Afternoon Swim

By viva_wales

At 2:45 on a warm and bright summers afternoon, the sound of breaking glass in a highly secretive laboratory signalled an event which would significantly change the course of the day for several people. On of these people was a man called Dan who liked to appreciate life quietly and was swimming his 11th length alone at the time of the lab accident. He was joined by about 4 other male swimmers, all minding their own. This time of day was always quiet on a Wednesday; the kids held off coming to the pool until about seven for the children's night.

The other guys making use of the pool were all aged between 21 and 35. Dan noticed one of them in particular. He was about 30, had dark hair, a beard and a big hairy body. He was also quite tall, about 6’5”. Dan quietly slipped under the water as he swam past and checked his body out using his goggles. He was fairly muscular although it was quite soft muscle. He noticed that the guy had unusually big feet even though he was tall. They must have been about a size 16 and pretty hairy, especially on the top of the toes. Dan’s trunks began to stretch as he pictured his hands on the man’s torso moving down to the sizeable bulge in his black trunks, onward to his long legs and finishing at his big feet. He quickly moved off to avoid detection and surfaced a few seconds later.

Dan’s body was definitely nothing to shout about. He reached about 6’1” in height, and was small in build. He was self-confident while swimming, but enjoyed it too much to be kept away by that. His face was strikingly attractive, although he didn’t think so, but many people failed to realise it because of the way he carried himself. He had very hairy armpits and thick pubic hair, but other than that he was hairless.

His eyes followed the hairy man as he swam to the shallow end and pulled himself out of the pool. Dan found that his brain hadn’t alerted his cock to this and he found that he would be able to leave to change without embarrassing himself with a 6 inch boner in his trunks. He swam to the deep end, which was closer and quickly strode of after the hairy man into the changing room. The time was now about 4:05.

Unknown to Dan, even though this was his home town, the small grey office block which was only a quarter of a mile away was the source of the broken glass. It was a small government funded lab in which the sole task was to investigate the potential of cell reproduction for warfare purposes. The sample which had smashed in the sink had been the final prototype and although it had been quickly diverted from the towns main water supply, it hadn’t been stopped fast enough to stop it reaching the nearby swimming baths.

The air grew significantly cooler as Dan moved into the male changing room and he quickly walked towards the shower corner. He stepped under the second of the eight shower heads and turned it on. A door open and the stranger walked out of the toilet. He started, surprised to find Dan in here, and then smiled with relief and walked over. Dan smiled back, forcing himself past his shyness and looked the man in the eye a little longer than a straight man would. To his surprise, the hairy man didn’t look away as he walked to turn on the shower opposite Dans. Dan was a little disappointed that the guy didn’t remove his trunks to shower, and he could see now that he had a large package tucked in them. He pretended to be washing but was constantly flicking glances at the man’s body, mostly at his huge feet, mostly because he was to scared to look any higher. He marvelled at their size and strength, and also at how horny their hairyness was. He was completely unaware that the stranger was watching him and smiling.

Suddenly Dan noticed something unusual. The man hadn’t shifted his weight or moved in any way, but while he was watching the guys big toe seemed to grow to be touching the floor tile in front of the one it was touching just a second ago. He kept watching in utter shock as his whole foot started to slowly grow in length and width. He looked at the other foot and saw that it was keeping up. The were now roughly a size 19 and were picking up speed. He looked up at the guy.

‘Ummm, excuse me…?’


‘Uh, well…sorry to bother you…’



‘My name is Hank.’

‘Oh, right. I’m Dan. Uhh...look at your feet’

Hank did for about a minute as his feet grew about another three sizes. He looked up at Dan with a strange expression on his face. Then it shifted into something else.

‘Hey, you’re getting taller Dan.’

He was right. Dan was now about 2 inches taller. He looked down as the water fell warm on his back. He seemed to be filling out too. He felt a tingle all over, but quite strongly in his dick and hands. His hands started growing faster than the rest of him, as did his groin. Within two minutes the two men had stopped growing. Dan stood with a 12 inch cock and balls the size of tennis balls hanging out of the legs of his trunks. His dick was achingly hard and he touched it with a hand that was three times bigger than it was a few minutes ago. It looked bizarre but it was also a real turn-on for him. He was too preoccupied to be embarrassed as he looked over his body. He now had the frame of a swimmer: slim but strong. His height was now close to 6’5”, and he looked closer to 25 than 20, with a visible amount of stubble, chest and leg hair.

Hank was also busy looking at himself. The only part of his body that had grown was his feet, which were now a size 26 and looked enormous on the end of his legs. He moved them about feeling their new weight. He then carefully walked over to Dan, his feet slapping heavily on the tile floor. He looked him in the eye, a connection was made and the two kissed passionately. Hank felt Dan’s huge cock while Dan touched the gigantic feet with his own; he’d always had a thing for big feet.

Almost simultaneously, the two men felt the tingling again, but this time it was all over their bodies. They both started to grow to unimaginable heights, still kissing and feeling each others wet bodies. Dan shifted his feet as they quickly grew to catch up with Hank’s and pushed against the ends of his toes. Dan was now just over seven foot, while Hank was about four or five inches taller. Dan’s body came to resemble that of a man who spends a helluva lot of time in the gym, while Hank looked like he never left. He was now absolutely immense, built like a devoted bodybuilder. He looked down to see that he was now much hairier than before, and he touched his giant chest as if it weren’t his. His beard grew thicker and fuller as did the rest of the hair on his body. He was becoming unnaturally hirsute and Dan loved it. The sensations he felt were so strong it was amazing. His dick, now about 18 inches long, had torn free of his trunks a few seconds ago and was now bobbing in the air. He was fully erect and Dan wasted no time getting his mouth around the huge head. His hands stroked the hair on the toes of Hanks enormous feet and soon Hank came hard into Dan’s eager mouth. Dan drank it down hungrily and laid down on his back on the warm, wet floor. Hank placed his huge foot squarely on Dan’s now wide chest and began wanking his huge slab of meat. Both men were now easily over 8 feet tall, and the shower was becoming cramped. Dan grabbed the colossal hairy foot and put the big toe in his mouth and sucked. Hank moaned in pleasure as he quickly reached his climax and came over Dan’s beautiful upper body.

The two men had now stopped growing and both had the bodies of Gods. Hank was an inch over 9 feet tall while Dan was 8 feet and 7 inches. Hanks feet were now about a size forty and very wide, and his body was so thick and hairy it looked purely sexual. Dan had received the body he had always dreamt of, and then some!

Both men turned as they heard the sound of bare feet approaching from the pool… •

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