Bill's Continuing Education


By LenZelig

I awoke as usual with Eddie's morning hardon plugged up my ass. When he saw I was awake he started to stroke it through me. As Eddie began to excite me, I thought about the party last night. Joey was wild. He couldn't get enough. He even took on Earl Greene's twenty-inch monster that gave me so much pain and pleasure when I first took it. But Joey loved it from the start. The memories of my friends initiating my brother and Eddie's expert fucking brought me to a thundering climax. My cum shot clear across the room splashing Joey in the opposite bed.

The wet spray woke Joey. He was a bit disoriented at first, but soon looked at me, eyes wide, as Eddie finished our morning fuck. "Aw, Billy, do you have to have guys. The two hours must be up," he announced. "Our deal was if I tried homosex and didn't like it, you'd come home with me. Well, I tried it and I don't like it, so lets pack."

All through his little speech, Tony was looking at me over Joey's shoulder. Joey had gotten so used to a dick up his butt, he hadn't realized that he was still packed with twelve meaty inches. Tony even had one of his powerfully muscled thighs between Joey's legs.

When Tony started stroking through him, he remembered it really quick. He struggled to pull away, but Tony placed his second leg around him and rolled him on to his front wrapping his arms about his body. Joey used all his strength to break free, but he only bench presses 400 pounds, no match for Tony who has done 850 for single reps. After a few seconds, he was no longer trying as Tony's internal massage filled him with pleasure.

Tony relaxed his hold and spoke next to Joey's ear. "I thought we were friends. Don't you like what we do together?" He stopped his stroke, half in and half out of Joey's tight ass.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked, pushing back to take more of Tony's dick.

"Do you want to be fucked?" asked Tony. "Tell me."

"Yes, I want to be fucked," responded Joey.

"Tell your brother that you like being fucked," Tony insisted.

"Billy, you win. I really like it. I want it. Please Tony, finish me off. I love the feeling of your long pole moving inside of me."

With that confession, Tony went back to work and had Joey moaning with delight in short order. Not content to watch, Eddie rolled me over into the same position as Joey and went to work on our second round. Joey and I watched each other being reamed by muscular Asian studs as our own passion built. The guys timed it perfectly so we all four shot off together, then they raised us back up for a second explosion.

Now fully awake and with no need to hide from Joey, we passed up the small bath in the guestroom in favor of the main shower room where Joey could meet the guys. We saw Earl Greene and Dan Wong there. Joey didn't believe it when we told him he had Earl's huge piece last night. His own memory of the night was a bit hazy. He believed when Earl held him by the hips, lifted him off the floor and pushed right up him again. As Earl gave him a nice slow fuck, he bent him over at the waist so he could take Dan down his throat. They all shot about ten minutes later, Joey was suspended in the air the whole time.

As we headed back to the room, I reminded Joey, "You know you won the contest last night."

"What contest?"

"The hot bottom contest to pick the most talented bottom that's friends with one of the brothers. I'm the best, but, as a brother myself, I'm ineligible."

"What did I win?" asked Joey.

"For the next year, whenever you ask any one of the brothers, he will fuck you," Eddie replied.

"Anyone," mumbled Joey as we returned to the room.

"It's Saturday," observed Eddie, "Let's take Joey to the kung fu club. There are lots of folks who will want to meet him and, Bill, you can show him what you learned."

It was quickly agreed that we'd stay at Eddie's house in San Francisco until Monday when we would send Joey home and the rest of us would fly to Hawaii for spring break. We packed our stuff in the trunk of Eddie's Mustang and headed into town. I sat on Tony's lap and Joey sat on Earl's. This ride I know we didn't mind the potholes in the road.

We pulled into the alley and parked next to the door to the Dong Long Kung Fu club. Earl went off with Dan to his nearby house while the rest of us stayed at the club. When we entered a number of the club members were busy practicing. Eddie introduced Joey as my younger brother and Tony as a member of his fraternity. The guys in the club knew what that meant and pretty soon Joey had a group of six of the hunkiest kung fu fighters taking turns on him while Tony was in a sixty nine with one guy while another plugged his ass. Little Dragon, Eddie's younger brother, came over and started undressing me. Eddie told us to go off and play and went over to join Joey.

Little Dragon had gained a inch in height, up to five foot five in the last six months and more importantly about three quarter of an inch to his dick, putting him a bit over eleven inches. But, barring a last minute growth spurt, I don't think he'll make good his boast to be bigger than his brother Eddie. He had me on my back and was giving me an expert fuck. He has become much more mature sexually in the last few months and is now as considerate of his partner's pleasure as his own. Eddie had insisted that his little brother practice his fucking technique as hard as his kung fu. Eddie was a stern teacher, who required proper form in both skills. I was, of course, glad to play my part in assisting his education and, as he brought me to the first of several orgasms, I knew the practice was not wasted.

After a few hours, where everyone had a chance to get to know Joey and Tony quite intimately, Eddie had the club put on a nude kung fu demonstration like the one I had on my first visit. I watched Joey, who was enthralled by the display. But, I bet it wasn't the kung fu as much as watching the muscles of those Chinese studs move under their sweat covered golden skin, knowing that each one of them was stronger than he and that each had a dick that beat his ten-incher. A dick that had just finished plowing his ass.

When the show finished Eddie asked, "Joey, as our guest, what would you like to see next?"

Joey thought a bit and said, "I understand that as the contest winner I can ask any fraternity brother to fuck me at any time. Well, I'd like my brother Billy to fuck me, right here, right now."

I couldn't believe what I heard. "Joey, I'm your brother," I said.

"So. You're not going to get me pregnant. We won't have any two headed kids," he retorted.

"And he did win the hot bottom contest; so, you can't refuse," added Tony, pushing me over to Joey.

Joey lay on his back and grabbed his legs, offering his ass. "Come on Billy," he urged. "You had me try sex with men. Now I want to try my big brother."

In my mind I still wasn't sure about this, but my cock was sure; it had filled out to its full nine inches. Little Dragon rolled a condom on me and with Eddie and Tony encouraging me, I knelt behind my younger brother. The rest of the club gathered around to watch the show.

Joey looked at me expectantly. I lined up my shaft to its target and pushed in to my balls in one smooth motion. It slipped in easily, I was the smallest cock Joey had taken in his day of sex. When I was in, Joey tightened down on his ass muscles, squeezing my tool in a velvet vise. When I pulled out until only the head was inside, I felt the delightful friction that I try to give all my partners. Joey had sure learned a lot in the last day.

I started a slow stroke of my brother's ass. He pushed up to meet my strokes and kept staring at me. I built his pleasure. Soon he was moaning and thrashing his body under me, his dick leaking pre-cum onto his abs. When I thought he was nearly ready to shoot, I stopped for a minute to let him calm down. Then I built him back to a peak again. When I stopped for a second time, Joey reached back and gripped my hips to force my strokes. He pistoned me through his guts, faster and faster. I felt the contractions around my cock a few seconds before he unleashed his first stream of jizz. I exploded into the condom as he sprayed both our torsos with his hot seed. Spent, I slipped from his ass and lay down on the mat beside my brother.

"Thanks, for that and for last night," he whispered in my ear. "Now can I do you?"

"Now little brother wants to fuck his big brother, sounds like a great idea," Little Dragon added looking at Eddie. "Well, I've never turned down the offer of a big dick up my ass, so Joey show me if your as good with boys as you are with girls," I said rolling over, sticking my ass up in the air and spreading my legs.

Joey wasted no time positioning himself behind me. He sheathed his shaft and rubbed it along the crack of my ass to awaken his erection.

Meanwhile Little Dragon was all over Eddie. "Come on big brother. Bill is letting his little brother do him. You've been giving me all those lessons, now is your chance to find out how good I can be." He rolled on fresh protection, looked up into his big brother's eyes and added softly, "Please." Eddie slowly got down beside me.

Joey was hard again but he waited for Little Dragon so they could they could penetrate their brothers together. Joey pushed easily into my well-used love tunnel. I employed all the experience from the thousand plus fucks I've taken in the last six months to excite him to the max. Looking over at Eddie, I could see that Little Dragon was as talented with Eddie as he showed in his sessions with me.

Even though I'd been fucked by dozens of guys, all bigger than Joey, the fuck by my own brother, who I had secretly fantasized about as we were growing up, was special. Using my muscle control, I set the pace, squeezing harder or softer to control the stimulation of Joey and myself. Joey was really pounding into me. I could feel the sweat dripping off him onto my back.

"Jeez Billy, you're fantastic. No girl was ever like this."

I could see Eddie was also getting quite a ride. His face was flushed; and, when he pushed his ass up to meet his brother's strokes, you could see his fourteen plus inch hose hard against the mat with a pool of pre-cum spreading from the tip. It didn't look like he would hold off much longer, so I started to really turn up the heat on Joey.

Within a couple minutes Joey was grunting at the end of each stroke. Finally, he hammered me one last time, knocking me flat to the mat and burying himself as deep as possible in my ass. I felt his cock spasm wildly in my guts as my own shot off into the mat.

Almost simultaneously, Eddie pushed up on his hands and feet arching his back and lifting Little Dragon, plugged to the root in his ass, into the air. Little Dragon hugged his brother around his huge chest to avoid being tossed off. Eddie's long hose sprayed streams of cum in all directions as Little Dragon unloaded up inside.

Time seemed to slow down, so that this four-way explosion seemed to go on for an hour. I can still remember each instant in vivid detail, each throb, grunt and squirt. At last Eddie settled to the mat as his brother regained his footing and popped from his ass. Joey collapsed on top of my back and rested his head next to mine to catch his breath. We were both soaked with about half of the juice Eddie had distributed around the room.

Eddie rolled to his back and pulled his brother down on top of him. Hugging him to his body they shared a very unbrotherly kiss. I turned my head to meet my brother. Our tongues explored each other and we felt closer than ever to each other.

It was already dark outside, we soon broke up our sex play and took a shower. Of course, we had another round in the showers with Tony doing me as I plugged Joey again, Eddie returning the favor for his brother and most of the other studs taking a last go in twos and threes.

Eddie took us to diner at a Chinatown restaurant used by the locals. The menu was in Chinese only and he ordered for everyone. The food was good.

Afterwards, we went to his house for the night. I'd met his folks before and introduced my brother and Tony. Eddie said that the guests would share his brother's room and his brother would stay in his room. Little Dragon acted put out, but his eyes looked eager.

While we were putting our stuff away, Eddie was called to the phone. When he returned he told us that Earl had to go back to LA. His parents had called saying his younger brother was in trouble with a gang. Dan was going with him to help out, so they won't be able to make the Hawaii trip.

"It's too late to get a refund on the tickets and uncle's condo in Waikiki is only available to us for this week," mused Eddie.

"Well Joey could go. He's off for Spring break too next week and I'm sure our parents would allow it if I tell them I'll take care of him," I interjected.

"That's great," agreed Joey. "But, dad and mom might not be so easy if you told them just how you'll take care of me."

"Well, that's one down," Eddie agreed, looking around while avoiding his brother, who was furiously trying to get his attention. Exasperated, Little Dragon pushed his brother back on the bed and jumped on top of him. "OK, you can go too, he said as he grabbed his brother and threw him six feet in the air. Little Dragon did a somersault and landed light on his feet at the foot of the bed.

That night Tony, Joey and I explored all the sexual possibilities for three. I awoke in a sixty nine with Joey and when I opened my eyes my first sight was Tony's hard dick plugged three quarters of the way in Joey's stretched ass.

When we saw Eddie and his brother at breakfast, you could tell they also had a good night. There was a bond between them that had not been present earlier.

We went to the club afterwards. They were to perform at a festival, so Eddie had them practice all morning. We went as spectators. When everyone returned we made up for lost time. They were hot, sweaty and extra horny after almost eight hours without sex, a long time for an Asian who has been treated with Eddie's growth formula. I really love to be manhandled by these guys when the urge to get off becomes irrepressible. Joey enjoyed it as much as I.

When we went to sleep that night after a goodnight fuck from Tony for both of us, we were thinking of Hawaii. •

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