Brother Dear

By msclguy

Ok...first let me start by saying this is a true story! All of it is absolutely true. Nothing was made up and I just wanted to tell my story. Enjoy!

Hey. My name is Jake McKenly. I'm 17 years old, 6'2, with blond hair and really dark blue eyes. I have two brothers, one 16 the other 18. The younger one is a junior in high school and has black hair with blue eyes. His name is Luke. Out of the three of us he's the smallest at 5'11, weighing in at 205lbs with 2% body fat. His chest is 54", and 17" arms. Although he does have a pretty strong six pack. So that's Luke. My older brother Judd and I are seniors in high school and on the varsity football and wrestling teams. We're basically the same except he's a little taller. We come from an extremely muscular family, so there's alot to be fulfilled.

For the longest time I've been turned on by Judd's body. Little did I know that Luke was too. One night the three of us were just chillin' in my room because we were going away the next morning and hadn't packed yet.

I'd wanted to come out of the closet since I was 14 and a freshman in high school. Ever since I saw the first jock naked I've wanted men and their muscles. And because I'm completely honest with my bros I decided I had to tell them.

"Uh guys...I've been meaning to tell you something for awhile--I'm bi." They just stared at me with no expression at all. Then Judd said something that rocked my world. "Me too! I thought I was alone!" Before I knew what was going on, I was ripping his beater off that godlike body. He told me not to stop...he wanted worship. Under his tight tanktop was the most fabulous set of pecs I'd ever seen. Like, two giant slabs of muscle, there they were-huge and rock hard. His abs were like eight perfectly placed blocks of cement. Sexy, bulging veins snaked all over his biceps and triceps.

I slowly reached and touched this magnificent bod. His hairless chest was impossible to budge, oh god it was so muscular. He leaned up and placed his lips on mine, bringing me in to the sweetest kiss I'd ever had. He reached and pulled my shirt off my built torso. Luke walked over and began rubbing Judd's broad shoulders. His back was like a cobra's that took on an incredible V-shape.

But the best part wasn't his torso, it was his beautiful cock. Nine inches long and barely hard, he was hung like a horse. He commanded me to suck his sweet member. I obeyed gladly, filling my mouth with the biggest piece of meat I'd ever seen. His cum was so smooth and creamy. Judd moaned in enjoyment as I rubbed his hairy, muscular legs. Luke climbed up on a chair and wrapped his arms around Judd's football neck. He slid his arms down Judd's pecs, toying with his big man nipples. Judd took him off and said to both of us "Down boys. Heel...stay." He told us to strip down, as we indtantly did. "You like this, huh? Worship this muscle god. Kiss my fuckin' HUGE muscle!!!" Luke and I began rubbing his muscles, licking every aboid, every vein, every massive bicep and tricep as he groaned and beat himself senseless.

We worked our way down to his dick, rubbing it and taking turns deep throating his cum and god penis. I just had to blow my load. I shot it all over his chest, then massaging it in and licking up the remains. Judd lifted me up over his head and began bench pressing me, like we do sometimes. He shifted me to one hand and with the other reached towrds Luke. I could not believe what he was about to do.

While benching me with one big hand, he started doing one armed bicep curls with Luke. His bicep bulged out of proprtion, so sexy and the definite symbol of manhood. He started glisening with sweat, every muscle flexed and straining. When flexed, his chest must have stood out at least ten inches! Just then we heard a door slam downstairs. "We're home!" our mother's voice yelled. But before we got dressed Judd said to us "can't wait until we share a room tomorrow." •

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