Bill's Education: Summer Vacation


By LenZelig

"What are you doing this summer?" Eddie Lee asked.

"Huh," I mumbled. I wasn't expecting the question. Eddie had his fourteen and a half inch man-cock up my butt. He and I just finished our second orgasm since waking up about 30 minutes ago. The last few drops were still seeping out my piss slit and I could sense his now soft pulses that were still pumping cum deep inside me, faint echoes of the powerful throbbing that clouded my mind a minute ago. It just takes me a few minutes to recover after a good fucking before I can move or talk normally.

I shook my head trying to recover. The room was spinning and my vision was cloudy. My mouth was slack as I breathed deeply.

"Bill. Bill?" I heard Eddie call.

Suddenly a jet of liquid spraying my face shocked me back to reality. In rapid succession several more spurts drenched Eddie and I. It was Earl Greene, my black stud roommate in the opposite bed, emptying his huge balls through the twenty-inch cannon he carries between his legs after his lover, Dan Wong, plowed his ass. Dan may be smaller than Earl now that Earl has had the growth formula too, but he can turn that mountain of muscle into jelly with a few well-placed strokes of his 13.5 inch joy stick.

"Hey, you were supposed to use a condom to contain the flood guys." Eddie shouted, clearly angry.

He held me to his powerful chest with one bulging arm as he carried us over to the other bed and jumped onto the lovers still caught up in their mutual orgasm. Eddie pounded their biceps with his fists. Strong as he was he couldn't do any real damage to the dense muscles of these massive studs, but it must have stung. After a few free blows Dan and Earl recovered their wits enough to tie up Eddies arms and start to wrestle him. There was little I could do trapped between these much bigger men. Eddie was still plugged up my gut and I was sliding over Earl's torso slicked by his cum that coated my body. My nine-inch cock was slipping wetly along his much longer one.

Earl and Dan were starting to overpower Eddie. We rolled off the bed onto the floor. Fortunately Dan was on the bottom of the pile and could stand the impact of half a ton of muscle on top of him. I would have been crushed. As it was, I had the wind knocked out of me as Eddie pounded my body into Earl's granite-like frame.

I was dazed as the other boys writhed seeking an advantage. Eddie's stiff shaft moved in and out of my ass as he sought to keep our weight pinning the other guys. As they tried to toss us off, my body ground along Earl's mountainous muscles. Then Dan arched his back, almost throwing us off. He grunted and I knew he was unloading inside Earl. His cock pulsing deep inside brought Earl to another explosion. His cock spewed its massive load everywhere and I felt it beating on my body like an out of control fire hose. That was enough to bring me off again and I felt Eddie letting go within me as well.

After sexual ecstasy took over nobody had any interest in the struggle. Eddie

rolled off to his back carrying me over on top of him. The four of us lay side- by-side finishing our orgasms. Earl's super cock sprayed our already soaked bodies for half a minute before he finally emptied his balls for the moment.

I lay on Eddie, panting to regain my breath and licking up some of the salty fluid that coated my face. Eddie rolled me to the side as I felt him finish pulsing and slowly withdraw the thick intrusion in my bowels. After I felt his cock head pop through my ass ring there were a few inches of cum inflated condom that pulled out with it. Eddie stood up and removed the latex swollen with five or six of his massive loads, twisting the end to trap the milky fluid. He threw the obscene water balloon at the still sprawled forms of Earl and Don. It burst on contact soaking them as much or more than we already were.

Don pulled out of Earl and tried to pay Eddie back with cum stored in his condom. It wasn't quite enough for a balloon, so he gripped the end in his fist and squeezed the reservoir to force out a stream he aimed at Eddie. Newly soaked Eddie charged Don, but Earl grabbed both guys and held them to his body.

"Guys, guys, it was an accident," he stated. "My rubber was full after my first morning load and I took it off. Don didn't know when he started a second round and, you know, I wasn't thinking too straight after he gets going in me. Let's forget about it and get cleaned up. We're a mess."

He hugged the two Chinese studs. I joined them in the mutual embrace as cum dripped from our bodies.

We broke our huddle and prepared for a much needed morning shower. Don passed out towels so we could dry up most of the sticky sex juice. I don't like to see cum wasted, so I held Eddie's towel and cleaned him in a more personal way. Most of the goo was Earl's salty seed, but there was some of the sweeter nectar that Don sprayed and even a few gobs of Eddie's own tangy stuff that must have splashed from the bursting condom he threw. I suppose I'm a bit of an expert. I can identify most of the guys in the fraternity by taste; each is a bit different.

After I finished licking Eddie clean I didn't bother with myself. We headed down the hall to the shower room. Most of the guys were up now, preparing for the start of the school day. We got a lot of congratulations and smiles from the brothers, several of whom showed the residue of their own action, though nowhere near as messed as we.

I saw Tony Thieu at one of the sinks. He had one of the freshmen, William Reyes, a Philippine-American stud, on the counter. Bill's legs were on Tony's shoulders and he was getting the full benefit of Vietnamese guy's twelve-inch butt-reamer. Meanwhile Bill had an arm around Tony's thick neck and was giving him his weekly shave. Fortunately he was using an electric shaver because he didn't seem able to concentrate much on his task. A blade would have been a real danger.

Bill had been in my pledge class this year. He didn't look like much when I first met him, about five foot and not even 100 lbs. with less than four inches between his skinny legs. However when he had a drink of Eddie's muscle growth formula there was quite a transformation. He is now five foot six inches, but packs 220 lbs. of muscle on that frame. Add a fifty-six inch chest, twenty-inch arms, a twenty-six inch rock-solid waist supported by thirty-two inch thighs with and eleven and a half inch horse-cock and smooth, tanned skin and you have quite a package.

Of course, except for me, he is still the smallest guy in the fraternity, so he is mostly a toy for the bigger upper classmen. The guys call him Big Bill as a joke. I'm Little Bill.

Yet he's a real tiger out in the general campus community. He has a thing for jocks, the taller and more muscular the better. With his enhanced strength he has no trouble controlling even the biggest guy. Going between classes he always has two or three of the school's top athletes walking with him.

Tony waved to me as I entered the washroom. I envied Bill who was getting the benefit of Tony's fucking skill. I think he is the most talented in our group, but I still like Eddie's long snake a bit more.

I passed into the shower with my roommates. Eddie started washing me with his strong hands. "So what are you doing this summer?" Eddie asked again.

I had forgotten about his question. "I don't know. Maybe I'll head home and get a summer job. I haven't thought about it much."

"I have a research grant for the summer and I can hire a lab assistant. Are you interested?"

"Sure. You bet." I was excited at the prospect of spending the summer with my lover while earning some money. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to try and perfect my muscle growth formula as a supplement for bodybuilders. Part of the work will become my senior honors paper. A big company is funding it for $250,000. After I gave their president a sample they were almost pushing the money at me and I only owe them the chance to match my best offer to get production rights."

"But your stuff already works better than anything I've heard of. What do you need to do?"

"Yeah, it works, but you only need one dose. In addition it works best on Blacks and Asians and not so much on Caucasians. What I'd like is to tune it to work equally with all races and to make the effects temporary so users need to take it every day. Then I'd really have something to sell."

"You'll be a millionaire," I said in admiration of his plan.

"Ha, ha, ha. If guys can get muscles and a cock like me by taking a supplement," he said hefting his heavy member, "I'll be a billionaire."

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked. "Besides taking care of this," I added while soaping up his long fuck pole, paying particular care to clean under the hood before he hardened too much to allow access.

"I'll show you how to help out in the molecular analysis, but you'll also be my test subject. If I can get it to increase your size while you are taking the supplement and go back to normal after, I'll know I'm on the right track. But don't worry, we'll have plenty of time for play."

"That's sounds great, but we better play a bit now. I can't let you go to your first period molecular biology class with this hardon. You'll distract all the students."

I bent down to nurse the head, then easing down until I had all fourteen and a half inches. I could feel the beat of his pulse in the shaft that snaked down my throat. His flaring head pulsed like a second heart where it rested in my chest near my own heart. I brought him off quickly. I knew all his sensitive spots by now. As I felt cum start to force its way to eruption I backed off to enable me to taste his load. He flooded my mouth and I swallowed furiously to keep up.

As we left the shower I was licking my lips to catch the part of Eddie's load that inevitably leaks from my mouth. We met Tony and Big Bill on the way in. Tony was rolling on a fresh condom while Bill was sucking out the load Tony had pumped in his ass from the old one. •

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