New World Order, A


By Kowalski

A year after their introduction, Promade and Voluxil had changed the world.

Women took the extreme formulation of the drug now in ever greater numbers. The shape shifting Voluxil D was a raging success with less attractive women. Gradually Voluxil D was beautifying the population of women, creating a new tribe of "Voluxil Women" as they were coming to be called.

Cassidy Peters switched to Voluxil D as she began to put more distance between herself and the ever more pathetic Tucker, who was a tiresome presence in her life now. Voluxil D had by now altered Cassidy's already cute features. Her legs were longer, her hips curvier. Her breasts were now a closely-monitored 40 E and, most startling of all, the lines of her face had begun shifting. Her cheekbones were perfectly formed, her lips full and sensuous. She had "that look", the standard beautiful look that all Voluxil D women seemed to have. And she wore it well.

Voluxil D was essentially a complete genetic makeover which many women still chose to forego, deeming it "too weird" or just too vain and superficial. Early on, only the most brazen and ambitious women (or ugly, desperate women) went for Voluxil D. But the ranks of "Voluxil Women" were swelling all the time. Whether to simply fit in or keep up with other women, professionally, sexually, or just socially, many women would make the switch to Voluxil D sooner or later, assuming the total outward appearance of powerful and beautiful Voluxil Woman.

Voluxil Women took over the corporate boardrooms, executive suites, the airwaves. Soon they ran for public office. And won! Women came to appreciate what a gift to womankind Voluxil truly was. In household after household, genetically-aroused husbands had been held captive by the sight of their wives as they were slowly transformed by the tiny pills. Men and women both followed the progress of the woman's expanding bosom to the point of obsession. Each bra size that the woman grew out of and left behind as she gradually inched her way through the alphabet was a cause for celebration. Neglected wives once again found themselves the nightly recipients of all her husband's attentions and ministrations. He followed her with his eyes wherever she went or whatever she did. He fell all over himself, waiting on her hand foot, copping a feel at every opportunity, generally making a horny nuisance of himself. The typical woman would occasionally be forced to shun her husband's incessant advances. The woman regulated when and where she'd engage in sex play. The command "No", came into use more as women tried to make their men behave. The seat of power in the relationship between man and woman was now shifted completely to the woman. Men became like well trained dogs who were always fighting the urge to hump his owner's leg.

The vast majority of women who managed successfully to use Voluxil in moderation would use their new sexual and intellectual dominance to help them seize control of their relationships and their lives in general.

Possessing an abundance of what men could no longer live without, women held all the cards. Many formerly flat-chested, faithful wives and girlfriends with low self-esteem took to Voluxil in a big way and blossomed into chesty women who discovered they loved drawing stares from other men. Formerly demure, modestly dressed types took to wearing tight-fitting clothes with low cut necklines that further accentuated their cleavage which, they realized, was a source of their power and influence over men everywhere. Many women simply deserted their boyfriends and husbands, for no good reason, to play the field.

Women who had been a B or C cup took Voluxil with the sole intention of only adding a cup size or maybe two. But time and again these women discovered along the way that they loved the look and feel of a heavier, more prominent bust and the increased upper body strength that came with it.

So they continued with the drug until they achieved a double E or F cup.

On the street, one still found the entire spectrum of body shapes and sizes. But the median bust line inching upwards all over the world. The average bust size was a 38 D. Flat chests or anything smaller than a B cup were increasingly rare.

Women who stubbornly refused to take Voluxil in favor of staying flat were pitied by the majority of women who had awakened to the miracle of Voluxil.

The drug's effects varied from woman to woman. Sometimes a woman who went from an A cup to a D or E cup would find herself in over her head, overwhelmed by her new passions. Most of the women who would venture to sizes beyond the G cup range, regardless of their original bust size, would find themselves consumed by the accompanying sensations. These women would fight a constant battle between their minds and bodies, trying to maintain self-control through whatever means necessary. The so-called "50H"

(referring to any woman who'd ventured past the 50" barrier and lived to maintain control of her physical urges while displaying her assets and utilizing her enhanced intellect to their full effect) ascended to the highest heights of corporate and governmental power.

Virtually every woman was tempted to "go larger" at one time or another. Six months down the road, many women had failed to resist the urge to abuse the drug. But many others used Voluxil safely and enjoyed spectacular success with it.

Generally, women who were of the highest intelligence were thought to be the ones least likely to desire a larger bosom. But these women turned out to be the ones best equipped to push themselves to the limit and unleash the greatest potential of Voluxil. They were not immune to the intoxicating physical side effects, but their minds were stronger and better able to handle such distractions. The founding women of Luna Genetics, six of the most intelligent women on the planet, were thus equipped. Each of them were genetically-enhanced; each of them sporting an outsized pair of breasts in the double G to J cup range and with IQs well over 300 and climbing. As the Luna Genetics corporation grew and acquired other pharmaceutical giants to become the largest corporation anywhere in the world, these six statuesque alpha females would come to be viewed as the high priestesses of the New World Order. •

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