By Manzart69

December 24th, 4:00 A.M., the U.S.S. Studz docks in Boston. By 7:30 the ship is all but deserted, as just about any seaman with a 3 day pass has left by then. Seaman first class Burns is about the last to leave, as he takes his time packing some gym gear, civies, hot under gear and a brand new custom made set of lycra/spandex dress whites. He decides to head for a gym he knows to get in a good two hour workout. There are very few people at the gym this early on this particular day, so he has no problem getting in a full workout to get totally pumped. In the deserted locker room, he strips down to his white lycra pouch and steps in front of the full length mirror to check out his progress. He does a double biceps pose and smiles at the reflection of his pumped perfection. He takes a good long shower, enjoying the feel of his hard pumped muscles as he lathers up. He towels off, anticipating putting on his new set of dress whites, his cock begins to expand with the thought of donning that perfectly tailored outfit, and the memories of the fitting sessions with the hot tailor that the captain had recommended he go to. The guy was a real hunk named Josh. It was his suggestion to make them out of the lycra/spandex fabric, after he had taken the initial measurements of the very muscular sailor. Having taken those measurements and suggesting that fabric, Josh tells him that the pants and tee he is wearing are made of a very similar fabric and asks the sailor what he thinks of the idea. When the well built seaman sees how it caresses every muscular bulge and crevice of the big tailor's body, he eagerly agrees.

Josh then asks him to step out of his street clothes so he can get very exact measurements. When Beau strips down to one of his favorite thin blue lycra pouches, Josh gives a long low whistle of appreciation for the body and bulging pouch that are revealed. "Stud it's going to be one big pleasure for me to make sure these whites show all of you off to perfection.", Josh tells him, then adds " you don't mind if I strip down to something similar while I take these measurements do you?" "By all means, make yourself as comfortable as you like, it's your shop." Beau answers. Josh literally peels his form hugging tee and trousers off, to reveal the black and white chevron striped pouch he's wearing, the center seam and angle of the stripes accentuating the healthy bulge revealed by the fabric that is hugging every sensuous curve of it. Beau gives him a low whistle of appreciation too. " I think it's going to be just as big a pleasure for me to have you making them." he tells Josh. For the next hour, Josh takes exacting measurements of every area of Beau's magnificently muscled body, taking extremely detailed calculations of his crotch, glutes and thighs, even asking which side he would prefer to dress his massively thick cock down so he can allow just the least amount of extra room in that leg for it. By this time Beau's pouch is protruding in a huge downward arc and fully half of the pouch has darkened with the flow of pre cum he's been producing. Josh's hard rod is all but poking through his pouch, standing straight out, the thin fabric clinging to and clearly showing the massive head and flaring corona it's encasing. It tries lunging forward even more as Josh suggests Beau remove his pouch and try on a pair of pants he has there, so he can get an exact measurement of the sailor's cock dressed down the leg. Beau is only too happy to step out of the confining pouch, but he tells Josh he doubts he'll be able to get it dressed down a pant leg unless they're awfully quick about getting him into them. " No problem stud, I'll have you in them in nothing flat, just give me a minute to get them ready. O.K. now just slip out of your pouch and step right into the pants and I'll get them up over those huge quads of yours just as fast as I can." Beau strips out of the tight stretched pouch and steps over to the pants, Josh does indeed get them up in a hurry and without asking permission, grabs the sailor's thick cock and shoves it down the left leg before it can grow too hard. The "trial" pants are just a tiny bit loose, but not much and Josh quickly throws a tape around Beau's leg to get the measurement, before his cock gets any bigger. Josh grabs hold of the pant leg and pulls it tight to perfectly outline the sailor"s mammoth man meat. "Is this too tight?" he asks. "Maybe just a little, it feels a bit too constraining." Beau answers. "O.K. how about now?" Josh asks, letting up a little on the pressure. "Yes that's better, but maybe you could give me just a little more room than that, for expansion." Beau replies. " Tell you what, you get hold of the fabric and ease off on it to the point where it's comfortable for you and I'll get another reading on it." Beau does as asked and Josh takes the measurement again. "O.K. that should do it, but lets make sure you do have room to expand a bit." Josh begins to massage the muscle stud sailor's meat and watches as it easily extends farther down the leg ,becoming more clearly outlined as it grows in length and girth. "Yep, that'll do it alright, now lets get you out of these pants!" Josh wastes no time suiting action to words, and the pants are down around the sailor's ankles in a flash. "As much as I'm going to love seeing you the whites when they're done, how about stepping out of those pants and favoring me with a couple of totally nude poses?" " Only if you return the favor." Beau smiles, as he answers, his cock starting it's transformation into an upright tower of male sex perfection. It grows even faster as he watches the big tailor pull the pouch over the end of his own man sex and lets it go, his big balls being held high by the tight elastic still around the back of his waist. As soon as the sailor stud hits his first pose, the muscular tailor's cock is standing straight up, by the time he moves into his second pose, Josh's meat is dripping and quivering he's so excited. He never does return the favor, he can't take anymore and crushes his hard cock against Beau's, as he grabs him in a firm embrace. The two muscle men hungrily run their hands over each other's bodies as they writhe with the pleasure of rubbing their massive, pre cum slick cocks together. Their tongues explore each others mouths, then clamp onto pecs and nipples as they slide their dripping cocks back and forth and up and down the others with greater speed, grabbing each others glutes to pull those two wrestling slabs of meat tighter together, then parting only to ram them even harder and faster with the urgency of their need to release the pent up juices in their tightening balls. As they mash their cocks furiously against each other, sucking and pulling hard on nipples at the same time, they both erupt with heavy flows of hot man cream, the eruptions drive them to a higher intensity of crotch grinding and cock slamming, bringing on an even harder climax. Their writhing continues until they're both covered in each others sticky hot juices, and they cease to flow altogether, which takes quite a while.

Beau is having a bit of trouble getting his greatly expanded meat into the tight fitting whites. He should have gotten into them before he started reminiscing about Josh. Finally, he gets his monster far enough down to get it into the left pant leg. He gets his bull balls adjusted and then fastens the waist band, finally doing up all thirteen buttons on the flap. He then slips on the blouse, which Josh fitted to show off his massive pecs and lats perfectly. Josh had also given him an extra pair of pants, that actually had a" pocket " to slide his cock into, sewn into the left leg, it outlined his cock magnificently, and also kept it from rising across his thigh if he really stated getting hard, and in Beau's case, Josh thought he might be glad to have that feature every now and then! Beau had to laugh, thinking about, as he had gotten very hard at every fitting with the big tailor. He steps in front of the mirror once again to check everything out. His workout was well worth it, as his whites now fit his pumped muscles like a second skin. He figures he'll really get the once over from everyone at his favorite hangout tonight, and more than likely, finally get to go out with the stud he's seen there several times, but just didn't quite connect with.

Since he has quite a bit of time to kill before tonight, he decides to head for the art museum. It's been quite some time since he's been there, and he always enjoyed seeing it. His pea coat is long enough that it only shows a hint of his rather obvious bulge, should anyone take that close a look. It's 11:00 A. M. by the time he gets there, but he figures he'll have passed a good bit of the afternoon, by the time he's seen all he wants to. Again, since it's Christmas eve day, there aren't many people around, and he doesn't figure anyone will be paying any attention to him , just the artwork, so he takes off his coat and carries that and his small duffle with him. He takes in a few of the painting galleries first, then heads for one of his favorite areas, the tea house. After that, he decides to see the statuary gallery to see if anything new has been added or if some of his old favorites are still on exhibition. When he enters the hall, The light seems to dim for a second , but there is so much natural light from the huge skylights, he figures a small cloud must have passed over the sun. He glances at his watch, it's 12:15 already. Now in the gallery, he's surprised to find that there are indeed, quite a few new pieces on display. Among them an old, although clearly labeled, reproduction of Michelangelo's Bacchus with satyr, a Roman Mars in an elaborate cuirass, an intriguing, quite muscular Siva, with his four arms, and a large statue titled Adonis, a muscular man in a kneeling type of pose as though throwing a spear while resting on one knee, the knee farther from the viewer being the one raised. There were many other new and quite exotic pieces as well, ranging from Egyptian to modern. The Mars and Bacchus were both a good twelve feet tall without their bases and the Adonis was at least that tall even in his kneeling position. The other pieces in this hall are either life sized or slightly larger. The Adonis fascinates him, mostly because of the pose and the fact that the musculature is quite heavy for a Greek statue, so he steps up to take a closer look. The statue has a small drape over one thigh that barely covers his groin, but there also appears to be a waist strap coming from under it as well. Beau spots a small space behind the statue, that seems to him to be the perfect place to stash his coat and duffle for a few minutes at least, while he continues on to check out the next gallery, where smaller statuary is shown. Here, the pieces are as small as 6 inches, up to 4 feet, most are 18 t0 30 inches or so. Again, there have been many new pieces added, and he takes his time examining some very intricate portraits of muscular males from many periods. On the walls in this gallery there are also some panels of Egyptian hieroglyphs, although they must be reproductions, judging by their pristine condition. He's rather surprised they would show one of them though, as it depicts Amun Re with a large erection. Most panels depicting him in this manner, as the god of fertility, had been defaced, chiseling the phallus out. As he continues around the gallery he finds Amun again, as a statuette, and also with a prominent erection. Taking a second look around, he notices that every piece of statuary here is of a male, and all are either mostly nude or totally so. His cock begins to grow a bit, as he retraces his steps to reexamine some of the more muscular pieces. Some , he could swear, had not been nude just minutes before. He hears some muffled noise in the other gallery, and wishes he had kept his coat to cover his bulging groin, but when he looks around him, there is no one here, and when he goes back to the first gallery, there is no one there at all either. He finds this a bit strange, and looks at his watch again, 1:30, he's spent more time than he thought here. Maybe I had just better go back to the main entrance, to see if anyone else is around, he says to himself, but before he goes, he notices the big statue of Mars is now without his cuirass, he's only wearing his helmet, forearm guards, sandals and greaves, his impressive equipment arching out over his ample ball sack, and his pecs and abs even more imposing than they had been done by the armorer. Bacchus was now missing his fig leaf, and the small satyr had his face buried between his glutes and a fist through his thighs cupping the god's weighty balls. The Adonis still looked as if he were throwing a spear, but the drape was gone, revealing a very sizable bulge held in check by a fish net pouch. His other arm was very definitely flexed in a biceps pose, that also showed huge, well defined lats. Beau's cock is definitely stirring, looking at these sights, but he still figures he'd better head for the entrance to see if anyone at all is about. He doesn't encounter a soul on his way there, at the same time he's wondering how that sculptor ever got that almost rope sized mesh of the fish net pouch carved, and if he just missed the fact that the statues had looked the same the first time through or if he was beginning to let wishful thinking make him see things that weren't really there. At the entrance, when he tries the doors, they're locked. Now he spots the 3 foot poster, stating the museum will close at noon on Christmas eve! He figures, surely there are still guards here, even on the holiday, and sets off to see if he can find anyone, in the mean time...

Adonis turns his head ever so slowly, to watch the sailor's hard glutes, as they undulate beneath the defining fabric when he leaves. "Well men, it looks like we're going to have one prime piece of beefcake as a guest this long weekend. Unless I miss my guess, he's finally realized there is no one else around and has gone off to see if he's been locked in, and then go find a guard to let him out. Apollo, get out that guard uniform, that we have stashed in my pedestal base." The blond god hits a piece of trim, and a stone panel slides open, revealing quite a stash of costuming gear. " I suppose this means I'm being sent to find him?" " Yes, you're the only one the same size who's built as big as Karl. Remember how he fought us when we started taking that uniform off of him?" Adonis laughs. " Before that night was even half over, we had thoroughly convinced him that there's nothing like a man to satisfy another man's sexual cravings, even the most unrestrained. By the next morning he was a total convert, having performed any sex act we requested with total abandonment. It's good to have someone in the security office who'll do anything for us." " Then why can't Karl go get him? I'm sure he can see him on his monitors. When you put that fish net on, I know it means you're going to do one of your posing routines to get us aroused, and I'm going to miss it!" " No, I'll have the others get me oiled up, but I promise you I'll wait until our very sexy guest has arrived to pose for all of you. Speaking of our guest, let's have a look in his bag to see if we can get some clues about him." Adonis has been sitting on the pedestal, he reaches behind him to pick up the bag, which is tiny in his 18 inch wide hand. He opens the duffle and empties the contents into his other hand, picking through the things, with the tip of his finger. "Ah, I see we have a real connoisseur of male embellishment here." he says, lifting a fish net pouch from among the rest, for the others to see. "He also has several others to choose from, should someone elses taste not be quite so refined as his own! Apollo, if you don't find him in 20 minutes or so, just come back here to intercept him, we know he'll be returning to pick up his things. You'll give Karl the signal to join you then." Apollo, finishes getting dressed, barely getting his tight shirt buttoned and heads out to try to find the hunky sailor. Adonis stands, rising to his full twenty foot height, "While he's gone, some of you can get me oiled up, so I'll look my finest when I pose for our guest. Any volunteers?" Most every statue, now come to life, starts forward, big and small alike, they're all eager to help oil the huge muscles of this towering male. Soon his lower body is awash in the oil being applied by the enthusiastic studs of the gallery, but even the twelve footers, Mars and Bacchus can only reach to the top of his iron grate abs, and have to get up on his pedestal to reach the overhanging cliffs of his mountainous pecs, but since his back is to them, they pour the oil over his well defined Christmas tree first, then move up to his massively thick traps and delts. Adonis turns to face the pedestal now, so the two studs can work the oil into those pecs of his. At eight feet, Siva, with his commanding build and four arms, is among the tallest of the others, and has no problem reaching the giant's imposing glutes, slathering them with the oil when he turns, using all four hands with great expertise. The others must be satisfied giving his tree trunk thighs, bulging calves and feet a thorough going over. For a full fifteen minutes, Adonis revels in the feel of all those enthusiastic hands anointing his fantastic mass with the warm oil, and the men applying it are enjoying it no less, as evidenced by the many full blown erections, the men that are already nude, are exhibiting. Among those with towering erections, are Mars, Bacchus and Siva. Apollo now returns. "Our visitor should be here in about five minutes or so. I went to see Karl to get the two way radio, so I can call him. This scene out to elicit a comment from our visitor!" Adonis turns to face him," No, since we have time, I want to have him see me from the front, doing a double biceps pose, yes, just like this. Mars, Bacchus, grab my delts with one hand, then reach around my lats to cup my pecs with your other hand. Siva, put two hands on my glutes, then reach through and position your other two under my pouched balls, when I spread my legs, that and the way my cock is pushing against it now, will make me look like I'm really about to overflow this thing. All of you, make sure you let him see those big, hard erections of yours." When everyone is in a position to Adonis' liking, he tells them to "freeze". " Now this scene aught to knock that stud's jock right off of him!" Adonis says, with a self satisfied grin, and joins the others in their "stone" state.

While waiting, Apollo undoes the top four buttons of his tight shirt, to expose the eaves of his own overhanging pecs, and the frozen scene has caused his own massive meat to become quite well defined in his snug trousers. Beau enters the gallery and Apollo, standing just to one side of the entrance, speaks to him, making him jump in surprise. "Well hello there. Looks as though someone might have gotten themselves locked in," he says, giving the handsome sailor a thorough once over. Beau gives the beefy guard a complete scan himself before answering. "Am I ever glad to see you. I've been all over this place looking for someone. I was really getting worried. Can you let me out?" "No," he answers, taking out his radio"but let me call someone who can. Karl, we have a guest who didn't get out before we locked up, would you come down?" " Sure, be there in just a couple of minutes," comes the answer. "I'm really sorry," Beau tells him," I didn't see that sign saying you were closing at noon, when I came in." "Don't worry about it," Apollo laughs, "you're not the first and I'm sure you won't be the last." Looking past the big guard, Beau focuses his attention farther back in the gallery, easily making out the towering image there, but just realizing what's going on with the others. "Is there a statuary gallery that I missed before?" He asks, puzzled. Again, Apollo laughs, " No, this is the same gallery you were in." " But the statues," Beau says. "Yes, I know, we were very surprised by it when we first saw it too, but we have long since given up trying to figure it out. Everything is always back to normal by morning, so we don't worry about it anymore. Ah, Karl, that was quick! This is our guest...?" "Beau, Beau Burns" the sailor answers. "This is Karl and I'm Apollo." Beau takes in the new arrival, whose massive build is so identical to Apollo's, they could be twins. "Beau was just commenting on the statues," Apollo tells Karl. "Oh, that! Interesting isn't it? I never see any movement on my monitors, yet when we come up here, we never know what positions we'll find them in. I have to admit, I used to find it a bit upsetting to see what they were doing, but now I find I can't help myself from coming up here just to see what's going on. What are they up to today?" " I haven't been back there to see," Apollo answers, " Come on Beau, let's all go take a closer look." As they approach near enough to see all the details, Karl gives a low whistle. "Damn, the big guy sure has the other studs worked up today! I've never seen so many working on him before, or so many of them stripped and showing such big hard ons. Beau you picked a great day to get locked in here, this is something nobody else gets to see. What do think of it?" Swallowing hard, he answers" I think I've never seen anything quite like it before." The two guards take a look at the well defined bulk rapidly distending beneath the gripping fabric of the sailor's pant leg and smile at one another. " Yeah, we get aroused looking at it ourselves. Hey stud, no need to blush. Hell, Apollo and I have come up here and started getting so hot, we've stripped off completely and just let our cocks get as crazy as they want to while looking at them. As a matter of fact, this scene is so damn hot, it's getting uncomfortable with these tight pants on. I think it's about time to get out of these uniforms, what do you say Apollo?" "I say your right!" he answers, with a large smile. In a matter of seconds the two are down to nothing more than their overstuffed white pouches, which are semi-sheer due to the protruding meat inflating them. The defined mass of muscle revealed is incredible. Once the sailor tears his eyes from those impressive groins, the next thing he notices, are their projecting pecs, with their prominent, silver dollar sized areolas and thick nipples, standing at least an inch. The two beefy guards can hardly help noticing the way the sailor is eyeing their massive chests. " You must be a pec man," Karl says. " Those nipples, those areolas," Beau comments, without meaning to give words to his thoughts. " Yeah, it takes some work to get them this large," Karl replies. "You mean you can make them bigger some way?" Beau asks anxiously. "Sure," he answers, "I know you can't be shy about showing what you've got, what do you say you at least get that uniform blouse off, so we can get a look at your chest. The way your nipples are pressing against that fabric, it looks like you have a good natural start!" The sailor strips off his top, without hesitation. The two give him very appreciative smiles of approval, as his totally ripped muscles are revealed. "Yes I'd say you have a very good natural start!" Karl says, his eyes glued to Beau's mountainous pecs. Dragging his eyes from that mouth watering sight, Apollo decides he'd better redirect their attention, before certain parties, standing nearby, get ticked off. " We can tell him about that later, right now I'd like to get a closer look at what these studs are up to. Damn, look at the size of the rod that dude with the four arms is throwing ! It must be almost two feet." "Hell," Karl puts in,"I'd be that hard too if I had my hands on that big guys glutes and balls at the same time, of course my head would be up between those tree trunk thighs of his to accomplish it, but hey, I'd love it!" Beau's eyes take in more closely the whole scene before him, all the figures. As Karl said, the big one sure had the rest worked into a real lather, and why not, Beau thought, standing this close under him he felt like he was standing under an awning, the giant's pouched equipment arched out and down so far. His eyes, do at last, rivet themselves on the four-armed god's huge, erect appendage. He moves closer and starts to reach out toward it, but hesitates. " Go ahead man, touch it if you want, I doubt you'll get any objections from Siva there. I bet it's so thick you won't even be able to close both hands around it." Apollo prompts. Encouraged by the remarks, Beau reaches out farther, until his hands come in contact with the smooth, stony erection. Indeed, it's so thick, his fingers don't meet. He slowly starts running them up and down the erect phallus, and as he does, he hears the soft grinding of stone. The solid column between his hands had been warm to the touch, but now begins to grow warmer and only slightly less rigid, the flesh like color of the stone changing hue, the huge crown growing darker and the whole shaft growing larger. When the sailor finally realizes the change, he quickly takes his hands away. "Did you not enjoy the feel of my hard manhood?" a voice from above him asks. He looks up at the now living flesh of the eight foot god, his mouth hanging open, as he watches, the entire tableau begins to stir with life. He looks at the two guards, who only shrug in answer to the unasked question. As the stone changes to flesh, Beau is astounded by the increase in muscle mass. What had been fine physiques in stone, were turning into truly extraordinary physiques in flesh, the biggest statue exhibiting positively awesome muscle size and definition, nor were their muscles the only thing to increase substantially in size. "I am called Adonis," his voice booms, "I'm sure you have questions, but the explanation of how we came to have the ability to come to life is long, suffice it to say we command that power, however incomprehensible it is to you at this time. As to our musculature, when we revert to stone, it's with the bodies we were carved with, when we enter the life phase, we have the bodies we've had years to work on perfecting, it is a most often asked question, and one I assume you were going to ask. Apollo, Karl, where are your manners, you haven't introduced me to your astonishingly well built and handsome friend." "Your pardon," Apollo answers the huge stud, "this is Beau, a Navy man, as you might tell by what remains of his uniform. "Ah yes, I've always had a liking for seamen," Adonis responds with a wry smile, "especially when they are exhibiting extraordinarily well muscled bodies. Speaking of exhibiting bodies, my friends here were oiling me up in preparation for some posing I was going to do, but they've seen me countless times. Perhaps you would favor us with a posing routine of your own, that is, if you are over your initial shock yet." Finally closing his mouth, Beau looks again at the two guards, "you knew this would happen?" "Yes, but we wouldn't have spoiled the surprise for anything! Believe me, these studs are definitely connoisseurs of well muscled males and they'd love to have you pose for them. They are an exceptionally knowledgeable and appreciative audience, I can assure you," Karl tells him. "I can assure you Beau, that posing for us would be a most gratifying experience," Adonis adds. "You can plainly see how "appreciative" the guys are of just oiling me up, posing for them would truly put them in your debt." As unsettling as all this had been just a moment ago, the sailor's meat begins to grow again at the thought of showing his physique off to these hot muscle studs. "Sure I'll pose for you, just let me get out of these pants," he replies. "Eh, no as a favor to me," Adonis says," would you please just leave them on. They don't seem to be obscuring much in the way of you upper leg development or anything else for that matter, the way they cling to you and define it all so well. I really find them very tantalizing. What do the rest of you say, should he leave them on?" A loud chorus of hearty agreements is heard, from the largest to the smallest. "That's settled then. Now, would you care to have a couple of these men oil your upper body first?" "Sure, Karl and Apollo can, and anyone else who'd like to help." The forward rush of men can't possibly get all their hands on him at the same time. In seconds he is engulfed in a sea of hands and oil, so much, that it is beginning to soak his pants, making the stretchy white fabric somewhat transparent. After just a couple of minutes Adonis calls a halt to it. "Enough! You'll drown our guest if you put any more on him. Apollo, Karl give him a leg up onto my pedestal so we'll all have a good view of him as he poses for us." Adonis sits on a broad low platform opposite, leaning back against another behind him and stretching his huge legs out wide in front, giving the sailor on the pedestal an unparalleled view of the vast, fish net covered mound rising from his groin. The others settle around him for the show.

Beau isn't sure of what he's going to do, but decides he'll try something other than his usual posing routine. He really wants to turn this bunch of hot muscle studs on. He chooses to hit the poses more slowly, and hit them repeatedly, rather than hit them hard once and hold them for a longer time. First he shakes out the massive quad of his right leg, then slowly extends it, to pop those massive muscles, his oil soaked, semi sheer pants molding to them. He then raises his hands behind his head, unhurriedly gyrates his hips, to get his abs positioned, then flexes them to show off their iron grate development, all to very stimulating remarks of " Yeah sailor, show it off for us," "That's it stud, take it nice and slow so we can savor it all," and many more like them. The effect on the audience is not only audible, but visual as well. Those in any sort of brief costume or pouch are displaying signs of marked growth, as fabric becomes strained, and those that are nude, are rapidly expanding out and up. The vocals and visuals are having their effect on the big sailor as well, as his own cock plunges farther down his pant leg. Now as he repeats the actions with his left leg extended , his massive rod is clearly defined by the well oiled, stretchy fabric. As he flexes his abs again, the crowd really gets vocal. " Damn, he must be lifting weights with that cock of his too. Look at the size of it, and he's not totally hard yet!" Adonis intones. Twice more he hits the same pose, once with each leg extended, gyrating his hips more slowly and suggestively each time. The crowd is getting very "appreciative" indeed. Adonis tells Mars and Bacchus to remove his pouch, the ropes forming the fish net have no give and are too constrictive. As soon as the two gods have pulled the pouch free of his legs, his ponderous meat begins expanding, laying to the side across his massive thigh. Beau is hitting his pose for the fourth time when this happens. The tight fabric would normally have contained his growing rod down the leg, but at this sight and with the abundant amount of oil in the fabric, the sailor's cock starts it's own ascent, moving like the hand of a clock the wrong way, from 6:30, out over his own huge thigh and forcing it's way upward to 2:00, the swollen head bourgeoning out past his quads , and driving him crazy as the fabric rubs against his clearly outlined crown. He relaxes the pose, but he's hit it so many times his six pack still looks shredded, as he stands straighter. Holding his arms out slightly to the side, he now begins to jump and roll his enormous pecs. He notices that several studs in the audience do too. He continues this, until his pecs too are almost fully flexed, even when he tries to relax them. The sailor now turns around to show his supportive audience, his astonishing back and glutes. With his back to them, the first thing Beau does is slip his fingers beneath his tight waist band, to get his hardening meat past it, and into the "pouch" of his pants, which immediately swells outward with the massive equipment being crammed into it. The massively muscled sailor puts his hands on his hips and slowly spreads his enormous lats, finishing off the pose, standing straight and showing his huge, defined Christmas tree. Holding it only a moment before starting the same pose again, even slower. He can't see the reaction, but he can certainly hear the whistles and the men urging him " to show it off" for them. With the encouraging commentaries still being made, the navy stud slowly pulls a somewhat relaxed double biceps, not peaking them hard, to show his delts and traps. While holding the upper body pose, he bends his right a bit, to shift his weight to that leg, flexing his left glute hard. He then shifts to his left leg, to flex his right glute.. He locks out both knees, giving those well developed muscles a gradually tightening squeeze, the oil soaked fabric of his pants molding itself to every contour of those squared off orbs. Several remarks come from his zealous, horny viewers, among them a suggestion that he show them how he might massage an upright slab of man meat between those fantastic mounds. He can just picture the effect his snapping, dancing cheeks are having on them, that thought causing his own rod to expand and push harder against the pouch of his pants, putting a real strain on the button holes across the top of it. He's rewarded with supportive whistles and remarks about the sexiest pair of buns they've ever seen on a guy, as he gives them a couple more long slow clenches.

Beau turns back around and is greeted by the most sexually excited assembly of muscle studs he's ever laid eyes on, every one of them is flaunting a thumping, twitching, pre cum dripping erection. It's difficult for the muscular mariner to remember what he was going to do next, as he surveys them all, particularly the 20 foot Adonis, with his legs spread wide and his 5 1/2 foot cock reaching toward his pecs. Beau quickly recovers his concentration though, and starts a single biceps pose, slowly squeezing his massive upper arm to a mountainous height, then relaxing it only to bring it to an even harder peak. The men watching him are all tensing their rigid cocks, causing Beau to flex his own hard rod in reaction, putting tremendous tension on the pouch and stretching the already strained buttonholes even farther. As the sailor ever so slowly peaks the biceps of his other arm, Adonis has Karl grab his huge balls with both hands, and pull them downward, causing his gargantuan, pulsating phallus to raise straight into the air before him. The sight of that colossal column of male sex standing totally upright makes Beau's already huge rod jump and swell to even greater dimensions, causing the buttons across the top of the flap to lose their tenuous hold on the already over stuffed pouch as his burgeoning cock powers it's way out of the pouches confines, rapidly distending toward his own pecs and pushing the pouch fabric lower around the expansive girth of his shaft. Every eye in the gallery is glued on the handsome muscle stud, as he pulls a huge lat spread, his hard cock having completely unveiled itself, soaring from his groin. They all have totally raging hard ons, that are sending long strings of glittering pre cum soaring, as those throbbing columns surge and leap from side to side. " Absolutely magnificent," Adonis says in a guttural croak, as Karl yanks his mammoth balls hard, sending cascades of pre cum down on Karl and all those men near him. Beau could have them all eating out of his hand, or any other body part he'd care to offer them at this point, but to really cinch things he moves into his favorite pose. Turning sideways, he clasps his hands behind his clenched glutes and pushes his hips forward to give his spellbound onlookers an exquisitely provocative profile view of his own vein strewn, thick and unruly sex equipment. Viscous strands of clear male lubricant drip from the orange sized cock head. The burly navy man starts flexing and jumping it repeatedly, making that head swell to the size of a grapefruit and causing an even heavier flow of lube that glazes his entire shaft, his abs and his quads, as his 15 inch monster cock sways and bucks in front of him. This utterly astonishing display of muscle and cock is more than some of the studs can take. The sensory overload is making their unruly rods explode without having been touched.

Adonis quickly speaks to the two 12 footers, Mars and Bacchus, and they immediately walk over to the, still flexing and posing, sailor's pedestal . "Adonis feels he's made you pump your own muscles enough, for the time being, and asks that you come join us." Even on a 7 foot pedestal, the heads of these two are right at his crotch height, and it's all they can do to just help him down to the floor, as they were told to. The bases of their 3 foot cocks are resting on his wide shoulders as they stand close behind him and put their hands on his back to urge him toward the beckoning titan. They manage to stay intimately close and rub half the length of their shafts against his delts, as Beau steps up onto the low platform, where the vast bulk of the giant muscle stud is reclining. " Without a doubt, that was the most sensual and unbelievably fantastic display of muscle I have ever witnessed. That slow and repeated pumping of muscle was incredibly arousing, as you yourself can see," Adonis tells him, gesturing to his own crotch and those of the men closing in around the four of them.

Beau has to look around the enormous mass of the hard cocks still resting on his shoulders to see them. " It would seem my two large friends have become quite attached to you!" Adonis laughs, "Perhaps you would do me a visual favor and them a physical favor by pulling a double biceps pose, while they're standing there." The big sailor grins at the thought of capturing those two hard rods in his flexed arms, and proceeds to do just that, trapping them between his thick forearms and his peaked biceps. Mars and Bacchus moan with pleasure as the navy stud makes those big biceps jump. The sight makes Adonis' cock quiver with excitement. " I think perhaps it's time to rid you of those pants. Provocative as they are, I want to see you totally nude. Siva, why don't you peel him out of those, nice and slow." Two of the 8 foot muscle stud's four hands move to the waistband in the rear and the other two reach around to the front, to undo it. As commanded, he very slowly peels the tight, oil soaked fabric down the sailor's hips and glutes, then overhis huge quads and finally to the floor. Adonis' monumental meat is absolutely twitching as the denuded hunk steps out of them, still holding his pose, so Mars and Bacchus can continue to pump the length of their cocks between his caressing muscles. Beau opens his fists, while still holding the pose, to better feel those immense, thick shafts thrusting back and forth. Excited as the two big men had gotten watching Beau's posing exhibition, it isn't long before that stud's huge muscles, encircling and massaging their meat, has them thrusting their hips furiously and seconds later emitting primal howls of lust, as their huge balls begin to empty themselves of their enormous loads. Vast fountains of man juice gush from their swollen cock heads, literally drenching the sailor with it as they continue pistoning their shafts through his arms. The sailor's own cock is on the threshold of release as he feels their cum flowing through those huge, convulsing rods and flowing down his rippling muscles. His stiff shaft is swaying from side to side and Adonis leans over to run the tip of his huge tongue up and down it's length a couple of times, then shoves it between the stud's spread legs, the tip of curling up to lap his glutes as the rest rubs against his balls. The combined sensations of the two studs creaming him with their unabated flow and a giant tongue enveloping his ass and balls at the same time is just too much for the sailor's overheated cock to take, and he unleashes his own torrent of hot man milk. Adonis withdraws his tongue and fervidly engulfs the stud's spasming cock with his huge mouth, creating suction that practically makes the seaman's toes curl with sexual pleasure. He hammers his 10 inch thick rod into the giant's greedily sucking mouth, flooding that extensive orifice with wave after wave of his potent male extract. Beau releases his hold of Mars' and Bacchus' shafts, as their climaxes finally subside and Adonis wraps his massive fingers around Beau's waist when they step back. He relinquishes his sucking hold on the sailor's still rampant rod and hoists him off his feet. Karl and Apollo both, are now yanking downward hard on the colossus' balls to keep his monumental 6 foot shaft totally upright, as Adonis brings the muscle man in his hand, firmly into contact with his pre cum draped erection. Beau immediately wraps his arms and legs around the tree trunk thick shaft of the giant muscle stud's vein strewn cock, just barely managing to encompass it, and laps at the stream of clear pre cum emerging from the slit in the swollen, 4 foot round helmet. He's savoring the navy man's talented tongue work as it envelops an ever widening circle of his slick, massive crown. " I'm glad to see you're as eager to taste me as I was to taste you," he huskily croons to the avidly lapping swabbie. He now begins to slowly pump the smaller hunk up and down his imposing, lube covered shaft, immensely enjoying the feel of the man's massive cock and muscles rubbing against the underside of his pulsating meat. He raises Beau up the sensitive head again and exults in the feel of the sailor's jutting pecs and hard erect nipples as he runs them around the entire diameter of his wide flaring corona, but he's getting himself dangerously close to his limit with this teasing, pleasant torment. He sits up, pulls Beau from his pulsating meat, turns him upside down and transfers him to his left hand. He positions the sailor's face just above the massive crown then leans forward to take the inverted stud's raging cock and huge balls into his hot mouth. He begins his incredibly strong suction on them, working them over with his tongue at the same time. Beau is going crazy with the sensations. Adonis starts fisting his gargantuan cock hard and fast.. Within seconds, Beau is watching that helmet swell to even greater dimensions and feels the giant's tongue and mouth working his stiff meat over with greater urgency and speed. Consumed with total male lust, Beau lets out a primal roar as his cock lets loose the most violent flood of man juice he's ever felt erupt from it. At the same instant, Adonis bellows as he lets loose a tidal wave of man cream that absolutely inundates the sailor suspended directly above the upward hurtling flood. Time and again he's covered with it, as the goliath cock continues to gush. Beau's massive meat is filling the titan's cavernous mouth with man milk, but Adonis continues his intense sucking as his own cock continues to blanket the sailor with hot spouts of his viscous fluid. Literally being immersed in the giant's cum and being subjected to that unrelenting suction sends Beau to even greater heights of sexual ecstasy, with a roar even louder than the first, a second ball shattering orgasm rips through him, and this time even Adonis for all his size, is hard pressed to swallow the sailor's vast outpouring as his huge cannon explodes volley after volley of molten male lava into his mouth.

Having released Adonis' balls, Karl and Apollo are savagely slamming their cocks together as they themselves get soaked with the hot juice and watch the unbelievably torrid scene above them. All the studs in the gallery are sucking, fucking or jacking each other as the male muscle and sex spectacle comes to it's shuddering climax.

Adonis doesn't release Beau's cock until he's convinced he's sucked the muscle stud's balls dry, by then his own spasms have subsided quite a bit as well. He lowers the cum drenched swabbie to the floor and ten men rush forward, eagerly licking the sticky residue from every square inch of his fantastically muscled body, their cocks starting to come to full attention again, as they give him the most thorough tongue bath he's ever had, and this is only the beginning of a very long weekend... •

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