked.

"I don't know really...Magic I guess" he smiled and looked at me as I emerged from the water. I felt a little different. "Looks like you already know what you wanted!"

I looked at him oddly as I looked down at my reflection in the pool...I almost screamed, I saw myself...but altered, I was thinner, had a chest of hair and a mustache that matched my hair color, my cock was about 5" soft and thick, and my balls hung really low. I spoke and even my voice was more masculine and deeper. "What the FUCK!"

He smiled and shook his head, "I don't know, I just know that these waters are special and you are special to me..." He then came to me, and pushed his face to mine, and pushed his tongue into my mouth, we embraced and quickly became aroused. In all my wildest dreams I never felt so alive or intense as I did right then. As our bodies intermingled I felt us both growing harder, I broke off the kiss and was astonished at the size of our cocks, easily 12" and about as thick ad a beer can. he went down on me, and I felt this intense rush of pleasure, as he licked every portion of my new member as he massaged my new ass cheeks and fingered my hole. I was holding his head feeling his hair through my hands, writhing in ecstasy. He told me to relax as he moved around to my back, and with a force unknown to me he plunged his cock right up my hole...I felt excruciating pain, coupled with overwhelming pleasure. With each thrust he said in his manly voice, "I wanted to fuck you so bad, but I just had to see your true self" as his thrusts became more intense I was jacking my own large cock. He then came inside me filling me with his juices...he then turned me around and went down on all fours...I took the hint and returned the favor. It was so amazing in this new body, in this setting, I didn't want it to end. As we collapsed on each other, panting like dogs, he whispered, "Your life has changed, you will never have to go back to the way things were, and I will always be there for you" He held me close and kissed my with a passion of love.

We swam back to the outer pond, and I still looked the same, with the new body..."Why am I still like this? Shouldn't I have changed back?" I was still startled by my new voice.

"Like I said, you are no longer who you were, but who you were meant to be" with that we got dressed, and I noticed the clothes fit me perfectly, as if they were altered somehow. We strolled down to the jeep and I could hardly keep my hands of my face and chest as I explored them. I looked into the mirror of the jeep and felt odd as I looked at this new person, a full head of hair with a full light brown mustache, and a body to die for. I realized I left my wallet in my car, at the theatre. When we got there, the car was gone, and in it's place was a newer car, one that I have always wanted. He said, "You have a lot of catching up to do I will call you tomorrow, goodnight sweetheart!" he kissed me full on the lips again and drove off...

In a half daze I opened the door and got in, I found my wallet and looked at it...The name was the same, but the picture was different and so was the address. The picture was what I looked like now, only with a full trimmed beard, and I knew the neighborhood where the address on my license was. I drove to what I think was my house. A big place in the nice part of town, as I walked in the front door I was amazed at how nice everything was. I explored the house seeing pictures of my family as I knew them, and in a family photo of when I was in high school, I had changed in all the photos to what I look like now, only younger. Had my life really changed? •

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