New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Tucker Hicks wandered into the main showroom of Chasen's Porsche with a big chip on his shoulder. It was noon, the day after Sheila and Paul's special meet and greet evening together and he needed a drink. The dinner went fantastic for the two unattached strangers. But later that night Tucker and Cassidy had gotten into an awful fight over the way she had embarrassed him, joking about his baldness, treating him like a piece of property in front of guests. After the couple retired to the bedroom he admitted that he was "naturally curious" about Promade. But Cassidy shut him down in a hurry, reminding him how expensive it was, essentially telling him that he was not going to spend "our money" on something so unnecessary as "some hair pills".

End of discussion.

Karen Gray sat behind the receptionist's desk at the back of the showroom, surrounded by sickeningly expensive cars. She was on the telephone but she recognized Steve's friend Tucker and waved him over. Tucker didn't know Karen all that well. If he bothered to say more than five words to her he'd discover how smart and pleasant she was and that she was in fact the nicest girl Steve had gotten involved up with in a long while, perhaps ever.

But he didn't bother trying to get to know Steve's girlfriends these days.

They barely stayed around long enough to even keep their names straight anyhow. As Tucker looked at Karen he reminded himself that Cassidy was so much prettier than this office wench. An unfair judgement on his part, perhaps even completely inaccurate. But it was his way of telling himself that he was better off than his adolescent, womanizing best friend. Maybe his sex life was not as gratifying as Steve's, but HIS future wife was a former local beauty queen, a fact that didn't bring either one of them much satisfaction these days. (Cassidy still bragged about it like it was yesterday, and not nine years ago.) Karen replaced the phone receiver. She removed her reading glasses and stood to greet Tucker.

"You here to see Steve?? He's gone to out."

Tucker noticed the cut of her clingy blouse. Karen's modest bust line served to remind him that even IF his soon-to-be former local beauty queen ball-busting wife was prettier than her, HE was still obsessed with a nice rack on a woman. Cassidy was flat like an ironing board. It was something he tried not to think about.

"Oh yeah... I suppose he's gone to lunch huh? Do you know where to?"

Tucker asked.

"Well, he just left. You might catch him out back if you hurry." Her phone rang again and she took the call as Tucker exited the side door into the lot.

Behind the building at the far end of a row of Porsches, Tucker saw Steve's gold Porsche. He walked the length of the parking lot thinking of that mousey Karen and that huge cock of Steve's that she's been sucking and fucking every night. "I'll bet she's sitting there thinking about it right now, that whore.

I'll bet she can barely make it through the goddamned day... what a slut", he thought to himself.

As he approached Steve's car in the far corner of the lot he could see Steve was sitting in it. Just sitting there staring out the windshield.

Tucker waved at him. He didn't seem to notice at first, then he did notice.

Immediately Tucker saw a woman's head pop up from below the dash. She frantically arranged her hair in the rear view mirror and jumped up out of the car before Tucker was even twenty feet away. She bolted through the back entrance to the lot, tugging on her skirt as she disappeared around the corner out of view.

Tucker approached Steve's car as the power window rolled itself down.

Steve was breathing heavy.

"Steverinooooooo!" Tucker said loudly.

"Hey, quiet that shit down Tucker. What in the hell are you doing here anyhow?" Steve asked as he maneuvered his cock back into his business slacks and zipped them up.

"Who was THAT?" Tucker pried, almost contemptuously, stealing a glance at his friend's tool.

"Who, that? That was nobody. Some girl. I met her this morning at the coffee cart."

Steve Gold checked his own hair in the mirror, admiring its thickness.

"Aren't you worried your GIRLFRIEND might catch you out here?"

As callous as Tucker Hicks could be, he actually felt sorry for Karen.

"What? Naw... she's on the clock. She's not allowed to leave her desk."

He looked down on the floor and noticed that his lady friend forgot her panties. He picked them up and sniffed them like they were roses. The scent filled his senses. Sex was a whole new experience, even to this oversexed 30 year old. The smells, the tastes, the persistent surging in his loins. It was even better than when he was sixteen. And he felt so energetic. He'd always been muscular and athletic, but the drug was making him even stronger, throughout his body. He could feel it.

"Are you going to lunch or something?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, I suppose so. Why, you wanna come?"

Tucker looked at the wet spot on the passenger seat and rolled his eyes.

"Can we just take a walk someplace? I need to talk to you about...

about all this." •

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