New World Order, A


By Kowalski

After two months on Promade Steve Gold's penis growth seemed to have slowed down to a crawl. When he wasn't selling cars to keep up his AND Tucker's new "living expenses" he was fighting off the constant demands of his huge cock. He was boffing other women as much as he could, but his come-on lines were getting stupider and less effective all the time. Only the most desperate, sometimes even ugly, girls would get in his car with him. He was masturbating more than he ever had in his life. He found himself disappearing into bathroom stalls wherever he went... to relieve his blue balls. And still it was never enough. He could smell women wherever he went.

The sight of a nice tight ass or, god forbid, some exposed cleavage would send him into a frenzy. He could barely make it through the day without dragging Karen behind closed doors for a mid-day hand job. It was the first time he really truly saw the value of having a girlfriend. He came to feel damned lucky that he had a steady girl who was with him at work and who he could go home with and fuck every night. "She understands my needs", was what he told himself. Backroom daytime hand jobs seemed extremely tawdry to this nice old fashioned girl but Karen willing, as long as they didn't get caught by the owner. She knew by now that it was the Promade that was affecting Steve. She found it rather fascinating. She had been looking for a husband when she first met Steve. Someone to settle down with. Now at the ripe old age of 36, thanks in part to Steve's constant horniness, she was experiencing a belated sexual liberation. She surprised even herself. Her life was like something from one of the cheap romance novels she was addicted to. Steve finally got around to telling her about the Promade, to explain what was happening to him. It was too much effort for him to keep lying about it. She pretended she didn't already know and accepted the news calmly, giving him her complete approval. She loved Steve and was more convinced than ever that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She met Donna for lunch at the neighborhood sandwich shop, as usual, and shared all her intimate secrets with her.

"I know he's still terribly immature and a bit dumb. And I'm aware that he still looks at other women, but Donna he bought that condo for me. I think this is it. There's been a change in him I think. I think I've been a good influence on the big lug. I don't know, do you think I'm imagining things?" Karen smiled, thinking of the previous night's lovemaking session as she took a bite of her egg salad sandwich.

"Well you know I've never thought it was a good idea to think you can change a man. But it sounds like he's really starting to come around, Karen.

You really seem happy these days... for the first time in a long time. I'm really happy for you guys."

Donna smiled back at her friend, her pert nose crinkled in that cute way of hers.

"And in the bedroom things are... my god Donna it's intense. It's almost more than I can handle. Some mornings I can hardly walk into work, if you know what I mean."

"Just be thankful you have a desk job honey." Donna blurted out a bit too loudly, making herself laugh.

"I just hope he proposes soon. I feel like I'm in competition with all these other women out there. I know he loves me. I just want to settle down, you know? Maybe it's my insecurities getting the best of me but I want that ring on my finger", Karen whispered across the table.

"Well, I'm just happy that you're happy. And I'm happy that so many guys are buying this Promade stuff. I'm making a killing on it, ya know? I wonder when they're gonna come out with Promade for women? Do you ever wonder about that?", Donna asked offhandedly.

"I never thought of that. You mean a pill that makes your boobs grow?"

Karen furled her forehead skeptically. She considered her C cuppers to be quite large enough, thank you.

"I guarantee you they'd make a fortune off it." Donna answered as she quickly tucked her arms together comically, making her boobs swell up and down out of the top of her blouse.

Two guys sitting across at the counter noticed this. One of them dropped his coffee, causing a commotion. Karen was blushing with embarrassment but Donna wasn't. The two women had a good laugh and got up to leave.

"For better or worse honey, nothing attracts a man's attention like cleavage. It never fails." Donna said under her breath.

"I suppose you're right about that", Karen agreed.

Later that night Karen was cleaning up the living room, feeling pretty great about her life. As she rifled through a stack of old newspapers she came across Steve's open briefcase. What Karen found inside shocked her and made her sick. It was Steve's secret stash of porno mags.

"Why would he be so stupid and leave this here where I can find it?"

she wondered aloud to herself as she thumbed through the trashy magazines.

There were almost a dozen of them, all featuring women with gigantic augmented breasts shaped like balloons. Some of the pages were stuck together. There were also tissues in there, and a small tube of lotion.

Karen attributed it to his weakness. The Promade was doing this to him, making him horny constantly. Part of her thought that maybe he should stop taking it, even though Donna had assured her that it was totally harmless.

Another part of her (she was surprised to discover) actually enjoyed the fact that her man Steve was such a horndog. She parted the curtains and looked outside at Steve in his shorts and t-shirt, washing his car. She could see the bulge in his pants from fifty feet away. She always knew that he considered himself god's gift to women. But lately she herself felt he was god's gift... to HER. He was a Superstud. The kind of guy who just LIKED these kinds of magazines, she figured. She decided not to take it personally. At least he was staying home with her most nights. She just told herself it came with the territory.

Karen couldn't believe that this was the guy she'd wound up with. Only a year ago she was dating Leonard Grimes, the balding, slightly paunchy guy from the bookstore. Leonard sure never kept a stash of tit mags. He didn't have a Porsche to wash either. He took the bus. After almost a year with Leonard she'd reconciled herself to the idea that he was perhaps the best she could do. At the time she really just wanted to settle down with someone and Leonard was thoughtful, loving, and available. Karen dated him off and on for almost a year, and talked herself into falling in love with the guy, even though she suspected maybe he was a latent homosexual. Then one day Steve hit on her at work, inviting her out for an after hours drink. It was the first time that "his type" had ever hit on her. She was stunned and almost said no. He was younger than her and he certainly wasn't that bright of a guy. But he sure was attractive. She went out with him on a lark and didn't resist when he kissed her in the car that first night out. On their second date his hands were all over her body. It all seemed quite sordid to her at the time, but also totally exhilarating. Steve made her feel like a woman, a desirable sexual woman, for the first time in her life.

She'd been playing catch up with him ever since, and was loving every minute of it. As she flipped through an lone issue of "Woman Inc." she marveled at Steve's weird taste in girlie mags. "Woman Inc." was a lifestyle magazine similar to Cosmopolitan that catered to powerful business women.

She noticed that many of the CEOs were quite sexy. They all wore sensible business suits, with tailored jackets often held together with one button which strained to contain their bosom. Karen inhaled and swelled her 36 C chest out. She looked at herself in the living room mirror and noticed her nipples were showing through her T-shirt. She smoothed a palm over one stiff nipple and cupped her breast lightly. She felt old. Saggy. She gazed back at the stack of big boob magazines in Steve's brief case. Every woman was endowed with huge 40" inch chests it seemed.... nothing smaller than an E cup. She put his briefcase back, thinking that she'd have to keep a watchful eye on her old man in the future. •

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