New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Giving Voluxil to a man was a high crime, but the Boone's decided that Tucker Hicks should spend his period of incarceration as the lone she-male in a prison full of Promade-crazed men. They had access to his food and water. They could slip him as much Voluxil A as they wanted and no one would know or care. If push came to shove they could make it look like Tucker fed himself the Voluxil. They would pin the crime on the victim.

Two weeks into his incarceration prisoner number 9439-2 had been fed 28 doses of Voluxil A. Two pills per day hidden in his food. His breasts had begun to puff up noticeably. Tucker's state of mind became confused. He became feverish and light-headed. More so than usual. The guards allowed him to sleep through the day in his cell. At night his three roommates took turns fucking him. In time he began to actually smell like pussy, a side effect of the Voluxil. His nipples were swollen and tender. He couldn't keep his hands off them, or his cock. One sensation lead to the other and back.

It hurt to wear his denim prison shirt so he went bare-chested.

The Boone Sisters kept Cassidy apprised of Tucker's transformation. It became like a game for the women. At Cassidy's urging it was decided one day that Tucker should get double his usual dose. Then they quadrupled his dose.

When he was too groggy to know the difference they cut off his state-funded Promade treatments completely. Tucker's moods became erratic and for a brief period he became hostile, unruly. One day he took a swing at one of the Boones.

That was it.

They left an empty Voluxil packet in his cell that night. When Tucker reported the packet to the on-duty guards, no one believed his claim that it had been planted there. By now the evidence pointed to him, to his swollen man boobs, his chubby thighs, his shrunken five inch dick. He was brought up on charges of 'sedition by unlawful possession of Voluxil'. His sentence was extended to twenty years.

A month with no Promade and Tucker Hick's powerful physique wasted away. He felt weak, frail. His boobs had grown into a heavy pair of tits. He had been forced to wear a 42 D silk bra and panties. He actually welcomed it. The support felt nice. The smooth silk fabric especially gave his raw sensitive nipples relief. His cock shriveled to less than three inches, his balls retreated into his body cavity. His scrotum sucked up against his ass and formed into a type of pussy. They made him wear his old prison workpants which were cut off into short shorts They were extremely tight, with slits up the thighs. His hips and ass had flared out and took on water weight. His round ass cheeks and chubby thighs squeezed out of the leg holes in his shorts. In bra and shorts, Tucker looked damned hot to his fellow inmates.

He had no idea about that though. His mind was mush by now.

One evening his cell mates were moved out into other quarters. The Boone Sisters force fed Tucker sixteen Voluxil that night. More than two weeks' dosage in one swallow. Maybe it was enough to kill him, they didn't know. They didn't care. He struggled to fight them off, but the Boones overpowered him easily. Tucker cried out in his sleep that night. Feverish and unable to move a muscle, his tits nearly doubled in size. His cock dwindled away to nothing, shrinking itself to a sensitive little nub. By morning his inner thighs were covered in menstrual blood. His sex had been replaced with an anatomically-correct vagina. His pendulous tits hung heavily from his body now, pulling his round shoulders forward. Tucker was now a Voluxil woman.

His cellmates were returned to his cell.

He was fucked all night and most of every day from this point onwards, and he liked it. His periods were painful and bloody. His tits were tender and sore much of the time. His abused body ached... for more sex. His female scent was overpowering, even to the Boone sisters. It wasn't long before Tucker Hicks conceived. His tits ballooned in size. His clothes no longer fit and he was left to go naked. He had no choice but to remain in his cell, with nothing to cover himself with but a cum-encrusted bed sheet.

Six weeks into his pregnancy he began to lactate. If he hadn't been the most popular girl in this all-male prison before, he certainly was now.

Men lined up around the clock to take a turn with "Fucker". His vagina stretched to accommodate the constant onslaught. And his breasts produced milk to meet the ever increasing demand. He grew to love cock, even when it was forced on him and into him. In time his breasts swelled into great watermelons, bloated with more milk than even the prison population could drain out of him. His belly started to swell early on, and by his second trimester Tucker looked like he was going to give birth to an entire chain gang. By the time he went into labor, Tucker Hicks was literally pinned to his hospital bed, the terrific weight of his stomach and tits pressing down on his hips. His thighs and ass were huge and covered with cellulite. His breath, short and weak.

Cassidy and the Boone Sisters stood by in the delivery room that day, amazed by what they had created. "Better him than us", they all joked.

Tucker's labor was painful and protracted, lasting over twelve hours.

At one point Cassidy walked over to her ex-husband and brushed her hand across his forehead as he seethed with pain. She looked down at him, over the sloping horizon of her shapely bust. Tucker looked up at her, sweating, clenching his teeth. She looked at this wretched man imprisoned in a pregnant woman's body and saw some faint trace of the old Tucker, the enraged bonehead who would erupt into violence after his football team lost a game.

"Poor baby...", she cooed as she brushed a matted lock of curly blond hair out of his eyes.

"FUCK... YOU...", Tucker hissed, with his last gasp of male fury.

Cassidy grabbed one of his engorged nipples and pinched it as hard as she could. Tucker let out a piercing agonized cry. Then the first baby came, painfully, slowly through the birth canal. It was a girl. Then another pair of feet. Another girl! Then another pair of feet, then another. Tucker Hicks gave birth to eight babies. Octuplets. All girls. By the following week he'd be pregnant all over again, and constantly occupied, nursing his eight babies as well as half the prison population, pumping cocks, fucking the inmates, sucking them off. He rarely left his cell and could not move without assistance anyhow. His tits grew into his lap. His nipples were thick and brown, the size of thumbs pointing toward the floor. With everyone sucking on him all the time, he felt like a cow and somehow he liked it. The men all loved him and he certainly loved getting fucked by them. He loved cock and found he had an insatiable thirst for cum. He would always remember what he had been in his former life, but that all seemed like such a distant memory now. •

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