New World Order, A


By Kowalski

On the job with her aerobics classes, Sheila Martin overheard lots of women's conversations. The issue of body image cropped up frequently.

Promade came up all the time these days too. The women wanted to be fit, but Sheila began to notice that these women were growing more and more obsessed with breast size. Seemingly every other a week one of her ladies would show up at class with breast implants. Sometimes jumping two cup sizes after just one procedure. One week they'd be leaping around doing their routines with abandon and the following week they'd be gingerly moving about, still healing, their heavy chests bouncing painfully with each movement. Sheila freely admitted that the new breast obsession had gotten out of control, commensurate with the amount of Promade that had been pumped into the male half of the human race. But like so many women she also found it all somewhat amusing, maybe even a little exciting. That's not to say she didn't feel hurt and angry whenever she'd catch her boyfriend Paul staring at another woman's ta-tas. But she understood the appeal. Big boobs were everywhere these days. Some belonged to naturally large breasted gals who no longer felt a need to be modest about their God-given endowments. Some were women who'd taken to wearing gel-filled or otherwise padded bras. Many smaller breasted women wore no brassiere at all, anything to look a little bit hotter.

Cassidy Peters visited Sheila at home one weekday afternoon for coffee. Paul was out of town, visiting his ailing father back east. The two friends caught up on each others' lives.

This had become almost a weekly thing for the girls at this point.

They exchanged Promade stories and offered up juicy details from their busy sex lives. Sheila and Paul were doing fabulous. He never "experimented" with Promade since that one harrowing night. After a period of months he had filled out nicely, a well-chiseled though still lean and handsome man with a very healthy nine inch cock. Though he'd been let go from his former ad agency job, Paul Morton maintained most of his brainpower and remained gainfully employed at a local copy shop. He pretty much just seemed himself.

A happier, hornier self, but still Paul Morton and still able to work a Xerox machine.

Tucker Hicks was by comparison a shadow of his former self. For the most part docile, horny, seemingly happy. He had an amazing head of curly blonde hair that Cassidy kept trimmed in a cute flouncy coif. His body was huge and his cock was still growing at eleven inches. And he was dumb as a rake. Deep down he was still selfish and still struggling to make his own way in the world. But he was conscious that something had happened to him, something radical. But the rewards of Promade prevented him from seeing his new situation as anything but ideal. Cassidy slept with him when she felt like it, but by now she was sleeping with other willing partners too, men AND women. Conspicuously flat as a board, Cassidy felt a new and growing disgust with her body these days. She'd always obsessed about being too fat.

Now she obsessed about being too flat. She would compensate for any such feelings by teasing and torturing Tucker, dominating him sexually and psychologically. Sometimes she wouldn't let him wear clothes around the house. Some evenings she forced him to watch big tit porn and masturbate in front of her while she talked on the phone to other men. It gave her a great feeling of control but it also made her feel sickened, at herself, afterwards. Sometimes she made him wear women's clothing. With her friend Suzanne's help she had him demoted again at work, down to janitorial staff.

Even arranged for his paychecks to be diverted directly to her checking account.

But this was all old news to these two girlfriends on this day.

"I want tits, Sheila. I've decided." Cassidy said matter of factly as she blew on her hot latté.

"Cassidy... you're as bad as the women in my class. They all want bigger tits. They've almost got ME wanting bigger tits", Sheila replied.

"I'm gonna do it, Sheila. I've got the money and I've got the doctor all lined up."

"Get out... you're not serious", Sheila was incredulous. Her friend would do and say some silly things sometimes, but surely she wasn't thinking about actually getting breast augmentation surgery.

"I'm totally serious about this Sheila. I'm sick of being flat as a board. I deserve better than this. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm staring into some chick's cleavage, jumping off some magazine cover, crossing the street. And it's all Tucker watches on that TV. Huge tits."

"But Sheila, implants? It's so dangerous. You said so yourself. You used to hate women who got implants", Sheila tugged on her own shirt and sipped her coffee. She turned on the little TV in the corner.

"Don't tell me you haven't thought about it. I hear every week about your classes and all those bouncing boobs in there, stuffed into spandex."

"Of course I think about it, but Cassidy. But that doesn't mean I'm going to resort to surgery." She shook her head and flipped channels looking for something to watch on television. She flipped past the lurid soap operas, which were now full of nothing but big titted actresses. She flipped past wet T-shirt contests on ESPN, past a Russ Meyer movie on AMC, past an Anna Nicole Smith & Dolly Parton movie marathon on TNT hosted by Dolly and Anna Nicole. Were they larger than last time she'd seen them? She flipped the channel, past reruns of "Bigger Than Ever", the old Britney Spears'

comeback concert in Central Park on V-H1, past ads for Promade, ads for brassieres, ads for brassiere gel pads. She flipped past a nature show with a hugely endowed woman named Minka in a safari outfit with what looked like basketballs under her shirt, poking at a python with a stick.

"They look so fake. They always look fake."

She stumbled onto the tail end of a commercial with women-jesus these were huge chested women-dressed in conservative business suits, all blondes, pitching some product called Voluxil. A serious, solemn-toned voice said, ""Take Control... with Voluxil." The logo for Luna Genetics flashed across the bottom of the screen as the woman unbuttoned her jacket and revealed two gigantic creamy mounds of flesh ensconced in white lace. And the slogan, "Building a better tomorrow, today."

"What in the fuck was that??" Cassidy blurted out. She licked the sweet latte milkfoam from her lips.

Another ad for Promade came on.

"What was that commercial, Sheila??" "I don't know."

Sheila Martin calmly switched channels again. Past the wet T-shirt contest. Past "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas". Past more brassiere ads.

"There! That's it again!!" Cassidy shouted. It was the Voluxil infomercial.

Testimonials by busty women who had taken this tiny white pill called Voluxil. The pill grew their busts by as much as an inch a month. One young woman, a college student, proclaimed to be a "full C cup" and seemed quite happy about the fact. Another woman was a bit older, maybe 40. She swiveled and announced she'd increased six inches and three cup sizes, thanks to Voluxil! Her husband had stopped looking at other women and couldn't keep his hands off her. Husband and wife were both grateful for Voluxil.

Again the women in business suits came on screen, six of them, dressed smartly but hiding nothing of their voluminous chests, looking like the corporate board of Huge Tits Incorporated.

Who WERE these women??

They were Lisa Quinn, and Kendra Warner.

And they were Kendra's two sisters who looked just like her... and Kendra's mother Barbara Warner.

"Promade has revolutionized sexuality", the eldest woman Barbara Warner jerked her head and winked at the camera, "Hell, it's revolutionized life as we know it".

The straight-talking gal wore a yellow fuzzy sweater and spoke to Cassidy and Sheila like a mother who also happened to be your best friend in the whole wide world. "My daughters and myself are living proof of the miracle that this drug... VOLUXIL... will be for women of all walks of life. Right girls?"

The camera panned over all six beautiful women. A female voiceover told their remarkable story. Barbara Warner and her friend, 40 year old Laura Woods were the president and CEO, respectively, of Luna Genetics, the company that manufactured Promade. Laura had formerly been an executive at Pfizer and had been instrumental in the creation of Cytex... and now Promade.

Lisa Quinn, Kendra Warner and kid sister Megan Warner were all naturally gifted highly intelligent women. They had all worked together to developed the Promade. Kendra's fraternal twin sister Keri was the vice president of marketing. Luna Genetics was a family business.

Ed Hollings and the rest of the male staff of Luna Genetics had slowly allowed themselves to be weeded out and now the company was owned and operated by women exclusively.

One by one the women outlined the benefits of Voluxil and explained the three formulas of Voluxil, "a formula for all of today's women".

Cassidy jumped onto the floor and scooted up close to the TV to get a close listen.

Sheila also listened intently. Voluxil?? How weird!

"Voluxil A enhances breast size and sensitivity without affecting fertility. Voluxil B-C does the same but the formula includes a birth control feature that genetically "turns off" a woman's reproductive functions." Lisa Quinn spoke to the camera, clipboard in hand. "Proven safer and more effective than traditional birth control pills, Voluxil B-C will work for any woman." Kendra Warner added.

"Megan, you wanna tell us about new Voluxil D?" Kendra turned to her supernaturally beautiful younger sister.

"I'd be glad too Kendra. New Voluxil D is for the woman who wants to shout it from the mountaintops. In addition to offering the same breast enhancing gene therapy of Voluxil A & Voluxil B-C, Voluxil D goes further to fundamentally enhance a woman's natural beauty. Focus groups determined the Voluxil ideal of the beautiful woman, taller, prominent cheek bones, fuller lips, longer legs, shapely hips." The camera panned up and down young Megan Warner as she explained the miracle drug.

"Voluxil D essentially produces a hybrid woman, a 'Voluxil Woman', half based on the original genetic blueprint of the individual, half based on the new Voluxil D ideal. Each of US takes Voluxil D... every day... and maybe you should too."

The camera pulled back. Cassidy and Sheila stared slack-jaw at the TV.

They looked at all the busty blonde women ranging in ages from 23 to 48.

They all looked sort of alike. Lisa Quinn and Laura Woods actually looked like the Warners. All beautiful cheekbones, full pouting lips. And all with extremely bountiful chests.

Lisa Quinn interjected, "Like Promade, Voluxil is gene therapy in pill form. Though results may vary from woman to woman, one tiny pill, taken once a week is guaranteed to gradually increase even a washboard-flat chest to no less than a double D cup less than one year. No more pads, no more dangerous surgeries. Just as Promade provides men with a means to enhance their manhood, now Voluxil will do the same thing for women..."

The eldest woman cut in, "...while naturally promoting wellness and mental alertness. And once the guaranteed results are achieved, it is up to the individual whether or not to continue taking the drug and try for even more, prodigious results." She drew back her shoulders and emphasized her massive bust.

Was this a joke of some kind?

Cassidy and Sheila would have had a good laugh if they weren't so riveted to the screen. By contrast with the adrenalized adolescent Promade ads this Voluxil campaign had a dignified, even serious tone that took Cassidy and Sheila (and the rest of the world) by surprise.

Sheila crawled down on the floor and sat next to Cassidy. She figured Cassidy had already made up her mind to get some Voluxil as soon as possible. Sheila was dumbstruck. What did this portend? She brushed her own meager breast with the back of her hand. She felt inadequate. Could she use Voluxil?? Maybe an added cup size wouldn't hurt. What?! This is madness, she thought. But certainly not implausible, considering what she knew Promade was capable of. What would Paul think of her with bigger boobies?

If a woman was satisfied at some intermediate size along the way she could cease taking Voluxil and the effects would not only be permanent, her altered genetic makeup would be passed down to her offspring. The tiny pill appeared to be slightly smaller than a birth control pill and a month supply was as affordable as a tin of aspirin; about $4.99 for forty tablets. A far cry less than $600 for Promade. The drug, based on a genetic matrix derived from a select group of female specimens, worked differently from Promade.

Voluxil altered the workings of the fat cells in the female body as well as the nervous system itself. Taken as prescribed, Voluxil worked to multiply and enlarge the fat cells localized in the breast, giving women the volume and contours they desired. It did this while at the same time enhancing nerve function in the targeted areas. The Luna scientists' innovation to the female body was to artificially heighten nerve sensitivity in the fat cells.

The sexual nerve centers in and around the clitoris were genetically isolated, replicated, enhanced and then spliced to the millions of nerve endings present in the fat cells throughout the body, thereby intensifying the sensitivity of the whole body and in particular the breast itself. Now, thanks to Voluxil, any woman could have the ample bosom of her dreams with the added benefit of a wonderful new pleasure zone, apart from and in many ways superior to her reproductive apparatus. Women would be able to achieve orgasm through breast play alone, reducing the need for vaginal penetration.

This would not only minimize the risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, it would also eventually de-emphasize the reproductive role that men would play in women's lives.

And by subtly enhancing brain activity through genetic refinements to the synaptic connectors in the brain, this drug also made women smarter.

But the Voluxil TV advertisement didn't need to go into these subtleties and extrapolations. The brainy buxom women of Luna Genetics simply crowded the small screen with their voluminous busts, asserting Voluxil's ease of use, its affordability, its proven results, promising women everywhere that they would not be disappointed with the unforeseen pleasures and advantages that Voluxil would endow them with.

If the aim was to measure up to the buxom feminine ideal and increase the sexual power that one could wield over the new Promade Generation, then Voluxil could help any woman attain her personal goal. There was presumably no limit to the expansion that could be achieved with prolonged Voluxil use.

As if experiencing an controlled second puberty, a woman of any age could go from flat to F cup in about two years. A woman who started out a D cup could achieve even more impressive results, presumably in less time.

Cassidy's imagination was in overdrive. She put a hand to her own chest and felt nothing.

Laura Woods stepped forward and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, exposing her cleavage and a bit of her huge white brassiere to the camera.

"This amazing new drug promises to change mankind, if not womankind, forever. Join us in proclaiming today, 'Double D Day'. We invite you, the sisters and daughters and even the mothers of the world... to TAKE CONTROL... WITH VOLUXIL."

The camera zoomed in on her open neckline as she unbuttoned her blouse completely, drawing the fabric back and filling the screen wish her fantastic cleavage.

The Luna Genetics logo appeared across her tits like two Goodyear blimps.

"Luna Genetics, building a better tomorrow, today."

Cassidy rushed out that afternoon and bought a supply of Voluxil B-C.

Sheila didn't try to talk her out of it. The two friends agreed that Voluxil D was definitely taking things too far. The women in the commercial were beautiful but it was also a little bit creepy... how they all looked so...

well, similar. Cassidy already considered herself beautiful anyhow. A bit flat-chested maybe. A bit short maybe. Her hips were perhaps a bit narrow, her ass sorta non-existent. But somehow altering her face seemed scary to her. She loved her face. She was just interested in boobs. Bigger boobs would be just great, nevermind all that weird genetic face-changing.

Sheila was as excited as her friend as she watched Cassidy touch the first Voluxil tablet to her tongue. She would wait though, she decided. See how things went with Cassidy after say a month or two. Then if she still felt like it, maybe she'd try the drug for a few weeks and see what happened.

But three days later, with Paul back east visiting his dying father, Sheila found herself at the drug store, buying her first month supply of Voluxil B-C. The pills were cheaper by far than her old birth control pills, which she tossed into the back of her bathroom cupboard. For some reason she decided not to mention it to Paul at first, in case she decided to quit taking the drug. Why get into a big discussion about it, and didn't he have enough to worry about with his father dying from some degenerative disease? •

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