Bill's Education: Summer Vacation


By LenZelig

I was picking Eddie up at San Francisco International. He was coming back from closing a production deal for his supplement with a company in the Midwest. It worked like he expected. In two weeks I had added four inches in height, fifty pounds of muscle and a couple inches to my dick. We stopped and my muscle size and strength dropped. I couldn't wait to get back on the stuff again. We tried it with Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes and it was also effective, though the gains weren't as dramatic because they had more benefit from the original formula. We even shipped some to Earl in Los Angeles. He got results and he put his kid brother on it too. The kid really jumped in size and won't need to worry about gangs next year.

Eddie was off the plane quickly. He traveled first class because he needed the room and could afford it now. He was wearing a suit we had custom tailored in Chinatown, as all his clothes must be now. He towered above the other passengers and we drew stares the entire walk through the airport. I had driven his old mustang down, but he got behind the wheel for the trip back to Berkeley.

"I got a ten million dollar bonus for signing with them," he reported. "I'll get twenty percent of the retail price of each can we sell as royalty and they issued me stock for a twenty percent share of the company. They estimate three hundred million in sales the first year, but I think that's way under because it converts fat to muscle, so anyone who is overweight will want it instead of dieting. When they have an initial public offering next year, I should be worth between five and ten billion dollarsWe'll have to trade this in on a Ferrari."

"What are you going to do with your life now."

"We'll fix up the frat house. We can make it a lot nicer. I'll graduate next spring Suma Cum Laude. I want to get my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I have enough money to build my own laboratory and work on projects that interest me. There are a few things I want to try. I have so many possibilities and I just don't know.

"But one thing I do know is I want to share my life with you." I reached over and hugged him. "Careful. We don't want to plunge off the Bay Bridge on the day we struck it rich. Besides, if we can make it back to Berkeley alive, I have a special surprise for you."

When we pulled up to the fraternity house a moving van was just leaving. There were a lot of cars parked around. In the driveway were two red Ferraris.

"Those are our new cars. Consider yours a bonus for this summer."

"You don't have to do that. I would have worked for free to be with you."

"I know. Let's go in. The cars can wait."

The living area was stacked with computer boxes. Tony was waiting for us.

"Eddie, everything was delivered. The new beds are set and everyone is waiting in downstairs."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Come up to our room while I explain." Eddie ushered me upstairs with a huge arm behind my shoulders. He continued as we walked. "I bought new computers and beds for the fraternity. The old twins were too small for two guys, especially our size, so now the sophomores and freshman have doubles, the juniors and seniors queen beds and the president and partner have their own room." He opened the door.

The room had been redecorated. It was now dominated by a single king-sized bed. A new plush carpet covered most of the tile floor. Two desks were set up on one side, both with new Macintosh desktops like those in the lab, these with large wide-screen flat panel displays.

"Wow! It's great. Does this mean I'm the first lady?"

Eddie just looked at me, picked me up and tossed me ten feet into the center of the bed. Then he jumped on the bed straddling me on hands and knees.

"I'm serious. I love you. Since I can't marry you officially, I want you to be my partner for life. Will you?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. You knew I'd say yes, didn't you?"

"Yes. If I didn't know that, we weren't ready for a committed relationship. Now get out of those clothes."

I rushed to disrobe as Eddie did the same, but instead of putting me back on our bed, he tied a white silk cape over shoulders and donned one himself. He held my arm and guided me down the stairs while I looked at him wondering what was next.

The exercise room was packed with people and set up for a party. Everyone cheered when we entered. There was Don and Earl, Little Dragon and his new buddy Ming plus a dozen of the club members. The Kolani twins, Paul and Andy, had come from Hawaii. My younger brother Joey jumped out from hiding behind Earl and gave me a kiss full on the lips. About half the fraternity had come back early from summer break to join in the celebration. Bill Reyes had brought his football player friend. He had the guy kneeling at his feet while he held him by a chain attached to a studded leather collar.

Eddie and I were the only ones wearing anything and that was just the capes that highlighted our bodies instead of concealing them. This must have taken weeks to set up.

"Was I the only one who didn't know about this?" I whispered to Eddie. He smiled.

Eddie made a short speech to the group about us. Then Tony came up with a satin pillow holding two silver rings. I slid one on Eddie's finger. Them Eddie put one on me.

"It's too big," I muttered seeing that it was extremely loose on my finger. But then Tony produced a cup of clear fluid and Eddie handed it to me to drink. I knew what was in it. I drank. Everyone cheered and the party began.

While everyone else was devouring the food or each other, I was busy chugging protein supplements to fuel my metamorphosis. When I felt the changes stop a couple hours later I was only about 5% smaller than Eddie, but easily out massed anyone else in the room. I was glad that I hadn't exceeded him. The ring now fit perfectly.

By this time most of the food was gone and the guys were starting on other recreations. I saw the Kolani boys were double-teaming Joey. There were several other groups of two and three and some had left early to test the new beds.

Eddie clapped his hands three times for attention and the room fell silent. As we stood up everyone broke off and gathered around. Tony came through the group and put a large cake before us. Decorating the top was a very X-rated picture of Eddie and a good estimate of a post-change me, in our capes, cocks rampant, like we were now.

A large knife was produced for me to cut the cake. I cut it carefully and pulled out the piece depicting my cock for Eddie and the one of his for me. Naturally, the portions were quite large. I picked up Eddie's serving in my fingers and fed it to him while he did the same to me. When we had devoured the cake our lips met in a kiss and we cleaned up the icing around our mouths with each other's tongue then licked the other's fingers clean.

"It's time to go," Eddie told me and swept me up in his arms. There was another round of cheers and a few shouted suggestions for the night's activities as he carried me up the stairs.

He set me down in our room and undid the cape, letting it slip to the floor. Then he removed his own. We kissed as we embraced tightly, our cocks rubbing together between our hard bodies.

I could feel how we were now alike, yet still different. I was six foot nine to his seven foot two so I had to rise on my toes or tilt my head back to kiss evenly. My cock was twenty-three inches to his twenty-five and just a tad slimmer. His chest was 84 and mine 75, his arms 38, mine 34, his thighs 48, mine 43. Our waists were very alike at 30 inches and both extremely defined. I weighed about 380 to his 540. He was in charge. I wanted him in charge and I was glad our physical difference emphasized that.

He lifted me off the floor so we could kiss more comfortably. While our tongues played, I wrapped my legs around his body. He carried me over to our bed, set me on it and rolled on top of me to continue our kissing.

On his knees and elbows, he hovered above me. We kissed deeply, his tongue spearing my mouth as I stroked it worshipfully with my own. Besides our mouths our only point of contact was his cock that he was lightly rubbing across my own with gentle moves of his hips. This excited me no end. Every few seconds my shaft would shudder, beat up against his granite abs a few inches above me, snap back against my own body and spurt out a gob of pre-cum. He was squirting out prodigious amounts of his own natural lubricant. We he continued to stroke along my body we were both soon well coated.

He reared back on his knees, breaking our kiss. I lifted my legs and he rested my ankles on his shoulders in the deep valley between his trapezius and deltoids. He ran his cock for a last time through the big pools of juice collected in the hollows between my abdominals, getting it nice and sloppy.

He bent me double by pushing his body over mine. As my ass raised up to be in position for him the liquid on me flowed like a small stream through the cleft of my pecs, dividing around my neck and soaking into the sheets. He held me in place by my thighs so he could back off the couple of feet needed to line up the mushroom helmet that capped his tremendous pole with the entry to my inner sanctum.

He poked at the door lightly, transferring some of the wetness to the muscle ring guarding the way. He looked at me to see if I was ready. I licked my lips and smiled back in anticipation of the pleasure he always gives me. The pressure against my tight hole increased and it gaped open easily to welcome him. I was immensely stronger now than before, but Eddie still easily overpowered my flesh.

As I snapped over his flaring flange against the veined shaft that was ready to fill the void inside me. I squeezed my newly powerful muscles against its unyielding surface. The pressure brought a smile of pleasure to Eddie's face as he shoved a few more inches through my tight grip. He was so thick there was constant pressure wherever he was and on all my most sensitive spots. A persistent gentle pulse that spread from our connection announced the continued flow of the slippery stuff he spread inside me to prepare his way deeper.

He pushed his entire massive organ into me in one slow irresistible motion that took several minutes. It brought an almost continuous moan of pleasure from my lips. As I felt his groin connect with my butt I knew I was now big and strong enough to handle his overwhelming size. I told him so.

"Go for it stud. Put us both in paradise."

He eased out of me in a move that sucked air into my body as my diaphragm pulled down to fill the vacuum caused as my gut contracted when he left me. Back he came again forcing the air right out of me. Then repeat, faster and faster. I was almost ready to explode when he stopped embedded fully. He leaned over me as I calmed down just slightly. I was panting, trying to regain control of my breathing. He buried my face in soft quick kisses as I held onto his flaring lats. All the while he was pumping me with slow short strokes that kept me just short of the point of no return.

He pulled back just a bit and grabbed my throbbing cock in both his hands. He pulled it away from my body and raised the head to his mouth. At 23 inches he had no problem reaching it while still fucking me. He licked the goo from the uncut head that was bright red from the stimulation I had been getting. He resumed the full ass strokes as he sucked in the first foot of my hose to his hot mouth and throat.

A couple minutes of double stimulation had me squirming all over except at the points I was anchored to my lover. I was right at the verge when I felt his pulse inside me explode into a sexual crescendo. As the flood burst into my guts the beat spread to my balls and up the long path to Eddie's mouth. As he poured his essence into me, mine streamed into him.

Our passion flowed for several minutes before I felt the peak pass and sensations return to normal. Eddie let my tool slip from his lips. It smacked my torso still mostly hard and expelling small spurts of cum in weakening echoes of the past. We kissed again and I tasted myself.

Eddie rolled me on my side and eased himself behind my back while remaining coupled with me. He split my legs with one of his massive thighs. A giant arm reached around my chest to hold me in a muscular embrace while the bulging biceps of his other arm provided a pillow for my head. He resumed the slow stroking of my ass that was still excited from the previous stimulation.

I felt total security being coupled with my lover. My body tingled from each point of contact and, in this position; we touched almost from head to toe. The sensations peaked where he entered me and continued from the friction he generated deep inside of me.

He was building us up again for another burst of passion. He made this one last, bringing us up and down for an hour while he massaged my interior tirelessly, fast then slow. I felt like the room was a sauna, but it was only the heat he was generating in me. Eventually, his motion became harder, more forceful, and I knew he was building us up to climax. He curled his body behind me and forced me to conform to his shape. I saw the tip of my own straining shaft bubbling with anticipatory flow near my lips. I bent my head a bit and accepted it into my mouth, tasting my juice straight from the source.

The sight of me going down on my own meat inspired Eddie to pound me even harder. I knew we wouldn't last long at this pace and we didn't. A minute later Eddie plunged into me and I felt him start to go wild in my gut. His searing seed once more scalded my body with his passion. I came in sympathy and flooded my mouth, swallowing reflexively to keep up with my gushing flow. Again we seemed to drift in bliss for ages. As the sensations faded my energy did too.

I awoke with the morning light streaming in the window. I remembered yesterday. It seemed like a dream. I felt a tremendous arm around my chest. My own arm contacted it and seemed to be almost as huge. My hand rested on my cock head that stretched into my chest. It wasn't a dream. I squeezed the muscles in my ass that surrounded the shaft that extended impossibly deep within me. As I felt the slumbering snake react all along its length to my pressure and the giant that was my lover stir from his sleep, I smiled, anticipating the pleasure to follow. •

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