New Start, A

By FanTCMan

"Come on in here, boys, and have a seat." The two boys, Scotty and Ted, stared at the man standing at the door.

He spoke gruffly, like a police officer or someone else in charge of some serious disciplinary problems. But that wasn't why they stared. They were accustomed to hearing this tone. They stared because, just like the other man who had picked them up at the juvenile detention center, this man was incredibly handsome and enormously muscular. A week ago, when they had met the first guy, when they had been called into the superintendent's office and told they might, thanks to him, get one more chance at reforming and living on the outside, when they saw him, they had both laughed. Outside of some magazines that were usually lying around the center's gym, they had never seen someone of such outlandish proportion and size. To them it was hysterical that someone so ridiculous looking, so huge with muscle, should be their chance to get out of the hell-hole they were stuck in. But, since it was a chance to spring free, they were polite. Until then, the two boys didn't really know each other. They had seen each other around, between unsuccessful stints at various foster homes, but had said little more than hi to each other. By the age of thirteen, they had both picked up some strongly defensive, macho attitudes, which kept them separate from other kids and always in trouble. They were chosen, again and again, by people who were sure that such good looking boys just needed some love to turn them into boys who acted as good as they looked. It never happened. So now here they were, the two boys too tough and too cool to even talk to each other, together. But this was not another foster home. They had been chosen because the man who came in wanted two guys like them, with no family or expectations, boys that would be part of a project where they would be the guinea pigs. Whatever that meant, it was better than being stuck in this prison for kids. Even if the guy they met looked like a muscle freak.

It wasn't until they met the second man, standing at the door and ordering them in, they it dawned on them that the way the first guy looked might have something to do with this project. But, standing in the doorway, it was too late to talk about it. They just stared in disbelief and looked at each other. Each of them, in his own mind, figured he was tough enough to put up with anything these guys might be up to, and if he didn't like what they wanted him to do, well, it wouldn't be the first time he'd backed out of a situation.

The one who had told them to come in and sit was standing with papers in his hand. Their papers. "So, Scotty and Ted, huh?" he said. "I guess you're Scotty," he said to the black-haired boy, "and you," he looked at the blondish one, "must be Ted. Here. Sit.

Besides his size, this one was dressed in clothes that made it difficult for the boys to keep straight faces. The first one, they had seen him twice now, had worn those baggy pants that these big guys wore, and a long sleeved body hugging shirt, which was what showed how huge his muscles were. But this man was in a tight tank top shirt and a pair of skin tight shorts that clearly showed, to their embarrassment, that he was every bit as hugely endowed as he was muscular. For two boys who were just beginning to grow hair in new places and starting to see the size of their own little boy organs increase, the sight of this guy was something they were not prepared for. But they would not show anything. Not these two tough, cool kids.

They came around to the two chairs he indicated and sat.

"Well," He said, "you boys seem to need some serious attitude adjustment. I think it would be best if you started on a completely new foot. These names. Very cute, but not for you two any more. If we're going to make new men of you, and we are, trust me, we're going to start with your names. Scotty, from now on you are Rock, and Ted, you will be Ace. By the way, I'm Tony and my partner there is Joe. He'll show you your room and outline your chores and duties for you. Then, once we get you started, we want you to relax and enjoy your new home. Now, go with Joe.

"Excuse me," Scotty, Rock, said as they stood up, "but are you going to tell us what this is all about?

"Actually, no," Tony said, "we prefer to see how it goes without giving you any expectations.

So the boys followed Joe to a bedroom down a long hallway. They passed, just off the living room, a large and well-equipped gym with walls of mirrors and sliding glass doors that opened onto a large patio with a large swimming pool. Beyond the wall, there was only the open California desert. The next room was their bedroom. There was a bathroom attached to it, but only one bed, a king size. The two boys looked at the bed, at each other, and at Joe.

"I hope you don't think we're sleeping together.

Ted, Ace, said, stopping at the door.

"I don't think," Joe said, "that you want to start out by giving us any trouble. We know about your attitude, problem, boys, and we're not having it. Okay? Understood?

"Understood," they both said.

"All right. Our room is right next door, so don't think you're going to get away with anything. You'll be keeping the house clean, you'll be keeping the patio clean, and you'll be held to a strict workout schedule. You boys work out already, we know that. That's partly why you were chosen. But you'll be working out very hard and for a while, you won't have time for much else. Is that clear?

They both said yes.

"Okay then," his tone lighted up and became friendly as he stepped between the boys and put a hand on each of their shoulders, "let's go get you started.

He led the boys back down the hall, but turned them into the gym. Tony was already in there, in the far corner, where there were two reclining chairs. Between the chairs was a tall stand holding two bags of a clear solution with plastic tubes coming out of the bottoms of each. They were obviously intravenous set-ups. They stopped when they saw this, but Tony motioned for them to come sit in the two chairs. "Why don't you boys just take off your shirts?" he said.

"Wait a minute. What is this?

"Don't you worry yourself about it, Rock my boy. You can think of it as a kind of attitude adjustment. Sit down, please.

"When they had taken off their shirts and sat, as told, he put the arm of each boy on the arm of his chair and fastened it in place with leather straps.

"This is just to keep your arms steady, so you don't move them," he said. "Now, we'll just hook you up . . .

And he inserted a hypodermic needle carefully into a vein in the arm of each boy. Then he attached the tubes to the needles, pushed each chair into a reclining position, and opened the valves on the tubes to start the flow of solution into their arms.

"Wait a minute,"Scotty said, lifting his head up. "What is this? What are you doing?

But Tony pushed his head back down and said, "Just relax there, Rock. Don't fight us, or you'll both go right back. Understand?

"Okay, okay," Scott said, "but what is that? What are you giving us?

"I told you. Think of this as a new start on life for you two. It's just a special formula we've been developing. You can think of it as a kind of chemotherapy, but these chemicals aren't going to make you sick or make your hair fall out.

By the time he finished speaking, the liquid had already started to flow into the veins of the two boys, and into their bodies and their consciousness. Tony and Joe watched, both smiling at each other, as the two boys began to sink under the power of the formula.

Scotty and Ted turned and looked at each other, but neither of them could say anything. They felt as though they were being forced down into a kind of stoned submission, almost a twilight kind of consciousness. Time began to fade away as a deep warmth spread through them and overtook them.

It took nearly half an hour for the two plastic bags of formula to empty their contents into the boys. As they lay there, the warmth they felt grew stronger until it felt as though they were on fire inside, but the feeling was not uncomfortable, just overwhelming. They could have dozed, so heavy it made them feel. And toward the end, they both became aware of the fact that it seemed to be concentrating its effect in their balls. Mild at first, they both began to feel their testicles growing sensitive, then full-feeling, and finally as the bags emptied, they felt a strong aching in their groins and their balls.

Suddenly, the needles were removed, their arms unstrapped, and Tony and Joe were standing over them, telling them they could get up.

They got up, as they were told, feeling extremely compliant. Whatever they had been given made them feel a strange calmness and strength at the same time. And, stranger still, the strength seemed to be coming right from their aching balls.

"Man," Ted said, "My balls feel like they weigh ten pounds." He grabbed the crotch of his jeans like he'd been kicked in the groin.

"Me, too," Scotty said. "I feel like I could throw up.

"Don't worry about that. It'll pass soon enough. You boys want some lunch?

Tony and Joe took the boys to the kitchen and, even though they complained that they weren't hungry, the men made them drink some protein drinks. Then they told them that this first afternoon, they wouldn't have to worry about their chores. They could just relax and enjoy the patio and pool. Tomorrow they would start their workout program and their chores.

The boys, now Rock and Ace, fell into their routine with no complaints and no resistance. They worked hard and worked out even harder, and they soon began to look forward to their work. After a week of adjustment, they were taken to enroll in school. It was a small school, public, but populated mostly with military kids from the base in a nearby isolated desert town and, of course, the local kids. But the town, it seemed, was also populated by people there to serve the needs of the base. When they were enrolled, the principal made a comment that these were the boys he'd been told about. He said he would be keeping an eye on them. Rock and Ace figured that because they were know to be discipline problems, although, since they had been given that formula, they didn't feel at all rebellious. In fact they were enjoying their new life with these two musclemen, who were strict with them, but also very affectionate in a masculine way.

It was about two week after their arrival that they woke up one morning feeling different. They had adjusted to the idea that they had to sleep in the same bed, but it was big enough for them to stay far apart on opposite sides. But this particular morning, they woke up with erections that were so strong and insistent that they didn't understand the feeling. They hesitated getting up, waiting for their hard-ons to go away, but they wouldn't go away. Joe was standing over them, smiling. "Tony," he called, "you better come in here. It's starting to take effect.

Tony came in, and the two boys lay there not knowing what to do. Tony smiled too, and went to the other side of the bed, and when he nodded at Joe, the two men grabbed the cover and threw it back, leaving the two boys lying there with their rock hard erections exposed for all to see.

"Okay, boys," Tony said, "get up. Those hard dicks are just a sign that the formula's working on you. Congratulations, you're becoming men. How do you feel? Rock spoke first. "I feel great," he said, and his voice, when it came out, was lower and sounded manly and masculine.

"And what about you?" he asked Ace, and when the blond boy answered, "I feel great, too," his voice was deeper too. The two boys looked at each other, and now that they were standing with their hard dicks right out there, they both realized that they didn't know why they'd been feeling so shy and embarrassed.

They weren't embarrassed at all, In fact they felt kind of good. If they had known at that moment what feeling sexy meant, they would have recognized the new sensation.

"Well, you need to do something with those, now, don't you?" Tony said. "Rock, how you feeling about your buddy there?

"What do you mean?" "You know what I mean. How you feeling about him right now. He's a good looking guy, isn't he?

"Well, yeah, I guess so.

"And Ace, what about you?

"Yeah, Rock's a good looking guy.

"Good, I'm glad you both think you're good looking. Because you are, both of you. You're very good looking guys. Extremely good looking. I bet you'd like to touch each other and see what those hard dicks feel like, wouldn't you? Let's see you kiss each other.

"Yeah," Joe said, "Let's see you two young studs kiss each other.

Rock and Ace didn't even stop to think how strange this was. They idea appealed to them in a way that, as soon as it was said, was so strong that they didn't understand and didn't question. They stepped forward as they were told and kissed each other.

Their first kiss was so exciting that they didn't care that the two men were standing there, grinning, watching them. They kissed passionately and hard, and found themselves completely swept away by how erotic it felt. They pushed their bodies together as they continued to kiss mouths and necks, giving their bodies to each other in a flood of sexual energy.

"Okay, boys. Now let's see you suck each other's dicks until you come, and when you come, we want you to swallow every drop of each other's man juice.

And they did exactly as Tony told them, driven by powerful feeling of desire for each other's masculinity.

After that morning, things began to change for the boys in ways that kept them constantly excited. The first physical sign of change began a day or so later when they noticed that their balls were growing larger. But there was never any embarrassment as they dressed to go to school and realized that the crotch of their Levis not only felt fuller, but looked fuller, too. The small amount of hair in their armpits and at the base of their dicks grew thicker and denser. Weeks went by and their pubic hair spread and began to look like much older boys. It seemed that the people at school weren't surprised, although the other kids did talk about what was happening and tease them.

At home, the boys continued to do their chores and work out, but they began wearing fewer clothes around the house, preferring to be able to see the changes as their bodies matured. And they found themselves in a constant state of sexual excitement and desire, having sex as often as once or twice an hour when they could and thinking about it constantly when they were at school and couldn't. Their need to relieve their constant state of sexual arousal was so powerful, that they often went to the bathroom to jack off, and they didn't even care if someone caught them doing it.

In a few months, their dicks began to catch up to their balls, growing into mature dicks at a rate that made them and everyone who saw them amazed. But by now, they realized that they were the guinea pigs in an experiment that everyone was aware of. That's what the principal had meant about keeping an eye on them.

By the end of their first year, when they completed seventh grade and were ready for eighth, they had both sprung to six feet tall. They had the genitals of grown men. But most exciting was that they began to see their bodies changing and becoming muscular. They were shaving now, and they began to show signs of some hair growing on their chests and by their belly buttons. They had long ago begun to feel that the massive bodies of their mentors were not so weird, but were, in fact, very hot. They had, the day of their first sexual encounter with each other, also become the objects of sexual pleasure with Tony and Joe, and they fell into a state of constant, incredible lust for their huge muscles, and even for the lush coat of perfectly patterned body hair that adorned each of the massive men.

It was in the eighth grade, when they began to grow more and more muscular, far beyond what any boy their age, even with the hard workouts they were made to do, could ever achieve, that it fully dawned on them what this formula was doing to them. And when they did realize, they watched every change with mounting excitement.

As their bodies grew, their masculinity deepened and intensified. By ninth grade, they were sporting full chest hair on thick, defined pecs and their bellies had become ripples of hard muscle, sprinkled with new hair and defined by lines of hair growing down the middle. They showed off every chance they had, spending as much time as they could in the gym locker room and showers, loving the envy which the other boys couldn't help but show.

By ninth grade they began to look like young bodybuilders, their muscles showing in all the clothes they wore. Their genitals continued to grow and soon they had the endowments that other guys could only fantasize about. Their whiskers were so dense that by afternoon each day they had stubble, and they looked like unbelievable studs.

They grew, their masculinity grew, and their sex drive grew. They were so aware of their erotic power that seducing any guy they wanted was just assumed, and all the guys wanted a chance to experience the supposedly unbelievably intense sexual excitement that these boys knew how to give. And how to receive.

They entered high school as stars. Everyone knew that there was nothing they wouldn't do for sexual pleasure. They looked like movie stars with the bodies of hardcore, steroid enhanced bodybuilders, and they knew exactly how to use their bodies to entice, seduce, and excite. At the slightest suggestion, they would perform an exhibitionist show, proud to display their huge masculine endowments, proud to display how they knew how to use them, how to totally enjoy them. Tony and Joe made sure they knew at all times that they were their boys and were to do as they were told, and they did. Friends would come over to be entertained. The principal or the coach and the other male teachers took turns in private meeting in their offices. And Tony and Joe opened their house freely to any kids or guys that their boys chose to bring home.

And they grew and matured. Each year, they were given an infusion of the formula, keeping the effects constantly more powerful, unrelenting in the intensifying of their erotic drive and their masculine self-awareness and self- confidence. Their bodies grew coats of the most perfect, patterned body hair. Their cocks grew thick and heavy and well over a foot in length. There was nothing they could wear that would hide their sexual magnificence, and they grew more and more proud of the display their baskets made. They grew until they were as massive as Tony and Joe, but the formula pushed them even beyond until they had attained physiques that steroid eating bodybuilders could only fantasize about, bursting with thick muscle in their shirts and their shorts, and wearing only clothes, when they had to cover themselves, that showed every huge, rock hard curve and cut. When they graduated, at eighteen, they were specimens of masculine sexual power that the military base that had sponsored the experiment had barely hoped for, more handsome, bigger, and more powerfully erotic than could have been planned. The experiment was a radical success.

The government had a new weapon. They could create a new breed of man with undreamed of sexuality and power and strength. But for Rock and Ace, the adventure was just beginning... •

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