Bill's Continuing Education


By LenZelig

At the gate the number of people waiting promised that the plane would be pretty crowded. We were near the back so we got to board early. Joey and I had window seats with Tony and Eddie on the aisle of our rows. Little Dragon had an inside aisle seat opposite his brother. Since the plane was packed with seats ten across there was an empty seat between Joey and Tony and Eddie and I. We hoped they wouldn't fill up to give us some room to stretch out during the five hour flight.

A middle aged Hawaiian lady, about thirty pounds overweight came and claimed the seat next to Little Dragon, but ours stayed empty as boarding continued. When it appeared we might get away with our empty seats, I saw two Hawaiian boys coming down the aisle. They were about our age, dressed in dark slacks, white short sleeve shirts and dark ties with no jacket. They looked like twins and from what I could see, if you took off their clothes, they could pass for Hawaiian warriors like the pictures we had in our travel brochures.

They spotted the seats next to us which were the only two that were open anywhere close together. They asked if they were taken and, in response, Tony and Eddie slid out to let them in. Eddie stayed close and forced the boy to squeeze by him. I saw him rub his hand along the back of the shirt, revealing quite impressive musculature where the fabric pressed the skin.

When they were settled we found out they were, Andy and Paul Kolani. Andy was the one next to me. Twins, as I thought, eighteen years old and freshman at Brigham Young. They caught a ride from Salt Lake City yesterday and were standing by for a flight to Honolulu when they got lucky with two openings on this plane. As I took in their young, strong bodies, smooth light brown skin and dark, full red lips, I thought we may have gotten lucky too. Looking at my companions, I could see they were thinking along the same lines as I. Across the aisle Little Dragon was watching intensely with a look of envy.

Eddie and I engaged Andy in conversation, to learn more about them and make as much physical contact as possible. Eddie and I pressed our thighs against Andy's. He didn't shrink from contact and pressed back against us. As we suspected, he was quite well developed. He looked each of us in the eyes as we kept up the contact. As we talked we leaned into him more boldly, biceps and triceps making contact. He commented on Eddie's muscular arms and asked if he worked out. Eddie started a discussion of his kung fu training.

Soon the plane was darkened for the movie and the tray tables were lowered for meal service. With that cover, I placed my hand on Andy's thigh, and, when he didn't object, moved to the inside and worked up toward his crotch. From what I could see Joey and Tony were following the same plan with Paul.

As I moved toward my goal, I felt the tip of Andy's hard dick that was extending down his left leg. I caressed its length, about eight inches, as I worked toward my goal. I found Eddie's hand already there, massaging Andy's balls and the base of his meaty shaft. Since there was enough for two, I shifted back to the tip and concentrated on sliding his foreskin back and forth over the flaring head. Most of the guys where I grew up were cut, so I was fascinated by the fold of skin over a man's tool from the first time I saw it in the flesh. Fortunately for me, all the guys in the fraternity and kung fu club are natural.

Our manipulations of Andy were driving him wild. He was struggling to act normal. I felt wetness on his trousers by the head of his dick. The lubrication aided me as I sheathed and unsheathed his crown. We kept at it for over an hour, building him up and letting him down when someone walked down the aisle. Little Dragon was staring at us the whole time, trying to see what was going on.

Andy looked at both of us, silently pleading that we give him release. We relented and built him up to the climax. I felt his dick harden and expand to the fullest a few instants before he started spurting. A sharp exhalation at each spasm of his shaft was the only sound he made as he struggled for control. I felt wetness spread from a massive outpouring of juice, soaking almost the entire inside of his thigh. I rubbed the liquid into his skin. A few minutes later, similar gasps from Paul announced his orgasm.

Andy bent forward and said a few words to Paul. Then they asked to be let by to go to the lavatory. Luckily the plane was still darkened, so the wetness of their pants wasn't too noticeable. As they headed to the back of the airplane, Little Dragon jumped up and fell in behind. I watched as the boys entered adjacent toilets. As the second one entered, Little Dragon boldly pushed in with him and shut the door.

About fifteen minutes later the door opened and a rumpled boy stepped out followed by Little Dragon. He knocked at the other door that opened to admit him. The first twin came back and sat down between us. It was Andy. His hair was mussed, his tie loose and his shirt was half out of his pants and soaked with sweat. He lay back and tried to catch his breath.

"I see my little brother introduced himself," Eddie said softly.

"That was your 'little' brother," Andy gasped. "He wasn't so little from my position."

"It's all relative," he retorted, giving Andy's hand a lengthy tour of his own equipment.

A few minutes later Paul and Little Dragon emerged, startling a mother and daughter who had not expected two boys to come out of one door. Paul looked like he had the same treatment as Andy. Little Dragon looked quite pleased with himself as he followed the Hawaiian to their seats. I had to admit that he hit a pair of homeruns while the rest of us scored singles.

The boys barely had time to regain their composure before the plane touched down in Honolulu. After we debarked, Andy said he had to call his brothers to pick them up. Eddie countered by inviting them to come with us to our condo. He said we'd have a car there and drive them home ourselves. After we got our bags, the seven of us piled into a big taxi, a limo that had seen better days, and headed for Waikiki.

Eddie's uncle's condominium was impressive. On the twenty eighth floor, the outer walls were floor to ceiling windows with a view from Diamond Head to the west end of Oahu. A balcony, Andy called it a lanai, ran the length of the apartment. When we opened the sliding doors, a cool breeze blew. The rooms were small but nicely furnished. Each of the two bedrooms had king sized beds. The keys to a BMW convertible hung on a hook in the kitchen.

"We can take you home now," Eddie remarked while removing his shirt. "But I'd like us to get better acquainted," he continued as he started unbuttoning Andy's. Tony was humping his twelve inches along Paul's ass crack while undoing his belt. Joey moved over to help with Paul's shirt. The boys looked at each other and in that instant decided to stay. In a few minutes, clothes were scattered all over the room.

We adjourned to one of the bedrooms. The boys lay on their backs and Eddie and Tony, with freshly lubed condoms, stepped behind them, each lifting a pair of firmly muscled legs to their equally well muscled shoulders.

As the twins struggled to accommodate the largest tools that they had ever had, I had a chance to admire the bodies I'd only glimpsed and felt on the flight over. They looked identical. Both about five foot ten and two hundred pounds of dense muscle. Arms were eighteen inches, chest near fifty, with big muscled shoulders and lats. The pecs had large red brown nipples that were angled downward by the bulge of muscle. The chest tapered to a narrow waist without an ounce of fat to hide their tightly knit abdominals. Their light brown skin would the ideal shade for the winner of a month long tanning contest, but it was their natural color with no sign of a tan line that they wouldn't have had a chance to acquire after a winter in Utah.

Eddie and Tony had achieved full penetration and begun a slow stroke that had filled out the boys' dicks to their full eight inches. Their cock heads had poked out from their foreskins and had started to leak fluid steadily. I saw that Joey and Little Dragon had offered their pieces for the boys to suck. To get in on the action, I rested my head on Andy's belly and inhaled his dick to the root. He reacted to my efforts by coating my tongue with his tasty pre-cum.

As I went to work on Andy, I had a great view of Eddie's long pole as he shoved it in and out of Andy's ass in over twelve inch strokes. I could feel Andy react to its presence as his abdominals would bulge up against the side of my face from the pressure of Eddie filling his guts. As his pleasure mounted, Andy caressed my head with his hand, feeling my face, my lips sucking his piece and reaching down to feel Eddie's snake slithering into his hole.

His dick went wild in my mouth and then flooded me with his seed. His spasms brought off Eddie, who plunged in for a final thrust and unloaded deep within. Seeing his brother's orgasm brought Paul off in sympathy. He arched his back as he unleashed a solid stream of white. With that Tony, Joey and Little Dragon released their own massive loads. When we calmed down and broke apart, I saw that Paul's first cum had splattered on the wall over the bed and a line of white splotches marked the impact of many following shots.

"Bill hasn't cum yet," announced Andy. "We'll take care of you."

The twins looked at each other and, without exchanging a word, did a quick scissors, paper, stone to decide something. Paul won with paper to Andy's stone. He sucked his brother's dick back to life with a few practiced moves and rolled on a condom. He then did the same for me, whereupon, he stood up, leaned forward against the wall, spread his legs and offered me his ass.

I moved to him and placed my hands on the smooth firm globes of his ass. His position allowed me to see into his hairless cleft to the tiny pink bud of his hole. The dark skin was slightly red from all the stimulation it had been getting. The furrow was streaked with juices rubbed from the long probes that had retrieved them from far below. I buried my face between those muscular mounds, licking the flesh of his hole and sticking my tongue deep inside for my first Hawaiian food.

I moved up along his back, exploring with my mouth the mountains of muscle that covered it. When I arrived at his thick neck and reached around to hold his chest, I was in position. As I pushed in, Andy stepped behind and entered me.

It was exquisite, being pleasured front and back by these two Hawaiian warriors. It was like I were a book between two bookends or, more aptly, I decided after looking at the mirror on the closet door, white meat between two pieces of rye bread. With my hands I explored Paul's firm body. I knew I couldn't last long as I pushed into Paul's clutching hole and back against Andy's stiff pole.

The boys, however, had other ideas. Every time I got close, Andy would grab Paul's hips and hold us motionless in a tight huddle until I came off my peak. Then they would build me up again only to ease off before I could cum. It was payback for our teasing them on the plane. It was damn effective. I was sweating bullets and begging them to let me finish. They kept me going for over an hour before climaxing in a gushing three-way explosion. I was so weak after I came that, if they had pulled away from me, I would have collapsed. They walked me to the bed and we fell on it still coupled.

Eddie poked his head in and announced that he had a special treat for dinner. He had dressed and gone out for supplies while the twins were busy with me.

He had a couple dozen large cartons of Chinese takeout. But, he also had gotten twenty gallons of milk and two large drums of protein power to mix in it. On the table were three teacups. I knew what he had in mind.

Eddie explained about the muscle growth formula that we had all taken and offered Joey, Andy and Paul a chance to try it. He expected that Andy and Paul would almost double their muscle mass and penis size while gaining a few inches in height and increasing their sex drive up to ten times. Considering their starting point, the results should be spectacular. The effects on Joey would be less, but still significant. No one turned him down.

They downed the potion in one gulp and dug into the milk and protein drinks. The twins were eating and drinking as fast as possible and, it was as if they were being pumped up like giant man-shaped balloons. You could see their muscles expand. Joey, as expected, wasn't as strongly affected, but he ate and drank steadily and, after the first hour, had made significant gains and was still growing. The four of us, who already had the treatment, watched the show and had our fill of the Chinese food before the guys had gone through the more concentrated nourishment. After about two hours, the milk and supplements were gone and growth started to taper off. The guys were still hungry enough to eliminate the leftovers from our meal before their hunger eased completely. I was impressed. Joey had added nearly forty pounds of muscle and an inch of height to six three, plus three inches to his dick bringing it to thirteen inches.

We found later that Joey could now bench 550 pounds. That meant that Tony and Eddie were still stronger because they had more benefit from Eddie's potion. The twins were the real prizes. Where before they were Hawaiian warriors, now they were Hawaiian gods. Both were now three hundred fifty pounds of mountainous muscles on a six foot four inch frame. Thirty-inch arms, a sixty five-inch chest that dropped to a defined thirty two-inch waist. Forty-inch thighs supplied plenty of support. They later told us they could do seated presses with over a thousand pounds. But, even with all that, the center of our attention was their now sixteen and a half inch cocks. When their hunger abated, their enhanced sex drive took charge and they were stiff and ready for action. I wanted to be first.

The twins, however, had other ideas. They embraced each other, squeezing their bodies with tremendous strength. They kissed strongly, exploring each other with their tongues. Their torsos pressed together with those glorious shafts, side by side, stimulated by the muscles of two sets of abs. Then Paul turned around and offered his ass to Andy, who pushed up in one powerful stroke without a condom. Paul let out a roar that I thought would bring the police, but he was soon thoroughly enjoying his brother's big tool.

Joey came over and wanted to try me bare. I sure wanted to try his new thirteen incher, but I insisted on protection. Maybe twins know and trust each other well enough, but I thought even that was mighty risky. I knew I didn't know Joey well enough and helped him on with the rubber then pushed back against him until my butt hit his groin. I really love that full feeling I get with a big dick plugged in me. Joey's really hit the spot, but I was really eager to try the twins.

Eddie and Little Dragon had sandwiched Tony, but everyone was still transfixed by the show being staged by the two Hawaiian studs. Andy was swinging his body full force into Paul. He'd finish each stroke with a loud slap as he slammed into his brother's ass. Then he'd pull almost all the way out. Andy continued increasing the pace until he plowed in for a last time. Their bodies were wracked by spasms. A thick stream of white jetted from Paul and shot out the open lanai doors and over the railing into the open air beyond. Five more followed before one fell onto the carpet. Paul continued to unload and soon cum was leaking from around the dick in his ass, evidence of the massive load Andy deposited.

As soon as the flow stopped, they switched positions. Paul speared Andy with his still hard shaft while Andy's bobbed in front of him dripping ass juice and cum. I had to get in with them, so I asked Joey to move over there. While he continued our fuck I went down on Andy's piece, cleaning it with my tongue, enjoying the funky taste, as I worked it deep into my throat. Pretty soon Paul exploded up his brother's ass and Andy followed. I felt his loads jet down the center of my body as Joey throbbed in my guts. I sprayed my own seed across both boys' thighs. Just watching this scene brought the others release.

As soon as Andy pulled his still hard dick from my throat, I asked them to fuck me. "I've got to try you guys."

They asked in unison, "Which one do you want?"

"Both," I replied.

I got condoms and rolled them on after cleaning Paul like I'd already done Andy. Then Andy gripped my hips and lifted me high in the air so I could place my legs in the valley between his cannonball deltoids and thick neck. Then he lowered me along his chest. My dick, still wet from my last eruption, laid a trail of liquid between his pecs. I felt his head against my hole. He let my weight rest on it and force it inside. It filled me so deliciously full that I came even before he bottomed out, fountaining cum all over his chest and mine.

I felt my balls push through his pubic hair and rest on top of his shaft, he was in and I was ready for more.

I got more, but not what I expected. Paul stepped behind me. I felt his own massive member rub along my back. "What are you doing?"

"You said you wanted us both," Paul responded while squatting to position the head of his shaft against the spot his brother had already pierced.

"But, but," I stammered before Andy pressed my face to his cum soaked chest, muffling my objections.

Paul shoved at me hard. He squeezed Andy turgid shaft some, but mostly, he stretched me like nothing before or since. My screams were stifled, so I bit hard at Andy's tit. He didn't flinch a bit, but began short strokes with his own member that helped feed more of his brother up in me. My friends had heard and tried to pull the twins off me, but they were much stronger than the four of them combined. Eddie even gave Andy one of his powerful kung fu kicks, I felt the impact even through his body. I'd seen those kicks shatter two by fours, but Andy ignored it.

When Paul pushed past my prostate, the pressure was so intense that I was continuously stimulated. The pain was still incredible, but now it was overlaid by a sexual stimulation that I'd never felt before. I shot off again. Seeing my new orgasm, the guys backed off to watch.

Now my mind was focused exclusively on the sensations radiating from the base of my body; the pain, the pleasure, the tubes of flesh moving inside me. The room could have been on fire and I wouldn't have noticed. My orgasms, which happened every few minutes, seemed to come from a distant place. I felt the dick throbbing, the cum squirting, but my consciousness was centered on my abused intestines and straining ass. After a timeless interval I felt a new rhythm begin deep within me. It rose in intensity, drowning out all other feelings. It spread throughout my body, overwhelming me. •

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