Bill's Education


By LenZelig

It was only natural that Eddie and Dan invited us to rush their fraternity. Earl had some objections. "You only want us for sex," he stated.

"Of course," shot back Dan. "Don't you like the sex?" he asked resuming a slow stroke of his thirteen and a half inches through Earl's tight ass as they lay together on Earl's bed.

Dan could whip Earl into a frenzy with his dick like he flipped a switch way up inside him. "It's just...It's just...Aaah...Ooh," Earl tried to answer. It's just that Earl always considered himself a top, I thought, and he can't get over that with Eddie, Dan and their friends, he's a bottom. Even worse, he likes it, a lot.

I, of course, felt empty if I didn't have a cock up my butt. Eddie was with me in my bed, his fourteen and half inches filling me like no one else could. The final flow of cum from my last eruption was still dripping from my dick. I'd lost track of how many times Eddie brought me off last night, but there were streaks of drying juice over half the room pointing back to my groin. "We'd love to join," I replied for the temporarily speechless Earl. "What do we do?"

"We can't sign you up officially for a few weeks, but you can move in with Dan and I tonight. We'll get you started," said Eddie. "We have the best GPA of any frat," he continued. "We won the Greek Games the last two years and we'll teach you kung fu. Plus we know you'll have fun. What more could you ask?"

Earl shot his load into his already soaked sheets. When he recovered a bit he agreed.

That day, as course work began, we mentioned our plans to some of our classmates. "Why do you want to join them? I thought they only had Asian members. You can't have any fun in a house full of nerds," were the most common reactions. I explained that we became friends with a couple of the brothers and they invited us to join so we thought we'd try it out.

Eddie and Dan picked us up in the Mustang just after four. We tossed our few things in the trunk and they drove us to the frat house. With four strong guys it was no trouble unloading the car. As we carried the stuff up to Eddie and Dan's room on the third floor I got my first look at the brothers. They were all built like the guys in the kung fu club! Not exclusively Chinese, but some Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and a few darker skinned Asians, possibly Thai or Malay. How did all these hot guys gather under one roof, I asked myself.

As we stowed our gear I looked at our roommates' belongings. Eddie was studying biochemistry. I asked him about it and he explained that his father was a traditional Chinese herbalist and he wanted to uncover how exactly the remedies worked and improve their effectiveness. Dan was in electrical engineering. He wanted to specialize in integrated circuit design and had interned last summer at Intel down in Silicon Valley.

After just a few minutes Eddie ushered us downstairs to be formally introduced to the rest of the house. He took us down to the basement level which was set up a bit like his kung fu club. Mats covered most of the floor and there was a very complete weight training setup. When we arrived, one guy was bench pressing about six hundred pounds for reps. All his muscles were pumped, including his dick which was sticking out the leg of his gym shorts, the only covering he wore. When he powered up the barbell his dick would flex to almost vertical, pushing back the cloth and exposing his meaty balls.

When he finished, Eddie introduced us. He was Tony Thieu, a sophomore. The other brothers were gathering by that time and Eddie made official introductions. My first impression was correct, this was a collection of studs such that I wouldn't have dared to dream about. They were removing their clothes, so Eddie must have told them about us and introductions were going to be more personal than an exchange of names. Tony was already humping his twelve stiff inches against my ass while he reached around to undo my belt. Someone produced a tray of condoms.

Everybody got acquainted with us both and a good many stopped by for seconds. I noticed Earl and I were the only non Asians in the place. I asked Eddie about it when I had a short break between fucks. He said the frat was started back when Berkeley was mostly white and few fraternities had many Asian members. There was never any intention to limit membership, but most folks, of any race, feel more comfortable in friendly surroundings. The latest white brother graduated last year. He added that he sure hoped I felt welcome. I wanted to ask some more questions but Tony stopped by for thirds. As he skillfully plugged my ass, raising me back to a state of sexual bliss, I know I felt welcome.

About midnight, the party tapered off and Eddie and Dan brought us up to bed. Eddie explained our pledge duties. I was to be in the showers from 6:00 AM to 7:30 to service anyone needing help with morning stiffness. Earl was to be available at night from 10:00 to 11:30 for those wanting some relief before bed. With me the brothers would have a contest. The one that brought me off the most in the next two months would have me as an exclusive sex slave for the week before initiation.

Dan finished with some other rules. Five PM to ten weeknights was reserved for individual study, that is, no sex. That's how they keep up their GPA. They made an exception tonight in our honor. Dinner was at six and breakfast seven to eight. Everyone was assigned house duties on a weekly rotation, including morning and evening sexual service, which will rotate again after pledge initiation.

"Enough talk," announced Eddie. "It's time to cap off the evening and make your first night here truly memorable." With that he slowly eased in his fourteen plus inch monster that I've become so addicted to. Just as Dan was doing with Earl, he worked me into a frenzy. I came three times before we drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

"Wake up Bill," said Eddie nudging my shoulder. "It's time for your morning duties." I looked at the clock and saw it was almost six, so I eased Eddie out of my ass. I got up, removed the condom and cleaned Eddie's dick with my mouth of the remaining cum. I grabbed my kit and ran down the hall to the bathroom still carrying the expended rubber. I made it with a minute to spare.

The shower room had six heads, but the brothers were still sleeping, so the place was empty. I had time to toss the rubber, take a piss, shave and brush my teeth. Then I decided to turn on the water and wait for my first visitor under the spray. I saw they had set up a score board for the contest. It listed the names of all thirty brothers with a place for me to mark off the count. There was a bucket of condoms by the entrance.

I'd just gotten wet when Tony Thieu stepped in, rolling on his protection. He stepped behind me and slid home. In a few seconds I was getting the full benefit of his foot long manhood. And, while he was stroking me, his hands were rubbing my tits, caressing my belly or massaging my dick. He earned the first score when we shot off together a few minutes later. We were still alone so I washed him off. He was a tad shorter than me, but very muscular. As I soaped him up, I remembered that this was the guy we saw last night pressing six hundred pounds for reps. Feeling his size and hardness, I could believe it. When I finished we were still alone and he looked ready for a second round, so I grabbed a fresh rubber and rolled it on him.

This time he had me face him. He grabbed me at the waist and lifted me effortlessly off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his body as he positioned my hole on his dick head, lowering me slowly onto it. As he lifted and lowered me, stirring my guts with his stick, he pressed my body to him so my own sex was squeezed between us and stimulated by the friction as it slid over his abdominal muscles. He got another score in short order.

By then a couple others were waiting. Tony rinsed off, as I went over to update the score and get two more rubbers. He got a big thumbs up sign from them both when I listed his two points.

By the time I was off duty, everyone had a chance. Eddie came in with Dan and Earl and had their turns. Earl's score didn't count in the contest. He said I was the only one he could fuck here. I told him not to worry, he was my first and that he will always be special.

The next couple of months went by quickly. We, of course, had all the sex we could handle, both in the fraternity and, on weekends, at Dong Long Kung Fu club. Eddie taught us kung fu and the practice really had a big effect on our speed, strength and endurance, though we were no threat to any of the regular members in a practice fight.

Little Dragon treated me as his personal toy whenever his brother was otherwise occupied. He was my practice partner, but I had to take his fuck each time I lost. He was enthusiastic, but self centered. When his brother wasn't around he would care more about getting himself off than his partner. Once, Eddie walked in on us, saw what was going on and pushed right up his brother's ass as he was pounding me. The first few stroke caused Little Dragon to cry out in pain. Then Eddie shifted mode and with little brother being pleasured front and back we raised him to the peak. When Eddie rolled off to lay beside me, he reminded his brother to be more considerate of his partner. As Little Dragon walked off rubbing his ass, Eddie said he would learn, after all, he's still a kid.

We met the other pledges, eight in all, and all of various Asian-American backgrounds. What struck me was that they were all so ordinary. They were bright, but the biggest was about five eight and 140 pounds. They averaged under five inches in the dick department. None even came within an inch of my seven. I couldn't understand how you develop a group like the brothers starting with material like that and neither Eddie nor Dan would enlighten me. They didn't participate in the heavy sexual activity; their duties involved mostly the routine housework. Though Dan, the pledge master, did hold some instruction on oral techniques and some anal preparation using dildos of increasing size.

We got off to a good start academically. The set study time was good discipline and there was always a brother to ask who could explain a tough point.

Tony Thieu won the contest for my services. He brought me off every morning no matter how many guys had been with me before or how energetic Eddie was overnight. Near the contest's end a few of the other leaders tried to get to me early and wear me out, but, Tony would always find a way to get me off.

They moved us both into a private room for the week and I didn't have any morning duties. We went through a gross of condoms and I had a big smile on my face all week. Earl complained that he had to do double duty each night and with Dan and Eddie. Eddie said his dick was getting lonely, but, I knew he was getting his time with Earl and that any of the brothers would have been eager to offer him their ass.

At last came the night we were to become brothers and learn the secrets of our fraternity. Tony brought me down to the basement after a fuck that served as a finale of our week together. I really liked him and Eddie. It was like choosing between apple pie and cherry pie. But, why bother, when you can have both as often as you like.

No one, brothers or pledges, wore anything. A huge banquet had been set up on a couple of tables placed at the end of the room. The ten pledges were lined up in front of the assembled brothers. A tray with ten cups was set up before us.

Eddie started the ceremony. "You pledges have endured our demands and earned our trust and respect. Tonight you will be literally transformed into brothers. The cups before you contain an herbal formula that I discovered a few years ago working in my father's shop. When you take it your bodies and muscles will grow until you match the ones before you. Your sex drive will increase ten fold, which is why we work so hard to pleasure each other. The first transformations took months, but the preparation has been improved so that now it takes only a few hours. This food and special protein supplements will fuel your bodies during the change. It works best on those with Chinese ancestry and, almost as well, on other Asians, but, Bill, the effects are much less with Caucasians. Earl, it has never been tried on those of African heritage, so, if you don't want to try it, you won't have to."

Eddie had just answered a lot of my questions. The other pledges looked surprised and pleased. None had any second thoughts. Eddie continued, "Brother Dan, pass out the cups." When each had our potion Eddie ordered simply, "Drink."

It had a bitter taste. I felt a tingling start all over and felt hungry, as if I hadn't eaten for a day. Earl positively ran to the table and started eating. The others quickly followed. I walked over and Eddie joined me.

"I think you'll gain about ten percent in your muscle mass and add a couple inches to that dick," he said. "Asians should gain fifty to sixty percent and more than double their sexual size. I don't know about Earl, but he is hungry and that's a good sign. You should eat."

Earl was shoving down food with both hands and was already markedly bigger. Most of the others had visible changes as muscles started to fill out. I thought I might be changing, but couldn't be sure yet.

Then Earl collapsed to the floor holding in each hand huge turkey drumsticks that he was devouring. "I'm starving," he groaned between bites.

"Bring out the protein drinks," ordered Eddie. Several of the brothers fetched gallon jugs. Eddie offered one to Earl. "Here, drink this," he suggested.

Earl chugged the whole bottle in one breath and grabbed another. You could see his body visibly grow. By the end of the second he was bigger than Eddie and he took eight more bottles over the next two hours until his hunger subsided. By then he was six foot ten and almost four hundred pounds with a twenty inch dick, a twenty inch hard dick. The change in the other new brothers was just about complete too. I had gained about twenty pounds and two inches as Eddie predicted, but I could tell from his expression that he hadn't expected anything like what came over Earl.

Hunger eased, Earl examined his body and looked out at the brothers. "What does a four hundred pound gorilla get," he roared. "Anything he wants." He looked at me. He picked me up like a feather and carried me to a weight bench. He put me down on my back and stood towering over me. "I have enough energy to take on the whole fraternity, but I wanted you to be first," he said softly.

I looked up at his incredible body. His arms must have been over thirty inches, his chest approached seventy with lats that flared in a tremendous vee up from a waist that was no bigger than my own albeit with abs that popped out far enough you could really believe he had a six pack buried in there. His thighs were thicker than a normal man's chest with deep striations separating the muscles. But, his body was dominated by that huge twenty inch tool. It was standing straight up and proud above balls the size of apples. Veins crisscrossed its length, pulsing visibly with blood. The foreskin had retracted past the head which sort of glowed a reddish brown color much lighter than the rest of the shaft.

Eddie rushed up with a condom and a bottle of lube. I hadn't used extra lube in a couple of months, but I was sure glad he thought of it. He rolled the rubber down the shaft. It barely fit even though it was the largest made. Eddie applied lube to its full length and squirted some up in me for extra measure.

He spread my legs and stepped between them. Then he grabbed my hips and slid me down to the end of the bench which forced my legs even further apart. Finally, he bent over me, grabbed the bench and lifted me and it up to his torso so he could position my ass at the tip of his dick. I lifted my legs around his waist which was more comfortable than trying to make room for those thighs. I felt the head spread my cheeks as it searched for my hole. He found it. The first contact made me shudder, I hadn't been this nervous about sex since the morning Earl took my virginity.

He pressed me against him. My experienced ass opened smoothly, wider than ever before, and he slipped in easily. When he brushed past my prostate, I started to writhe on the bench. The level of stimulation was higher than anything I'd imagined. I held his mighty arms as he plunged deeper. I shot off twice by the time he gentle stroking had opened me up to the depth where Eddie had been earlier. He continued to push in. For the third time in my sex life a dick was plowing virgin territory.

I was gasping at every stroke. It was pain and exquisite pleasure combined. I seemed to feel his dick everywhere. I thought it was ready to pop out my mouth. I looked up at his face. His eyes were staring wide, unseeing. He was focused inward and I knew I was inspiring intense feelings in him. He bottomed out, his balls pressed into my butt.

He shifted his grip holding me under the arms and dropping the weight bench which crashed to the floor. He stood up, carried me over to the wall and pressed me against it. He did an undulating motion with his hips that moved him through me. I came again. My orgasm this time must of tipped him over the edge because he buried himself to the limit and started to shake. I could feel each load as it raced up the shaft and erupted out the tip, it was in exact time with my own spurts. It continued, on and on, minutes at least. It felt as if his dick was growing even longer inside me. My own dick continued to spasm in sympathy with his though it ran out of juice a long time ago.

When his orgasm faded, he just sat down on the mat and leaned back to rest and recover. I was still impaled. Eddie and Dan lifted me off. When I pulled clear you could see that Earl had pumped enough cum to form a four inch bubble at the end of the rubber.

When he was changed out, he took on Dan next. They say paybacks are hell, but I'm pretty sure Dan saw heaven just like I had. Meanwhile, the other brothers worked to prepare the new initiates for the assault they knew was coming. It took most of the night but Earl topped the whole house, finishing with Eddie. There were a lot of sore asses and contented smiles the next day.

We still room with Eddie and Dan. Earl and Dan take turns being top because Dan still knows which buttons to push inside to turn Earl on and Earl likes it too much to forego. After the first night we required Earl to wear a rubber when he gets fucked just so Eddie and I don't get soaked again when he cums. Oh, one more thing. Last week I finally beat Little Dragon in a kung fu practice fight. Paybacks are hell, particularly when the whole club is watching you get fucked and cheering. •

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