New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Donna Hughes had gone on Voluxil A right away, before Karen and Cassidy and Sheila and the rest of the world ever saw those TV ads. She'd been getting free samples from the Luna Genetics for two weeks now. Donna was one of these girls who is extremely loyal to her chosen method of birth control. She just couldn't part with her trusty diaphragm. Besides, what if the drug didn't work right and she was unable to have babies some day?

Voluxil A was made just for girls like her and that's what she was taking.

There were side effects to all the Voluxil formulas, but these were less catastrophic than with Promade. In the short-term there was a matter of some minimal fatty weight gain in other parts of the body, usually about 10 pounds which seemed just enough to balance out and accentuate one's new burgeoning figure. Donna could do without the weight gain, but she ignored it. Also, the greater the genetic enhancement by Voluxil, the stronger a woman's natural scent would become. This was done on purpose by the Luna Genetics scientists in order to enhance the Voluxil woman's power over the opposite sex. Voluxil subtly accentuated the female's natural sexual "perfume", biologically and genetically linking the intensity of a woman's pheromones to her moods. In a state of arousal, whether from pleasure or from anger, a Voluxil woman's scent would emit more strongly, from sweat glands located between and underneath the breasts, sending a subtle signal to other women and, most importantly, further debilitating any male within range. Donna was totally unable to notice any change in her personal scent, but the men who came into her salon were knocked out by it as soon as they stepped inside the door.

Also the drug was designed to genetically strengthen a woman's upper body in proportion with the increased weight of her bust. Something the ads didn't refer to except to say that Voluxil 'enhanced wellness'. In this way the Voluxil woman could carry her enlarged breasts without back strain.

She'd also enjoy the added bonus of increased strength in her arms, shoulders and abdominals but without any added muscular bulk. All of these effects combined to further empower the woman, physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally. Donna took to helping the truckdrivers who arrived daily in the alley behind her shop. She was amazed by the new strength in her arms which made quick work of the numerous and heavy cases of Promade and Voluxil which she personally loaded into her back room. Such physical exertion usually heightened her arousal, overpowering everyone in the vicinity with her strong sweet- smelling perfume. And the truck drivers were amazed at the sight of such a fine piece of ass like Donna Hughes, out there in the street, shaking her stuff without a care in the world.

Donna loved the feeling Voluxil gave her. The drug seemed made for her as it subtly enhanced her, growing her tits and increasing her natural appetites for sex. She felt completely normal otherwise. Just sexier, happier, rosy-cheeked, more beautiful and desirable than usual. And the men in her life only confirmed this for her. Her dream had always been to marry some rich guy, someone like Steve Gold, and have a family. She played the field now with heightened enthusiasm. She was having rich guys in her shop more and more. She pursued them all.

The only potential long-term risk to a Voluxil user lie overdoing it, in getting too greedy. This risk would vary from woman to woman. As Voluxil enhanced the breasts and musculature, so would it intensify a woman's bodily sensations. This would be considered a pleasant and desirable side-effect of the drug, to say the least. But if taken too far, it could make a woman a slave to her own sexual urges. Instead of using her sex as a controlling influence over men, the use for which Voluxil was intended, this powerful new weapon could turn back on her in the form of an addiction to pleasure.

Whether it be the pleasure of being tit-fucked by a male stud or simply the pleasant jiggling of her own hyper-sensitive body walking down the street, these new genetically-enhanced sensations, if taken to dangerous extremes, could overcome a woman's willpower. It could lead her to do things against her own better judgement, including further abuse of the drug.

The woman who allowed herself to become addicted to the physical and emotional rush a Voluxil user experiences as the drug amplifies her sexuality and physical strength, could wind up worse off than when she started out; a genetically-mutated sexual predator with a heightened breeding instinct, unable to think of anything but her own physical procreative needs. Women who allowed this to happen joined a lower "breeder class" of females who could no longer control their appetites. Some went mad and became violent criminals. Many simply grew fat, their whole bodies becoming vast perpetually-aroused erogenous zones.

The designers of Voluxil didn't consider this an undesirable side-effect of the drug. They considered it an effective way of side-lining the weak-minded element in the female race, the women who still deep down believed their highest purpose was to make babies. Well, let them have the babies then! Voluxil consigned these women to an orgasmic, lactating, child-bearing life of relative immobility. They were conscious of who and what they were, but unable to do anything to resist their own downward spiral. An excessively pro-natal woman would not even think of it as a downward spiral. She would simply grow to consider Voluxil the answer to her dream of becoming a fucking/breeding/nursing superwoman. Donna Hughes was such a woman. It had been that way since her teenage years. She'd already gone through the pain and remorse of one abortion, when she was 17, then again when she was 23. Now her sex life would be getting considerably more active, and the odds of her getting careless, of getting pregnant again would be something she'd need to be mindful of. •

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