New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Paul Martin sat on a chair at the foot of his bed, masturbating his five inch cock. He felt grateful to still have that. He'd held stable at five inches for almost six months, after another slow decline. His physical strength had waned considerably but his hair stayed thick and healthy.

Sheila suggested that he grow it long and by now it hung down past his shoulders. He felt pretty good these days, he told himself. Except for the new guys.

Across the room a man reclined on HIS bed, wearing HIS silk bed robe.

It looked like his anyhow. He couldn't remember. He was becoming forgetful.

He knew it. Sheila was in the bathroom showering with a second guy, getting ready for bed. Sheila Martin had three "wives" now. Paul Martin of course, was her first wife and Kyle Martin and Jeremy Martin were her two new brides. All three men took Sheila's name and were happy as clams to belong to her. Kyle and Jeremy had been gay lovers only a year ago, but Promade had awakened them (against their wills) to the pleasures of the fairer sex.

They'd fallen madly in love with Sheila during her frequent business trips to Miami. And she'd fallen madly in love with them, particularly with their big dicks. Now they lived with Sheila and Paul in jet set luxury.

In Paul, she had her true soul mate. Sheila loved Paul Martin and still pleasured him every night until he fell asleep. Usually all that was required was for her to part her robe and give him a glimpse of her plump tits, let him smell her one last time before lights out. Paul would climax sometimes just at sight of her. He was useless as a fuck. And wasn't much on conversation these days as his mind was going.

That's why she had married Kyle and Jeremy. The two of them were a foot long each and tireless in the sack. And Promade had left their minds virtually intact it seemed. They were good company and great fun. It was a challenge almost for Sheila to get both of them off. They were as attracted to one another as they were to her. Something about a challenge drove Sheila to new heights of excitement. It inspired her to start taking Voluxil again.

By now her 48 G cup bosom was increasingly commonplace. But a 50H cup could still turn heads. Even other women still stood up and took notice of an H cup woman who could hold her own and not succumb. Sheila felt up to the challenge. Her mind felt great. Her body felt super. The thought of growing larger thrilled her. Paul and Kyle and Jeremy were all stay-at-home housewives.

Sheila had been taking Voluxil D for two weeks and was feeling the old magic. She decided to take an extended vacation; just her and her three boys home alone. Tonight was the first night of her two month sabbatical.

Paul heard Sheila moan in the bathroom.

"Stick it in... come on, umff... MORE Kyle... I want it all."

He could hear two bodies splashing around in the shower stall, slapping the walls with great force. Soon he heard Kyle groan. He heard a thump in the tub. '

"Is THAT all you got, loverboy?", Sheila teased as she stepped out of the shower.

Paul could see her through the partly open door, glistening, wet. Her tits looked magnificent. The steam rolled into the bedroom, misting everything with Sheila's perfume. He inhaled the sweet familiar scent. His head felt light, like it was stuffed with cotton. He pumped his cock but the sight of Jeremy staring at him was distracting. Something inside Jeremy's silk robe moved. Jeremy's foot long cock slipped through the gap and reared its head into the air. Paul held his little cock in his hand and tried not to look. Jeremy grabbed his massive cock in hand. It was as thick as cucumber. He pointed it at Paul and squeezed. Precum oozed from the tip, onto Paul's silk robe.

Jeremy rubbed it in, and smiled.

Sheila stepped out of the bathroom, naked, still wet. Her tits hung free, swaying like pendulums as she walked. Kyle emerged from the bathroom, gulping down two Promade tablets. He aggressively grabbed her tits from behind. His fingers were oily and slipped around her wet body with ease.

Paul came on himself as he watched Kyle kneed Sheila's tits. Her stiff nipples stood out, shiny and dark. Kyle pushed her forward face down onto the bed. Sheila complied, resting her weight on the cushion of her flattened gazongas . He lifted her ass into the air and reinserted his johnson in her moist pussy. She huffed and puffed as she raised up onto her hands. On all fours, her teats hung down a good foot from her ribcage. Kyle pounded her from behind, his smooth balls slapping loudly against her ass. Sheila made her body rigid to receive the maximum impact of his thrusts. It made her tits jiggle and bounce.

Paul grabbed his flaccid cock and balls. They were tiny and soft. He slapped his limp dick against his leg, trying to get a rise out of it.

Jeremy grinned at Paul as he crawled up in front of Sheila and offered her his gorgeous stiff cock. She grabbed it with one hand and kissed it, running her wet mouth up and down its length. Jeremy popped a Promade and smiled as Sheila mouthed his manhood. He looked at Paul, who was breathing heavily, desperate to get it up.

"Come on Paulie, how come you never join us?", Jeremy teased.

Sheila opened her eyes and looked over at Paul. His head was tilted forward and he was doubled over pulling on his soft cock like it was a deflated party balloon. His luxurious head of hair hung down into his lap.

Without removing her mouth from Jeremy's sweet dick she motioned for Paul to approach the bed. Kyle and Jeremy serviced her from both ends. Paul approached the bed and Sheila took his limp dick in her hand. She had the touch and could always bring some life into Paul's "little guy". Soon he was stiff again. She closed her hand around his cock and stroked it in rhythm to Kyle and Jeremy's pumping. She asked Paul to kiss her. She raised her chin away from Jeremy's dripping schlong and kissed Paul on the lips. Strands of Paul's silky hair entangled themselves with her tongue which danced around like a flame inside his mouth. Paul felt something bump his cheek. Jeremy's cock head. Sheila moved back onto Jeremy, tonguing the tip of his swollen dick. She held Paul close to her as she lavished attention on Jeremy. Paul resisted weakly but her grip was too strong. He couldn't pull away. He felt her tits bump softly against the fronts of his thighs. He was just inches away from Sheila's face as she slathered Jeremy's huge dick in her saliva.

God it was humiliating. But something besides Sheila's kung fu grip was keeping him there. He needed something. Sheila could sense Paul's thoughts and emotions. When she wanted to she could experience his feelings like they were her own. She raised up again and kissed Paul alternating between his mouth and Jeremy's dick. Paul felt the bitter taste of Jeremy's cum on his lips. The taste spread quickly to the back of his tongue. He gulped repeatedly, trying to get rid of the taste. A bitter saltiness streaked his virgin throat. Sheila pulled on Paul's cock as she wrapped her lips around Jeremy's head and sucked. Meanwhile Kyle pumped his piston in her twitching pussy. Sheila pushed a thought into Paul's mind, urging him to enjoy himself as she was, to feel what she felt. Something relaxed Paul. He felt his tension fade away. He reached up and flipped his tangled mane over his shoulders and pulled a stray strand of hair from his mouth. Again Sheila kissed him, transferring the strong taste of Jeremy's sperm to his tongue.

She forced her tongue into Paul's mouth and he didn't resist her. The bitter taste awakened his senses. He felt excited, afraid, and ready to cum. His legs shuddered as he spurted into Sheila's hand. It was nothing much. She smiled sweetly at Paul as she guided Jeremy's member to his mouth. He was too dazed to think or resist when he felt Jeremy's cock head move across his lips.

"Now it Jeremy's turn. You gonna help me, Paulie?", she asked as she sucked her own fingers clean of Paul's jism.

Kyle withdrew from his dick from Sheila and jacked off while he watched Paul.

Paul flicked at Jeremy's manhood tentatively with his tongue then he felt hands on his face. Sheila's strong hands were forcing his jaw open.

Inches of cock intruded into his mouth. Sheila immobilized Paul and whispered in his ear, "Isn't Jeremy big?" He tried to pull away but she held him in place, with her hands and with her thoughts. Paul whimpered, helpless, submissive. "Big is good", he thought to himself. He relaxed and took a deep breath. Jeremy's cock took advantage and advanced another inch or two down his throat. Paul wrapped his lips around it like he felt he was supposed to and sucked. Then he gagged and Jeremy pulled out. Paul fell to the floor, choking. Jeremy took his cock in hand and stroked it. Sheila let out an impatient sigh.

"I need a Voluxil", she thought to herself.

She was teetering on the edge of another major orgasm. Kyle and Jeremy stood stroking their cocks. Paul sat on the floor at their feet. He began to cry. Why was he always crying? What did he want? "He could be such a drag sometimes", everyone thought. Sheila felt sorry for him. She crawled across the bed and swiped a pack of Voluxil from the nightstand. She broke the blue plastic seal and tore open the cellophane wrap in one swift action and extracted the foil card of pills with two long fingers. She dug a tiny white pill out and swallowed it. Kyle grunted as he released his load onto Paul.

Sheila was speechless as she watched Paul get splattered with semen. When he was finished, Kyle grabbed Paul by the hair and lifted his head up. Jeremy was aiming his cock at Paul's face, pumping in furious strokes. Sheila dug out another Voluxil and swallowed it down. The sight was thrilling to her.

In fact she wished SHE was the one getting hosed down with cum. Paul was sobbing, reaching out for Sheila, for her to stop this.

"Please Sheila... I don't want this...", his voice was soft and breathy.

She unleashed her thoughts and let the full force of her own lust flood Paul's weak mind.

"Shhhhh, be still, Paulie. Don't be rude", she said as she fingered her pussy.

Paul quieted himself and glanced back at Jeremy's fist pumping in a blur up and down the length of his shaft. Sheila's mouth watered at the sight of Jeremy's angry purple head aimed at Paul's face. Paul felt his own mouth water. He wanted what Jeremy had. Jeremy let out a relieved moan and shot his wad in Paul's direction.

Paul felt hot sperm hit his cheek. His neck.

"No. Not this...", his mind resisted weakly. He tried to will himself to move out of the way but it was useless.

Jeremy sent a jet of his semen into Paul's mouth, streaking his hair and face. Paul grabbed Jeremy's huge member and put his open mouth to its head, catching the stream of this man's sperm on his tongue, gulping down thick globs of the salty goo. Sheila sensed Paul's shock and confusion and could practically taste it in her own mouth. She involuntarily sent out warm loving thoughts to Paul and Kyle AND Jeremy.

"Paulie, stand up. Come up here. What's the matter?" Sheila asked in a motherly tone.

She stared into his red eyes. Paul had no answer for her. Tears mingled with the semen that coated his face and neck. He licked his quivering lips. Jeremy's salty spunk burned his nose and throat. His body shook. He wanted to laugh... or cry... he couldn't tell which. She held him in her strong arms and calmed him. Paul felt her firm tits press against him.

Her nipples were hot and burned into his stomach like pokers. Sheila rested her elbows heavily on Paul's shoulders, her arms outstretched, staring off across the room.

"What are we going to do with you?", she asked herself in a bored tone.

Paul began to sob. She sighed impatiently and twirled the open pack of Voluxil between her fingers, crinkling the cellophane with her pinky. On the bed Kyle and Jeremy were back at it in a 69, loudly slurping on each other's serpentine cocks. Sheila was wishing she was in the middle of them again.

She needed to get off. Meanwhile, she sensed, "Paul Morton" was dying right in front of her. How had it come to this? He struggled to think, to speak up for himself. The effort was tremendous and, ultimately, useless. His inner self was caving in around him. He felt lost.

"I.... I.... I love you", Sheila heard Paul's voice in her head.

"Oh, I love you too, sweetie", she thought to herself.

Paul heard Sheila's voice in his head. It sounded deep and low, emanating from deep inside somewhere. He felt the power of her love radiate through him. He drew strength from her.

"I don't... I can't....", he whimpered out loud.

Even his voice was thin and weak as a little girl's. He felt tired.

Paul stared at Kyle and Jeremy with envy and confusion.

"You can't WHAT, honey?" Sheila whispered back.

She felt Paul's dick twitch against her leg, like a terrier's cold little nose. He was getting hard just watching Kyle and Jeremy go at it.

Sheila's mind glimpsed the future in that moment - saw it plain as day. She knew what needed to be done, for Paul's sake. She dug another Voluxil D from the foil tray and guided it into his mouth without saying a word.

"Take this dear. You'll feel better," she thought to herself.

Paul looked into Sheila's eyes with trust... sadness... resignation.

He swallowed the pill without thinking or even wondering what it was.

Sheila smoothed his beautiful hair and kissed his face. She raised another Voluxil to Paul's lips. He opened up without being asked and accepted the medicine. Paul sucked on her finger as she fed him a third Voluxil, and a fourth, and a fifth. Sheila felt her pussy convulse and her knees buckle.

Every pill she put to his mouth he swallowed without question. A trickle of juice escaped down her inner thigh. She fed him the entire pack. She crumpled the foil wrapper up and threw it across the room. Paul Morton stared off into the distance, holding his tiny cock in his hand, muttering softly to himself. •

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