New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Steve Gold agreed to front Tucker Hicks the money for his first month's supply of Promade. Tucker convinced himself and Steve that he'd be able to afford the monthly expenditure, all that was needed was for Cassidy to be... "persuaded". If she could see and appreciate the results, he reasoned, then she would see it his way and would agree that the drug was worth the cost. At least this was his hope. He began taking Promade that afternoon with an immense excitement that made his heart beat a little harder. His expectations were through the roof.

Maybe that Steve wasn't such a jerk after all.

For the next month he took the pills as directed, carefully monitoring himself for new hair growth and for any other kind of "developments". He was careful not to let Cassidy see him taking the pills, which were surprisingly large and almost painful to swallow. As the days and weeks passed he grew paranoid. When Cassidy finally found out what he was up to would she all of the sudden see things his way? She might just as easily go ballistic, whether the drug worked its miracle or not. It was impossible to predict how she would react. But he took the pills anyhow and some of his hair began to grow back.

Paul and Sheila meanwhile began seeing each other quite a lot.

Though she was reluctant to dive into another serious relationship right away, Paul managed to become her new best buddy. Soon the two were nearly inseparable. Sheila found work doing what she knew best as an aerobics instructor at a local health club. She found herself a little apartment near Tucker and Cassidy's place. Paul was head over heels for her but he tried to conceal it. He was smart enough to know that part of the reason why Sheila liked him-the reason that Cassidy had hooked them up in the first place-was that Paul Morton was no Romeo. His reputation with women who knew him was that of the "good friend" type. Considerate. Unthreatening.

So Paul and Sheila took it slow, learning all about each other, as friends.

They took long walks, went to movies, dinner. Although their new friendship was platonic, their evenings and weekends together soon shaped up into what appeared to be a bonafide courtship. One special evening Paul cooked dinner for Sheila. That was the night she really opened up and told him her life story, about how her immigrant grandmother used to be Cassidy's mother's housekeeper, about her past loves, and particularly about her last boyfriend "John" who she had caught cheating with another woman. It was a great catharsis for Sheila to talk it all through with sweet and sensitive Paul who behaved himself like a kid brother that night. That was the first time she ever stayed the night with him, talking all night, cuddling, kissing each other sweetly, and finally drifting off to sleep with the windows open.

By the end of the month they had worked their way up to their first awkward attempt at intercourse, at her place, in her bed. "Paul, it's okay. It's okay. Don't feel bad about it."

Paul Morton's slightly below-average cock had refused to perform. The smallish pink thing was limp in Sheila's hand as she lovingly caressed it.

If she was disappointed she was awfully good at hiding it. Paul tried with all his might to fight back the tears. He was always ashamed of his small dick and over the years only a few girls had ever seen it. None of them had commented on it, but he knew he was below average. This was the first time he'd ever been unable to get it up however. It was the pressure, the stress. He was so crazy about Sheila. She was so sweet, so pretty and smart. Just perfect for him. He'd wanted to tell her he loved her that night, but had decided against it, knowing that she was still recovering from her recent breakup. He didn't want to scare her off. He wanted her so much. He wanted to ravage her but his body betrayed him.

"I'm sorry Sheila. I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be. It's totally normal. You shouldn't be embarrassed."

A tear escaped and trickled down his cheek.

"Oh you poor thing", she said as she took his head in her arms and hugged him to her.

Her chest was rather small, but with his face lying against the softness of her bosom, Paul could feel her love radiate from inside her. He sat there quietly listening to her heartbeat while she ran her fingers through his hair. He'd worried that she was perhaps disappointed in him but the pounding of her heart sounded like jungle drums of passion in his ears.

She was still aroused. Paul felt his manhood stir slightly. Sheila noticed it too and soon it was fully erect, all four and a half inches of it. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs for her lover. Paul raised up and guided his cock toward her warm glistening pussy and inserted it. The feeling was smooth and soft and wonderful. Sheila looked down, unsure if he'd even put it in. She smiled up at him as he pumped away at her. She could barely feel him. Before she could get anywhere close to orgasm, Paul collapsed on top of her. He was finished. The couple tried but he was unable to get it up again.

"You're so wonderful Sheila. So beautiful, so sweet and funny. I love being with you so much..." he blathered, trying not to say "I love you."

His heart was bursting with love for her, and she could sense it.

"I'm so happy I found you Paul. So happy... I can't even tell you", she reassured him.

She flashed her pearly whites. Her smile was disarming. Paul looked into her dark brown eyes... he just wished he could apologize, or explain, or... something. He felt so ashamed of his puny dick! It had plagued him all his life but only now that he was in love with this beautiful creature did he truly feel the anguish of his smallness. And she could sense it.

"Paul can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Well, don't take this the wrong way. But you know that Promade stuff we were joking about on the night I met you?"

"Of course, how can I forget the night I met you? But why do you bring THAT up?"

"Do you know anybody who's using it?" She asked with a coy look in her eyes.

Paul was not aware that his two closest friends were both taking the drug. Neither was Sheila.

"No I don't. But I hear it's working for guys who do take it. I read about it in the papers", Paul sat up in bed.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I've been reading about it too, it's weird. I know it's so expensive but I guess it makes sense that they'd charge so much for something they know guys are gonna pay through the nose for", she mused.

"I'm surprised Tucker hasn't tried it. He's really losing his hair fast", Paul said as he pulled up the sheets and flicked on the bedroom TV, turning the sound off.

"Have you heard about any of the side effects?" Sheila asked.

"Side effects? Like what?"

"Well, I guess it was approved strictly as a baldness cure, so they're not supposed to advertise certain side effects of the drug. But it's supposed to make your, you know, your THING bigger. So I'm told", Sheila worked up a naughty smile for him, then she chuckled nervously.

"What are you talking about?" Paul asked, half excited, half appalled.

She DID think he was too small!

"It makes your cock bigger. Supposedly. Something about the gene therapy. It affects your glands and your bloodflow. So I've heard."

"Where did you hear this? Do you know someone who's taking it?" Paul asked. He felt more inadequate than ever somehow. She pitied him! Why else would she call him "poor thing". He felt sick all of the sudden.

"I used to know someone who was taking it. He's probably still taking it. He swore by it."

Sheila's smile left her face. Paul wondered if she was referring to her old boyfriend. He hoped he was wrong. He didn't want to ask her who the guy was but he had to know. Before he could muster the nerve to ask, she answered for him.

"It was my ex-boyfriend John. The one I told you about. He'd heard about Promade from this friend of his before it was even on the market. He got hold of some before it even came out. Not like he needed it."

What did she mean by that? "Not like he needed it." Was he bald? Not bald? Hung like a horse? What?? Paul's heart sunk to the pit of his stomach.

Sheila suddenly seemed lost in thought, replaying some sad episode in her previous relationship perhaps. Or maybe she still loved the guy. Shit!


"He didn't need it? What do you mean? Was he losing his hair?"

Sheila put her hand on Paul's and squeezed it. "Let's not talk about him, okay?"

Now Paul was really worried. She saw tears well up in his eyes. She kissed him flush on the mouth, hoping to change the subject. Was she thinking of her ex? Was she missing the feel of his big dick filling her up?

Yes she was. Paul felt Sheila's tongue slip into his mouth and entwine itself with his, then he felt her shove her tongue even deeper, crushing herself against him with surprising force and passion. His member suddenly stiffened against her leg. She took it between her thumb and forefinger and started stroking. It felt smaller than one of her tampons, she thought to herself. Sheila pushed Paul back into the pillows and straddled him, guiding his erect little cock into her dripping wet snatch. Paul moaned with pleasure, his mind reeling, his heart racing. Sheila closed her eyes and proceeded to grind her clit against his pubic bone. Her flared hips suddenly began to gyrate in a perfect machinelike rhythm. They were the fluid, time-tested moves that a new lover can only assume were perfected on the guy or guys who came before him. Sheila was unbelievable on top! Paul reached up and squeezed her pert little breasts and a sigh escaped her lips. Her hips pumped and undulated in wider circles. His tiny cock would fly out of her, but it always seem to fly right back in. It was like he couldn't miss!

Finally she came. Her eyes went wide and she smiled brightly down on Paul, staring deep into his eyes as she shuddered from her first orgasm with him.

After a few moments of silence, laying wrapped in each other's arms, the Promade commercial came on the TV. The couple both watched in silence, neither one said a word about it until a few minutes later. Paul spoke first.

"So your ex. This John. Did that stuff make his cock bigger?"

The question only quieted Sheila, forcing her once again to think of her ex's huge cock. It had been above average BEFORE he'd started taking the Promade. Eight inches long and a full six inches in circumference. She could only just barely wrap her fingers all the way around it when she first met him. In the three years she spent with him she'd stretched to accommodate his size. Towards the end though it took two hands to handle it. In two years' time she grew to love John Crane's big dick. Too much in fact. That was the problem. He was an insensitive jerk with damned few redeeming qualities. Except for that one outstanding feature of his. She'd wanted to leave him for a long time but could never bear the thought of kissing that sweet dick of his goodbye. One day he came to her and told her all about Promade. He had the inside scoop on it, on its rumored "side effects", and though his hair wasn't thinning he convinced Sheila to pitch in and help him invest in a bottle of the stuff. The sight of his penis slowly growing to nine, then ten, then eleven inches was an amazing miracle beyond their wildest dreams. He stretched her pussy to capacity when he fucked her, just like he had when they first met. Sheila paid for the second bottle herself.

In the last month before their breakup Sheila had enjoyed intense nightly fuckfests like she never imagined possible. She never felt so... filled up. So satisfied. She couldn't believe it. Every morning her body would still be burning from the previous night's lovemaking. She tried once and for all to forget about his shortcomings and began to think of marrying him. One day though she came home early from work and discovered John banging the neighbor, an unattractive woman he barely knew. It was stupid, like he wanted to get caught. Or didn't care. Or he couldn't help himself.

Sheila decided to make a clean break of it and left him that day. He never apologized. Never begged her to stay.

"Yeah, it grew", Sheila replied matter-of-factly.

"Do you think it would work on me?" Paul asked.

The corner of Sheila's mouth curled up into a tiny smile. Paul was just the opposite of John. So sweet and sensitive, if only he weren't lacking down there he'd be the ideal man.

"I think it might. I have no way of knowing but you'll never be sure unless you give it a try."

She pulled on Paul's limp member. It felt tiny again, like a little boy's wiener. She suppressed a chuckle and tried to imagine the his embarrassment. She felt tender, almost motherly toward Paul. She knew that she could never let him know how large her old boyfriend really was. It would destroy his ego. She'd said too much already and besides, that was all in the past now. She sucked his tiny cock into her mouth like she was sucking on a baby's finger. Paul's mood perked right up.

"I could put it on my credit card", he thought aloud, his mind made up to try it. •

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