Out of this World

By MichMan323

Hi, I'm John. I don't live far from work and I walk there everyday the weather permits me to. I go to the gym everyday on my way home from work. I look pretty good but
would like to get a lot bigger.

Size doesn't come easy for me I have to work my but off to gain any kind of size at all, and the size I do gain isn't much. It makes me mad to see these smaller guys come in and then end up passing me in size and not work as hard at it. Well anyways, I was on my way home from the gym one night and saw what I thought was a falling star. I thought it was cool and it looked like it landed not to far down the road. I walked over to where I thought it had landed, and there it was only it didn't look like what I thought a star would look like. I thought it would be glowing and steaming fom the heat. But it was black and looked like a piece of coal, but much, much bigger. I didn't feel any heat coming from either. I thought this was wierd, but then again I have never seen a fallen star before. It didn't seem to be hot so. I reach out and touched it. It started to glow a bright yellow like a star, it kept gietting brighter and brighter. I tried to take my hand hand off of it but I couldn't. Then it stopped as quickly as it started, and my hand came free. I ran home more than a little scared. I called up my friend Bill and told him to get over here. About 15 minutes later Bill was knocking at my door. I told him what had happen and he said I was dreaming or something. He asked me if I had drank any water or anything after working out and I said no. Then he asked me if Bob was there. Bob is one of those guys who was smaller than me when he started and is now bigger than me. I hated him more than any of the other ones because he was always rubbing it in my face. Bill said I was just dehydrated and mad at Bob and that it never really happened. I started to think about Bob and started getting mad, I wanted to be as big and bigger than him. And thats when it started.

Bill looked at me and screamed, "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO YOU!?" I looked in the full length mirror and I was starting to glow like that star or what ever it was. I was getting brighter and brighter. Then just like the star it stopped as quick as it started.

Suddenly my clothes felt unusually tight, and I felt hot all over. I looked in the mirror and saw my muscles growing and swelling. Amazed, I watched my chest swell hugely before my eyes, two slabs of solid Grade-A beef. Together they were growing majestically, filling my shirt with masculine power, surging up trying to smother me with their mass. As they pumped, my growing chest threatened to pop the buttons off my shirt. I loved the feeling of my lats and back growing huge bulking up with more size, huge traps erupting inside my incredibly tight shirt, that was molding to my new form. You could hear the seams screaming ready to burst from the mass that was growing inside it.

My thickening neck was being choked by the tight collar. I was enraged that a flimsy piece of material thinks it could hold in this huge mass of muscle erupting all over my body. I could take no more and I flex my upper body all at once... My huge pecs burst open the front of the shirt, popping the buttons off sending them flying arossed the room bouncing off the walls. My massive traps snapped and mangled the shirt collar, while my huge bowlingball sized shoulders blasted out the sides, my swelling lats blew out the back with a loud crack rrriiipppp!!!!!!, that was so hot it turned me on. Like a savage beast breaking free from its cage, my huge torso could now swell and grow with nothing holding it back, and grow it did.

I watched my biceps growing as huge as my legs used to be, I flexed one of my huge arms and the massive bulge burst through the shirt sleeve, I thought I would come right in my pants. I flexed the other one slower so I could relish in the huge muscles strength, as it bulge bigger and bigger as the material started to seperate and tear as the massive bicep swelled even bigger splitting the seam and shredding the material. I watched the shredding sleeve fall to the floor. I flexed it again to see the bicep swell even bigger, I watched the mountainous peak rise higher and higher towards my fist. The extra-large shirt I was wear that used to hang loosely had now been tore to shredds by my hugely expanding muscular torso.

I noticed my legs aching from the pants strangling them, my thighs were now huge, you could see every huge muscle and evevy vein through the extremely tight pants. Big veins like ropes snaking up and down my massive legs threatening to burst out of the pants at the slightest movement. Without even flexing my huge massive thighs burst through the sturdy Levi's I was wearing. Ripping them like tissue paper cracking open the seams and shredding them like they went through a paper shredder. My outrageously huge quads bulge free and were huge, my football sized calves burst the seams of the jeans. My grotesque quads quivered uncontrolably, the rock hard diamond shaped head flexing harder and harder with more power.

My fly-buttonflew off, snapping my belt, my huge erection started to pry apart the zipper teeth mangling them one by one. my loins were burning with pleasure as my dick grew longer and thicker. I could hear my dick screaming to free itself from my underwear. Suddenly, as if it has a mind of its own, it jump and burst right through my breifs, sticking out hugely, dripping with pre-cum. I grabbed it and started to pump to new heights as I tossed off the remains of my shirt from my huge, massive torso.

I could hear and feel my skin growing and srtetching attempting to cover the huge massive muscles bulging bigger beneath it. I continued to go bigger than any pro bodybuiler. I was amazed at how huge I was but I kept growing. My bulging biceps were forced further and firther from my hugely flaring lats. My back so wide I don't think I could walk through a door way without turning sideways. My traps groaned aloud with huge amounts of muscle being added to them. My chest pumped higher and higher hitting my chin, nipples erect with pleasure. My massive quads and calves grew to gigantic proportions, so huge they were pressing hard against one another.

I never thought anyone could ever be this huge, but I was. Bill watched amazed, hard as a rock, as I surpassed Bob in size. I felt like I was the biggest man in the world, even bigger than the massively huge Mattarazzo. I was so hyge he would look small standing next to me. My huge new muscles kept bloating up bigger and more huge.

My biceps must have been a huge 30 inches and still swelling by the second.I flexed my GOD like arms and sent orgasmic feelings through my enormous cock making it harden more dripping with cum.

The muscular exposion inside of me kept on knoting my abs into ripples that looked and felt like bricks. Huge bulging, freaky veins thick as ropes looked like they were going to tear through my skin were bulging everywhere. I felt like the Incredible Hulk but only bigger and stronger, flexing my huge biceps laughing at the power I flet.

Them my muscles started to tremble uncontrolably, as if they were going to explode. But I wanted to be bigger, stronger, more massive.

Then as quickly as it started it stopped. There I stood the biggest more musclar man in the world. I told Bill who was stroking his 8 inch piece of meat to get over here and worship this massive musckle man the way he deserved to be worshipped. Bill came over and started to suck as much of my huge dick in his mouth as he could, but could bearly fit the head. He was feeling my massive muscles as I flexed each and everyone of them. Bill begged my to fuck him up the ass, I warned him it was to big but he wanted it anyway. So I started to push it in slowly a little at a time them I started to pump faster and faster. so Bill was taking all 13 inches of my huge think piece of meat. Bill was on his back enjoying every minute of it. I was fucking him hard as he was feeling every muscle flex with every thrust of my super cock. Bill couldn't take it anymore and lrt go a huge load of cum all over my hugely massive pumped up chest. I pulled out of Bill and let fly what seemed to be gallons of cum flying across the room, Bill tried to catch it in his mouth but couldn't get it all. When we were done I was still hard as a rock but Bill was dead tired. Bill started to get a second wind when he started to have the same glow as I did before the change. My cum must have done it to him. Can you guess what happened next?! •

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