Alpha Male


By Josef Howard

I have been reading comics longer than most comic readers have been alive. This story began as an erotic take-off on a well known super-hero who I happen to think is one of the sexiest heroes in comics. The second sexiest does a cameo in a later chapter.

When I woke up there was a feeling of fullness across my chest, a vacuum in my stomach and heaviness in my arms, legs and back. And moving my arms was effortless. As I turned on my back my dick flopped across my legs.

My heart stopped. It draped over the top of my thigh and down the side. It was huge. I slide my hand down. It was so thick I couldn't reach around it, and my touch was making it grow even more. I tugged on it. It pointed up at my head and lifted itself off my stomach. I opened my eyes. The bed sheets were tented.

But when I tossed them off I got an even bigger shock. The body connected to my head was as huge, lean and as hard as my throbbing, horse-sized dick. I propped myself up on my elbows and kicked away the sheets. My abs tensed and rippled. My waist was perfectly flat and narrow. There was a forest of blond fur on my pecs, but only a dribble down the center of my abs.

I gripped the base of my dick with my right hand. It felt so good I had to squeeze, and I dropped back down on my back so I could hold it with my other hand too.

The bedroom door was open before I could react to the sound of it opening. "Oh! Sorry, Gordon!" A very beefy teenager with morning hair stood in the doorway in a pair of jockey shorts. "Guess I should have knocked."

I let go of my cock. I had never seen him before in my life, yet I knew exactly who he was. His name was Stewart and we were partners of some sort.

"Get dressed! Something is up on the East Side. I heard it on the police band."

Police band? Why should I care about anything he heard on that? But somehow I knew it was important and I knew what to do. I lifted a loose floorboard near the bed and pulled out a bright red and blue costume. The fabric was lightweight like nylon, but shiny like leather. It clung to every bulge and crevice of my enormous musculature like my own skin. On the chest was an emblem, a pair of wings placed around a large capital letter 'A'. A hood covered my head, except for my nose and jaw. By the time I was dressed, so was the teenager. His costume was darker - blue and gray. He looked almost sinister. He was shorter than me, maybe about 5'10", and not nearly as muscular. (How tall was I?) But he must have weighed well over 200 pounds of lean, perfectly proportioned, athletic muscle. It was difficult to keep from tenting my trunks when I saw how well he filled out his pants. He must have been as big down there as I was.

Down a private elevator, inside a hidden storage room, was a speed bike painted the same colors as my costume. The teenager climbed on behind me and we shot out onto the street. Stewart directed me through the city by pressing one of his thick fingers into my left or right side when it was time to turn. The wind rushing over me, through the thin fabric of my costume, as I darted around slower vehicles, and Stewart's thick, hard arms wrapped around my broad back and flat stomach - it was all immensely exhilarating. My skin tingled and my trunks were swelling again. I thought I could feel Stewart, pressed against my ass, responding the same way.

I could hear the breaking glass and the crash of steel before I saw the cause of the disturbance that we came to stop. I rounded the last corner following the sound, without even needing Stewart's directions.

A car whipped through the air a foot from my face before I skidded the motorcycle to a stop. The air in its wake was as sharp as a slap in the face. Straight ahead was a ten-foot tall creature made of living, breathing stone. Bedrock was his name. Stewart and I had fought him before. A dozen other smashed cars were lying on their hoods or sides. One of them was in flames. Police cars blocking the road behind him held back a crowd a hundred yards away.

Bedrock picked up another car as Stewart leapt twenty feet through the air at him. He heaved and tossed the car at me. My arms went up by reflex. My fingers slipped through its steel shell like it was plastic, but my arms tensed and stopped it in mid-air. For an instant I held the car over my head, intoxicated by the feeling of being so strong, then I gently tossed the car to the ground.

Bedrock had swatted Stewart away from him in mid-dive. Stewart was behind him now, twisting one arm behind his back and grabbing for the other. Bedrock's arms were as thick as tree trunks, but for all of the difference in their sizes, Stewart was almost as strong. I jumped into the air, somersaulted, sprung up from the ground again and hit him feet first in the stomach. His abs cracked, but the force of my dive pulled his arms free from Stewart's hold. He swung at me, but I ducked away before his fist got near. I grabbed his gigantic wrist and threw him over my head down to the ground using his own momentum. The pavement caved with his impact.

Unfortunately Bedrock wasn't the least bit stunned. He pounded both his basketball-sized fists on the pavement. The ground shook so violently that every lamppost on the block quivered. His fists left deep depressions in the asphalt and concrete around him. I jumped on his stomach, clenched my hands together and hammered both of them on chest. Bedrock bucked his hips to throw me off of him, but I wrapped my legs around his waist. The sight of this gargantuan man pinned beneath me and the feeling of my groin against his giant abs made my dick stiffen again. With each blow to his chest more and more cracks appeared in Bedrock's torso. The cracks crawled over his shoulders, down his arms and up his neck. They widened into fissures until one of my blows shattered his whole body.

Although seeing it happen reminded me that this was the way I always defeated Bedrock, and I knew that I hadn't really killed him, I had only destroyed a physical manifestation of a rock goblin, I still shivered. Somehow it was as though it was the first time again. Somehow everything that had happened to me since I woke up was both familiar and foreign, but before I could consider the feeling fully, I felt Stewart's powerful hand playfully pat me on the shoulder.

"Good job, AlphaMale! This time we stopped him before he did much real damage," Stewart said. AlphaMale?! That was my name?! How appropriately heroic!

I swung around and grasped his forearm with my right hand. He clenched my forearm the same way. "I couldn't have done it without you, Beta Boy," I said, remembering his code name at the last instant.

A fire engine and several police cars pulled up. The firemen began to extinguish the burning car. The policemen directed people who had been trapped in the lobbies of nearby office buildings past the wreckage and out of the area. One of their commanding officers shook our hands and thanked us.

Stewart and I were quiet on the way back. The touch of his arms around my chest had both of us sexually aroused again. Not knowing the nature of our relationship, I felt uncomfortable about it. I sensed he was uncomfortable too, but was it because he knew I was aroused, or because I was being too quiet. Maybe my uncertainties were unnerving him.

Standing next to him as he pulled his tunic over his head and bared his brawny chest, which was covered with more hair than my own, as coal black as the hair on his head, my jaw dropped and my eyes dilated. Naked to the waist, he returned my stare, although with more cool.

"Did I sprout a third arm?" he asked, innocently, but I knew that he knew why I was staring.

"I . . . God! You're good looking!"

He stepped toward me. Our eyes locked. "You never noticed before," he said, and then I knew that the arousal I had felt since I saw him was new to me, although I didn't know why. Stewart laid the palm of his hand on the expanse of my pectoral muscle. The light friction, the roughness of his palm against my large, erect nipple made me quiver.

"You have changed," Stewart said.

My lips devoured his before he could develop the observation further. Our tongues wrestled and our arms locked around each other. He was obviously as thirsty for this as I was. I heard a loud rip and felt my horse dick break free of my pants. It was a frequent occurrence for me when I was really aroused, ever since my transformation into AlphaMale. Stewart wrapped his fist around the lower third of my dick and tugged on it. In another instant, his dick tore free. They jerked and batted each other. I was right, Stewart was as big as I was in at least one way.

I withdrew my tongue from Stewart's mouth and squatted in front of him. I pulled my gloves off, pointed his long, thick dick to my mouth and swallowed the first six inches of it.

"Ohhh! You don't know how long I've waited for this," Stewart said.

He was so thick he completely filled my mouth. I wanted his dick like I had never wanted anything before. I sucked hard and dragged my wet lips and a little of my teeth along his hard shaft. Then I dove down on it again and inhaled the rest of it down my muscular throat. Stewart groaned. A steady stream of pre-cum burbled up from my balls and out my piss slit. With his whole cock buried inside of me, there was nothing left of him to grab except his orange-sized balls which bounced with delight inside his tight purse. I held one in each fist and tugged on them. Stewart braced himself on my head and poured his jism down my throat.

What happened next was new to me, yet I felt I had decades of experience at it. I tore apart the remnants of Stewart's pants with my bare fists and split his leggings down to his ankles. He stepped out of their tattered remains as I pulled off the rest of my costume. I lifted him by his ass and fell on the bed on top of him, my heavy, hard dick between his legs and pointed at his ass crack. I spread his legs and ass cheeks with my hands and pushed my cock up his hole. Stewart tensed, but his ass swallowed my whole dick in one thrust and felt as soft as warm butter. On the next thrust he began push his ass into my groin as I fucked him. His muscular legs on my shoulders, his hard dick in my fist, his ass, which was well on the way to milking the cum from my dick, was the only soft thing about him. But both of us were too delighted by the pleasure we were giving each other to rush to a finish.

In the middle of our fucking I heard ringing. It was the phone. The machine picked up. A female voice spoke, "Gordon, this is Carol. Where are you? We were supposed to meet for lunch, remember?"

Carol! She was my fiancée! She was an actress I had been engaged to for three years, although we still hadn't set a date. I wasn't sure I should marry anyone, and my mysterious disappearances to handle emergencies as AlphaMale fostered her mistrust of me. As good as I remembered our sex had been in the years we had been together, I couldn't fathom that it was better than what I was having right this instant with this dick hungry stud. Stewart grabbed my arms and pulled, begging me to fuck him harder. I gave in to the impulse and drove him over the edge. He squirted hard, over his head and splattered on the wall. His ass clamped tight around my dick and I fired off inside him in ten excruciatingly ecstatic ejaculations that coaxed still more cum out of his dick. Then I collapsed on top of him, cum sandwiched between our hard, hairy chests.

"What is up with you?" Stewart asked when he'd gotten back his breath. "I've been waiting for this to happen for years, but why now? You've never been the least bit physically interested in me before, even though it's been obvious to everyone how I have felt about you."

"I . . . I have a confession. When I woke up this morning it was as though I today was the first day of my life. Everything that has happened to me before today, though I remember it vividly, seems like it happened to someone else." "You're scaring me," Stewart said. "If you'd said it started after our fight with Bedrock, I'd think you got hit on the head a little too hard. It's like you aren't even the same person. Who are you?"

"Someone else," I said. At first I intended no specific meaning, but then a different set of memories flooded my mind. I was someone else, a man named Andy Debiase. I lived in Los Angeles. I had fantasized about men like AlphaMale and Beta all my life. I told Stewart all this as it came back to me.

"I knew it was too good to be true!" he said. "The real AlphaMale won't even return a pat on the back! Damn! I wish you'd never remembered this shit! Now I can't rest until we find the mind of my real partner and get him back inside this fucking incredible body of his. And the only thanks I'll get for all my effort will be a hand shake!"

Stewart struggled for freedom underneath me. I let him up and he stood. The sight of his naked body standing at ease in the light streaming in through the open window would have made Michelangelo weep. He picked up the phone on the nightstand.

"What was your phone number in LA?" he asked.

It was past my lips without even thinking.

He dialed the number. "Let's see, Empire City is three hours ahead of LA. He might just be waking up inside of your body right now."

"Did you say Empire City? Stewart, there's no Empire City where I come from. I'm pretty sure people like you and me don't even exist where I come from."

"But you said you had always fantasized about people like us."

"Yes, but where I come from people like us only exist in comic books."

Stewart dropped the phone on the cradle.

"I've been to a place like that before on an adventure with the Enforcers. But that means you are from some parallel Earth, and theoretically there are an infinite number of them. Finding the one you are from will be impossible!"

The sight of Stewart, despite his distress, taut skin bursting with muscle, was making my formidable dick stretch and aim for the ceiling again. In spite of himself, Stewart couldn't take his eyes off it. His cock began to get hard too.

In another instant he had me on my back with his dick pushing into my butt hole. However much experience I had had at getting fucked, this body apparently had none. It clenched tightly against his baseball bat dick. Stewart drove harder. When it finally gave in and enveloped the fist-sized head of his cock, I was in ecstasy. As inch after inch of his man pole reorganized my guts and stretched them as tightly around him as a condom, I could only grunt and groan. My ass muscles still spasmed around him. I could see on his limp, drooling face the incredible pleasure of my super human tightness gave him. As the last inch of his cock slipped inside and his balls grazed my ass, his dick jerked and shook and I felt jism fire up it and into my ass. As he rocked slightly back and forth, he kept on cumming, longer than I would have thought possible. After he stopped, and the sensations in his cock subsided somewhat, he was still hard, and I was definitely still horny. I started thrusting into his groin, and he began to draw back in full strokes, then drive home again. The whole length of him, his thickness and his cast iron hardness was taking away my breath. Stewart had wrapped both his giant hands around my cock and twisted them around it as he plowed my ass. In an instant I started shooting. Our love making continued for hours, spurred no doubt by the uncertainty of how much time the two of us would have together. •

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