New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Donna jumped down off the loading dock behind her salon and fetched the last case of Voluxil from the delivery man's gloved hands. She came down hard on the pavement. The driver watched her tits bobble and bounce from the force. She was huge now. At least twenty pounds heavier, not including her tits.

"Thank you miss. It's good seeing you again. Looks like you've been sampling your own merchandise there..." the driver remarked.

"Ahh, ha ha... yeah, I guess I have", she replied not too shyly.

In three months she had managed to go from her original 38 D to a 46 G cup. She had to special order her brassieres now, but she could well afford them. It seemed like every other week she needed to be refitted. She loved it. She didn't like the thought of all that added weight on her hips and ass, but somehow none of it bothered her. Her jiggling body felt wonderful.

When she was seated and could stop herself from jostling about was just about the only time that Donna Hughes DIDN'T feel some degree of arousal.

Her whole body was like one big erogenous zone, and her boobs felt unbelievable. The hop down from the cement dock had been a great jolt. And it FELT great. She felt her nipples stiffen in the cool breeze and noticed the driver's eyes riveted to them.

She wanted him.

"You look cold, chappie. Why don't you come in and warm up?", she asked quite innocently.

The driver rubbed his gloved hands together and blew into them, like he was really freezing.

"That sounds like a good idea, ma'am."

The driver put on his hazard lights and turned off his truck. Inside the tiny back office of Visage Salon, Donna locked the door and drew the curtain across her little window. Outside in the store, her staff conducted business. This was a daily thing for her now, nabbing a customer or a delivery guy and locking him in her office for a quickie. She didn't even bother to keep track of their names by this point and she didn't care. They all knew HER name, which was the important thing. The driver shook off his coat and unbuckled his pants. Donna pulled her shirt over her head. She stood there in her brassiere, a huge brassiere with wide straps that did their best to immobilize her wobbling juggs. She reached out around her tits and pulled down the driver's pants. He was a Promade man, naturally. His cock was thick as her wrist and about as long as her forearm. One of the biggest she'd seen all week. She put both hands on its shaft and caressed it and watched as the driver got that blank Promade stare on his face. His mouth hung open as she slipped her brastraps over her shoulders and freed her great tits from their confinement. The driver grabbed her, sinking his rough fingers into her creamy soft flesh. Donna's tits were two handsful each, more than one man could handle. She stood up and buried his face in titflesh, smothering him, dragging her nips across his lips. Part of her wanted to hurry up and get it over with. She wanted his cock, between her tits. She could practically taste the guy's jism. Her mouth watered. She had swallowed now and again in the old days, on rare occasions. But lately she'd acquired a real taste for the stuff. After weeks and months of men blowing their big ol loads on her tits and face every day and every night... she'd taken to swallowing it. It was far easier than constantly cleaning it up.

Besides, all that seed, all that precious seed constantly being spilled on her fat boobs. It didn't seem right. She thought it seemed a waste, almost rude NOT to accept it, to swallow it. Ejaculate was an expression of the guys' passion and gratitude. Like flowing champagne it was the true physical measure of Donna's fantastic success, both financial and personal.

She still used her diaphragm during sex. She swore by it. But the inconvenience of the diaphragm and the fantastic pleasure she was getting from her boobs these days made blow jobs and tit jobs the order of the day.

"Much quicker and easier", she thought as she dragged her slobbery mouth along the length of his pole.

She placed the driver's cock between her boobs and mashed them together. The driver put his hands on her shoulders and pumped away, inhaling Donna's intense aroma. There was a knock at the door. Neither Donna nor the driver so much as batted an eye.

"Donna? Are you in there? It's Steve."

It was Steve Gold. What was he doing here? "What is it, Steve?" she asked. The driver kept humping her tits.

"Umm. I need to talk to you. It's Karen. She's thrown me out!"

Thrown him out? What was he talking about? Donna adjusted her grip on her boobs and hugged the driver's cock as he pumped her. Did Karen and Steve have a fight? Did she find him fucking some other woman?

"Steve come on in. But..."

Before she could unlock the door Steve Gold tore it half-way off its hinges and crashed into the room. Donna's powerful perfume knocked him back on his heels. He felt his cock swell.

"CLOSE THE DOOR, dummy!" she blurted. Still the driver fucked away without paying Donna OR this strange guy any mind.

Did Steve have tears in his eyes? What was this?

"What happened?" she asked. She was slightly embarrassed that Steve was standing there watching a stranger tit fuck her, but part of her didn't care. Part of her had been wanting to show him her tits for months.

Everytime she saw Steve Gold nowadays she just fucking WANTED him. Period.

Voluxil opened her eyes to many things, not least of which was the fact that she loved Steve. That she in fact wanted to have his baby. But she never let him know it, so long as he was with Karen. Or lets say she never ACTED on it. Steve knew she wanted him alright. And she knew he wanted her. Neither one of them acted on their desire though.

"She says I talk about you in my sleep... Donna... I called her Donna, Donna... when we were fucking", he smited his forehead.

Donna reached across her desk and took Steve's huge hand in hers. The driver took over and grabbed onto her tits and fucked away. She pulled Steve to her and kissed him on the mouth while the other guy pumped his cock between her cleavage.

"It'll be okay sweetie. Don't worry about Karen."

Steve grabbed Donna's ass, slipping his fingers under her and probing her sopping wet cunt. Donna lifted her plump ass into the air and invited Steve to enter her from behind. Both of them had done three ways with other people by now, but never with each other. All for Karen's sake. Poor Karen.

Oh well. Steve went straight to work, easing his raging anaconda into Donna's hole. Without much difficulty he worked inch after inch of it into her. Donna whimpered softly as she accepted the truck driver's equally huge cock down her throat. Both men kneaded her ponderous tits without mercy.

Moments later she erupted in a fantastic mid-afternoon back room orgasm just as Steve dumped a teacup of his piping hot cum into her womb. Steve slammed her hard. Her ass jiggled. He dug his fingers into her soft flesh. Donna's chubby body involuntarily spasmed, holding Steve's cock in place. She rubbed her tummy and clenched her sphincter muscles, drawing his seed deep into her womb. She wanted his baby. She wanted lots of Steve's babies!

She hurried the truck driver along now, sucking on his cock like she was sucking chrome off a trailer hitch. She drained his balls, gulping down his low-grade sperm like it was yesterday's warm beer.

Steve Gold made Donna Hughes pregnant that day, but she'd never know for sure who the father of her first set of triplets had been. She hoped that they were his. Steve stupidly confessed to Karen that he'd slept with Donna. In an odd twist, Karen didn't blame him. She took him back and renegotiated their wedding contract, reconsigning him as "wife and personal assistant". Shortly thereafter the couple moved away. Karen accepted a new management position at Luna Corporate Trust Savings & Loan. She was an executive now. Steve would spend the rest of his days as her human trophy.

Karen Gray stopped taking Voluxil and concentrated on her job.

Donna soon disappeared from the Visage Salon. The store went on and business thrived, but its owner no longer showed up for work. She stayed home and fucked and had babies and was deliriously happy, despite being a captive of her physical urges. Donna would stay busy nursing her ever growing brood and would pretty much remain pregnant off and on for the better part of the next decade. •

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