Alpha Male


By Josef Howard


Stewart and I became inseparable, and I mean that in a very physical sense. The longer I inhabited Gordon (AlphaMale) Miller's body, the more Stewart and I acted on the intense physical attraction between us. We were two superbly sexed men who never wore out. We found ourselves having sex every minute we were alone together.

Stewart had his own apartment, but after that first day of mutual discovery he rarely went back there. We each had complete lives outside of our super hero identities; we had friends and relatives we kept in contact with; I had Carol; Stewart had avoided close sexual relationships because of his unrequited love for me, but he still had a string of close friends; however neither of us spoke much to other people anymore.

Luckily, as special agents of SPEAR, we didn't need regular jobs-we could live on the modest stipend the government gave us-or we would have been fired for job desertion.

When the doorbell rang, I had Stewart splayed out on the kitchen table. He was on his stomach, arching his butt up into my hard dick. I had one hand around the top of his scrotum and the other stroking his cock. We'd come to the kitchen to make lunch, but then Stewart distracted me by rubbing some mayonnaise into my nipple. Before long I was lubricating my prick with it and the cold cuts and sliced bread were swept to the floor.

The doorbell rang several more times, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop fucking. Stewart probably didn't even hear it. His eyes had that blank stare he got whenever we fucked. Even I didn't hear the tumblers turning, or the living room door opening, or the footsteps into the kitchen.

When I looked up from Stewart's sweet hard butt cheeks and the sight of my huge dick pushing and tugging on the lips of his ass, I saw Carol standing in the doorway. Her eyes were wide. She held her hand to her mouth.

"Oh, my God!"

I suppose she expected me to stop and acknowledge her. Other guys disengage and cover themselves in shame when they are caught the way we were caught, even if they aren't ashamed of being gay, just shy about their privacy. It's true I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew this woman was the love of Gordon's life-Gordon, the man who owned this magnificent body-I was just a stand-in-but the feeling all along my enormous prick was so delicious it blew away every other thought.

After a minute she disappeared.

I must have slowed my pile drive into Stewart's ass just a bit, because he gathered enough of his wits to twist his head back and look at me. He hadn't even been aware of Carol. He smiled and clenched his ass muscles. I moaned. There was no doubt in my mind that for me-Andy/Gordon- this man, Stewart, was the most important person on the planet. For the eighth time that day, I groaned and emptied my jism inside of him. In my passion I beat his meat harder and he poured his cum on the table.

He smiled up at me.

"I never knew you cared that much for mayonnaise," he said.

"Not to eat. Only on me." I said. "I'll go get a towel." I eased myself outside of him. My dick was still super sensitive and very hard. It popped up to my stomach. I headed to the linen closet in the hall. Carol was sitting on the couch in the living room. Our expressionless eyes met as I walked through the living room. I wrapped one towel around my waist and took the other to Stewart. I wiped the pool of cum from his stomach, the stream pouring down his side to the table and the pools on the table as well. Then I motioned over my shoulder toward the living room.

"We have company," I told Stewart.

I adjusted the towel around my waist and walked back out to talk to her.

"So what's up?" she said as I breached the doorway. "We haven't seen each other in weeks, and you hardly talk to me when I call. That's why I came to see you in person."

I sat down on the chair next to the couch. Although Gordon had asked this woman to marry him three years ago, he still hadn't told her about the double life he led. Having compartmentalized his life for decades, excluding Carol from his super heroic activities seemed natural to him, but in my other life as Andy Debiase I'd been "out" since I was fourteen. I neither wanted nor even remembered how to hide my identity. "Carol, I haven't been completely honest with you."

"What do you mean?"

"I have been leading two lives," I said. "I'm AlphaMale."

"Big surprise! Did you think I was blind? There isn't another man on the planet with a physique like yours except for a few of those super-villains you put down. A hood couldn't begin to hide your identity from someone who has been as intimate with your body as I have."

I was amused that although Gordon hadn't realized it, Carol had known all along, but the last vestiges of Gordon inside this body were shocked.

"You knew all along? And you never said anything?"

"I was waiting for you to trust me enough to tell me yourself, and frankly I was annoyed that you waited so long. But what does AlphaMale have to do with how distant you've been lately? Or what you were doing with that incredibly good looking young man?"

Stewart had put on some jeans and was standing in the doorway tentatively.

"Something happened to me a few weeks ago-a kind of transformation. I haven't been myself for a while. Somehow Gordon's personality has been exchanged with someone else's-mine. I was a forty-something gay man named Andy Debiase before it happened. Now I'm inside Gordon's body and Gordon is gone."

"You mean there's nothing left of him inside this body?" Carol asked.

"Just the memories stored inside his brain. The essence of Gordon is somewhere else."

"Inside Andy's body."

"Right," I said. Stewart sat down with us. Looking at him was starting to give me a hard-on again. Just taking breath made his muscles flutter under his taut skin. The towel around my waist was levitating as my prick slide up along the side of my thigh toward my hip. Carol either didn't notice or consciously ignored the show.

"So where is Andy's body? Can't I talk to him? I mean, can't I talk to Gordon who is inside of him?"

"That's the rest of it. I'm not-that is Andy is not-Andy doesn't live on this earth. He lives on what we think is a parallel earth. It's like this one, only people like AlphaMale are only comic book characters there."

"But this is all temporary right? Like the time you grew two extra arms, or the time you became fifty foot tall, or when your head swelled up and you developed telekinesis."

"It might be temporary. I don't know. No one knows how to find Andy's earth, and even if they did, there is no guarantee Gordon would be there. It could be more complicated than a two way switch of identities."

"Well, you have to find him. You can't stay inside his body forever! It doesn't belong to you. It would be immoral! The world needs Gordon!"

"Carol, neither I nor any of Gordon's friends will rest until we find him."

It was true. I knew that even though Stewart loved Andy, he would never give up searching for his former partner. "And, Carol, I was wrong to avoid you. Even if I'm not completely Gordon, I have all of Gordon's memories. I know he loves you very much. I know he wouldn't want you to be lonely or confused about his feelings for you. Can I at least be your friend while Gordon is gone?"

"Certainly, Andy. Ironically we're closer in some ways. You've been a lot more honest with me than Gordon would have been. He always tried to protect me from the strangeness in his life, but that only made me feel excluded."

Stewart was staring at my crotch. I could see that his pants were filling out. He came into the living room to be supportive, but now I knew he was wondering how we could get Carol out of the apartment quickly so we could take up where we left off.

The doorbell rang again. Instead of ridding ourselves of the distraction Carol posed, we were acquiring another one. I excused myself from them both. When I opened the door a short, skinny kid in baggy clothing locked eyes with me. He was scruffy looking. His hair was disheveled and his shirt and T-shirt were untucked. Before I could ask him what he wanted, I heard ringing in my ears and I was overcome by the strange sensation that everything around me was crashing to the floor, leaving just me and this kid staring at each other.

He smiled and licked his lips. I realized I was still wearing only a towel.

"What do you want?" I asked him.

"I want you to drop the towel," he said.

"Look, is this some kind of joke? Who are you?"

His hand shot out and his fingers grabbed my face. My eyes rolled back into my head, my hands went limp and the towel dropped from around my waist. I was blinded by an eruption of light inside my head.

When my sight returned I was sitting naked on a throw pillow. I had shoulder length hair and an erection that reached all the way up to my chest. The room came from Gordon's memories. It was the living room of the Haight Ashbury apartment he had crashed at during the summer of love. The men on either side of me had been Gordon's closest companions at the time. One was a former enemy-the Behemoth. The other was Eros, the Greek God of Love. Both of them were also naked and erect. We were taking turns on a large bong and getting giggly.

Behemoth's power was his size. His natural height was eight feet tall, but he could make himself as large as a skyscraper. Although he was only eight feet tall right now, his dick had to be twenty inches long. He was bestial in nature; dull at conversation; but quite exhilarating at another type of intercourse.

Eros was muscular and well endowed, but his beauty could not begin to be adequately described by inches. He was so handsome that men and women wept to see him. Little children and animals were drawn by the sight of him and stood and stared at him.

I had met Behemoth that summer in Golden Gate Park. Like me, Behemoth had left his old life and let his hair grow long. We agreed to leave our old animosities behind and started chumming around together and getting high. Eros had already been a companion of Behemoth's. What was odd about this scene was that Behemoth and Gordon hadn't been gay. Although Eros was of course bisexual, he had never had sex with Gordon or Behemoth, but right now the three of us were obviously turned on by each other.

I took a deep toke and held the smoke in. Behemoth knelt in front of me and engulfed the whole of my dick in his giant mouth and throat like a circus sword swallower, then slurped his sucking lips up to the head. He was so large he could accommodate the whole thing without much effort and did so repeatedly as his twenty-inch cock burbled with precum.

Eros stood in front of my face and maneuvered the knob of his silky, meaty prick past my lips. The mere touch of it on my tongue overwhelmed me with the desire to bury it deep in my throat. I inhaled and it slid slowly past the back of my mouth. Eros held my head tight against his groin. As God of Love, Eros was omnipotent when it came to sex. He could rearrange biology any way he wanted, permanently or temporarily, and evade the laws of physics.

At his touch, my throat locked tight around his penis and I found I didn't need to breathe. As Eros pumped himself in and out I caught sight of another thing out of place. The skinny kid that had been at the door was standing at the edge of the room. His pants were down around his ankles and he was masturbating an unusually large cock, not just for his size, for anyone's size. The instant I saw him, the scene around me changed, and so did the players. I was in a hospital room. It was the day I had come out of the coma I had been in during the seventies and eighties. Stewart had come to see me when he'd heard. Only in this twisted version of the scene he had taken the place of Eros. He stood on the hospital bed and fed me his cock while one of the armed guards SPEAR had kept stationed outside my door stood in for Behemoth.

Stewart stepped down to the floor. I lay down on my side and continued gnawing on his groin. The guard unzipped his pants and crawled into bed beside me to stick his dick up my ass. Then I felt it spread my ass cheeks and poke inside me. It felt much bigger than the guard had appeared. I dropped Stewart's dick from my mouth and looked behind me.

It was the kid fucking me.

Again the scene changed. I was back in my living room, but it was night. It was the night before I had taken up residence inside Gordon's body. Stewart had come over to crash while his apartment was being painted. We had watched television until late and then he had slept on the sofa. But here he was sitting on the sofa while I knelt in front of him eating his dick. The television was on, but we were completely ignoring it.

I couldn't ignore the truncheon up my ass though. It was the same kid, and he was really going at it now. He was plowing me fast and hard. I felt him expanding and getting harder. Finally he screamed and collapsed on my broad, muscular back.

I turned my head and I was somewhere else-on the floor of the hallway in front of my apartment. The kid was still on my back, though, but no one else was around.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"Replay," he said. "I'm a member of the Enforcer's kid group adjunct. Or at least I'm in training to be. I've been attracted to you for months, only I've been too shy to talk to you. Besides, word is you're straight."

"Things change. But even so, what you did was rape, even if it wasn't unpleasant. You can't just go around forcing yourself on people! Your team leader's going to hear about this!"

"Please don't tell her. No one saw us. I control people's perception of time. I slowed the perceptions of everyone within a 100 yard radius to a snail's pace while I fucked you."

"What kind of trick did you play on me?" I asked.

"I borrowed some memories from your past and used them to distract and arouse you. They got me going too. Man, I'd love to meet that Eros character."

"I haven't seen him in years. But you can bet if I had I wouldn't let you know where to find him!"

"Well, look. Can I call you sometime? I know you probably don't want to have sex again with a scrawny little geek kid like me, but could we at least hang out sometime? I mean we're both super-heroes, right? And it's just that I don't have a lot of other friends. I don't relate well to the other guys in my team. All they talk about is sports and girls."

"I shouldn't. I should have you arrested, but I know what it's like to be a gay teenager. Don't ask me how. Just promise me you won't do this to anyone again. Rape is seriously wrong."

Replay agreed. He gave me a peck on the cheek. I gave him a pat on the head.

I closed the door. Carol and Stewart resumed their normal velocity as I approached them.

"That was quick," Stewart said.

"Who was it?" Carol asked.

"No one. Must have just been some kid playing a prank," I said. "But I think I have some good news for both of you. I think I know what happened to Gordon." •

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