New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Promade was a raging success all over the country. Men began to talk about Promade openly. In the streets, on television, at work. The jokes about the silly commercials continued, but the drug was quickly taking its place in the mainstream. The sexual side effects were well known by now.

Bald and unbald men alike bought Promade by the truckloads.

Seemingly overnight Luna Genetics became the biggest name in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the fastest rising star on Wall Street.

Through the success of Promade alone Luna Genetics saw its stock shoot through the roof and embark on a sure and steady ascent that would scarcely ever see even a minor dip in price per share. Savvy investors the world over bought Luna Genetics. From the big money players on down to the small timers and a record number of first time speculators; they were all making money hand over fist. The ranks of Luna Genetics' shareholders included some dedicated Promade users who still had discretionary income with which to play the stock market. But an increasing majority of the shareholders were women. Women saw what a raging success the product was and rightly surmised that Luna Genetics, preying as they were on the bottomless vanities of men, would be a gold mine for many years to come.

* * * * *

Nearly two months after starting on Promade himself, Tucker Hicks was enjoying a thickening head of hair. His bald spot was slowly filling in with curly blonde hair and Cassidy even commented on it, as if it were just some natural turn of events. His cock however was not experiencing the rapid growth that Steve's had. It was slightly longer by just less than a half inch, and his erections seemed more frequent, but it was nothing dramatic.

Nothing that Cassidy had taken notice of during the couple's infrequent lovemaking sessions. Although as his hair proceeded to fill in, he noticed that Cassidy treated him a little nicer. The Promade was working, it just wasn't working fast enough to suit Tucker Hicks. He came to resent his buddy Steve even more. Sometimes he even hated his old friend. Why should HE have all the money, and all the women, and all the hair, AND all the cock? He owed Steve twelve hundred dollars already and would soon be forced to ask for another six hundred. Something about his little plan no longer made sense, not even to him. Hopefully he'd be ready to come clean with Cassidy next month.

Paul Morton was bringing up the rear, having started on Promade all of three weeks ago. The weakest and least athletic of the three friends felt the drug go to work right away. After only a few weeks he felt infused with a new vitality and energy, like he'd never felt before. He was still no he-man, not by a long shot, but to him the Promade felt like a great dose of testosterone. Most amazingly, his cock had begun to grow larger. It was now over five and a half inches fully erect, well within the "normal" range.

He'd confessed his love to Sheila by now, partly as an expression of his gratitude. And while she still insisted on taking things slow, she felt closer to him than ever. Paul's happiness over his new growth was no secret and she was happy for him.

Back at Sheila's apartment, Paul cooked a special weekend dinner for his new lover.

"Isn't it time for your pill, honey?"

Paul looked up at the clock. It was only five minutes past the hour he was due. Sheila seemed to keep better track of these things that he did. She picked the bottle of Promade up and shook it. It was half empty and made a loud rattling sound. She took out one of the large pills and raised it to Paul's mouth.

"Open up like a good boy. Thaaaat's it. Take your medicine."

He felt silly when she talked to him like this. But he liked it. Paul choked down the pill. It always hurt to swallow the Promade pills, but Sheila seemed not to notice. Every time she fed him his pill in this teasing fashion it would result in an instant erection for Paul, and tonight was no exception. In fact he'd not experienced his "little problem" since that first night together with Sheila. She reached up and kissed him on the mouth and pressed her tight body up against his, driving him back against the refrigerator. Her passions didn't surprise him as much as they had at first.

Of course he loved it when she forced herself on him. As she probed his mouth with her tongue, Sheila reached down and unbuckled his pants and pulled out his stiff member, right there in the kitchen!

"Ooooh, I think it's even bigger than it was yesterday", she cooed in his ear.

She giggled as she pulled on his cock roughly, like she was trying to lengthen it. It was painful but in a good way. She slowly dropped to her knees and brushed Paul's rigid member against her soft cheeks. She scratched his little balls lightly with her fingernails and it gave him a chill. His prick sprung up in the air from the sensation. To him it looked huge, compared to what he was accustomed to. Sheila traced her tongue along his shaft sexily, wrapping her lips around its head. He felt like a man. Sheila proceeded to suck him off.

She had never been able to get her lips around her ex-boyfriend's cock head, let alone take it in her mouth. She enjoyed feeling Paul's cock glide over her tongue and bump against the back of her throat. One of the benefits of a small cock, she thought to herself as she looked up at Paul. She loved pleasuring him this way and enjoyed having another "growing boy" to play with again. She only wished the Promade would work faster. She bobbed on his cock like she was trying to make it grow by suction alone. Soon Paul spurted onto her tongue. It wasn't much and she swallowed it all. She rose to her feet and kissed her lover on the mouth. Paul could taste his own saltiness on her lips as they kissed. For the first time ever his cock didn't go soft after sex.

As she slipped one thigh between his legs she could feel his manhood still completely stiff. This excited both of them. She unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied out of them and climbed up on the counter, spreading her legs for her lover. She wanted him inside her. Her pussy opened up and glistened under the bright kitchen lights. Topped by a large black bush, with outsized dark lips, it occurred to Paul that Sheila's pussy looked... well, sorta big. He kissed her neck and shoulders, working his way down. Sheila unbuttoned her tiny blouse and unclasped her front hook bra. Her smallish nipples were puffy and sensitive. Paul nibbled them, making her squirm. Then he moved down and nuzzled her bush. The sweet smell of her sex filled his nostrils. It smelled strange but pleasantly familiar to him, like a familiar smell from childhood. Nothing had ever smelled so intense or so wonderful, he thought to himself. His mind reeled as he buried his face in her pussy, licking and sucking it, probing it with his tongue. Sheila spread her legs further apart and her opening widened. Paul's chin slipped in as he sucked on Sheila's clit. He inserted a finger into her pussy, then another. He could fit his whole hand inside her with no difficulty. Before he had a chance to give this much thought she pulled him up and drew his hips close to her. His prick slipped into her well-lubricated hole with no effort whatsoever, almost like it was sucked in by a back draft. He felt no resistance inside her until she drew her muscular legs together. He felt the walls of her vagina close around him, soft and wet. As he began to pump away Sheila bit her lip. Wonderful feelings flickered through both of their bodies. As Paul bumped and grinded into her clit, her mind still wandered to thoughts of her ex's fat ten inch cock. How big was it now? And who was he fucking with it? Did she miss the bastard? Or did she simply miss the feeling of his meat sliding in and out of her, stretching her? God yes did she ever miss that feeling.

She reached for the bottle of Promade and knocked it over. A dozen or so large brown pills spilled out onto the counter and she grabbed a handful.

Paul huffed and puffed. Premature ejaculation was no problem for him this time. Sheila kept her legs locked around his waist and pulled him deeper and deeper into her. As he rammed his hips against hers, her titties jiggled ever so slightly. Her face was flushed, her eyes wide with desire, her mouth wet. She put one of the pills to Paul's mouth and pushed it in with her fingers. He'd already taken his third and final pill of the day, only a few minutes ago. The indications on the bottle warned not to exceed three pills a day but he made no effort to resist as he felt Sheila's slender finger's probe his mouth, shoving the pill to the back of his throat. It turned him on. As he swallowed the overdose, Sheila kissed him hard and increased the force and tempo of her hip thrusts. Paul's dick whipped in and out of her sloppy cunt with great speed, he could feel her moisture spread down the front of his thighs. Sheila could barely feel Paul's manhood inside her though. Her only stimulation came from his pubic bone colliding with her swollen, sensitive clit. She couldn't cum this way.

She focussed, trying to will an orgasm. The sight of a large zucchini sitting by the sink only reminded her of what her burning body was hungry for; to be stuffed full with a man-sized cock.

In her palm she still had a handful of the pills.

As she tightened her grip on Paul with both strong legs and pulled him deeper into her she thought perhaps she could feel the head of his cock bump inside her. Maybe? She couldn't tell. She thought back to how cautiously and carefully she once had to fuck her ex in the early days, how she could barely fit him inside her and what a terrible thrill it was their first time. She put her hand to Paul's mouth and inserted another Promade, like a mother feeding vitamins to a child. He swallowed it down. Part of him was afraid of what she was trying to do but he didn't stop her when she inserted a second pill and then a third... then the rest into his mouth. He counted, six... no, seven of the large pills. Over three days' worth! Sheila locked down on him with her own mouth. She forced the pills into him with her tongue. It gave her a wild thrill. She thought she knew what she was doing.

She felt extremely naughty. Paul swallowed the pills one by one, without water, pushing the pain and the panic out of his mind. Sheila smiled back at him, staring at him with that wild look in her eyes as she finally reached a shuddering climax.

Paul felt her pussy clench around the base of his boner.

Sheila shook like a leaf and imagined Paul's manhood swelling larger inside her. •

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