Bill's Continuing Education


By LenZelig

I awoke. It was morning. I was in one of the beds. I saw Joey sleeping beside me. He was in the embrace of one of the Hawaiians that was sleeping behind him. His body, now 265 pounds of muscle, almost disappeared, intertwined as he was with those truly huge arms and legs. His legs were split by a monstrous thigh and a couple of inches of sheathed shaft could be spotted before it vanished up his distended hole.

I knew where the other brother was, right behind me. With just one of those pythons up me, it felt great. I ran my hands along his muscles admiring their size and firmness. I reached between my legs to heft the base of the shaft piercing me. I couldn't get a hand around it. It was at least three times thicker than my nine incher and had balls to match its extravagant dimensions.

I squeezed the shaft with my hand and awoke the slumbering Hawaiian god. He turned me to my belly as he rolled on top of me. I was pressed into the mattress by a mountain of hard flesh. He pushed my legs apart to make room for his second thigh. His body rose above me supported by the strong pillars of his arms and he began to move through me. There was pain from my abused ass ring as he started to slide. But gods have needs that cannot be denied by mere mortals and I was willing to make any sacrifice to service mine.

Our movements had awaken the pair sleeping beside us. Soon Joey was taking the

full force of the other brother, yelping as each stroke ravaged his less experienced ass.

There's no way I could be completely comfortable with such a huge intrusion in my body, but soon, the pleasure took over from pain, which receded to the back of my senses without entirely disappearing. After several minutes, I could feel my lover approach the brink. That huge member seemed to grow even larger inside me. Then it went wild, throbbing as it pumped wave after wave of cum down its long length. My ass clamped down on it as I released my own load into the sheets. As he rolled to his back, pulling me over on top of him, we were soaked as Joey shot streams of juice across the bed.

All four of us lay still for a few minutes, recovering. At last, I sat up and, pivoting on the still hard dick, turned to face my stud. It was Andy. He smiled at me. I called dibs on the shower and Andy sat up and carried us in while I wrapped my legs around his waist.

The shower was refreshing. We washed each other and had another round. Joey and Paul were waiting when we stepped out, threatening to fuck us to death if we had used all the hot water. Andy pulled out of me. I felt really empty as I finished the morning ritual.

When we left the bedroom, I saw that Eddie, Tony and Little Dragon were already up and dressed for the beach with tee shirts, running shorts and sandals. They had set out a breakfast of fruit and cereals. I kissed Eddie and Tony good morning. They both checked to see if my ass hole was still tight and I clamped down on their fingers to show them I was still OK.

As we ate, Eddie spoke up, "After breakfast we want to go to the beach. We can have sex all day back home, but, while we're here, we want to see Hawaii."

"Remember you promised to drive us home," reminded Andy. "We have a place on the North Shore with a very private beach and, if you help my brother and I out with a little problem, we'll teach you to surf."

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Our parents are in Las Vegas until the weekend when the family will get together for a traditional luau. Only our four older brothers are at the house now. They were bigger than us," Andy continued flexing his thirty inch arm and emphasizing the were. "They've been fucking us since we were twelve. We don't mind getting fucked, we do each other all the time, but, they're not like you; they only care for their own pleasure. Now it's time to turn the tables. We'll go out there and surprise them. We'll rape them and force them into submission physically and sexually. They'll service our every desire."

"You guys are strong enough now to take on any four other men," put in Tony. "Why do you need us?"

"We're only two guys," replied Paul. "Two of them might escape before we can force them to submit. Besides, our brothers are hot guys; you'll really enjoy them."

"It sounds like they have it coming," said Little Dragon as we all nodded agreement.

With breakfast over we were ready to leave, but none of the brothers' clothes would fit. We had to cut the side seams of their athletic shorts clear to the waist band. It would fit, but if they got hard, that huge dick would poke out the side or bottom. For the top, we slit the bottom of the arm and the side to

just above the waist to allow room for their bulging biceps , triceps and flaring lats.

Now ready, we went to the garage and found the car. Eddie lowered the top and we loaded seven people into the BMW. Only Eddie as driver sat alone. Joey and I wanted to sit with the twins, but Tony and Little Dragon insisted it was their turn. They had their first orgasms before we hit H-2.

We passed through the small town of Haleiwa on a narrow, but busy, two lane road. About a mile or two further, Andy directed us to turn left on a dirt track that was almost hidden in the encroaching foliage. As we proceeded down the road, it opened on to an expanse of grass above a white sand beach. The beach extended between two rocky points. Three to four foot waves broke near shore. The house was set back from the beach and raised on posts about ten to twelve feet above the ground. It was surrounded by a deck and, for this typical warm day, all the doors leading onto the deck were open to admit the breeze. The area under the house served as a carport and we parked by the entrance stairs next to an old sedan and pickup.

We piled out and got ready for action, putting on fresh condoms and tucking our tools back in our shorts for the moment. Andy and Paul were already half hard and had trouble getting it all back in. The brothers started up the steps and we followed quietly.

"Come on up brothers," said a voice from above. "We're ready to welcome you home."

With Andy and Paul in the lead, we entered the house and came face to face with four muscular Hawaiian males. They ranged from six foot to over six four, the biggest was easily Joey's size. I wouldn't have wanted to run into any of them alone and, a couple of them might even tackle Joey, but, with the new size and strength of the twins and Eddie's kung fu, I wasn't worried.

The biggest guy, who had removed his shirt and was starting on his shorts was startled. "What happened to you? Who are these guys?"

"These are our friends. They're here to help. It's payback time," replied Andy whose dick had hardened to its full sixteen plus inches, pushing down below the leg of his running shorts, still enmeshed in the webbing which stretched the waistband, exposing his pubic hair and the root of his shaft.

The four tensed to fight. Little Dragon screamed and charged the biggest one. He reached out to grab this boy who was almost a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter. Little Dragon dodged the hand and landed three quick punches to the

center of his chest. Just like what happened to Earl when we first met, the Hawaiian's legs turned to rubber and he collapsed to the floor.

Andy and Paul charged two of their siblings, knocking them down and pinning them with their massive bodies and Eddie did a kung fu kick right to the chin of the last one, turning out his lights. Before, the fight even started, it was over. Now it was time for the winners to enjoy the spoils.

Andy just ripped the clothes off his victim and then tore off his own. Paul matched him. We followed their lead.

Two cries of agony filled the house as the twins plowed into their older brothers without any preliminaries. They were determined to inflict as much pain as possible, short of having them pass out. It was working.

Eddie and Little Dragon tore into their men with similar results. Even though they're a few inches smaller than the twins, they were much more than these guys ever had. Eddie asked me to stuff my dick down his guy's throat to stifle the screams after making it clear that he wouldn't have any teeth if I felt them. Joey and Tony helped out the twins the same way and Little Dragon just gagged his man with someone's torn tee shirt. The relative silence was refreshing and allowed the twins to tell their captives what was coming.

Andy began. "You are our slaves now. Anything we want you will do - without complaint. Orders from our friends will be obeyed without question. You are nothing now, compared to us."

"We can inflict pain," Paul continued while spearing his helpless fuckee for emphasis. "But, if you obey, we will give pleasure. It is your choice, but, either way, you will satisfy our needs and desires."

Eddie slapped our guy across the side of his ass, hard. His whole body convulsed from the pain. I felt his throat muscles spasm against my deeply buried shaft. He gasped for breath and emitted low moans as best he could with me sitting on his face. Eddie slapped him again and again. I could almost feel sorry for him, but I was really getting turned on by the involuntary massage his throat was giving me. After eight or nine I delivered a big load right down to his stomach. With a couple more, Eddie unloaded up his butt and I was hard again. A half hour later his ass was red from the punishment Eddie inflicted, but his dick was hard and leaking. When we came the second time a few minutes later he sprayed my chest with his seed. I pulled out a bit to allow him a taste of my cum. Then I wiped up the mess on my body and let him lick his own juices from my fingers.

The first few rounds were brutal until we opened them up to accommodate us without too much pain. It turned out they were butt virgins. They had not even considered themselves gay because they were never on the receiving end - before now. There wasn't too much bleeding considering what we put them through.

We all got off several more times, but I don't really enjoy inflicting pain even though they had it coming. I much more enjoyed the end of the morning when we showed them heights of pleasure that matched the depths of their earlier pain.

About noon, Little Dragon got off for the fourth or fifth time and pulled out of the brother he had been fucking for the past two hours since he had knocked him down in the initial fight. When his dick slipped out with an audible pop, his partner reached down to feel his abused ass.

"Feels empty now, doesn't it? I'll help you out," Little Dragon continued looking down at the cum coated Hawaiian brother that he had decided would be his personal toy. He pushed four fingers into the boy's ass, spread his fingers and slipped in his thumb. With a shove he inserted his whole hand up to his wrist. "That feel better?"

"Well guys, I'm going outside to get an all over tan on our private beach," Little Dragon continued. "You're coming with me," he said lifting his man off the floor using his embedded hand. He pushed him overhead in a one hand military press. As he did, more of his arm disappeared inside the over-stretched ass hole. By the time the slide stopped with him sitting on Little Dragon's eighteen-inch biceps/triceps, he had passed out. Little Dragon marched outside carrying him aloft like an Olympic torch.

Little Dragon made Andy and Paul realize that their guests were not fully satisfied. They had come to Hawaii to do more than fuck Hawaiians. And, though they certainly seemed to enjoy that, they might want some other activities. As the boys disentangled from their last encounters, Andy spoke up, "I'd like to introduce my brothers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who went with Little Dragon. Mom ran out of gospels by the time she had us," he added. "I know you're interested in other activities. Paul and I promised to help you learn to surf. Mark can teach scuba. Matthew has a bike and will take anyone to see the sights and Luke, here, will clean the cum off the floor and get dinner ready."

I decided to try surfing, if only to stay with Andy and Paul. Eddie and Joey wanted to try scuba with Mark and Tony would take the tour.

We saw Tony and Matthew off. Paul brought out some Hawaiian garments that they would wrap around their waist like a towel, but these were made of colorful cloth. It was long enough to cover even Tony's twelve incher, until he straddled the bike. Tony didn't care. He plugged himself into Matthew, who started the bike, sat down and roared off. I hoped he doesn't lose control when he comes.

We saw Little Dragon, whose body had been completely oiled with tanning lotion, laying on top of John in a sixty nine. He was serious about an all over tan because he had John spreading his ass cheeks so the sun's rays could reach all the way down to his hole. John would change hand positions every few minutes so he wouldn't leave a shadow. When John was thirsty he would plunge in a finger to stroke the prostate and be rewarded with a nice mouthful of boy juice.

The scuba required Eddie and Joey to hit the books before they could safely go in the water. But, they took a break between sections with Mark's ass and mouth as their reward for passing.

Andy and Paul showed me surfing. We started on the beach. The basics were about balance and learning to read the waves. The kung fu lessons Eddie had been giving me really helped with my stance and balance, so, when we hit the water, I was able to get up with only a few wipe outs. Of course, when I tried the fancy moves that Andy and Paul could do, I'd mostly fall, but I still had a ball. Near sunset, we took a final ride into the beach.

Luke ran up and gave his brothers some protection, then they laid me down, Andy in front and Paul behind and double fucked me. It was easier this time taking them both together. I really enjoyed the two sixteen inch snakes penetrating me, one sliding in while the other slid out or both going in the same direction like one double wide monster. I came several times, my cum lost in the waves that lapped our bodies.

After showering on the beach, we were walking to the house when Matthew and Tony rode up with big smiles. The front of Matthew's wrap and the seat and gas tank of his bike were wet. When Tony pulled out, he must have had several ounces in the tip of his condom.

Luke had prepared a tasty meal and, afterwards, the boys performed a hula. It wasn't the female hula with gentle swaying movements, but more like an Indian war dance. Each man wore a skirt made of tropical leaves, a bracelet around one ankle and carried a spear. The movements were powerful and suggestively sexual. When they finished the number of spears had tripled and we found out that the skirts offered no protection from a determined thrust.

I awoke in bed with Andy, who had aroused me as he began a morning fuck. I love any dick in my ass, but particularly big Asian ones. After a few minutes of powerful stroking, I felt Andy throb deep within me and I unleashed my own load that sprayed all over Luke, who was asleep on the floor by the bed, waking him.

I went to get up, but Andy held me to him. He wanted a second round. I told him I needed to piss, but he was still hard even after his first load of the day. I offered to come right back, but Andy wanted me to stay and had Luke pop my dick in his mouth. While Andy held Luke's head against my groin, I emptied my bladder as he swallowed furiously. It was weird. No sooner had my flow stopped than Andy started stroking my ass. Luke stayed on my shaft and a few minutes later I gave him a cum chaser.

That day Little Dragon continued to work on that all over tan with John as his living lounge chair. Tony and Matthew were off on another bike ride. Eddie and Joey continued scuba with Mark, this time getting to go in the water in a cove with a quiet pool that reached twenty feet.

I wanted to do more surfing but the waves today were twelve feet and crashed the beach with a tremendous roar. I knew I couldn't handle those conditions. Paul had an idea. He tied me to Andy at the waist, wrist, elbow, ankle and knee, with that stiff dick up inside me. I was shorter than Andy so, when he walked, my feet didn't touch the ground and, he was so strong now, that my two hundred pounds was negligible.

Andy got a big board because of the extra weight and the big waves, and paddled out. Parts of the bay were protected from the waves, so we were able to get out without too much trouble. The first ride was wild. The powerful wave breaking beneath the board, the view down the steep hill of water, the speed and spray. I had my ass clamped down on Andy the whole ride, I'm surprised he was able to concentrate on maneuvering the board.

The best ride of the day occurred late in the afternoon. We caught a really big one, maybe fifteen feet. Andy and I were riding the face when it broke over us and we were racing inside a tube of water. The tube started to collapse behind us as Andy sped to stay ahead. I could feel the air blowing from behind as it was forced out the opening ahead of us. I came. My spurting white streams merged with the foam of the wave and disappeared. As we shot out the end amid the air driven spray, like sperm from a giant's cock, I felt Andy release inside my ass. He kicked over the crest and we fell flat on the board to finish our orgasm.

When we got to shore we were both still pumped from the ride. My nine inches was hard and sticking straight out in front of us and Andy felt like a fence post inside me. Paul saw his brother's condition and came over to help out. He slipped a condom on me and lay on his back. Since Andy and I were still tied together, he used me to fuck Paul, controlling the pace and motion in the way he knew Paul liked. I was in the middle, without any control over my movements, just like I were a part of Andy's powerful body. The feeling of being a puppet under someone else's control and the intense stimulation, front and back, brought me to a couple of gushing climaxes before the boys shot their own wads. Paul spurted so profusely, that he covered my whole torso with his seed. We stayed coupled the whole night. By the time I awoke in the morning, I no longer tried to move independently. Today was Friday and Andy's parents would be back by evening, so we would go back to the condo. But first, Eddie and Joey were going to finish their scuba with Mark. They invited us to watch.

They did a couple short dives to practice. Then they got ready for graduation. They stripped and Eddie and Joey donned condoms. Mark just wore his mask, fins and a couple pounds of weight on a belt. Eddie and Joey put on tanks and they swam out to where there was a sandy patch of bottom at a depth of about twenty feet. We paddled out on surfboards with masks so we could watch.

Mark used Eddie's second mouthpiece, so they could both breathe off his tank. Then they descended to the bottom. Joey followed. Dozens of colorful reef fish ignored these visitors to their realm. Mark lay on his back in the sand and held his legs to his chest to offer his ass. Eddie knelt over him and tried to push in, but, because they were almost weightless in the water, he had to grab Mark's hips and pull him on to his dick. In slow motion Eddie's fourteen and a half inches disappeared inside. Pushing and pulling, he stroked Mark along the shaft. Before too long the quantity of bubbles increased as their breathing got heavier and Eddie picked up speed. The inevitable was not long in coming. Eddie plunged into the limit and you could see him shake as he unloaded. Then Mark's milk squirted into the ocean. The fish swarmed around this new source of food so thickly that I lost sight of Mark. Each new spurt would cause a new frenzy in the cloud. Finally empty, Mark and Eddie shooed away their guests. Mark was rubbing the head of his dick where one had been a bit to eager to get at the food source.

Mark shifted air supplies to Joey's spare as Joey replaced Eddie in his ass. Joey floated behind Mark, reaching around to stroke his shaft while pulling him back onto his own stiff tool. Joey took his time to get Mark ready for a second round, building the pace slowly so they could cum together. When they climaxed, Eddie took a breath and removed his mouthpiece . He swallowed Mark's shaft, blowing bubbles around the seal of his lips as Mark fed him instead of the fish.

They surfaced and swam to shore where we all congratulated them. Then it was time for us to leave so they could get ready for their parents' return, but they invited us back tomorrow for a real Hawaiian luau.

We arrived back at about noon after cleaning the condo and packing, since we had an 11:00 PM redeye flight back to San Francisco that we'd catch right from the party after dropping off the car and taking a cab to the airport.

Andy introduced us to his parents. They talked about how much the twins had grown since going off to college. They also said their boys always used to fight, but now have moved beyond that. We, of course, thanked them for inviting us and said that their sons showed us the real spirit of aloha.

They had placed an entire pig in a pit covered by leaves that served as an oven. It would take several hours to cook thoroughly. There were plenty of other dishes in progress too. We wouldn't leave hungry.

We relaxed on the beach and had some volleyball matches with the brothers. Eddie and Joey went for a dive with Mark. By twos and threes, we slipped off into the bushes with the boys to say good-bye. Andy, Paul and I went off after the meal and they gave me a final memory of our visit. Then it was time to leave.

At the airport, Tony spotted a story in the paper about a big gang fight in Los Angeles that sent a dozen people to the hospital. They were not cooperating with the authorities and the article speculated that it was a territorial dispute with a rival gang.

On the plane Tony, Joey and Little Dragon had the row behind us. In the row in front I had the widow and Eddie the aisle. A young Chinese man claimed the center seat. It turned out he really was from China. Eddie talked to him in Chinese, but he wanted to practice his English.

He had recently graduated from a university in Beijing, but was just Eddie's age. He was going to start an MBA program at Stanford in the fall. Until then he would improve his English while working in the export import section of the consulate in San Francisco. He was really cute.

After a quick snack service, the plane was darkened to let passengers sleep on the overnight flight. As most people did we spread blankets over us. I could tell Tony and Little Dragon were saying good-bye to Joey. We went to work on our Chinese student. He didn't object when we touched his legs, so we grew bolder. Before long I had his hand on my crotch feeling my hardening tool.

"You're sooo big," he whispered touching my nine-inch number. Then he felt Eddie's and you could see his eyes widen. "That can't be possible," he exclaimed. "No one could take such a thing, the pain would be incredible." But, he didn't let go.

He gave us a nice hand job and we reciprocated. Eddie invited him to come to the Long Dong Kung Fu club next Saturday. I thought he'd be real hot once we got him to try Eddie's growth formula. As the plane sped toward its destination, I reflected on a great vacation and looked forward to future adventures. •

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