Bill's Education


By LenZelig

My name is Bill Foster. I wanted to go to Berkeley, not only because it was the best university in California, but also because it was near San Francisco. I knew I was gay but I kept a low profile in my Midwest home town. Here I wouldn't have to hide.

Everything started off great when I met my roommate. He was Earl Greene, a six foot black stud. He had participated basketball, football and track at his high school in Southern California, but recognized that his chances of a pro sports career were pretty small and hit the books hard enough to win an academic scholarship. But, I wasn't as impressed by his mind as his body. I thought I was an OK looking guy, 5'10'' with well defined muscles from swimming, on which I was varsity in high school. Earl, however, was really built. At least 50 pounds heavier than my 160 and it was all muscle. I wanted to rub my hands over his smooth chocolate skin, suck the brown tits on his bulging pecs and lick his thick lips. But his most impressive feature was his cock which I glimpsed as he was preparing for bed that first night. It was thick and longer than my seven inch hard member while still soft.

As I lay in bed that first night in the dorm, I knew I'd go crazy if I couldn't find a way to make it with him. But, I had never actually had sex before, just my fantasies and trusty right hand. How could I approach him? Is he even interested in man to man sex? Would he kill me if he knows I'm gay? With these questions running round my mind I fell into a troubled sleep.

"Wake up, Bill. Time to get ready for registration," said Earl nudging my shoulder. When I opened my eyes I saw him standing next to me in the morning light. He was magnificent. My gaze was instantly drawn to his cock, which was hard and sticking out a couple inches below the leg of his boxer shorts, pulling the fabric away from his thigh as it tried to rise. He must have noticed because he said, "Oh, sorry. It gets like that if I don't take care of it a few times a day. ... You seem interested. Would you like to help out?"

I couldn't believe my luck. I think I nodded because he stepped out of his boxers. His dick poked out horizontal from his torso. It must have been at least ten inches and much thicker than mine which had hardened in my briefs in anticipation. He got on the bed, straddled my chest and pushed the tip of his dick to my lips. The foreskin was partially withdrawn, showing the brownish red head. I licked it with my tongue. It tasted a bit salty. With a hand behind my head he pushed me down on it. I opened my lips and allowed the head to slip in, licking the fleshy tube as it slid deeper.

About halfway it hit the back of my throat and I couldn't take any more without gagging. I went to work on it as Earl pushed it in and out of my straining mouth in a slow fuck motion. I felt him responding to my efforts as his dick got even longer and harder. His moans told me I was doing things right. I tried again to take more of him, but I couldn't get his thick pole down my throat without choking.

Earl pulled out, his dick snapping straight up to slap against his abs, and said, "If you want all of this you're going to have to take it up your ass."

"I need it. I want it, but, please, take it easy. I've never had anyone before," I replied.

"Just leave that virgin butt to me. By tomorrow your ass and my dick will fit together like a lock and key. But first, a little protection," he said getting up to grab a condom and a bottle from his desk. "Here, roll this on me," he ordered. I sat up on the bed and smoothed the latex over his mighty shaft, examining each bump and vein. When the condom was on, Earl stripped off my upper sheet and rolled me to my back. Then he removed my briefs. My freed dick flopped up to my belly. Earl got on the bed, slid between my legs and raised them to his muscular shoulders. He poured some of the fluid on my ass. I shook involuntarily as the cool liquid touched my ass hole. He put some on his hands and rubbed the excess off on his sheathed dick.

"Try to relax," he suggested. With one hand he began a slow stroke on my dick while I felt one of his fingers massage my ass ring. His manipulations started sending waves of pleasure radiating through my body. I snapped back to reality when he inserted a finger. My ass clamped down on the intruder. "Easy," he encouraged, keeping his finger motionless inside me. Gradually I relaxed and he started to probe, loosening and lubricating my passage. He added a second finger and the stimulation from dick and ass really started to build. He touched something up inside me that triggered my orgasm. My first load shot clear over my head.

Covered in sweat and cum, I was so exhausted from my just spent passion that I didn't notice when he inserted a third finger, but when he pushed the tip of his monster shaft up to the gate, the anxiety and anticipation returned. "Don't worry. I'll take it easy at first," he assured me. I didn't say anything, but just looked up at his face. He smiled at me, his white teeth contrasting with his dark skin.

As he pulled his fingers out, he slipped the head of his dick in. It was much bigger than even three fingers, so he only got in part way before my ass ring contracted against it. He pushed into me with steady pressure as I tried to relax. He began to stroke my soft dick which started to come alive again. The pleasure built and induced little spasms in my ass hole. With each twitch of my bottom a bit more of him would ease in. Finally, with a quick stab, he pushed the last of the head into me as I gave a gasp in surprise.

He left it motionless for a minute to allow me to get used to it. In my nineteen years, I have never been stretched so wide.

He resumed his entry, pushing deeper inside me. I felt him opening me up, claiming my ass as his own. Occasionally I'd wince as the rearrangement of my guts would cause a flash of pain. He would stop, pull out a bit and let me adjust before moving inward again.

He pushed across that spot inside that triggered me before. I let out a moan of joy and my dick twitched in his grasp as the pleasurable feelings from my ass and groin overcame my senses. With a smooth stroke he slid the rest in, as inch after inch of shaft rubbed past my most sensitive spot. At last I felt his wiry pubic hair push against my ass cheeks. He was in.

"That wasn't so bad, was it? Although you're the tightest ass I've ever had."

I couldn't believe he had gotten that monster in me. I loved it. "Fuck me. Show how a real stud treats a lover," I challenged him. He didn't wait a second before starting to power his tool through my body.

He leaned forward, placing his hands by my shoulders and bending me double with my legs on my chest and ass in the air. Looking down my body I could see his dark shaft spearing my white ass. The feelings of him moving through me were like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was intense.

As I stroked my dick in time with his thrusts, the pleasure mounted. We were both panting from the exertion and moaning from sexual frenzy. In the midst of this I remember watching his body and being impressed by the grace and power of his muscles as they worked above me. His smooth brown skin was taut and glistened with sweat, some of which would drip off of the points of his pecs onto me.

I felt my orgasm building like a slowly erupting volcano. It seemed to start in my ass which spasmed wildly against Earl's thick pole that had claimed its territory in the center of my body. I could feel that tremendous shaft shove in for a final thrust and begin to throb. My balls drew tight to my body and began to pump their load. I threw my hands up and grabbed Earl's arms by their bulging biceps. As I started to unload, I arched my back pressing my dick into Earl's defined abdominals. I thought I could feel him filling the condom deep within me.

It seemed to go on forever. Finally I was spent and collapsed back to the bed. My cum coated his chest and stomach. Earl lowered his body over me and kissed me on the lips. His tongue pushed into me to claim my mouth as completely as he owned my ass. Our bodies slid over each other lubricated by our sweat and my cum.

After several minutes he broke our kiss and pushed back to his knees. "You seemed to enjoy that," he said easing his softening dick from my ass. "You did real well for a virgin. Lots of experienced studs can't take all this," he said as the head pulled clear.

I looked at him in awe, this man that had indoctrinated me into the joys of man sex. I didn't know what to say. Then, as a new feeling overcame me, I forgot all about talk and jumped off the bed and ran for the bathroom. Just as I sat down on the toilet, my bowels released the shit stirred loose from our fucking.

Earl sauntered in, turning the condom inside out as he pealed it from his dick. He scraped off his cum with two fingers and, as he discarded the used rubber in the bowl between my legs, he pushed his fingers into my mouth for me to clean. I liked his taste.

Earl then faced me, straddled my thighs and sat down. His dick slid between my legs as his thick shaft nestled alongside mine. He then released his stream of morning piss. As he continued to flow he pulled my face to his pecs and I licked his tit. When the flow stopped, he knocked off the last few drops against my prick and stood up. "How 'bout a shower," he offered, reaching for another condom pack.

I got up, wiped off and followed him into the stall shower. It was a tight squeeze with both of us in there, but I certainly had no complaints. After adjusting the water, Earl turned me around so his soft dick rested along my crack and started to soap me up with one hand while the other held my body against his. He didn't miss a spot. He even shoved a couple soapy fingers up in me to get my insides as clean as my outside. When he finished he turned me around and handed me the soap. My dick was so stiff it poked into his pubic bush.

I cleaned Earl with the same care he showed me. It gave me a great chance to explore his wonderful body. He was a few inches taller than I, a bit over 6 foot. While not a competitive bodybuilder, he had great development and the smoothest, naturally hairless, skin I'd ever seen. A thick neck which flared to broad shoulders, 18 inch arms, wide lats and a thick chest with muscular pecs which tapered to a very small waist in a dramatic vee shape were part of the package. His abdominals were clearly defined. A firm round butt stood above powerful legs. Each thigh flared to almost the thickness of his waist. And between those thighs hung that impressive uncut cock and plum sized balls.

I soaped it up thoroughly, examining the veins that crossed its surface. It responded to my touch by growing in my hands. Earl showed me how to clean under the foreskin. Since I'm cut, I was fascinated by it. He let me try cleaning him. It wasn't easy because as my fingers probed the tip of his dick, he stiffened quickly and there wasn't much room to slip beneath the retracting fold of skin.

After a few minutes playing with his now fully hard manhood, he pushed me back and said, "You seem to have given me another problem. Are you ready to help me solve it?"

I looked up into his eyes expectantly as he reached for the rubber. After he sheathed his tool he turned me around, split my legs by sliding one of his huge thighs between them and pushed me forward to lean on the wall of the shower stall.

I felt him step behind me. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him until my hole was against his cock. He shoved it inside. I was amazed at how smoothly he entered me. My ass almost welcomed this now familiar guest home. Soon I was in heaven and, from his moans, so was Earl.

I concentrated on squeezing my ass as he withdrew his long shaft. I could feel the silky friction as, inch after inch, it slipped from my ass. On the in stroke, I relaxed, feeling the erotic pressure as he refilled my guts, expanding them to accommodate his massive presence. It was great. The pleasure built and built. When I felt him shove in for a last thrust and start to throb within me, I shot off too without even touching my own dick.

After a bit, the passion ebbed. I felt him growing soft within me but we stayed still, catching our breath. He leaned over my shoulder and I turned my head meeting him in an after sex kiss. At last we broke and he slipped from me.

I turned around and removed the condom, inverting it like he did as I pealed it off him. When I got it off, I just stuck the end between my lips and sucked out his juices. he looked at me with disbelief as he turned off the water and guided me out of the shower.

While we were drying each other he said, "Your ass is mine now. When I need you, you'll be ready and willing." There was nothing I wanted more.

We registered for classes that day and were able to get several together. Freshman orientation went smoothly now that I had my sexual orientation. Earl needed me over lunch, after our afternoon run, after dinner and twice before bed. When I fell to sleep after my first day at college I was one satisfied boy.

"Wake up, Bill," said Earl nudging my shoulder. I squeezed my ass muscles against his buried dick to acknowledge I was awake. He rolled me onto my belly as he positioned himself between my legs and began a slow morning fuck. I looked forward to another great day. •

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