New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Three weeks later, Donna Hughes pumped the barber chair with her dainty foot, raising her customer up to the proper level. Steve Gold sat in the chair and watched himself in the mirror. Actually he watched Donna in the mirror, in particular her tits as they peeked out behind his head. Donna could feel his eyes on her body but she didn't care. She was used to the attention and did nothing to discourage it.

"So, good lookin' what'll it be today? The usual??" She asked as she pulled the comb roughly through Steve's coarse hair.

"Yeah, just a trim Donna. I have to be back at the shop by two, I've got a big client coming by." he replied.

Steve was the hot shot car salesman from the Porsche dealership down the block where Donna's best friend Karen Gray worked as a receptionist. He also happened to be Karen's new boyfriend. It was Karen who recommended that Donna move her Visage Salon to this area of downtown and now she sent Donna all the customers she could.

"Big client, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, it looks like old Steverino's got another big fat commission coming his way by the end of the day", he winked at her in the mirror.

"What a catch; cute AND successful...", Donna thought to herself.

She loved the well-to-do sort of customers she'd been getting since opening this new shop. Business men and women, even some doctors. The classy assortment of people she got to see on a daily basis made her feel a little bit classier herself. She was not a bimbo, although certain people had made that mistake about her over the years. Donna's full figure and infectious laughter certainly made the 28 year old blonde popular with her male clientele. Big tits and a flirtatious nature had always been her ticket since she first blossomed in the fifth grade. In her dealings with men, and in life in general, Donna had always been comfortable using her breezy sexuality and humor to make friends and get what she wanted. But she tried like the devil to avoid being labeled as an airhead. Basically she was a warm-hearted, fun-loving girl, adored by men and by women friends alike.

Donna listened intently as Steve bragged about the commissions he'd racked up that week. She liked looking into his blue eyes in the big wall mirror.

Her mind wandered. Donna figured that the only reason he'd not made a pass at her so far was out of consideration for Karen. It didn't prevent him from ogling her whenever the three friends got together though. The bookish and demure Karen knew he still saw other women on the side, even though she was supposedly his new steady girlfriend. She was like a hawk and she kept close track of Steve's indiscretions. But she lacked the confidence or the brass to call him out on it. It hurt her when she'd catch him staring at her best friend's tits, but all men stared at Donna's tits. She did her best to let it go.

Since Karen and he began dating, Donna had become good buddies with Steve.

While Donna was not the smartest girl in town, she was smart enough to spot his type a mile away. The good looking, charismatic stud who's obviously not as smart as he thinks he is, always looking to "trade up", even when he has a good woman who loved him. She'd had a lot of men like him over the years.

She'd LOST a lot of men like him over the years. She kept things strictly friendly between herself and Steve Gold. As he went on about his bonus package and the big new condo he was looking into, Donna tried to deny her attraction-her sexual attraction-to Steve. Darn it! Why couldn't she meet a nice rich guy like Steve? She suppressed a tinge of jealousy that she felt towards Steve and Karen.

"... say, we better wrap this up, Donna. Steve's gotta roll."

Donna snapped our of her reverie. She made a few more quick snips and brushed the clippings off of Steve's neck with her bare fingers.

"There ya go sweetie. How's that look?"

Steve pulled his fingers through his hair and came away with some loose hairs.

"Looks good Donna." He looked at the hair stuck to his fingers with concern.

Shaking the loose strands to the floor, he reached into his wallet.

"What's the damage, Miss?"

"Oh no charge to you Steve... you know that."

He handed her a twenty dollar tip and pulled on his jacket, still looking in the mirror, concerned about his thinning hair. It was still in the early stages, but Steve Gold was nothing if not a big, vain baby of a man. The thought of losing his hair worried him.

"Thanks Donna... you're a peach."

"Have you heard of this stuff?" She handed him a bottle from the rack of hair care products. It looked like a large jug of vitamins.

"Uuh... Promade? What is it?" He shook the bottle and scanned the label.

"I just got it in this morning. It's a treatment for hair loss. Some kind of gene therapy that restores the hair. Maybe you should try it... I mean... if you're worried about losing your hair."

"Do you think I need it?"

Donna leaned across the counter, grabbed a tuft of his hair and jerked on it. Steve looked down and got an eyeful of her cleavage. She held a handful of loose hairs up in her open palm and giggled. Steve smiled and reached into his wallet again.

"How much... does that say six dollars?" he squinted at the price sticker.

"Sorry honey. That's... six HUNDRED dollars. It's a one month supply."

Donna said apologetically.

"What?!" he grabbed the bottle, shook it again, read the label again. "How can this stuff be six hundred dollars?!? I'm not even bald yet."

Donna blew on her palm, sending Steve's hairs flying in his direction.

Her breath smelled sweet. She stepped out from behind the counter and put her hands on Steve's broad shoulders and mockingly gave him a stern talking to.

"My boy, I think you can afford it. It's the newest thing. They're calling it the big cure."

"I don't know...", he replied, reading the label.

The yellow and black bottle didn't have much printing on it. Donna handed him a booklet that explained some of the science behind the drug.

"Six hundred bucks is nothing to a guy like you, just add some rust-proofing to that Porsche you're gonna sell this afternoon. Right?"

"Okay then. Better give it to me." He gave her his plastic and grabbed the brochure from her hand. He'd give this Promade stuff a try.

"But please do me a favor though, okay? Don't tell Karen about this?"

"Why not? What's the big secret?"

"I don't know. It's a little embarrassing I guess."

Steve was vain, but he didn't want the world to know just how vain he was. Six hundred bucks a month for a baldness pill he doesn't even really need quite yet? She sort of understood his embarrassment and promised him she wouldn't tell anyone. Donna was mainly happy to just make the big sale, her first since getting the Promade shipment in on consignment from Luna Genetics that day.

Naturally she told Karen anyhow, the very next time she saw her. •

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