Bill's Continuing Education


By LenZelig

My first year at college couldn't have been hotter. I'd gone from virgin to sex addict. I couldn't get enough. Eddie Lee was my bed partner each night, his fourteen and a half inches would bring me off several times. For a real thrill Earl Greene would give me a workout with his twenty-inch tool. Tony Thieu had only twelve inches but he really knew how to use it and we were regulars. Of course, I was always ready to help out any of my fraternity brothers when needed and, thanks to Eddie's muscle growth herbal mix, they were all hot guys. Finally, on weekends, Earl and I would head into San Francisco to study kung fu and party with the guys at the Dong Long Kung Fu club.

It was a normal day. I was down in the training room laying on the weight bench. I don't workout, at least not with weights. I had my legs resting on Tony's shoulders. He had me bent almost double as stroked his tool through my clutching ass. He was close and so was I.

One of the brothers came over carrying a cordless phone. "Bill, it's your brother," he said. "Should I tell him you're busy?"

"No, I'll take it," I replied reaching for the phone. Joey was a year younger than I. He was a star halfback on the high school team and I had plenty of fantasies about him while we were growing up. I think Joey suspected I was gay, maybe even before I did. He was always setting me up with dates and, with his muscular good looks and football stardom, he knew every good-looking girl in town. When I was home over Christmas he set me up with one of his girlfriends. I couldn't back out. After the movie, when we returned to the car, she was all over me. When I pulled her mouth off my dick I found out that Joey had promised to fuck her if she made it with me first. I offered to let her finish her blow job and said I'd tell Joey what he wanted to hear. She gave me an enthusiastic, if unskillful, suck while I imagined it were Joey.

"Hi, Joey," I greeted him. "Why, ugh, are you calling?" I said around Tony spiking me.

"Billy, Cal is recruiting me. Wouldn't it be cool if we went to the same school? I'm going to visit Berkeley next Friday and I was wondering if I could stay with you?"

"Ugh, ugh, give me a, ugh, minute," I said, pressing the phone into my pecs as I felt my climax approaching. I felt Tony start to unload into his condom as I shot streams of jizz, some of which coated the phone. After a minute I calmed down.

Tony leaned over and rested on my torso. "What does your brother want?"

"He's coming to visit next Friday and wants to stay here."

"Great, if he's anything like you, I'd like to try him."

"No, he's straight, always setting up dates for me with girls. If he stays here, I don't want my family finding out about my life here."

"Well, I can understand that. A lot of us aren't out to our families. He and you could stay in the guestroom upstairs, but; don't forget, next Friday is the annual hot bottom contest and you'll need to keep him upstairs. And what about the trip you, Eddie, Earl, Dan and I are taking for spring break to Hawaii?

"We'll work everything out," I assured him bring up the phone. "Joey?" I asked.

"Yeah brother, still here. Are you OK? You sounded a bit out of breath," he inquired.

"I'm fine. You caught me in the midst of my workout. Great news. You can stay here."

"Super, I'll come over right after I meet the coach, about four."

"See you then. I've got to go. My partner wants me to do another set. Bye," I concluded. Tony was licking my cum off the phone and my hand and I felt him start to stiffen within me.

"So long," concluded Joey as Tony resumed his strokes. I put aside the phone.


It was just after four on Friday when I heard Tony call, "Bill, come on down. Your brother is here."

I hurried downstairs and saw Joey standing just inside the door next to Tony who had just come from his daily workout. Joey stands six two and is a very muscular 225 pounds. He wore jeans and a denim jacket. Tony, wearing just workout shorts with a towel over one shoulder, was half a head shorter. He had remembered the house rules for Joey's visit and tucked in his big dick before he came up from the gym.

I introduced them and they shook hands. Joey applied all his strength to his grip. Tony, whom I knew was almost twice as strong as my brother thanks to the muscle growth potion he had, ignored Joey's efforts. I could see Joey was impressed.

I broke it up by saying, "Joey, let me show you your room," and ushering him upstairs.

When we got to the guestroom, I showed Joey his bed. He tossed his bag and took off his jacket. He had a tight tee shirt on underneath that really displayed his development. Eddie Lee stopped in and I did another round of introductions. Eddie was Joey's height but outweighed him by twenty pounds of muscle. He had worn loose clothes and a jock so you couldn't really tell he had fourteen plus inches to go with that body. Eddie talked about kung fu and I helped give Joey a demonstration. I could see my brother was impressed and a bit intimidated by this Asian stud.

It was soon time for dinner and Joey, Eddie and I went down to join the meal. Dan Wong and Earl Greene where there and I again made introductions. The guys kept Joey busy talking about his trip, what he thought of the school and Cal's prospects for going to next year's Rose Bowl.

After the meal, Eddie whispered a reminder to me to get Joey upstairs before the guests for the hot bottom contest arrived. I hustled Joey away telling him we needed some time to catch up on the news from home.

When we got back to the room Joey surprised me by boldly asking, "Which one is fucking you?"

"What do you mean?" was all I could muster.

"Andrea, the girl I set you up with last Christmas, told me all about your date. After a few orgasms, they'll tell me everything. I always suspected you were gay. I don't know why. You could have lots of fun with women. Andrea really wanted you to fuck her. She said you were almost as big as I. So who's doing you?"

"Well Joey, if you really want to know, they all are. Of course, Eddie, Tony and Earl are my favorites. Oh, on weekends, I take on Eddie's kung fu club. And any of my friends can put that ten-inch tool you're so proud of to shame. Does that answer your question?"

"Jeez Billy, what's got into you? You're a regular male slut."

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I've had girls and I prefer guys. So no bitching until you know what you're talking about."

"Damn. I'll make you a deal. I'll give you two hours to show me about homosex, but, if I don't like it, you'll come back home with me and let me show you the fun you can have with girls."

"Deal," I answered as I got up and headed to the door.

"Where you headed?" Joey asked.

"To get your tutor. Wait here." I left the room.

I returned a few minutes later with Eddie, some condoms and a bottle of lube. Joey was sitting on the bed. He looked up as we entered.

"Joey, I'm Eddie Lee. Bill and I have been lovers for six months," he said, hugging me tight to his torso. "He asked me to show you a good time. Just relax."

I sat down on the other bed as Eddie started a little strip show. First, he rolled up his loose sweatshirt, slowly revealing his narrow waist and defined abs. Then, reaching under it, he eased it up over the massive slabs of muscle that were his pecs. Finally, grabbing the shirt below his widely flaring lats, he pulls it off in one motion and tosses it aside. He hits a double biceps pose that highlights his vee shape and twenty-inch arms.

It's all I can do to tear my eyes from the show, but, I look at Joey and see that he's staring in open mouth awe at my Chinese Adonis. And, the best part is yet to come.

Eddie steps out of his shoes and kicks them away. Then he massages the pouch of his jock underneath his sweat pants, displaying the huge basket formerly hidden by the loose material. He eases his pants down, revealing the jock and a pair of muscular thighs that each were almost as thick as his waist. He steps out of them.

His jock is straining to contain the power that his manipulations had partially awaken. It pushes away from his body. Eddie steps right between Joey's legs with his crotch only inches from his face, and continues to rub. Joey is frozen, unable to move. Slowly, Eddie lowers his jock, showing his fine black pubic hair, then inch after inch of shaft. At last, the head pops free of the waistband and Eddie's, fully hard, fourteen and a half inch dick snaps upright, striking Joey's face and leaving a trail of pre-cum to mark its path.

He pushed Joey back on the bed with one hand on the center of his chest while the other undoes his belt and unbuttons his jeans. Grabbing the waistband, Eddie strips the jeans and jockey shorts together in one motion, exposing Joey's ten- inch tool, hard and dripping, standing upright, perpendicular to his body.

After making sure the lube and condoms were handy, Eddie splits Joey's legs and steps on to the bed in between them. Joey tries to sit up, but Eddie pushes him back down. He's starting to realize how much stronger Eddie is and that he has no control over what's about to happen.

Eddie goes down on Joey's tool, inhaling it in one motion, clear to the root. His nose presses into Joey's bush and his tongue licks out to bathe his balls. As Eddie begins to stroke his lips along the shaft, Joey is soon in ecstasy. He starts to lift his hips to meet Eddie's strokes. This gives Eddie the opening to slip a finger through his crack up against the rosebud of his ass hole. Joey tenses at the contact and freezes his hips, but Eddie just slides his lips down the pole until they press against his groin, forcing him down until his digit is buried to the knuckle. Joey gasps more in surprise than pain.

As Eddie pulls back, Joey lifts his hips, trying to ease the invader from his ass. But, Eddie pushes him back down. Stimulated from both sides, Joey is in a frenzy. Eddie slips his other hand under Joey's tee shirt and massages his nipples while keeping his back pressed to the bed. When he adds a second finger, Joey is moaning almost continuously. With a last plunge with his mouth and a jab a the prostate, Eddie brings Joey off in a tremendous orgasm. Joey grabs Eddie's head with both hands, holding him to him, as his hips buck with each spurt into Eddie's mouth. Eddie swallows the whole load.

Spent, Joey collapses limply on the bed. Eddie lets Joey's soft dick slide from his mouth and flop softly to his belly. He removes his fingers. Eddie pushes over Joey's torso, cradling him in his powerful arms. They kiss. Joey instinctively tries to push his tongue into Eddie's mouth, but Eddie has other ideas. He plunges deep into Joey, dominating him orally and spreading the residue of Joey's load. As he stares into Eddie's eyes just above him, Joey tastes himself.

As Eddie continues his oral attack, he strokes his dick between their pressed bodies. The stimulation of that long, hot tube of flesh sliding next to his own brings Joey back to life. When Eddie breaks their kiss and rears back on his knees, both their dicks are coated with saliva and pre-cum. A string of juice stretches between the heads of their shafts.

Eddie rolls on the condom and applies some lube to his fingers and his sheathed tool. He lifts Joey's legs, resting them on his powerful shoulders. With one, two and finally three fingers, he stretches and lubes the entrance. Bending Joey nearly double, he positions his long shaft at Joey's hole. His fingers expand the opening as he pushes in the head. He gets only half the head in before Joey clamps down on him. With a quick stab of the hips, he shoves the rest of his fat knob in as Joey cries out in pain.

Impaled now, breathing in short gasps, Joey squirms his ass to try and pull off. Eddie keeps up the pressure and the struggles only serve to embed a few more inches. Eddie starts with short, slow strokes. I can see the pain on Joey's face as each one bottoms out a little deeper, invading new territory. He starts rubbing across that sensitive spot up inside, and Joey begins feeling more pleasure than pain. Concentrating on stroking the first few inches while fisting Joey's dick, Eddie brings him to another explosion. Streams of jizz spurt from his hose, spraying as far as his face. With Joey distracted Eddie shoves in more than half way.

Eddie spikes in a couple more inches. The shock wakes Joey from his reverie. He screams, "Stop. It hurts." It's the first words he's said.

"You can't chicken out now," Eddie counters. "I'm almost in. Take it like a man." He shoves another inch in.

"Oow. No. Stop. It's too big. Ugh." Eddie pushes forward and muffles Joey's cries with a kiss that plunges his tongue deep into Joey's mouth. Gagged, Joey stares at his assaulter. Eddie goes to work, using short strokes that each go deeper. The golden shaft slips steadily inside Joey's pale ass. Joey sucks powerfully on Eddie's tongue to take his mind off the pain in his ass. It takes Eddie about ten minutes to get the last four and a half inches in. Finally, his balls push tight against Joey's ass. He holds in place and leans back breaking the kiss. Joey gasps for air.

"Please Billy, get him off me," he pleads. "It feels like a fence post was shoved in me."

"Relax Joey. You've past the tough part," I assure him. "Besides, you still have over an hour left. Might as well try and enjoy it because Eddie is ready to give you the ride of your life."

With that Eddie leaned forward, placing his hands by Joey's shoulders, and began a slow fuck stroke. Just a few inches in and out to start. Joey winced a bit at the start from the pain of being stretched so wide, but, he soon relaxed as the stimulation built from Eddie's huge member sliding through his guts. He tried wiggling his ass and found he really couldn't move side to side. I know that when Eddie gets hard, it truly is like a fence post stuck up inside.

When Eddie saw Joey start to relax and get into the fuck, he increased the length of his strokes. Four inches, eight, ten, twelve, until just the head was left clutched by Joey's ass ring and then he'd slide all the way back in making sure to rub and massage the prostate the whole way. He drove Joey wild. He was moaning in pleasure now. Joey shoots a huge load, but Eddie doesn't slack his attack. When the flow stops Joey doesn't even go soft.

"Stop. Please. I can't stand it," pleads Joey. Eddie ignores him. "No. Ah. Ooooh," moans Joey as he releases another large load.

Joey grabs Eddie's arms by their bulging triceps, trying to find something to anchor his sensations as he descends into a whirlpool of pleasure. Eddie picks up the pace. Joey is covered in cum and sweat. He is no longer trying to talk. He just issues moans of contentment in time with Eddie's thrusts. Reflexively, his ass pushes up meeting each inward motion and he squeezes his ass enhancing the friction as Eddie withdraws.

At last Eddie plunges in to the hilt and unleashes his own load. I don't know how he held back so long. His throbbing dick triggers another orgasm in Joey. When the flow eases, Eddie resumes stroking, building himself up for a second round. Joey is completely out of it. His eyes are wide and unfocused as all his consciousness is concentrated on the feelings from his ass and dick. Joey spurts once more before Eddie has his second orgasm, triggering Joey once again.

Eddie continues to pound Joey's butt through his orgasm. As each stroke slams home, he grunts as his huge hose spurts another stream of juice. Joey gives a quick gasp at each impact as his own tool sprays his already soaked torso. Their passion peaks for nearly a minute before subsiding. Eddie pulls out, still half hard. The head makes a soft pop as it is freed from Joey's clutching hole.

Eddie lays on his side beside Joey, who stretches limply on the bed, breathing heavily. His sex tool rests across Joey's groin on top of my brother's, much smaller and now spent, member. Eddie peels off the condom and coats a couple fingers liberally with the large load of cum caught in the tip. He pushes the cum soaked digits through Joey's lips. He licks them eagerly, getting his first taste of another man.

Just then Tony Thieu opens the door and stares at the scene. He had probably been at the party in the basement and had donned some white nylon running shorts when he came upstairs. With his hard twelve-inch dick tenting their front outrageously, it didn't do much for modesty. But, I thought, we were beyond that now anyway.

"I guess I won't need these," observed Tony removing his shorts. His prick snapped up and ready when freed. "Eddie, we're going to start the contest soon and they need you," he continued. "Say, Bill, do you mind if I try your brother? He sure looks hot."

It was clear, Joey was out of it. He just looked with glazed over eyes as Eddie slid off the bed. He took a last lick at Eddie's fingers when Eddie pulled them out of his mouth. "I don't think Joey will mind. Go ahead and plunge in, Eddie has him all warmed up."

With that Tony rolled on his protection and walked to Joey's bedside. He rolled Joey to his belly, spread his legs and kneeled between them. Joey offered no resistance. Tony grasped Joey's hips, lifting them off the bed and pulling him back to his knees. He lined Joey's well-fucked hole up with the tip of his sex spear and thrust it home. In one slow, smooth motion, he slides in to the base, his balls swinging into Joey's. The now familiar feelings start coursing through Joey's body.

Tony places a powerful arm around Joey's chest and rocks back until he sits upright on the bed. This hauls Joey up too. He plops heavily into Tony's lap, his legs splayed across Tony's thick muscular thighs and Tony's tool plugged hard into his gut.

"You won't need this," says Tony, finally freeing Joey from his cum and sweat soaked tee shirt. Then he places his hands at Joey's waist and starts to lift him effortlessly up and down along his shaft. In seconds, Joey is moaning from the pleasure this talented Asian stud is giving him. His stiff dick bounces in front of him and drops of precum fly out propelled by the centrifugal force of its swing.

Tony extends the passion for over fifteen minutes before bring Joey and himself off in another gush of cum. When the frenzy eases, he settles Joey back in his lap and leans over the shoulder. Joey turns to meet the kiss, meekly opening his mouth to accept Tony's darting tongue.

When they break, Tony says, "Bill, you should enter him in the contest. Except for you, he's the hottest bottom I've had. Joey, do you want to come downstairs? Just nod your head," he added when Joey didn't respond.

Joey's head moved slightly up and down.

"I think that's a yes," observed Tony as he stood up from the bed, holding Joey against his chest with one arm, his dick still fully plugged up Joey's ass. I followed as he carried Joey into the hall. It looks like I won't miss the party after all. •

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