Body Love

By Josh Dugan

I forget just when it was that the bodies took over. It was so cool when it happened, and I have a hard time thinking about what it was like before. I just remember how sexy it was, and I guess I've been hard ever since.

At first it was like being in San Francisco or Fire Island or West Hollywood or somewhere like that. You know. Incredibly good-looking young gay guys everywhere. Shoulders. Torsos. Bubble butts. Sweet hot lips, flawless hair, hot hands, beautiful legs, muscles everywhere, and wonderful flat, rippled stomachs. I could go on.

Thing is, most of these places have guys that you meet, get to know, and maybe something happens, maybe not.

The changes came when it started happening all the time. It's been such a dream, and I no longer have the patience or inclination to think back to then.

I don't know anyone who remembers well or who cares to.

It was like this: you'd see a guy picked up by an incredibly looking guy with an awesome body, and it would be like the first guy just couldnt resist.

That's something you do see from time, on a dance floor, in a bar, or even in a grocery store or locker room, but it began happening all over the place. It was like the guy's body couldnt resist the body of the guy picking him up.

There was an inability to override it with better judgement, or excuses, or prior commitments.

I remember the first time I saw it happen, and the two guys walked off to the dance floor of the disco. The first guy had his shirt off, and hardly talked to the second guy, if he talked at all. The second guy was dazed, stunned, all over the first guy, licking his chest, worshiping his body, hardly able to dance because he was so turned on.

Later, the guy with the great body kind of hauled his awe-stricken buddy away.

The next day I saw the two of them, but the second guy looked awesome himself, his body looked sleek and muscular, and he looked totally cool and turned on.

Both were there dancing shirtless, their gorgeous torsos glistening with sweat and exuding male potency.I got hard just watching them, when a friend of mine I was with, obviously hard also, dropped his drink and went over to start dancing with them.

Other guys had the same idea, and soon each of the first two guys had about three or four other guys kind of in a worshipful daze around them, all kind of like groupies around a major star or world figure.

It made me so hard to see them all so turned on, and I kind of envied them as they later headed out together, not saying much but looking totally aroused and turned on!

When I noticed them back the next night, it was like they had all been to the gym for about five years and lost about six years -- they just looked great!

And they all had that totally cool model's aloofness and confidence to go with their spangled-up, muscled up bodies, which fairly radiated sexuality as they attracted yet other men to them, drawn by their magnificent shirtless bodies.

Some were barefoot, too, kind of country-casual barefoot, totally relaxed about it and looking so cool in their handsome bare feet.

Was it summer or spring? Probably spring, when the sap rises. Sure as the saplings sprout blossoms and new leaves, the city seemed to blossom with handsome young men, gorgeous gay men of every size and description, men whose bodies possessed a gravitational force, and irresistable sexual attraction, capable of derailing a man's thoughts and rendering him helplessly passionate and aroused.

It became so common to see men arm in arm, relaxed and contemplative of each other, soaking up the sun, playing and running together, sweetly kissing each other, oblivious to time and space, and radiantly healthy and potent. Some forgot to wear clothes, all the better for all to see, as their gracefully powerful bodies seemed to thrive in the fresh air and sunlight, their magnificent muscled hips gently grinding as they walked along arm in arm, their full erections gently bobbing in the warm air. They would run and play even during cloudbursts, laughing as they shook their rain from their clean and natural looking hair, bodies glowing in the brisk summer showers.

The thing I noticed was how they seemed to nourish each other with their love-making. Sex was mealtime, and they fed each other copiously, nursing each other with their massive hardons, or rump-feeding each other; it seemed all they needed. Sometimes you'd see a handsome nude stud calmly sucking himself, his huge penis rhythmically throbbing as it pumped thick hot rivers of come-nutrient into his own hungry lips, and when his buddy happened along, they'd laugh and suck each other and then rump feed each other and perhaps such each other off some more afterwards, then drift off to sleep in each other's arms before waking and feeding each other some more.

Life became like a long summer vacation -- it is amazing when you think of how many millions of beautiful and sexy gay men there seem to be now -- totally living on love, thriving on it. It seems they have overcome the question of replication, and for once the world is a beautiful place populated by millions upon millions of beautiful, gentle gay males of all types and colors, playing together, running, laughing, nourishing each other. It is a type of immortality that the planet was destined for, as men have attained the beauty of angels and have found their love in each other. •

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