New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Though he continued to take Promade as prescribed, Paul Morton's body eventually "leveled off" and stopped changing. His shoulder length hair grew in wavy and thick these days and was quite lovely. He continued taking the drug, to maintain his gains. His cock was a little less than 12 inches and he lived in constant hope of eking out another half inch so he could surpass a foot long. Sheila's ex-boyfriend, he found out, had been twelve inches.

It was as if the minute he heard that, his cock stopped growing.

Sheila understood Paul's insecurity and reluctantly decided to discontinue taking Voluxil. She had attained the chest of her dreams and then some. She had blossomed into a staggering 48 G when she announced that maybe it was time give it a rest. Paul was relieved. His girlfriend's arms were still feminine and supple but she was now stronger than Paul. She was far smarter than Paul too and so she knew not to torment him about his shortcomings. Sheila was not a spiteful person at heart, not like Cassidy. Still, somehow she couldn't hold her tongue the day she told Paul that "Long John" had been a foot long when she left him.

The fact of the matter was, ever since Paul "leveled off", Sheila had been feeling restless. She missed the thrill of the slow daily transformation that she and Paul had been going through together. She kept the thrill alive with an occasional dose of Voluxil, and she continued to enjoy Cassidy's transformation, vicariously. But Sheila Martin was officially "off the drug". At least that's what she told Paul, who felt threatened and didn't want her to continue growing if he was no longer able to. She still yearned to "go bigger". But she didn't talk about it. Not around Paul. Next on the horizon, Cassidy was always quick to remind her, was that great leap to an H cup bra and a 50" bustline. The thought of that supposed "ultimate goal" gnawed at her these days. Many women had tried to go 50H. Many managed to master the powerful sensations they awakened. Many others were consumed by their new desire and lost their senses. 50" H was recognized as a point of no return and it was staring back at Sheila these days, daring her. To make matters worse she was feeling that old itch again.

She couldn't ignore it. She found herself wondering if John was still on Promade. And if so, how large was he by now?

Sheila and Paul worked hard, every day and every blissful night, to scratch that itch of hers. And they got it, pretty much. Life was good, until Paul's pains started.

He felt a terrible pain in his chest one day. It faded after a few hours but the next time he took his Promade tablet he felt it again, stabbing pain. The next morning's dose he skipped and the pain didn't return. He didn't take any Promade that day. The next day he took one tablet at bedtime. Again the chest pains returned, but not quite as bad. Paul had to reduce his dosage of the drug to one tablet a day from then on. Or temporarily anyhow, until he recovered. Sheila was there for her man and took good care of him. And she didn't say a word when she noticed his cock was shrinking. It wasn't much at first, but by the first time she really noticed it Paul's cock was already an inch shorter, a little over ten inches. Paul fought back, trying to do the three Promade a day recommended dosage. But some days he would pay the price and be in terrible pain.

Eventually his dose would hold steady at one per day, and the size of his cock would retreat to about eight inches, where it held firm. Sheila still loved him. Paul began to press for her hand in marriage, but even after all they'd been through together Sheila was still reluctant to tie the knot.

Paul persisted but Sheila wouldn't budge. She still loved him dearly and "not just for your cock" as she felt forced to tell him one day. The words hurt him, but they were somehow reassuring too. "My heart belongs to you, never forget that", she would tell him. He held on to those words. Held them close to his heart and never let her forget them.

Her heart may have belonged to Paul Morton, but Sheila found her eye roving more and more. She assumed ownership of the health club where she'd taught aerobics and was now expanding it into a chain. She felt fantastic and she looked even better. She felt stronger than ever, and hornier than ever. She stayed pretty busy these days, flying around opening up new franchises in cities across America. She was spending days, sometimes weeks away from Paul. She still fucked and grinded on him every chance she got, but as a lover he was a shadow of its old self. Her pussy was slippery and loose, having been permanently stretched out by his formerly huge dick. Paul redoubled his efforts and tried to make sure Sheila got her rocks off, even if it killed him. But his eight inches wasn't always up to the job. Sheila tried not to voice her frustration, but as her body yearned for satisfaction, she let her disappointment be known. Maybe it was a frustrated grunt during intercourse, or an impatient sigh as she pumped Paul with her hand. Her cleavage engulfed his cock entirely at this point to the extent that even tit-fucking him seemed more trouble than it was worth. The sight of her continued to drive HIM mad with desire. But increasingly, the sight of Paul was only giving Sheila cause to yearn for other men. She would always love him, but as the months passed she found herself avoiding sex with him. It only meant more disappointment for both of them. She came to feel that she deserved to have it all, "and then some". Staying monogamous with just one guy seemed backwards to her now. She had everything else she could possibly want, why should she do without THIS?

She began sleeping with other men here and there, usually on the road, where Paul wouldn't discover her. Eventually she agreed to marry Paul, to give him some peace of mind and let him know that he was the one she loved.

But increasingly her body was her own. And it had demands. •

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