New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Karen Gray wrapped herself around Steve Gold and held him tightly. His body was like a bronze sculpture, chiseled with firm muscles from head to toe. He looked like one of those Mr. Universe guys but he never even worked out. The Promade had interacted with his surplus testosterone and turned him into something of a superman. Karen began taking Voluxil soon after Donna started selling it. She had always been satisfied with the size of her tits, even amid all the raving new breast culture. But Donna persuaded her to give it a try. In a very short time Karen was convinced that she too wanted a large chest, like the women in the magazines. Women all around her were expanding and displaying their assets every more proudly. And her best friend Donna, who hardly needed enlarging, was now acting like a spokesperson for Voluxil... and for big boobs in general. "I want perfect boobs", became her familiar refrain these days. Karen didn't quite know what in the hell Donna meant by that at first, 'perfect boobs'. But now after three months on the drug, as she found herself measuring every millimeter of growth each night, and obsessing about the cut of her clothes, the look of her cleavage. Karen was beginning to understand about perfect boobs. It was something you never quite attain, but you enjoy like hell the trying... the slow transformation, the gradual increase in physical strength and stature. Not to mention the mental stimulation. It was like an addiction and she decided she loved it.

Karen was no different than millions of other women around the world who were completely swept up in Voluxilmania.

Steve lifted her up off the floor and held her in his arms like a young girl. But 33 year old Karen Gray was no child. Her pussy was aching to be fucked, and her pillowy tits were burning with desire too. She couldn't tell which she enjoyed more, Steve's foot long shaft crammed inside her, or smothered between her 44 F cup tits. She now experienced orgasms just from tit-fucking Steve. Donna had been the one to suggest that too. It had taken some working at first, but when it finally came the feeling was unbelievable. Now it was a new nagging desire in her life, something she had to learn to control during office hours. But tonight was no time for control. She looked into Steve's eyes, he looked back and smiled, squeezing her nipple between his long fingers. Steve's mind was still in decent shape, but by the time he got completely aroused these days, it was like he temporarily turned into a mute, unable to speak or even think. The perfect man. Steve tossed Karen onto the couple's bed. Her tits rolled around on her chest, bumping softly into her chin. When Steve looked at her now it was with the same look he gave to the tit queens on the television and in his magazines. Something inside her loved that look in his eyes. It made her feel powerful. She looked up at Steve from behind two full moons of quivering tit flesh. Steve felt his mind fade away completely as his cock surged with blood. Karen spread her legs and luxuriated in the feeling of her gorgeous superman as he pleasured her with his super cock. •

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