New World Order, A


By Kowalski

As he walked down the hall from the airplane to the terminal, Paul wondered if Sheila would be there to meet him. He emerged into the airport and scanned the crowd for her familiar face. He couldn't see her anywhere.

Suddenly two tiny hands came from behind and flew over his eyes.

"Guess who!", Sheila blurted into his ear.

Paul spun around and saw Sheila's beautiful smiling face. The couple kissed. Cassidy Peters was there too.

"Oh it's so great to see you", Paul said as he kissed Sheila, and kissed her again.

She looked different, kinda. Like she'd gained a little weight? Maybe it was the oversized jacket she was wearing, she usually wore such tight things.

"Good to see you too Cassidy", Paul looked at Cassidy and did a double take.

"Sorry to hear about your father", Cassidy offered.

"Oh, thanks. I appreciate that", he answered as he sized her up.

Cassidy definitely had put on some weight. She wasn't all bony. Her face looked rounder, cuter. She was dressed in a tight-fitting striped tee shirt. He noticed that she was either wearing a padded bra or else she...

No, that couldn't be. Cassidy was not the boob job type. Must be pads, he thought. Sheila smiled as she watched his confusion. She grabbed his arm and led the way through the terminal towards the parking lot. Paul tried not to stare but he couldn't help but notice the change in Cassidy. His eyes followed her pert tits as they appeared to... bounce. Still he attributed it to gel implants. "The make them so natural now", he thought to himself.

"I have a big surprise for you, mister!", Sheila could hardly contain her excitement. "What? What is it??", Paul asked. "I'll show you when we get in the car."

Paul glanced at Cassidy. He noticed now that she wasn't even wearing a bra! Holy shit!

"What's the big surprise?"

"You're just gonna have to wait till we get in the car, big boy", Cassidy sniped.

Cassidy climbed into the passenger seat of her Land Rover, paid for with Tucker's earnings. Tucker sat behind the wheel. He had been waiting in the car. Paul jumped in the back and so did Sheila. She snuggled up to him and he threw his arm around her and kissed her.

"It's so good to have you back. I missed you", Sheila said.

"Hey Tucker! How's it going?" Paul said.

Tucker Hicks didn't even answer, he just looked in the rear view mirror and nodded and grunted. He was in one of his usual foul moods. Paul noticed Tucker lean over and grab one of Cassidy's tits. He tried to kiss her but she stiff-armed him.

"Start the car, Loverboy. We don't want to sit here in the parking garage all night", Cassidy ordered.

Tucker started up the Land Rover and pulled out of the airport into the night. The cabin went kind of dark, except for the passing glow of the street lights and lighted signs that flitted by the windows. Sheila relaxed and unzipped her jacket. Paul traced her ear with his finger and stroked her hair. She looked back at him and flashed him one of her smiles. So beautiful. How he'd missed her smile.

"God, you're beautiful... It's so great to be home, I can't tell you", Paul said, unembarrassed that he was being so mushy in front of Cassidy and Tucker.

Sheila just smiled and snuggled closer under his strong arm. She pressed up against him. Sheila felt so soft and warm, Paul thought. He peered out the window and saw an incredible billboard, featuring six ultrabusty women in business suits. "Take control... with Voluxil", it read.

He wondered what that meant. Cassidy and Sheila began laughing.

"What?" Paul asked.

"Well Sheila, are you gonna show him? He certainly doesn't seem able to figure it out himself", Cassidy sniped.

"What's she talking about?", Paul asked as Sheila opened up her jacket and eased one shoulder out of it.

She smiled back at Paul, not saying a word. She was getting aroused by now, just dying to jump on Paul's bones. Her perfume filled the car, filled Paul's nostrils. He stared back at her and let the wonderful scent fill his head. His cock moved in his pants just looking at Sheila's smile. Sheila pulled back her jacket and shook it off. She was wearing a tight black shirt with a scoop neck. Paul had never seen it before. He looked down and suddenly he noticed. Sheila's tits.

Her... TITS?

His mouth dropped open in disbelief. Cassidy chuckled to herself in the front seat, watching him in the mirror. Sheila sat up and drew a breath, swelling her chest for Paul to see. The streetlights flashed glimpses of orange light across Sheila's exposed neck and face. Her pert little boobies had never... they didn't used to.... touch? Sheila drew her elbows to her sides and pushed her breasts together, forming a bit of cleavage for Paul to get a good look at. She leaned forward slightly. Paul's mind felt dull as he reached out without even thinking. He cupped her right breast in his hand.

It felt like his mother's... about the same size, only... softer. NATURAL.

His mothers boobs had felt like balloons. Sheila's eyes met Paul's and both lovers licked their lips.

Just then Tucker hit a pot hole in the road. The Land Rover bounced up and down. Cassidy bounced up and down. And Paul couldn't help but notice that his Sheila REALLY bounced up and down.

"Oh my god!" Paul blurted out.

Sheila laughed as she laid a hand against the side of her breast.

"How did you? How did... what happened? Why?", Paul rattled on.

Another well-lit Voluxil billboard breezed past the window.

Sheila and Cassidy locked stares in the mirror.

"Where you been at the past six weeks Morton? Under a rock?" Tucker piped up.

Cassidy thumped Tucker with a hard backhand to the chest and he shut up. It was a perfectly fair question though. Paul HAD been living under a rock, more or less. In six weeks time the whole country had begun going crazy over Voluxil. His parents' house was sufficiently isolated, and Paul was distracted enough with his father's pain, that he had missed out completely on the whole fanfare. Sheila handed him a small packet of tiny white pills. "Voluxil B-C"... from the billboard? He saw the familiar Luna Genetics blue logo. He read the indications on the front of the package. One pill a day. One cup size a month. He put two and two together and came up with Cassidy Peters and Sheila Martin and their, enlarged tits!

"They make your boobs bigger", Sheila said.

After months self-administering Promade to himself, this rather shocking revelation, about a pill that grows boobs, didn't shock Paul Morton at all. But it did thrill him, and surprise the hell out of him.

"I can SEE it does", he replied, with a sting of enthusiasm directed at both women.

Cassidy narrowed her gaze on the street signs ahead. They were pulling onto Paul's street. His eyes were fixed on Sheila's cleavage. She sat sideways against the seat, so Paul could look at her. Her two boobs pressed into one another. They weren't even large enough to TOUCH each other six weeks earlier! How big WERE they?

"How big are they??", he asked his girlfriend. His cock was stiff as a board by now.

"You'll see", she replied as Tucker drove over the curb and into the driveway beside Paul's building. The jolt made all four of them bounce up and down in their seats. Both girls laughed together at the sensation. It was a feeling that neither one of them was totally accustomed to yet. And they both enjoyed the hell out of it. It felt great. Paul laughed when he realized the girls' were reacting to their own boobs bouncing inside their shirts. He was particularly amazed to think of Cassidy, who had NO chest when he last saw her. She looked to have grown at least a cup size, maybe more, he thought.

The Land Rover rolled to a stop and Cassidy bid Paul and Sheila a fond goodnight.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do", she quipped.

Tucker didn't say goodnight. He was too busy grabbing at Cassidy and trying to kiss her.

"Thanks for the ride Cass. I'll talk to you tomorrow", Sheila winked at her old girlfriend.

Paul closed the door behind her and then he and Sheila ducked into his building. Paul didn't realize it but the two old friends had grown even closer in the time he was away. As they walked up the stairs to Paul's apartment, Sheila led the way and started in immediately, filling Paul in on everything. The experience of Voluxil was like an awakening for all the women who took it. Women had always wondered what it was like to take Promade. Now they knew. Except it was better. Having never had any breasts at all, Cassidy couldn't seem to grow them fast enough. Her boobies had started budding immediately. At first just her nipples grew puffy and swollen, then after a week or two her flat chest began to swell. Two little boobies grew and became a soft pleasant "extra weight" that increased day by day inside Cassidy's A cup bras. By the end of the month she was a full cup size larger, as advertised. And in the last two weeks she she'd begun to grow into a C cup.

Paul fumbled for his keys. He couldn't take his eyes off of Sheila.

Wow. She had been slightly bigger in the chest than Cassidy. Nothing spectacular, but she did have the edge over her friend. Paul turned the key and stumbled into his apartment. Sheila slammed the door behind her, causing a delightful little jiggle in her chest. It felt great. After six weeks on Voluxil ,Sheila was very excited to finally be able to tell Paul about the wonderful new sensations that the drug had produced in her body. The heightened sensitivity, especially in and around her boobs, was like nothing she ever dreamed possible.

"Paul, my boobs feel great. I can hardly believe it. And not heavy at all. I was totally afraid they'd feel heavy but I can hardly feel it. They just feel...", she smoothed one hand over the curve of her bosom and rolled her eyes.

"Mmmmmm... god, Paul... they feel so great. Come here."

Paul put down his suitcases and went to Sheila. She was pulling down on the neckline of her shirt, exposing more flesh for Paul to see. He couldn't believe his eyes. Sheila herself still couldn't believe her eyes when she looked down at herself. Paul placed both hands on Sheila's chest and squeezed, cupping her two tits in his palms. Sheila arched her back and gave him a handful. It felt like heaven to feel Paul's strong hands on her body. Sheila was more sensitive from head to toe it seemed. She had begun to discover the unknown pleasures of her new body, alone and with Cassidy's help. Her larger titties were extremely sensitive and she had experienced a "tit orgasm" or two by now. Her nipples were especially sensitive. Paul felt Sheila's hard nipples dig into his palms through the fabric of her shirt and bra. He took one between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it. It felt so thick and hard. Sheila let out a deep moan and wrapped one leg around her long lost boyfriend. She'd been waiting for this moment for weeks. Finally she'd have her relief. She reached down and grabbed hold of Paul's cock through his pants. How much bigger was he? Seemed like everything she touched or looked at these days was bigger than it was last time she saw it.

And Paul's cock was no exception. In the heat of passion she thought Paul felt as big now as her old boyfriend John, who she'd taken to fantasizing about lately.

"You feel nice and big, lover", she whispered in his ear.

"Almost eleven inches..." he answered with pride.

Sheila tore open his pants and let his schlong flop out. She grabbed hold of it and squeezed. Paul seethed and nuzzled Sheila's cleavage. Her scent rose up from her chest in fragrant blasts that Paul inhaled deeply into his lungs. His mind drifted away. He clenched his ass muscles and pumped a rush of blood into his already swollen cock. Sheila felt it swell in her hand, parting her closed fingers. She kissed Paul. Hard. She jammed her tongue into his mouth and breathed heavily as Paul proceeded to kneed her left tit like a playtoy. It was something she had been doing to herself quite a lot lately. But Paul's touch was magic. She wanted her shirt off.

She slipped the tight black shirt over her head and reached behind for the clasps on her bra. It was less easy to reach back there these days. She turned and asked for Paul's assistance. Paul fumbled around with her hooks as he undid them. He glanced at the size label on the silk strap, 36 C.

"That thing's days are numbered", she said.

"What's that?"

"I say that bra isn't going to last me another week. I'm already outgrowing it." Sheila stood there in front of Paul, with her arms crossed over her chest. Paul took her hands away and let her new breasts hang free. He drank in the sight of his girlfriend, his beautiful unbelievable girlfriend.

Sheila's boobies had grown into... well, "boobs". Full, heavy, perfect teardrop-shaped boobs capped off with oversized cone- shaped nipples. She swiveled at the hips ever so slightly and shook her breasts for Paul. He cupped one in his hand and squeezed it again. Sheila's soft tit flesh squeezed out between his fingers. She unbuttoned his shirt.

"All this in just six weeks?" Paul asked.

"Almost two cup sizes. And counting...", she curled her nose mischievously and threw her arms around Paul's shoulders.

"You planning on getting bigger?", Paul looked surprised. She looked great already.

"Just a little bit. This sounds stupid, but the way I figure it, I might as well go bigger than my mother. I'm almost there", she rationalized as she pressed herself against Paul. Sheila had never before mentioned her breast size or any wanting for larger breasts. Had she secretly wanted bigger tits all along, or was it just this new drug craze? Whatever the reason, Sheila seemed excited and happy about her new developments.

Certainly Paul was thrilled. He loved the feeling of her soft breasts pressed against his rock hard stomach.

Sheila hugged Paul and drank in the feeling of their bare chests pressed together. Paul seemed pleased, she thought as she let her mind drift. What would he think if I got even bigger? And why, for that matter, am I constantly thinking about getting bigger? Sheila's mind probed itself, turning the conundrum over with a new dexterity that she enjoyed immensely.

She had started obsessing about her "progress" the day she measured her first notable increase in size. Something about the imperceptible enhancements to her mental acuity combined with the visible and all too tangible increases in bodily sensation could make a woman equate one with the other. Sheila came to "identify" with Voluxil, with what Voluxil could do, what it was made to do. There was a Voluxil Ideal that women everywhere were already chasing, celebrating, trying to embody. And since the mental enhancements were difficult to consciously notice or quantify in any definitive way, a woman's bust line and cup size were now thought to be commensurate with her brainpower. And they WERE! Sheila Martin had been a modest but satisfactory 34 B ever since the end of childhood, going on twenty years. She started taking Voluxil at Cassidy's insistence, but she didn't require much convincing. Her intention at first was to add only one cup size. It never occurred to her that she would want to go larger than that. But as the drug went to work, and as Sheila first noticed a soft new bounce on her chest, she gave in to the delightful distraction. Her mind seized on Voluxil, explored the portent of it. Distraction grew into obsession. She began to check her reflection out in mirrors, in shop windows, whenever she could. She watched closely the subtle changing curves of her swelling bust. She felt positively huge the day she was fitted for her C cup brassieres. She was so excited to reach that landmark, she spent almost $300 that day on new bras. That was two weeks ago however and was beginning to feel a bit like a distant memory. In the past couple of days she had experienced another growth spurt and the lovely C cup bras she'd squandered good money on were starting to dig into her. By the end of the week she would be out shopping for her first... D cupper. Good lord, a D cup! What would THAT feel like? She brushed her nipples against Paul and mashed herself against him. She wanted bigger boobs now! She was accustomed to her larger tits but she reminded herself that this was all totally new to Paul. Still though, despite the fact that she was twice her normal size already, she felt... small. How could that be? Why was she so obsessed with size, she wondered.

"You don't think I look fat do you?" she asked sheepishly.

"No. Not at all", was Paul's answer.

"I mean, you look fantastic. I never dreamed... I mean, I never thought... I mean....."

"Neither did I. I never thought I wanted this, but this Voluxil is amazing. It's a miracle, Paul."

They smiled at each other and kissed. Sheila threw her arms around Paul's broad shoulders and let her titties fall flat against his chest. Soft mounds of flesh swelled up toward her collarbone. She tingled all over. Her mind was in high gear.

"It's supposed to add a cup size a month but I think I've found a way to... speed it up", Sheila said in an quietly excited voice. Her eyes were a bit wild, her smile, brilliant.

Had she been experimenting on herself, the way she had with the Promade? Yes she had.

Instead of her one-a-day Voluxil, Sheila had experimented one long weekend with two a day, and then three a day. She spent those two days in bed, masturbating, drifting in and out of consciousness, feeling herself up.

It was like one long wonderful extended two day xtacy trip. She ordered take out and when the delivery boy came to her door on Saturday night he was pleasantly surprised when the half-naked beauty answered the door. Dressed in nothing buy a loose bathrobe, it was all she could do to keep from jumping him. The inch that she added to her bust that one weekend was what pushed her past the confines of her C cup brassieres. Sheila reached into her skin tight jeans and pulled out a crushed white Voluxil packet. She wanted to take tomorrow's dose right now. Paul leaned back and watched as Sheila tore a little white pill from its foil wrapper and popped it into her mouth. She hugged Paul and kissed him forcefully, the Voluxil packet still pinched lightly between two fingers. She dug a second pill from the foil and raised it to her mouth. Again she kissed Paul. She felt his stiff club grinding against her body. She wanted him so bad. She wanted to fuck and smother him. She removed last remaining pill from the packet and swallowed it down. Her head felt light as a feather. She crumpled the Voluxil packet and dropped it onto the carpet. Paul carried her into the bedroom and removed her jeans and his. As he circled the bed Sheila inspected his cock.

It bobbed up and down with the rhythm of his movements, like a conductor's baton. His body was all lean muscle now. He looked like an athlete. She stared transfixed at him. Paul stared at her boobs. She could feel his eyeballs on her nipples. Sheila loved her new boobs. She loved the feel of them, the reassuring weight of them resting on her chest. The way they bounced. The way they made her look. The way people looked at her with them.

The way Paul was looking at her right now. She knew they'd be growing even bigger, tonight. She climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees, letting her tits hang away from her body. She was totally comfortable with the feelings and movements and size of her boobs by now, way less self-conscious about them than Cassidy still was with hers. Between the two girlfriends though, these new boobs were very much something to laugh about and have fun with. They both joked and teased one another about what clumsy big-titted bimbos they were becoming. But nothing could have been further from the truth. Both women were sexier, but both women were smarter too.

Sheila felt the triple dose of Voluxil start to rattle her senses.

She felt it first in her head. Tingling flashes of electricity sent a pleasant tremor of clarity through her mind. Thoughts fell into place. Ideas came to order. She saw Paul Morton and understood him, completely. She could see his whole life in context, could see a man who was shaken by the recent loss of his father, a man who was strong, for the first time ever, but who somehow weaker than before, with chronic needs that he could not tend to himself. Needs that Promade produced in him, same as it did now in all men.

She gazed longingly at his beautiful cock. He needed to take more Promade, she thought. The room sparkled in front of Sheila's eyes. Her body vibrated and resonated with Voluxil's delicate biogenetic music. Her genes danced in formation, redefining her musculature, her mental circuits. She felt exalted. Paul crawled up next to her on the bed, his eyes on her body, his mouth hanging slightly open. He seemed brutish to her, almost like an animal moving in slow motion, the wheels in his mind grinding to a halt. It turned her on. She loved that dumb brute, she thought. She laughed out loud. She could feel new compartments in her mind open up, doubling and redoubling.

She smiled benignly as she thought about Promade's dark secret, that it made men stupid. Although she loved Paul dearly, this didn't bother her one bit. She loved it. Loved the feeling, the wonderful feeling of power her kind was gaining over their kind. But not in a cruel or sadistic way. The surge of power, of brainpower and of sexual power, was its own justification. Women were becoming new masters, of men, of nature... of the world. It was their destiny. Obviously! It all made pefect sense and seemed completely inevitable. Voluxil and Promade were setting things right in the world, giving men AND women what they had always wanted. What they deserved. Paul moved next to her and pawed at her. She tried to let the poor man know what she was feeling. What she described sounded to Paul like an acid trip. A pleasant, mind-expanding acid trip. Most of it went over his head. Some of it sounded almost like another language, philosophical psychological stuff he just couldn't grok. Sheila's body was flushed pink, especially her chest.

Her hard nipples seemed almost twice as large and sensitive as they had been when he last saw her. The puffy areolas, now almost three inches in diameter, seemed too big for her breasts. Sheila took Paul's head and drew his mouth to her large brown nipple. Paul sucked it into his mouth and Sheila seized up, seething from the wonderful feel of her lover's mouth at her teat. She pulled on Paul's cock, positioning it between her breasts. She wrapped her hands around the outsides of her boobs and pressed them together, but they weren't yet large enough to surround Paul's thick cock.

Too bad.

Paul lay back on the bed as Sheila crawled on top of him. Paul's cock bumped against Sheila's ass as she bobbed back and forth on top of him. Then with out warning Sheila lowered herself onto Paul's knob. His member slipped inside her with one slow steady movement, all the way to the base in one stroke. Sheila arched her back and thrust her chest out. Paul reached up and cupped both breasts. They were warm, firm, and covered in perspiration.

Sheila began rocking her hips in graceful even swoops, filling and refilling herself over and over with Paul's meat. He felt fantastic. She was in heaven. Her tits were burning and they felt fantastic too. As her pleasure increased, she increased the speed of her hips. Paul looked up at his beautiful girlfriend. Voluxil was ravishing Sheila Martin, shaking her to her very core. She put her hands on Paul's hard pecs and rested her upper body weight on him. Her boobs swayed freely under her as she thrust her body weight over and over against Paul's body. Sheila leaned forward and let her boobs fall into Paul's face, rubbing them on him, mashing them into him.

She'd been waiting to do this for six weeks.

Paul franticly licked and suckled at her softness. Both lovers lost track of time and space. After a couple hours of intense fucking and sucking the couple finally fell asleep. Paul enjoyed a sound dreamless sleep that night. His first in weeks.

Sheila tossed and turned as the Voluxil continued to work on her for the next eight hours. The stimulation of her lovemaking with Paul (the hyperventilation, the hyperoxygenation of her blood) would work to further magnify the effects. The overnight genetic megadose would penetrate every cell and neuron of her body. Her dreams were vivid and bizarre that night.

She dreamt of whiteness. She floated naked in a featureless void. She looked down at herself. Her skin looked especially dark against the milky whiteness all around. She felt something wet at her feet, tickling her bare toes.

Milk. The wetness splashed against her legs as she skimmed along the surface. She was lowering into the milky wetness, her ankle and lovely calf disappearing into the whiteness. She looked down and saw a clear fluid trickling from her nipples. Her breasts were weeping. She clutched them in her hands and could feel fluid rushing inside them, like a spigot opened all the way. They started to grow in her hands, quickly splaying her fingers apart. She squeezed them to stem the growth but they only spurted jets of hot milk. Soon they were more than she could handle, she cradled them in her arms, pulled down by their weight. She stood hip deep in the milk, watching helpless as her floating tits swelled out even larger until she could no longer reach her own nipples. The level of the milk rose higher. Her massive teats swelled up bigger than watermelons before finally submerging her in the milky whiteness to her shoulders. The milk crept up until it was at her chin. She was swimming in the stuff. Soon to be drowning in it. She felt something rush between her legs. She panicked. A huge monster, Paul's cock, shot up out of the sea of white and leapt over her like a great serpent.

Suddenly she found herself on the deck of a boat, an expensive yacht outfitted with harpoons and nets. She was now wearing a dress blue naval uniform and a tight white slit skirt. Her chest was adorned with gold medals commemorating her many glorious conquests. She could hear the huge canvas sails flapping in the wind, pulling the rigging taut. Her old boyfriend John was standing on deck beside her, naked except for a strange leather apparatus that held his cock and balls. He trained his harpoon cannon on the great serpent cock as it circled the boat. There was no sound but the light splashing of the sea, and the groaning of the ropes as they stretched to hold back the billowing canvas sails. A school of porpoise spoke to Sheila telepathically and pleaded with her to kill the monster. John released the safety on the harpoon and took careful aim at Paul. Sheila looked on, grasping at the rigging with one strong hand, dragging the thick wool material of her uniform against the stiff ropes, trying to stimulate her burning nipples. She snagged her medals on the rope. Some came loose and fell into the white ocean. With her other hand she slavishly fingered herself. She was coming. Paul cried out her name. "Sheila! Nooooo!" She couldn't move her legs.

She woke up. It was early afternoon the next day.

Paul was laying next to her in bed. Sheila was laying on her side, breathing heavily. "How long did I sleep?" she asked groggily. Her tits lay on the sheets between them. They were swollen... my god, were they swollen!

Paul touched one of her nipples lightly. Sheila came wide awake when a pleasant wave of electricity rippled through her, emanating from her sensitive nipple. She sat up in bed. Her tits felt heavy as they pulled on her tired body. She held them in her hands. They were big. They felt so...

well... HEAVY. She squeezed them gently and was rewarded with another pleasant shockwave. Her head cleared instantly. She knew she must be a full D cup now, maybe even bigger. Holy shit. Her first thought was to call Cassidy and tell her, but Cassidy would only want to come over and see for herself. Sheila jumped up and headed for Paul's bathroom. The added weight on her chest threw her off balance at first, but she recovered quickly and padded into the bathroom, snatching yesterday's bra off the dresser en route.

A bleary-eyed Sheila Martin gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror.

She couldn't believe what she saw looking back at her. It may only have been an extra inch or so but she thought she looked BIG! She was still pretty dazed from the drugs, she realized. Her mind crackled and popped. She drew her shoulders together and her boobs pressed against one other like balloons. The nipples no longer looked too big. They looked just right in fact. She checked her profile. Her soft, teardrop tits flared out from her body proudly. She lifted them up and checked the added heft. She loved the feeling, just like she knew she would. She admired herself in the mirror.

"My god, she's a knockout", she thought. What? Did she say it out loud? It was Paul's voice... but... in her head???? Paul peered in at her from the bedroom, as he frantically stroked his cock under the sheets. She could hear his thoughts. Or maybe she was hallucinating. Sheila closed the bathroom door and locked it behind her. She slipped her 36 C bra around her waist and pulled the two strap ends together. She could just barely fasten the loosest row of hooks. She slipped it around and eased her arms into the shoulder straps. She lengthened the straps as long as they would go and pulled them up over her shoulders. The bra was tight. Too tight. She pulled down on the C cups and shook her boobs into the silk fabric. No matter how she tried to adjust things she wound up with quite a lot of extra flesh overflowing her old brassiere, either over the tops of the cups, or under her arms, or slipping out from beneath the underwire. The sight turned her on.

Sheila emerged from the bathroom with her tits strangled by her old brassiere. Soft almond colored flesh swelled up around the edges of the cups like rising bread dough. The shoulder straps dug into her, but she seemed to be ignoring it. Paul couldn't believe his eyes. He came all over himself at the sight of her.

"Wanna come bra shopping with me?" •

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