Risk, The


By MagusX

"Take a risk, Sam! For once in your life, take a risk!" Alice had said those words, and at the time, Sam had been crushed. She wanted someone who would take risks, and Sam wasn't that kind of guy. Now she'd moved on, and he was alone.

That was why he was here.

The young man was being lead through a series of hallways in the laboratory. His dark eyes darted around, trying to take in as much as they could. He ran a hand through his dishevelled dark-blond hair nervously. Thoughts played through his head: memories of Alice, wondering if he was under-dressed (jeans and a tee-shirt over his lanky build), curiosity about the whole thing.

He opened his mouth to ask the young scientist who was leading him, when he realised the man had already started talking. The scientist was Doctor Tim Coombs, and Sam had met him before, when he was being screened for this experiment. Physical and mental examinations, along with a psych test had all been administered by this man. It was an elaborate set-up for what had seemed such a simple idea when Sam had read about it in the paper. This was his risk, for Alice: to take part in a radical scientific experiment. Even he didn't know what it was about yet. "I'm afraid that I can't tell you much more than what I've already said," Dr. Coombs was saying. The man was dark, with almost black hair and skin that would tan easily if he ever saw the sun. He was a bit larger than Sam would have guessed for a scientist, taller than Sam and having broad shoulders. Whether it was fat or muscle was obscured by the lab coat. "I understand," Sam said.

"Everything will be explained, but unfortunately you have to sign a release form before you know all the details." "A release form?"

"Just a legality, I assure you. It just says that you are aware that this is a scientific experiment and that you understand the risk of any potential side-effects that may arise. It's to cover our ass, basically. Red tape. Ah! Here we are."

The scientist stopped at the door, and took out a small card, which he swiped through the lock. A hiss and loud click followed and the door opened. The doctor motioned for Sam to enter, and he did. The doctor followed and closed the door.

Inside was a medium-sized room, with a table in the middle and a metal tray against one wall. A large tv screen and VCR controls were imbedded in the far wall. On the tray were various tools that made Sam a little uneasy ("Take a risk, Sam" Alice's voice urged in his head), and on the table was a small stack of paper.

"Have a seat, Sam."

Sam did as he was told, and Dr Coombs passed the sheets of paper over to him.

"I'm supposed to make sure you read all this thoroughly, but it's all the same. I won't tell if you won't." The doctor smiled. Sam smiled back and just looked through the pages looking for the places he had to sign.

"Excellent." Dr Coombs removed the papers when Sam was done, and then sat down at the table across from Sam. "Now, I'm not able to give you much detail here. As the subject of the experiment, I have to ask that you follow instructions as closely as possible. We can't take the chance that you learning anything about the experiment might influence the results, so unfortunately you'll have to be kept in the dark." "Hey, it's a risk." Sam said weakly.

"Exactly. That's why we're paying you five thousand dollars for this. What I can tell you is that this experiment is for a large fitness firm, and may revolutionise the fitness circuit. I can tell you that you will experience some physical effects from this experiment, but none of them are life-threatening. You are not the first subject, so we have had time to get rid of the bugs, so your job will be to just sit back and enjoy the ride."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Well, first I have some injections to make, and then I'll have some instructions for what to do when you go home. We'd like you to keep to a specific diet, and to keep on a work-out schedule. It shouldn't be too drastic a change from every day life. And I'll want you to keep a record of your own, mentioning any physical effects you may be feeling. You'll check in twice a day, every morning we'll be doing a full physical and moving to a new stage in the experiment. At any point you may quit, it says so in your contract."

"Well, okay, go for it."

Dr Coombs nodded and went over to the tray. "Roll up your sleeve." He said, pulling out a syringe with a yellowish liquid in it. "After this injection, I'll give you your diet and workout plan, and you're free to leave. I'll want to see you at 9 tomorrow morning." The doctor quickly injected Sam with the liquid. "Do you work, Sam?" "Uhm.... yes."

"I hope you have some time off coming?"

"Um, yes I do."

"Good. Take this week off. If that's a problem, we can cover any expenses and make up for any lost wages. Enjoy the week!" Sam stood and shook the doctor's hand. His arm stung a little, but otherwise he felt okay. Doctor Coombs handed him two sheets of paper, one with a strict diet, the other with a workout schedule. "If you don't have access to a gym, you can use the one here at the labs." He offered. "Thank you, doctor." And Sam went home.

Other than having a really good rest, Sam had no effects to report to the doctor. "And Sam, please call me Tim," he'd said after the check up and another injection of the yellow liquid. Sam was ordered to do his workout that day, and to be back at the lab that night. Sam decided on a gym across town that he'd seen ads for on tv. He'd never been much of an athlete, probably a part of never taking risks. He had to scrounge the bottom of his dresser drawer to find some gym shorts, and even as he put them on, he realised that he'd want to get some new ones if he bothered continuing working out after this experiment. He doubted that was a possibility as soon as he arrived at the gym. He had never felt so small, so.....wimpy. The locker room was filled with guys at various stages of "big", but all of them were bigger than Sam. He found a locker in an obscure corner and changed, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. He noticed one huge thug smirking at him as he left the locker room. Sam tried to smile back, but it turned into a nervous grimace. He wondered what the hell he was doing here.

Sam tried to follow the instructions as closely as possible, but he felt clumsy in the middle of all the heavy equipment. He had never given much thought to body building before, but he had never imagined that there could be so many machines intended only for working muscles. Despite his best efforts, Sam found he couldn't do about a third of the exercises, either because he wasn't sure what the machine was (it took him a full ten minutes to figure out what a "pec deck" was), or because once he discovered it, he had no clue as to how it was used. He spent almost two hours there, and half that time was spent scratching his head. Plus, the brute from the locker room kept looking at him. Sam tried to meet the huge man's stare, but his gaze fell before the man's icy blue eyes every time. Sam then tried to ignore the guy but found it was impossible to ignore 250 pounds of ape. Eventually, Sam gave up, and practically fled the gym, not even taking the time to shower. Maybe he would use the lab's gym from now on.

"How was your workout, Sam?"

"Um....well, alright, I guess. I had some trouble figuring out what everything was."

"Understandable. It's a completely different culture in a gym. If you'd feel more comfortable, try your next workout here. I know the layout of a gym, and I can show you around."

"Thanks. I think I'll do that."

"Alright, we'll schedule a time. Otherwise, any unusual effects or feelings?"

"Well, I did feel real energised part way through the workout. Once I got my muscles going, it felt good to work them. Afterwards, I felt good, but maybe a bit dizzy, and....uh..."

Tim saw Sam's embarrassment, and put his hand on the man's shoulder. "It's okay. I'm a scientist. You can tell me everything you felt in relation to this experiment."

"Well....I felt...sexually aroused-"


"Um....yeah, horny... for about two hours afterward. I...uh...dealt with it-"


"Um....yes, masturbation. Um, but it didn't change how I felt. I kept having to...uh...masturbate until the feeling wore off." "Well, that's nothing to worry about. On par with what we expected. Don't worry about a thing. That's about everything, Sam. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 9? And we'll plan a workout time then." "Sure thing."

Another physical and another injection. Sam was sore from his workout the day before, but he almost relished the feeling. It faded as soon as he started moving around, and by the time he arrived at the lab, it was almost completely gone, having retreated to become only an awareness of his muscles. He had to admit that the workout had felt good, and even though he was afraid he'd embarrass himself in front of Tim, he was anxious to have a real workout.

At the lab, he was surprised to see Tim wasn't wearing his usual lab coat.

"Your office clothes don't do you justice," Sam said, surprising himself. But it was true. Dressed as he was in spandex shorts and a muscle-shirt, Tim's body was impressive, he almost looked bigger than he had yesterday when draped in white. He would fit right in with the people at the gym Sam had been at. He wasn't huge, exactly, but he did have visible biceps and pecs that would stick out in an average-sized shirt. His back started out wide, which made his arms stick out the tiniest bit, and tapered to the waist, which must have only been 30 or 32 inches. The spandex seemed to enhance the appearance of his legs (and other things, but Sam tried to ignore that aspect of it), which were huge. Sam realised that Tim's muscle made him stand in a way that would make the average person look silly, but on Tim only accentuated his development. "I figured we could get into the workout after the injections," Tim smiled. "Is that okay with you?"


"Well, this body didn't come from a fortune cookie. I figure it would help you get oriented if I worked out with you. I'm familiar with the gym, and with the exercises you'll be doing. I'll spot you, and make sure your form is good. Also, this way you can ask any questions you like." "Um....I didn't bring my workout gear, though." "That's okay," Tim said, preparing the syringe. "There's always some spare stuff around. When you strip down for the physical I'll bring some stuff and you can check it out."

Sam winced when Tim injected him. "Okay." He answered.

Sam wondered if maybe there were some side-effects that Tim hadn't mentioned before about the compound they were injecting him with. He hadn't noticed it before, but thinking back, he was sure that every injection had left him a bit dizzy. He thought about asking Tim if it might be affecting his brain at all, especially since this latest dose was affecting him more, but then he remembered that Tim wouldn't be able to answer his question without risking the validity of the experiment. He decided that he wasn't really all that dizzy, his thoughts were just a bit fuzzy, and that he would make sure to mention it when making a report. If anything was harmful, he was sure Tim would stop the experiment. Besides, he could always leave if things went too far. Tim returned with a bundle of clothes, and lay them out before Sam. Sam was about to reach for some conventional gym shorts when he saw a pair of spandex. He debated briefly, oddly attracted to the idea of wearing those. He finally decided against them, realising that he'd look ridiculous standing next to Tim, and he didn't necessarily like the idea of his organs hanging out everywhere. After he was dressed, Tim led him through the labyrinth of corridors to the gym. Well-lit, the place was a technological marvel. A set of free weights lay to the side, but it was clear that the focus here was on machinery. Everything that Sam had seen at the other gym was here, and maybe a bit more. The machines were a shiny grey, clearly well taken care of. Tim walked in as if he belonged there. Sam wished for the scientist's confidence, but couldn't make himself feel it. "We'll work the major muscle groups first," Tim announced after a few warm ups, directing Sam over to a bench press machine. Sam lay down and Tim positioned himself at Sam's head to spot. Sam grunted as he lifted the weights, then lowered them to his chest. Tim counted up to eight as Sam worked, and then gave Sam a break while he gave it a go. Tim adjusted the weights, making them much heavier than Sam would have thought possible, and was barely breathing hard when he finished.

"Feels good, eh?" Tim asked after he'd finished.

Sam nodded. He had to admit that after only one set he liked how his chest and arms felt. They were harder with the pump, and it seemed like the next set went easier. After four sets, Sam felt a deep tingling in his chest and arms, but decided it was just fatigue. Still, it felt good. He felt like he needed to stretch, except that wasn't quite it. He found himself flexing the muscles, enjoying the almost erotic pleasure he felt. The rest of the workout went much the same way, Sam and Tim rotating sets, Tim always lifting what seemed to Sam to be superhuman weights. After every exercise had been done, Sam realised his whole body was tingling, that he kept flexing every muscle. He was so busy flexing that he barely even noticed when Tim left to get some towels. "Come on, let's shower," Tim said, throwing one of the towels to Sam. As they walked through a short hallway, Sam watched as Tim removed his shirt in a smooth motion. It was strange to watch the man walk with that muscled, rolling step. His butt muscles showed through the spandex, which actually seemed to accentuate the illusion of snakes writhing beneath the skin. Tim was like a smaller version of the big guy at the gym yesterday, Sam realised, except Tim didn't seem so intimidating. Sam was just kind of awed by the man's muscularity.

"I love working out," Tim was saying as he entered a large room with shower nozzles spaced along the walls. He stripped off his shorts, back still to Sam, as he walked across and turned on one of the nozzles. Sam took off his shorts and shirt as well, hoping that Tim wouldn't turn around. He felt nervous being naked this close to him. "I love the feeling in my muscles after I've worked them hard," Tim continued. Sam silently agreed. It did feel good. "I can almost feel strength flowing into them, I can almost feel them growing. I like to flex just after a workout, to feel the pump." Unconsciously, Sam began to flex his own muscles, relishing the feeling. They felt so big and full, he'd never felt this strong before. He barely noticed when Tim turned around, so engrossed was he in his own muscles. He didn't even realise he had a hard-on, until Tim pointed it out to him. "I get the same way," Tim said, gesturing to his own large - very large - member. Sam turned red, but couldn't take his eyes away from Tim's dick. It looked semi-hard, just barely rising out of Tim's dark thatch of pubic hair. It was cut, and even in this lazy state it was probably too thick to get his hand around it. Sam would have placed it at about 8 inches long, and it wasn't even fully hard yet. His own dick, however, was fully hard, and at a comparatively puny 6 inches, he felt really embarrassed. He wished that his dick was as big as Tim's, but instantly knew it could never be. That difference only accentuated how puny he felt as a whole next to Tim. Tim weighed maybe 220 pounds of muscle. Sam was only 160 at his last weigh-in. It was almost funny.

Sam finished up quickly, and couldn't wait to get back into his real clothes.

The next day, Sam found himself staring at his bathroom scale after his morning shower. It had to be wrong. The scale read 172 pounds. Looking in the mirror, Sam blinked. Maybe there -was- a difference, but he couldn't have gained 12 pounds in two days. But still, it was clear that he had gained some weight, and it seemed to be in all the right places. Instead of being skinny, he actually looked more athletic. His chest seemed to have filled out a little more, and he could actually see his biceps when he flexed them.

Briefly, he wondered what negative side-effects this might cause, but that was a secondary concern. Mainly, he felt excited at this. He posed in the mirror for a few minutes, realising that every time he flexed it was like . . . he couldn't explain it. It just felt good. And he liked how good he looked. It was amazing what ten pounds could do for a person's body-type. He started thinking about what he'd look like with another ten pounds, and decided it would be pretty hot. He wondered what Alice would think now, and realised that she would be turned on by this new Sam. Come to think of it, he was pretty turned on himself. He looked at his dick, hard as stone, and slowly wrapped his hand around it. It was like touching pure pleasure as he began to stroke, flexing and looking at himself in the mirror at the same time. His last rational thought was that he did, indeed, look mighty fine.

"Sorry I'm late," Sam apologised as he burst into the lab. "No problem," Tim smiled. "What happened?" Sam looked a little embarrassed as he explained: "I...uh...started beating off this morning, and I was so...uh, horny, that I...uh....couldn't stop." "That's perfectly natural. In addition to the injections, heavy exercise can promote hormones that make men sexually aroused." Tim explained as he injected Sam once again. "Ready for a workout?"

Sam was too embarrassed to shower with Tim afterwards, although he had felt strangely torn. His mind was filled with questions. He wanted to ask Tim what it felt like to have all that muscle, to be that strong. For Sam himself, the extra weight seemed so sexy. He realised that Tim was a pretty handsome guy, and he wondered if Tim had a lot of women looking at him. He even wanted to know what it felt like to have that massive meat between his legs.

These questions kind of scared Sam, though, and he thought it would be a better idea to go home. Besides, his head felt a little fuzzy after that workout, just as it had the day before, only stronger. He forgot to mention it again, but decided he'd do it that night. Oddly, he didn't mind the fuzzy feeling. If he closed his eyes, he could feel all of his muscles intensely, like he was hyper-aware. Everything tingled deeply, and he felt like he was floating when he closed his eyes. Also he was horny, very horny. As he left the lab, the only thing he could think about was how good that workout had felt, how sexy the extra weight made him feel. Half-way home his dick was out of his pants, and by the time he pulled into his driveway, he'd already come twice. He couldn't take his hand away from his cock long enough to leave, and sitting there he beat off three more times. Suddenly he started wondering if he'd put on more weight, more muscle, since the last workout. He pulled his pants up, not bothering to button them, and stumbled inside, his hand leaving his crotch only to open the front door.

He headed straight to the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. He looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the wall before stepping onto the scale. Maybe he was bigger. He flexed his arms, enjoying the feeling of his stimulated muscle. He thought he could see a change. In fact he was certain of it. His pecs looked swollen, and his back muscles flared, pushing his arms out a little. His whole stance was different. His dick throbbed, and he reached down to squeeze it, flexing his pecs in the process. He slowly stroked it as he stepped onto the scale. 192 pounds, it read.

The fuzziness in his head had increased. It took some time for the number to register, so he stood staring at it, lazily stroking his cock. He'd gained twenty pounds since last night? Was that possible? He looked up at his reflection again, watching his forearm flex as he stroked his swollen prick. He smiled, noticing how he could flex his abs, that the washboard stomach he'd only dreamed of was there.

He was glad he'd taken this risk, now, as all thoughts other than his muscle and sex were forced from his head. When all he could think about was stroking his prick, only then were his thoughts crystal clear.

"Where were you?" Tim wanted to know when Sam came into the lab the next morning.

"I'm sorry," Sam said. He was sorry, but only a little. He'd spent the entire day and most of the night beating off, even watching himself as he grew. It had been worth it. He was even looking forward to today's workout. "I...uh...forgot."

Sam expected Tim to be angry, but instead Tim had a small smile on his face. "I guess I'd be distracted, too, if my body had changed as much. You're really looking good, Sam."

Sam smiled, aware that Tim was speaking the truth. Still, it felt really good that Tim had noticed.

"But, look," Tim got serious. "We might endanger the results of this experiment if this happens again. I need to hear your nightly reports. Do you think this sort of thing might happen again?" Sam had to admit that yes, it could.

"Then I have a suggestion. How about you stay here for the duration of the experiment. I have a room set up for guests, and it might be more convenient anyway, instead of you making the journey here twice a day." As he spoke, Tim prepared the injection, moving closer to Sam. As he plunged the yellow liquid into Sam's arm, Sam was keenly aware of the warmth of Tim's body, so close. He was strangely thrilled when Tim slid between his body and the wall, his whole front making contact with Sam's back, to get to the door. Sam couldn't be sure, but he thought that maybe Tim's dick was hard.

That was maybe the strangest of all. Sam had never thought of how amazing it would be to get someone, anyone, excited. It was true that his changes made him horny to no end, but that his new body had the same effect on someone, especially someone as sexy and built as Tim, which just seemed to bring the whole experience home. Sam's dick grew slightly, reminding him of something else he had to tell Tim, but that could wait until after the workout.

His body tingled, each muscle crying in pleasure, as the pair finished with the gym and headed to the showers.

Sam followed Tim again, this time more in awe at the way his own form resembled Tim's. His arms rested at a different angle than they had before, pushed out by his flared back, and his steps had taken on a rolling gait so that his thighs could get around each other. In the shower, Sam lifted his face to the spray, feeling his biceps flex and grow as he brushed his hair back. Slowly, he let his hands roam down his water-slick body, feeling his pecs as they heaved with each breath. He gently squeezed his left nipple with his right hand, and then twisted it fiercely, gasping with pain and pleasure. The muscle beneath his flesh was rock-hard, his chest two massive slabs, where only a few days ago there'd been nothing but ribs.

As his right hand played with his nipple, his left dropped below his rib cage, moving up and down his abs, feeling each mound. He flexed, stretched, then flexed again, his whole body tingling with the pleasure and the feeling of this new muscle.

He was oblivious to everything as his right hand left his chest and slowly grasped and squeezed his hard dick. A lightning bolt of pleasure filled him at the contact, and slowly he began to stroke. His dick was longer, he was certain of that, and thicker. It pulled at his groin with more weight, such an incredible feeling that was brought home with every lengthened stroke. The idea of a bigger dick, the -reality- of it, was too much. It felt so sexy, and that with the new muscle, made him feel so masculine and powerful. He felt like there was nothing he couldn't do. The only thoughts in his mind were about how good this felt. His breathing and stroking sped up, as he realised that his whole body felt made for this, for the approaching orgasm. He felt like someone had injected pure sex into his body.

Suddenly, the pressure built. He grunted, trying to keep the moment as long as possible. It was heaven! He was swept away with each spasm as his dick sent come flying. He had to catch his breath, but even the aftermath felt sexy. The extra weight on his body and dick made him feel like a lumbering giant, a beast of raw sexual energy, sated for now, but he could feel the stirrings of arousal rising in him again already. He opened his eyes and saw Tim staring at him, his own hard dick in his hand. Sam felt like he should be embarrassed, but instead he was just fascinated as Tim stroked faster and faster, his massive chest heaving, his huge arms flexing, veins standing out in sharp relief. Tim closed his eyes and a grimace of pleasure filled his face as his dick jerked and Sam found himself splattered with the other man's come. Tim opened his eyes and grinned lustfully at Sam, walking toward him. Sam realised his dick was hard again, that he was as horny as he had been just after the workout, more horny. Tim reached over and caressed Sam's cockhead. After that, Sam was lost to sensation.

It wasn't until many hours later, after waking up next to the muscled scientist in a bed somewhere in the lab, that Sam began to have doubts. He had vague memories after the pair had left the shower, but it was almost like he had been drunk on sex. He remembered the pair going back to the gym, and Tim producing another syringe filled with that yellowish liquid, and injecting both of them with it. Then what followed, from what he could piece together, was something between a heavy workout and non-stop sex.

What was happening to him? Even now he felt vaguely sexy, like the idea of having sex was always at the back of his mind. It was almost frightening how he thought that if he even for a second focused on sex, or his muscles or dick, he'd get hard and need to beat off. That even bothered him more than the idea of becoming gay. He tried to think of Alice in a sexual way, but he just couldn't make himself care. Images of Tim, and of his own added muscle, kept appearing. Sam rolled out of bed, leaving the sleeping Tim. He had needed to piss, but that feeling suddenly vanished when he stood up. He felt different, heavier again. His dick hung much lower than he was used to, swinging lazily against his thigh, maybe as long as his hard-on used to be. His balls felt heavier, too. The whole feeling began to make his dick fill with blood again, and almost unconsciously he held it in his right hand, absent-mindedly fondling his nipple with the other as he looked around for a bathroom.

He found one, and stood looking at himself in the mirror, barely recognising himself. His muscles had grown larger, his dick, too, but there was more. His face was framed by dark stubble that shouldn't have been there, and his skin seemed slightly darker, like he had spent a couple days in the sun. Maybe his face had changed shape as well, his jawline becoming more squared, his lips slightly fuller. There was a scale in the bathroom, and he stood on it, watching the digital display with amazement. 225 pounds. It was too much. Only a few days and he had gained over 60 pounds. The weight looked so good on him, felt so good, it was unreal. He flexed at his reflection, doing a most-muscular pose, feeling the strength in his new bulk, awed by the striations he could see. His dick was hard again, it's weight pulling it parallel to the floor. He held it against his body, amazed that he had a dick that reached up past his navel by a couple inches. He was horny again, but he tried to fight the urge to jack off. He realised that he was more turned on by his body, by the maleness, the masculinity, than he had ever been by anything in his life. He knew that if he started jacking off, it might start a chain reaction, he'd never let go of his dick. Even as he was thinking this, his hand began to lazily stroke his heavy cock, every touch like paradise. His fears faded into the sensuality of it. He had never dreamed he could want to be this big, bigger, but he did now. He felt sexy.

A touch on his shoulder interrupted him, and he turned to see Tim. The scientist looked bigger, Sam realised, remembering that Tim had taken some of the injection as well. The muscle looked good on him, and where Sam might have been embarrassed by Tim's huge, swollen cock, now the scientist's hard-on just made him more excited. Everything excited him: the scientist's flesh had darkened somewhat, but otherwise there weren't as many cosmetic changes, just more muscle. His lats spread out like wings, even while he was relaxed, his arms were huge, thicker than Sam's legs had been before the experiment. His pecs, lightly dusted with dark fur and highlighted by large, dark nipples, looked good enough to eat. Was Sam really thinking all this?

"I need to show you something," Tim said. There was lust in his voice, but more evident was an urgency. Sam wanted to show Tim lots of things, but he saw the concern in his eyes, and followed the man out of the bedroom, down a hallway and into the small room where he had had his first injection.

It looked the same as always, if maybe a little more cramped. Even the tray with the yellow drug and syringe lay on the table. Sam sat down, enjoying the feel of the seat against his naked, full, muscular ass. It was like sitting on a cushion of muscle. His dick was still hard, and he lazily gripped it, like it was the most natural thing in the world, and in a way it was. He felt like his dick had always been meant to be touched, stroked, fondled.

Tim pressed a button on the wall and a part of the wall across from Sam slid open to reveal a television and VCR. Tim pressed PLAY, and sat back. "Like I said before, you aren't the first person to undergo this experiment," As he spoke, an image of Tim, fully clothed in his lab coat, but for some reason looking slightly smaller, and another, thinner man wearing street clothes, appeared on the screen. The Tim on the tv seemed to be addressing the camera, but the sound was off. The Tim sitting next to Sam narrated. "That was Harold Bellefontaine, one of the first. That was just before his first injection."

The camera cut to another view of the man, lying on a bench, pressing some heavy-looking weights. He looked much bigger than he had at first, but it was clearly he.

"He advanced very quickly. This shot was taken two days after the first injection. But there were side-effects. Some were okay, perhaps even beneficial. He experienced more self-confidence, for one thing. In fact by day 4 he had registered into a body-building competition." The scene changed again, to a more grainier-looking film. Several men stood along a raised platform, all of them very muscular and wearing posing briefs. Sam could make out a much-larger Harold, bigger than even the largest guy there, standing at the edge. His face looked like he was involved in some sort of inner struggle, sweat rolled down his face, his hands were clenched into fists. Sam noticed with surprise that the head of his not-insignificant dick, was poking out of the briefs, getting larger and harder by the second.

"He'd been consciously suppressing some of the side-effects since the beginning of the experiment, but the whole competition was too much," Tim said. As he spoke, something inside Harold seemed to snap. Sam watched in amazement as the muscle-man suddenly grabbed his dick, and walked over to the next body-builder next to him. He grabbed the man as if he were a child and ripped down his trunks. Turning the man around, he forcibly raped him. Sam was horrified, but his hand started stroking his dick faster. The image of two muscle men fucking was too much for him. To his horror, he ejaculated, and it felt wonderful. He only felt a little shame when he looked at Tim's resigned face.

"The drug messes with your brain," Tim explained as he shut off the television. "It makes you more sexually aroused, and even changes your sexuality. We thought we'd worked the bugs out, and I'd even been trying it on myself with small doses. Last night I went too far, I injected the same dose as you were getting into myself." Sam listened carefully. It all fit in with his own feelings, his own experiences. He knew that the idea of something changing who he was should terrify him, but it didn't. He liked what he was becoming, he realised. How could he not? He was becoming pure sex, pure muscle, pure masculinity. It was the biggest high he could imagine. "The problem is that it's addictive. Harold felt no remorse, he felt almost nothing at all, in fact. All he wanted was to get bigger, to have sex. I managed to make a place for him, to give him one final dose. At the time, I didn't understand, but now, Sam, I know what he was feeling." Tim's dick was hard, pointing straight at the syringe. Sam looked, and realised that he wanted more as well. "I shouldn't have taken such a large dose, but I did, and now, half my thoughts are about sex, and getting bigger. I want to ask you to take a risk with me Sam." Tim picked up the syringe, and stuck it into his own arm, looking at Sam the whole time. He filled it again and then said, "This dose is the point of no return, Sam. We can go to the place where Harold is, join him. I've made arrangements with a colleague, Dr. Armistead, to take care of us." Tim injected Sam, pushing the plunger all the way down. Almost immediately, Sam felt the effects. His muscles began to tingle, and he flexed them. He could feel them literally growing. Tim was standing so close, his huge dick waving at Sam's now-massive chest. He reached up and grabbed it, and Tim dropped the empty syringe to the floor, gasping in pleasure. Tim reached down and grabbed Sam's shoulders, lifting one massive leg so that he was sitting on his lap, face-to-face, dick-to-dick.

Sam's mind filled with images of men, and sex, and muscle, and dicks. Huge, thick dicks or all shapes, well-formed pecs and huge biceps, asses made of rock, with holes so tight. Fantasies filled his mind, just as muscle filled his body. At times, he managed to stop and look at himself, see how his arms had grown, how when he flexed it looked like muscle on top of muscle. He felt like pure energy had filled him, pure sexual energy. He came and came, but it never once touched how horny he felt. Each time was better than the last, and each time he craved more. Everything vanished into oblivion as his world became pure sex.

Doctor Armistead lead the pair to their new home, a massive complex built beneath the labs. Harold would have company. Tim had expected that dose to be his last, but Armistead gave him and Sam one more. He gave Harold one, too, although he didn't need it. Tim had been na´ve in thinking that the secret formula had left with him. Armistead had managed to get ahold of all his files. He was glad that even small doses of the drug could interfere with judgement, enough so that it had been easy to convince Tim to let Armistead "take care" of him. Now Armistead had three muscle-men who would jump at the chance to do anything sexual, and he had the science to make more.

He laughed to himself as he planned how he was going to create his new muscled army. •

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