Alpha Male


By Josef Howard


While I had been making love with Replay, during the scene in my apartment the night before I came to inhabit AlphaMale's body, I remembered what had been going through AlphaMale's mind the night I came to inhabit his body. And that was the clue.

I sent both Carol and Stewart home, as much as I wanted Stewart to stay, especially since, if my hunch was right, our time together might be coming to an end. But I needed to be alone to do my research.

The next morning I met Carol, Stewart and Pierce at SPEAR headquarters.

"Several weeks ago, all of you lost a dear friend, Gordon Miller. One morning the spirit of Gordon Miller, changed places with my spirit, the spirit of Andy Debiase. While Gordon's body remains here with you, and all of his memories are still intact, the essence of Gordon, his personality and emotions, is gone.

"It's quite a spectacular event, even on a planet like this one, where rock goblins animate concrete, secret serums imbue men with tremendous strength, and all manner of men fly unaided through the skies. It is such a spectacular event, especially when it happens to someone close to you, that you can perhaps be excused for not noticing a salient fact about that night that would have explained exactly what happened."

"What do you mean?" Carol asked.

"I'm sorry, Carol. You could be excused for not knowing this, but Stewart and Pierce should have spotted it. I would have, based on knowledge inside Gordon's head, if I hadn't been so disoriented from the ordeal. The night I came to inhabit Gordon's body was the night of a Blue Moon."

"Aeiea!" Stewart exclaimed.

"Exactly," I said.

"Aye yie yie?" Carol tried to mimic.

"No, Aeiea." Pierce explained. "A mythological American Indian imp that manifests himself only during a Blue Moon and fulfills stray wishes. But what are you saying, Andy? That Aeiea somehow picked up on a wish you had to be a super-hero?"

"No, Aeiea doesn't exist where I come from. I'm not saying his powers couldn't affect me from your world, but I'm here because of what Gordon was thinking the night we changed places. He and Stewart were watching television that night. He was thinking about Stewart's feelings for him, trying to fathom how a man could love another man, wishing he could understand those feelings. At the same time he was considering what it would be like to be an ordinary man, like the ones he was watching on television."

"But why wouldn't a-e-i-o-u just take away his powers and make him gay. Why did he send him to some other dimension? And why did he put you in Gordon's body?" Carol asked.

"Aieia doesn't work that way, Carol," Stewart answered. "He always grants wishes in a balanced way. He never takes anything away that he doesn't give to someone else who wants it badly."

"Where does this leave us?" Carol asked. "What good does it do to know this? Can we call this character up? I mean, he made a mistake. No offense, Andy and Stewart, but Gordon couldn't possibly have really wanted to be gay."

Memories of all the pleasure I had shared with Stewart, Pierce, OmegaMan and others rushed into my head. If Gordon had been along for the ride his body had taken during the last few weeks it was hard for me to imagine he'd ever give up sex with men. Nonetheless for the first time I wondered how Gordon was coping in my world. Was he enjoying the simple pleasures of ordinary manhood? Had he learned to understand erotic love between men?

"Aeiea won't even exist again until the next Blue Moon, and that's years away," I said.

Pierce was rubbing that magnificent stubbly square jaw of his. "But SPEAR scientists might be able to do something. Maybe there is some residue of aieia's energy in your body that could be amplified or synthesized," Pierce said.

And so began the swirl of scientific activity that surrounded me in the days that followed. A team of at least thirty scientists was assembled in the underground facility. I lost count because eventually I was unable to tell them apart from each other. They kept me there day and night, sticking me with needles, scanning me, examining every inch of my body. They worked in shifts. Sometimes there were several of them, sometimes only one.

On a quiet night when the facility was all but deserted, one of them met with success. He was the friendliest of team, a tall, thin man with reddish hair and freckles that was thoroughly enchanted with me. He always found a reason to keep me nude while he worked. I doubted it was necessary, but enjoyed giving him harmless entertainment. The intimacy of our game gave me courage to ask his name. "Dr. Langhoff," he told me. It sounded Norwegian to me.

Under an infrared light we both noticed my skin on my abdomen glowed light green. Dr Langhoff pointed an instrument that looked like a microphone at the glow and read some instruments.

"I'm registering some sort of energy. It's so slight we must have confused it with body heat before, but it's signature is distinctly different than body heat."

Although I shouldn't have, I passed my hand over it. I mean, what if it really were the residual energy that made me switch places with Gordon and touching it made it dissipate? I would have ruined everything. But the greenish glow remained and I didn't feel a thing.

Perhaps my layman's approach gave Dr. Langhoff the same idea, or perhaps touching it was a natural part of examining it, but when Dr. Langhoff touched my abs the results were quite different. A flash of light lit up the dim room, and I swore I heard thunder, even though we were twenty stories underground. I heard fabric shred and a belt buckle fall to the hard concrete floor. Standing in Dr. Langhoff's place was a magnificent red-haired god, as naked as I was, except for a heavy iron mallet in his right hand. My Norwegian scientist had become a Norse god!

"Odin's beard!" He exclaimed at his transformation. "I think we've found what we are looking for. The greenish light appears to be residual energy from the phenomenon that brought you to our world."

"And it is apparently still quite potent," I said, staring at his broad, thick chest, which was covered in reddish hair. The sight of him had my fuck pole sticking straight out at him, and Langhoff's nakedness revealed just as frantic an erection jutting from his groin, a magnificent pale white pole etched in thick, purplish veins. His muscularity was unbelievable, truly worthy of a god. The fantastic fullness of his biceps, triceps and shoulders defied the physical limits of mortality, yet without seeming excessive. Even in repose, his elbows were pushed out from his sides by his thickly arched lats, which were fused to a stack of abdominals so deeply rounded and defined they looked pasted on.

I dropped to my knees. Avoiding momentarily the erect club of his dick, I buried my stumbled face in his groin. I rubbed my nose in his tightly packed scrotum, between his grapefruit sized nuts, deeply inhaling the intoxicating aroma of his spunk. I slurped at the wrinkled skin, peppered with fine blond hair, and worshiped that immense vein at the base of his dick that pumped oceans of blood inside his already hyper extended cock. My tongue wiggled back between his thighs. As it reached his anus, an electrical charge jolted my body. The muscles all over my densely packed physique tensed and swelled like balloons, and cum shot from my cock. It drenched my chest, my thighs and my chin. I felt hot viscous fluid splatter on my broad back, and thought for a minute I had fired so high that I had splattered there too. Then another more voluminous volley landed in the same place and I knew my thunder god had cum. I felt his giant hands near my head, at the base of his dick. I leaned back and engulfed the head of his prick to drink the remainder of his load.

There was another man in the room now, another scientist, with enormously wide eyes and a very red face. He was trying to ignore what we were doing while his fingers tapped keys and he studied the displays in front of him.

"I see you've found it," he said to Thor, nee' Langhoff, who was still shooting thick hot cum into my thirsty throat. "Now to try amplifying it."

The door behind him opened. Pierce rushed in, followed by Stewart and Carol. Word travels fast. All three looked a little hurt seeing me in my present position, but I imagined Pierce and Stewart were aroused as well.

"What do we have, Cotsworth?" Pierce asked. "Langhoff found it and was engulfed by it. I'm trying to amplify it more, and to maintain its strength until we can find out a way to sustain it. I still have no idea

how to use the stuff, although I hazard to say Langhoff has already made limited use of it."

Pierce, Stewart and Carol stood behind Cotsworth and looked over his shoulder.

I slipped my lips from around Langhoff's cock and stood up. His eyes were still clenched, his fists were still squeezing dribbles from his dick. I put my hands on his shoulders and locked them behind his thick neck under this long blond hair. His eyes opened. He stared, confused by the intensity of his orgasm, not certain where or who he was any longer. I laid my lips on his drop jawed mouth and kissed him. His eyes closed. He kissed me back and centered on our joined mouths.

"I've got a lock on it. It's not a wave or particle energy. I've found a way to augment it, but I'm not sure how to control it." Cotsworth said. He drew his index finger from left to right across the control panel and the whole room was enveloped in greenish light that washed the shadows from everything.

My sensation of time fragmented. Each instant felt like it belonged to a separate epoch. I found it hard to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. I looked at Pierce and he was youthful, a naked lad of no more than twenty, but still built like he was laid out of bricks. My eyes focused on Cotsworth. He looked two hundred years old, but he was grinning from ear to withered ear, apparently pleased at something. I felt a hand on my thick traps and a blunt dick between my ass cheeks. I twisted my head around. It was Stewart, with his pants down to his ankles and his chest bare, intent on burying his dick deep in my ass to reclaim my body. Pierce nudged Langhoff from in front of me and positioned my face in front of his horny young prick, so hard it strained at his skin and oozed precum from the wide slit. Suddenly he was as deep in my throat as Stewart was in my ass. And just as suddenly I felt Stewart, Pierce, Langhoff, and Cotsworth and Carol all inside my head.

I heard Cotsworth's glee at being granted the wisdom of the ages, at finally understanding everything. I heard Stewart's jealous wish to possess me so completely I could concentrate on no one else and I understood why I was almost unaware Pierce's monster cock down my throat, but completely into the cock up my butt. I heard Pierce's wish to be forty years younger, a desire I had imagined since we first fucked after I arrived on this world. I heard Carol's wish to understand what it was we all felt about each other and realized why she had suddenly become telepathic. I heard Langhoff's animal grunt as he pushed his divine truncheon into Pierce's newly virgin ass - but that I could have heard without the both of them in my head, they both shouted so loudly. Cotsworth had increased the volume of aieiea energy enough to envelop the room!

Then I heard another voice, familiar but unknown to me. It was Gordon! Carol had patched him into our consciousness!

"Gordon! It's Andy!"

"Andy! Are you all right? I was afraid one of my enemies might have hurt you."

"No, I'm fine! You're friends have all taken fantastic care of me!" I could feel his reaction to the sensations we all shared of Stewart's ass-straining thrusts. I knew he was aware of some of what had gone on in his absence. "This is one hell of a body you own! I confess I have taken some liberties with it." Just then, Stewart poured his first load of cum up my guts. My dick swelled in sympathy and squirted on the floor. "I'm afraid I've ignored Carol. Worse yet, I told her your secret."

"Don't worry about any of it. Whatever you did, I'm sure it was the right thing. Sometimes it takes a stranger's perspective to see what's wrong in a life." Andy caught glimpses of Gordon's life as Andy through the words in his sentence. A male lover, renewed enthusiasm for a tedious job, a warm glow of contentment with an ordinary life.

"Listen, Gordon. We are all working on a way to get you back here where you belong," Carol said, but Andy could feel her choking at Gordon's love of the man he had found on Andy's world.

"Carol, please forgive me, but I don't want to go back. You know that I love you and miss you. I miss you all, but I have never been happier. I have fallen in love with someone, a man. I understand now how Stewart and Pierce felt for me. Stewart and Pierce, I apologize for ignoring you all those years. Emotionally I must have wanted the love of a man all along, but my biology held me back. Carol, no matter how much we love each other, I could never have given you a fulfilling relationship. My career as AlphaMale, my duties and my celebrity would always have stood in the way."

I could hear Carol's heavy sobs audibly and psychically, but I could feel her reluctant agreement.

"Goodbye, Carol. I'll love you forever, wherever I am. Find someone who can love you the way you deserve."

Carol covered her face and ran into the hall.

Suddenly we were each alone in our separate consciousness', however well linked Pierce, Langhoff, Stewart and I were physically.

Before I could even groan, the young Mr. Pierce released a volley of semen down my gullet, keeping my throat busy with swallowing. It hadn't taken much stimulation from me. He had the magnificent cock of a Norse thunder god hammering into his guts. Just then, we were all jolted by Thor's sexual electricity, which shot through the sexual circuit of our connected bodies. Pierce's cumming quickened and become as enthusiastic as the first shot. Stewart swelled like a stretched balloon and stiffened like a steel pipe up my ass. Hot cum squirted inside me and dribbled back out on his retreat strokes. Whether it was Norse sexual voodoo or my sympathetic orgiastic link with my dark, mammoth lover, my prick began to tense and hose down the lab floor again.

Our convulsions ceased. We drew away from each other one by one. Stewart kissed me passionately on the lips. Pierce hugged me. Langhoff enveloped us all the arms of a god and blessed us all with his divine affection.

I wondered about Carol. The memories of her stored in Gordon's brain kept me concerned for her welfare. Had she mended even a little since the revelation that Gordon wasn't coming home?

Had she remained psychic? Cotsworth was still a wizened old man. Pierce was still a dazzling, horny youth. Langhoff was still a Norse thunder god. The only effect of that last brilliant bout of aieia energy that seemed to have faded was Stewart's wish that I be unable to concentrate on any other men than him.

Perhaps there were some things, like the sex drive in Gordon's incredible body, that even aieia's reality warping energy couldn't permanently change. •

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