Side Effects (Original)


The day looked like one of those quiet ones when Tom started his shift behind the gym desk. Right now, it looked like he's never going to forget this day.

First of all, out of the blue, around half past four, in the middle of 'slumber-hour' in this gym, the door opens, and in comes a properly big man, for a change. In fact, as Tom looked up, and then down, and then up again, and then sideways, this guy was probably bigger than Marc, the undisputed king of size, and the so far biggest man Tom ever saw anywhere. Certainly, this man looked wider than Marc, in fact, he looked the widest. To top it off, he had a face Tom barely held back from giving a tongue bath, sort of ruggedly innocent, with brown-blond hair, and a sexy 3-day beard of the same color. Just when Tom finished the appraisal, the door opened again, and in came an even larger man, well, taller, with the same incredible proportion, and a face of a model. Now this man was certainly bigger than Marc, and he spoke with a deep voice, oozing with testosterone might.

"What will a workout cost in this place?"

Tom usually stood at the counter, but now, he had to prop himself onto it, because he was feeling queasy at the knees with all this muscle-he-man display in front of him.

"Eight dollars... each?" he hazarded. The larger bent down and gave Tom a display of his huge pecs mounding so big they stretched the muscle shirt he was wearing until Tom could hear it groan. He pulled a twenty dollar bill out of the recesses of his bag, and handed it over. It looked positively insignificant in the hand holding it. Tom kept looking from the bill, to the hand, and up to the shoulder and back down again, feeling his crotch tingle. Finally he took the bill, when he heard the 'cough' of the smaller... well, less big, man.

"Were are the lockers around here?" the man asked, and all Tom could do was just absent-mindedly point in the general direction. He had to will himself with all his might to get the change from the till, but before he could, the bigger guy just said 'Keep it, buy your self something to eat, you need to fill out a bit.', and patted Tom on the shoulder with a pat of a bear. Need to fill out?! Tom had spent years building his body, and he wasn't small... but then he realized he was, compared to those two.

Since they came in, not 15 minutes have passed, and most of the other people that were in were literally scared off, except a few that just lingered around and ogled. Those were the usual competition, and Tom had to admit he felt jealous, after all, this was his turf and hunting ground. Marc may have been the king, but he was the gamekeeper and right now the catch of the century was right here. He took every opportunity to look into what those two giants were doing, and when he saw what they were up to, he just had to do it - he phoned up Marc.

'Marc, it's Tom' he said, with a very serious tone, knowing Marc wouldn't be thrilled at the call.

'What do you want...' he heard Marc's voice, but he interjected.

'Marc, there are two absolutely huge giants here, one bigger than the other... I think they are even bigger than you, and the weights they are handling are incredible...' Tom said. There was a silence from the other end. Then, there was a 'I'm coming', and a click. Tom could barely contain himself, the three largest men on this earth were soon going to be in one place, with him around. If he knew Marc, this was going to be one muscle pumping and flexing fest to be remembered. Tom felt his cock start swelling at the thought, and barely containing himself, went to look what those two were up to.

>From the moment Mike put on one of Jan's muscle shirts and tight gym shorts on, needing to wish himself smaller to accomplish that, and of course growing back the second he managed to put the things on, he knew a large part of the person he used to be was lost forever. The 'old' Mike would never have even gotten the idea to go to the gym with the intention of showing off, much less dressed for the occasion. Jan, however, delighted in the thrill of what they were about to do, in fact he said a large part of the thrill was watching Mike do the showing off.

Good thing they decided not to go to their gym, after all, one does not appear altered beyond anything possible a day after they left looking, well, 'normal' - although that sex oozing exit they performed yesterday could hardly be called normal. They both agreed they will not burn their bridges in that manner. In addition, they agreed they will keep this little trip in the realm of decency (much as the notion of it changed in the last 24 hours or so), and not morph 'in public' unless they are both in it together or in case of an emergency - it was too easy to get carried away, and this way they would keep each other in check until they knew better what they are dealing with. Both Mike and Jan actually knew what that was really about - they needed to get over playing with themselves, but they agreed they'll do that somewhere in private. The gym wasn't such a place, and besides, the point was to lift weights. If it was difficult, the body would adapt - unless there was a 'standing' order preventing it to - and it seemed that this 'wishing' thing that happened also could do 'standing orders', at lest Jan maintained it could. Both of them were after a serious pump, and that would have been impossible with the body adapting to make the weight easy to lift, although Mike was really tempted to do that just to see what he would turn into. The look Jan gave him while they were discussing these ground rules was enough to tell him they were bound to try that some time soon, with or without the actual weights.

They picked a gym Jan used to go to years ago, and headed across town. The place had changed a lot, Jan said, and it seemed it changed owners - it looked different and had a different name. A perfect setting for a little fun. They both got out of the car and entered the premises.

The first thing Mike saw when they entered was this cute buff blond guy at the counter. Mike could actually feel the incredulous stare check out every inch of him. It was incredible how opportunity presented itself at every corner all of a sudden - Mike could see the guy barely containing himself from slurping, although he did purse his lips, so it was Mike's turn to contain himself from strutting, or rather strutting too much. Only a day ago, Mike would have admired this guy's beautifully built and toned body from afar. He wasn't huge, but he was built, and very well at that. A day ago, Mike would have wished to look like that, and/or to be in bed with a guy like that. He remembered the name on the badge - Tom. Good thing Jan came in then and offered some meaningful conversation. What looked like seconds after that, they were both hitting the weights.

Jan knew they had made an impact the second they entered - that buff little stud named Tom, as his badge said, ogled at Mike, and then positively devoured them both with his blue-eyed stare. He knew the type - the 'close to the source' kind of guy. No doubt the guy was gay, and not afraid to drop hints. That, of course, was just the start - when they hit the weights, all eyes became glued to them - well, that was not surprising - after all you don't see two guys that dwarf any pro take turns in doing warm-up bench presses with about 400 pounds every day! There were a lot of muffled Ahs, Ohs and Wows and a lot of head turning. The crowd was scarce, and it was actually the setting Jan preferred. He couldn't stop looking at Mike, and it was obvious it went both ways. There seemed to be no limit to the weight they could lift, but regardless of their power, the weight had to be lifted by some serious muscle flexing - and right now, Mike's pecs looked not only like they were going to burst through the shirt, but through his skin. They literally puffed up from those thick slabs into ready to burst shapes made of four huge cable-like fingers of flexed muscle. Jan could barely resist running his hands over them. When it was his turn, he could see the same devouring look in Mike's eyes. Lifting the weight wasn't exactly easy, it was strange, Jan had to put real effort in it, but it seemed like he could go on forever, he didn't even have to breathe harder. He saw Mike move out of eyeshot, towards the dumbbell rack, and the second he did, a short man with black hair that had been ogling from the second Jan lay on the bench approached.

Jan remembered this was by no means a gay gym, unless this had also changed, but somehow, right now the audience was all male. The guy's eyes were stuck at his pecs, Jan had actually trouble looking over them to notice the fact - he had done something like 20 reps and was sporting a nice pump already, it made his pecs puff up so much even he was surprised. They felt so heavy and full, Jan just had to give them a stroke with his hand.

Finally, he cranked out six more reps, and with perfect form. He lay there for a second, and then stood up and added more weight. He wasn't actually sure the bar was going to hold, it was already arched beyond anything he ever saw. As he added the weights he heard the man mouth a muffled 'impossible'.

'What is?' Jan asked, well aware he was giving into a hedonistic urge.

'Oh... nothing' The man said, but obviously thought Jan's look demanded a better answer, and added 'I thought you would need a spotter, but I don't think anyone could attempt to spot you with that weight' 'I think I can handle it safely' Jan said, and proceeded to actually do that, right beneath the guy's incredulous stare, taking care to tense all his muscles with the weight in the top position, to give him something to ogle at, and without fail, he did, shaking his head in disbelief and muttering something.

'Jesus, you must be the strongest man on this planet' the guy uttered, shaking his head.

'No I'm not... yet' Jan said, enigmatically, eyeing the man. He could have been Jan's age or thereabouts, late twenties or early thirties, and what Jan could see was nicely thick-muscled, the way only short guys manage to pull it off. He must have been a foot shorter than Jan, and standing before him, his eyes came right to the middle of Jan's pecs. Jan moved a bit closer to him, and the guy eyed him down and up again. Jan looked down, and he could see a barely perceptible bulge of the guy's cock - but Jan had a trained eye, in a manner of speaking, and that bulge could have looked that way only if that cock was rigid.

Jan smiled inwardly, managing to keep a straight face, and offered a hand.

'I'm Jan' he said. The guy looked quite shocked at the introduction, and Jan took the opportunity to let his eyes hunt for Mike, and noticed he had business of his own. That front desk boy was literally devouring Mike's biceps which turned into incredible mountainous peeks of flesh as he curled with a set of absolutely gargantuan dumbbells. Jan could see Mike looking at his improbable peaks in the mirror with a look of incredulity only a fraction milder than that of the kid, and Jan took seconds to unstick his gaze off it as well, completely understanding and enjoying the fascination.

'Er... Ben. Nice to meet you' the guy in front of him said, helping Jan to shift his attention away from Mike displaying himself. It took a lot of Jan's concentration to keep the familiar tingle in his crotch at bay. Jan looked down again, and noticed... Ben... couldn't stop staring at his arm. Then Ben looked up, it was almost like a flinch.

'You have the absolutely biggest arms I ever saw, what are they, 26" around? My god, I can't believe it's real!' 'I don't really know how big it is, as a matter of fact, but I can tell you it is indeed absolutely real' Jan said, chuckling. Ben just looked at it with fascination, and Jan tensed it only a bit for emphasis, which brought a sigh from Ben.

'Want to touch it?' Jan asked, deciding to cut the preliminaries.

'Oh, man, no... I mean yes, but I wouldn't want you to think I'm like, you know...' 'What, gay?' Ben looked down. Jan said 'I am, is that a problem?' Ben was still looking down.

'Look, I'll go on with my workout, and I have no problem with you sticking around... that is if you want it. If you decide you'd like to give me a squeeze, I won't mind, not at all.' Jan said. Normally, he wouldn't have come out like that except when he was sure it was already obvious. It was such a thrill being able to say this outright - after all, who could do anything about it? He noticed the rest of the audience suddenly left on their own business, probably catching the whiff of what was going on between him and Ben. He looked around, and found Mike doing lat pulls. Mike had in Jan's opinion very good potential, and he had a pleasing shape even before this adventure started. Now, this shape was even better, and developed fantastically. Looking at Mike's lats puff up was a purely sexual delight. He knew that Tom guy was having a good time, and so was Mike, evidently. All that left the dumbbells free, and Jan decided to put them to good use.

To Mike, this sudden attention felt absolutely exhilarating. He kept lifting more and more, his muscles seemed to be impossible to tire, but he was beginning to breathe faster, and he couldn't believe the pump he was getting. He had started doing biceps curls with a weight he was only dimly aware existed before, and he had done so many reps - he just kept going on and on, barely being able to believe how his biceps kept on expanding with the pump. He moved on to bigger dumbbells, flexing his biceps into peaks so big even he was afraid they would pop through his skin. He had moved to a set of absolutely huge dumbbells which were clearly rarely used if at all, he could actually see they were dusty. He noticed that buff Tom stud from the front desk ogling, and he decided to give him a proper show. He cranked out rep after rep, until the two veins over his biceps pumped up with his blood into hard finger thick tubes. Mike had to consciously will his cock to remain flaccid at the thrill of his own show, but he could see a hefty bulge form in Tom's shorts, running down the left pantleg.

Finally, Mike stretched a little, and then flexed his biceps, as if for himself, looking in the mirror. He flexed hard, not entirely believing the size his arms became, they were bigger by half than his thighs used to be only a day ago, and those peaks were unbelievable - the skin over them shined, it became that much stretched. He stroked the bulging biceps of his right hand with his left palm, it was hard as steel, and he tensed and relaxed it a little, making it throb. He barely resisted licking his engorged biceps. Then he flexed the other arm as well, noticing clearly the wince that came from Tom, who was still ogling behind him. Unfortunately, the supply of dumbbells was exhausted, but Mike wanted to try something else anyway, so he moved on to the lat.

He had done his first set with the whole stack, and as he pulled, grunting, he could hear clearly the grunts coming from Tom, still behind him. He finished the set, feeling his arms lifted up by the pump of his lats. But of course, he was after a pump the likes of which were never seen before. He pulled the stack pin a bit outwards, and strutted over to the plate rack, took a 50lb plate and hung it on the pin. He started his set, when he saw Tom get in front of him, and first beckon and then ask him to stop. He wanted him to take the weight off because he was afraid the machine would get damaged, but finally desisted and told him not to add any more. Mike clearly saw him hiding the bulge in his shorts, which was now really big, and throbbing, by putting his hands in front of it, but of course, that was very conspicuous, and obviously intended that way. Mike continued pumping, breathing in and out, pulling slowly, which made his pecs stick out in front of him like a shelf every time he pulled the bar down. All of a sudden, he felt another presence behind him. He finished the set, stood up and turned around.

Behind him, beside Tom, was a true giant, just as big as Mike now was. He was dressed in a muscle shirt and shorts just like Mike, and from what Mike could see, this chocolate-colored hunk of prime beef could match him inch for inch, and that included the bulge between the pillar-like thighs.

Tom was on the way to heaven, at least the heaven he imagined - full of incredibly huge muscular men ready to flex and strut for him. Right now, the way to that heaven included two incredibly huge men. Tom almost thought 'only two' but those two looked like they had all the muscle in the world on them. And there was a third somewhere around as well.

When Tom first saw Marc, he thought he was hallucinating - there was just no way something like Marc could have existed. But he soon found out Marc was very real. Marc was a black-white mixture that seemed to have the most outstanding qualities of both, from his toes right up that impossible body, to that gorgeous face topped by atypically straight crew-cut black hair. He was huge beyond anything Tom ever laid his eyes on, until this day. He had a shape which could be described as he-man in flesh, and that included every bit of him. Marc called himself straight, which in his vocabulary meant 'fuck whoever can take it and not be fucked yourself'. He also called himself 'top of the muscle chain'. For Tom, all that meant eyes were not the only thing Tom laid on Marc, it was just about every part of Tom's body. In fact, Tom was Marc's favorite. Marc would fuck anyone that would worship his body, and he always said that only a man knows what a man needs - and Tom was an expert in feeling and squeezing those 5"

thick slabs of pec muscle, and groping those flexed 26" arms while Marc would flex that he-man cock up in Tom's bowels. Tom was one of the rare that could take that fucking willingly. Marc was hung as a mule and was obsessed with all his muscles which included the sex muscle as well. This meant he was equally avid with making himself bigger down there, as he was with the rest of his body.

When excited, that cock swelled to 13 inches long, and it would become steel-hard adding two inches more in length and swelling to a huge girth while he fucked Tom just as he wanted it - senseless. Even soft, Marc's cock was over 10" long and he took great care to display that fact, which in fact he was doing right now, wearing the tightest shorts imaginable which displayed a long bulge down his bulging thigh. He was taking turns with this impossibly huge stranger, going through each and every exercise the stranger was doing, matching rep for rep, weight for weight. Occasionally one would do a rep more and the other would match that, or even increase it. To start off with, Marc arrived already sporting a pump, which didn't surprise Tom at all, in fact he counted on it.

Then, the two giants proceeded to compete on the lat machine, then they did leg extensions, then they used the hack with so much weight the poor thing was visibly bent under it. Tom was so hot over the looks of those two, he barely contained himself from cumming into his shorts, which visibly tented out, his raging hard-on completely evident to everyone. Tom couldn't care less, were he not preoccupied with bulging his eyes at the impossible shapes those two were attaining with so much pumping, he would have freed his manhood of it's confinement and jacked it off right there. Half through the show, Marc took his shirt off, exposing his torso, glistening with sweat. Then both went back to the bench, and started lifting that bar, loaded with countless pounds of iron, left there by the third giant - No one had dared take the weights off. Tom ogled, no doubt moaning below breath, while these two continued taking turns through who knows how many sets. Half way through, the stranger took his shirt off as well, but it stuck below his pecs, so he actually had to rip it off. For a moment they both stood eyeing each other. Tom had never seen Marc so pumped up, and the other man matched that, if not even topped it. The muscles on both bulged like they were flexed, and they were not, although they did tense them, trying to look bigger than the other, and they already looked like someone stuffed those muscular bulges with balloons. Finally, they moved some of the weight off the bar, in complete synch, one moving off the plates on the left side and one off the right, and started doing triceps extensions. Both had pumped up their pecs so big they had trouble bending their neck enough to get their head out of the way of the bar. Marc's chest was so high he couldn't see over it lying on the bench, and it inflated even further when he'd breathe in. Then the stranger would take his turn, and Tom's eyes would glue to the a sea of pec muscle before him, and drift to the triceps flexing until he thought it would sprout additional heads. After that, they moved on to using the biggest dumbbells available to do flies, and again they went on and on. Finally, they moved back to the bench, and the stranger took the bar and started curling those biceps again. Marc was not to be intimidated. By the end of the set, they started adding small plates, daring each other to lift more, but all the time they never said a single word. By the end of set four, they were both pumped up incredibly, the second they would let the weight down, they had to assume a posture with legs spread, and their arms would lift up automatically, with the pump in their backs and triceps. The stranger sported a network of veins Tom had never seen the likes of, and Marc's became so big over his forearms, they looked like someone tied him up with ropes. One would put the weight down, and the other would strut and flex his biceps lightly, teasing the other. All their muscles bulged all the time, like they were flexed. And they went on. Finally, when Tom thought they were going to continue until one stopped either because he would drop or pump up so much he'd burst, they both stopped, looking at each other.

They were all sweaty, and pumped up so much that Tom thought another rep would make the skin rip over those insanely big muscles. They stood there, looking like they were doing a side chest, lat and a kind of double biceps pose all at once, and in fact they weren't flexing at all. Then came the first words, from Marc.

'Tom here' he said, panting, and tilting his head towards where Tom was standing (Tom could have added 'in a puddle of his drool' to that), 'says you're bigger than me'.

Tom looked at one, then the other. Then he remembered the third. 'But there's a...' he started, but Marc looked at him with a look that clearly stated 'I'm doing the talking here'.

'There's only one way to test that' Marc said, and turned, or rather, maneuvered, to face Tom. 'Get the key to the posing room'. Tom first looked at him, then at the stranger. Then he started saying something, but thought better of it. He had no recollection how he got to the desk and got the keys, he just knew that next they were trying to get through the door and he had the key in his hand, obviously having unlocked the door. It wasn't in use normally, Marc kept a few of his things there, but it was basically a room with three walls lined with mirrors. There was a long bench along the fourth wall, and a few boxes, an incomplete weight rack, and another shorter bench. Tom had to use the long bench right away, because the second those two got in, entering sideways, they started strutting and flexing. First, it was only 'in passing', a muscle would twitch and jump. But then, they went on to a real show. Tom found himself on the bench, shorts pulled down and cock in his hand. He was excited to the point of pain, and his balls in fact ached, swollen, attaining a size Tom never thought possible. The two heaps of pumped up muscle looked at him when Marc obviously got the idea of him deciding who the bigger was, noticed what he was up to, and just proceeded to test who was bigger by themselves.

The first thing they did was a lat spread, flexing so hard, the backs exposed to Tom, he thought their lats would fly apart trying to become wider - the two of them looked like they spanned the width of the room, and the tapers they had could only become better by the lats going out horizontally. That was when Tom came. It was such a surprise that he gasped in shock, his cum spewing in a gush of thick liquid, arcing a yard up like it was coming from a fountain. The two giants paid no attention to him at all, and moved on to a double biceps, their arms becoming, what looked to Tom like two balloons of flesh each, spanning the space between the fists and the still extended lats. Then, they moved on to a one-armed biceps pose, squeezing until Tom thought their biceps would snap in two. Marc's ballooned into those huge ball-shaped mounds, even bigger than Tom ever remembered them, crowned by a huge vein. The stranger's parried by an equally big peak, with a split right down the middle you could hide in. Both were squeezing so much the skin became reddish, and on Marc it became a deeper shade of brown. They both shook with the exertion, veins sticking out on their necks and shoulders, grunting. Then, both shifted to a side triceps pose, pumping the arms up and down slightly, creating gashes and mounds alternately.

The stranger was obviously not experienced at posing, but he caught on in seconds. Then, most muscular, which Tom viewed from behind, seeing the actual pose in the mirror, but not failing to notice they both flexed their glutes and legs so the striation was clearly visible even through the shorts they both wore. Marc's glutes looked like two square five-inch thick plates hammered into place under the skin, while the stranger's were tilted to the side, a gash going up to the middle of them. Both had legs which looked like they could provide enough power to move a building around plowing through the ground with it's foundation, and those traps they made bunch up came up to their ears. Tom had no idea whether he was jacking off, cumming, in the process of falling unconscious, or if his skin was burning off, he only knew he had to keep on looking.

'It seems it's pretty much a tie' Mike's opponent finally said, both reluctantly going half-relaxed from who knows which turn at doing a lat spread.

Mike was very new at all this, he almost laughed out loud at the thought that a day ago he'd be on that bench behind, like that Tom guy was, beating himself off into oblivion at the sight before him. But, Mike was not na´ve, or stupid. The kind of body he now had was extremely unlikely to be built using natural means, maybe even impossible, and when this private contest between him and this other superman started, he kept himself back, out of fear what the guy would do when he found himself overshadowed. Mike had no doubt the he-man beside him wasn't used to being in the presence of anyone bigger than himself - and that was because Mike was sure he'd never seen anyone bigger, nor heard of. But, Mike had cheated the usual rules - what this guy did to attain such muscle, natural or chemical or whatever, was grueling hard work. In that sense Mike had no business competing at all. However, it was soon obvious a competition could not be avoided. He didn't want the guy to injure himself, or worse, that the contest resulted in a subsequent death by some drug overdose or whatever. But, although Mike had no doubt at first who the winner would be, he found out he was getting a proper run for his money - in fact, although he could have probably used more weight, or done more reps, the difference would have been very small. He was going to stay true to the ground rules he and Jan laid out, but truth be said, he was getting a bit worn out. Looking at the feats both he and the giant beside him did, he could only admire the man - there was no doubt this guy was a true genetic freak, who had kept on pumping the weights in order to push the limits, for who knows how long. But he was also an overbearing showoff. Although Mike had to admit at least there was loads to be shown-off, still Mike didn't like the attitude, even though he was at this place exactly to show the same attitude, but in all truthfulness, to a far lesser degree.

'There's only one way to settle this' the man said, and started to rub the big swollen bulge in his shorts. During all the showing off, it had grown visibly, protruding halfway down his thigh.

The man continued stroking it. 'Pull out that meat so we can see who the bigger man is' he finally said.

Now, that was truly the last straw. Yes, Mike found the guy beside him hot to the limit, and yes, he would have loved to have a chance at the wildest possible sex with him, involving an intimate flex and fuck the likes of the world had never seen - which all amounted to Mike having to forbid his cock from getting hard - but right now, this guy needed a lesson. Just as Mike decided to give him one, he pulled down the shorts, and exposed a horse-sized dick, pulling at it, which made it swell instantly. Mike did the same, and in a second they were beating off maddeningly slowly. The guy's cock had swelled huge, and Mike allowed his own to get just short of that.

'So, doesn't seem you can match these rock hard 15 inches' the guy said, sniggering like a Cheshire cat. 'Never seen anyone that can' he finished. Now, you are really asking for it, Mike thought, and you are really going to get what you deserve.

'I have not finished growing yet' Mike said, and mentally unleashed his cock. He gave it a few tugs, although he had all the incentive to get bursting hard already. In about five seconds it unfurled to it's new dimension, becoming again an almost 2' mast of swollen flesh, which then continued swelling thicker once it achieved it's elephantine length. As it grew, Tom practically scrammed to get beside Mike, and the huge guy's eyes glued to it, and just continued bugging out until Mike thought they would pop out on springs like in a cartoon, while Tom became progressively paler. Finally, Mike felt his cock achieve that steel beam welded to his pelvis hardness, and just couldn't resist asking 'So, can you match these two feet?' The huge guy looked up and down Mike's cock in disbelief, going from the protrusions Mike's balls made (and that was actually quite painful) in his shorts, up to the glistening head swollen to softball size, and then further up looking into Mike's face, while Tom just gurgled something. Then, the big guy just said 'Sweet fucking Jesus!' and took Mike's cock with both hands, and attempted to devour it. He tugged at it, which made the root of Mike's cock massage Mike's innards with such a pain-ecstasy feeling his knees trembled. Mike held onto the guys gargantuan shoulders, looking down, noticing the guy's cock had attained incredible hardness, it was so rigid that as the guy moved attempting to suck Mike's super-cock, it wouldn't bob at all. A second after that, Mike started stroking the guys shoulders and those hairless pecs, and then felt two hands on his ass, slowly moving around to reach his abs. He looked to the side, to find Tom's eyes boring into him with a begging look. Just then, the huge guy found Mike's piss slit and poked his tongue in it, and then ran his teeth right beneath the flaring corona of Mike's cockhead, which made Mike reward him with a gush of pre-cum which obviously surprised the guy. He pulled off for a second, and said, licking his lips: 'Not so fast... I want you to give it to me, I want you to fuck my brains out with it'. He looked the guy straight in the eyes, and the desire was evident.

Then he looked back at Tom, who said, incredulously 'Marc... him fuck you?!?' 'Quit yapping Tommy, and start sucking, can't you see the man needs help?' the guy said.

Now, Mike had absolutely no idea how this Marc guy was going to handle the overgrown cock he was already pulling by towards the bench, while Tom kept crawling on his knees, trying to position himself between them, in order not to have to decide whether he was going to lick Mike's balls or suck on Marc's cock - he obviously wanted both. Mike had fucked only once in his life and that was yesterday. Well, he wanted nothing more than fuck this huge he-man. Obviously, he'll just have to play it by ear.

Jan could have seen that Mike was more than happy with the attention he was receiving from Tom, and thought it was high time Mike allowed himself to have some fun. Jan was fairly sure Mike was a very much closeted guy, at least he used to be, and Jan loved the way Mike's self-confidence was blooming right now.

He decided not to interfere, and, besides, he had a customer of his own.

Jan had gone on through a series of exercises, absolutely everything he could think of involving the biggest dumbbells he could find, and those were really big, because he augmented them with a few more plates. All the way through he could see Ben follow him like a bewildered puppy, keeping his distance. He didn't shy from staring, though, as Jan went from set to set, from exercise to exercise. Jan could also see him starting to cook nicely on the sexual fire of Jan's show, and he knew in a short time he'd be ready for some action. This is why Jan decided he'd leave the body part Ben seemed to like the most for last.

So, finally, he ended up pumping his arms, until the sight of his biceps pumping up and flexing into peaks never before seen in this gym, or for that matter anywhere, and certainly never before seen by Jan himself, made the final blow to Ben's resolution to admire from afar.

Jan just kept on curling, taking great care to squeeze his biceps until he thought they'd cramp, in the top position. He had long ago attained 'a pump'.

Right now, he was on the way to the mother of all pumps, and his biceps looked about ready to pop, the skin over them was red with the irritation of constantly being distended. Jan had worked up a proper sweat, and it made the skin over the biceps glisten like glass when he flexed them, but he was determined to keep on until Ben admitted himself to the urge of touching. Finally, when Jan thought his biceps were really going to rip and rupture, Ben got closer, and put a weary hand on Jan's rock-hard arm, and as Jan continued curling, cranking out a few more reps, Ben just kept wincing, sighing and moaning 'My god, they're gonna explode'. In a second both Ben's hands were over those peaks of muscle, one and the other, and he looked positively shocked, which was only slightly more than Jan was, Ben couldn't get his hands to span the circumference of Jan's madly pumped arms, and he kept on trying until Jan took his hands because he thought Ben would have a nervous breakdown.

Then, with Ben in tow, he headed where the sauna used to be. He tugged Ben by one hand and Ben kept feeling Jan's forearm with his other hand, like a bewildered kid, completely oblivious to what was happening around him. Sure enough, not even these owners had made the sauna work, but right now it was the only place that offered some privacy. Once they entered, Jan closed the door. He was fairly certain no one was going to intrude. On cue, Ben took all his clothes off, and Jan remained in his shorts, struggling to get the muscle shirt off, because he was so pumped up and sweaty, it clung to him like it was glued.

Finally, he managed to get it off, hearing a muffled rip, but it still looked OK.

Ben was already beating his cock into a pulp. Ben was actually well muscled, but at the same time sort of pudgy, almost like he had a layer of baby fat. He went over his rock hard cock, which was average in length but very thick, with a speed making his hand a blur, never taking eyes of Jan. And Jan decided to give Ben a full show, flexing for him. He felt his own cock start to inflate, looking at his slightly distorted image of himself in the metal door behind Ben. He leaned into Ben, allowing him to touch his flexed pecs, and to roam over his shoulders, and finally over his flexed biceps. Jan was turned on as much by Ben's ministrations as by himself. He flexed till it was painful, looking at his own biceps. Jan always had big arms, but they looked double the size right now, the biceps like two intersecting bowling-ball sized eggs, puffing up like balloons every time he would flex. He hadn't morphed, but he sure intended to at a later time, just to see how big a biceps could be. About there Ben came, with a content sigh, dribbling cum, but it didn't phase him at all, he just closed his eyes and continued beating off, making a weird wet sound, droplets of his cum falling around. Then Jan turned around and presented his back, spreading his lats like wings until his arms stood straight out to his sides. He couldn't see himself, but from Ben's grunts and from the feeling of his lats he knew he was absolutely humongous. He felt Ben's hand roam over the expanse of his back, and then something soft and hot - he realized it was Ben's tongue. Jan felt his cock push up the waistband of his shorts, growing an inch a second, throbbing. He let it grow until the band snapped back down, exposing the head and shaft, which were still growing bigger. Ben's tongue had left his back, and he felt Ben's hand on his ass, the wet almost slurping sound becoming suddenly faster in rhythm, and then he heard Ben wince, moving his hand to Jan's triceps, obviously cumming again. Jan was genuinely surprised at the control, Ben was standing all the while, and still kept on jacking off like there was no tomorrow. It made Jan so excited his cock extended up to his pecs in record time, becoming so hot Jan felt the heat with his face. He went to a double biceps pose, swinging his pelvis back and forth which made his now gargantuan erection slap into the bottom of his pecs repeatedly, surely a novel way to jack off. After a few more times, he felt the stickiness of his pre-cum stick the head of his cock into the crevice between his pecs, so he flexed them which pinched the cockhed and literally catapulted his cock downwards. He almost came, but managed to contain himself enough to turn around and face Ben. The second he did that, he saw Ben inhale suddenly, and start wincing, and then almost screaming, his cock erupting a steady stream of cum which dripped in strands to the floor. Ben's eyes were bugging out, looking at Jan's ultra-cock, and he was jacking off with such speed Jan thought he'd get heat blisters. He continued cumming, which brought Jan over the top. His knees almost gave way, and he ended up standing like in the middle of a limbo dance, his cock sticking straight up. He jacked off with both hands, feeling his cock swell even more, and his cum start pushing up the shaft. He thought his balls would explode as he felt a thousand hot needles prick his cock from inside, going up the shaft, until finally, they erupted in the form of a shaft of liquid which exploded up onto the ceiling with a very audible squirting noise, surprising Jan so he almost fell, making a few backward steps to regain balance. Then, there was another spurt like that, and another. Jan managed to catch a glimpse of Ben, who was oozing down the door, his back propped onto it, still beating himself off, with an expression of an idiot. He was drooling from the corner of his lips, and his cock was drooling too, and still he was beating himself off, but slower. Finally, as Jan winded down, after producing what seemed like two dozen spurts, which ended sprayed over everything, he saw Ben end up on the floor, and finally ease up on his beating his meet, which was very swollen, and dark red with irritation. His eyes were closed, and for a second Jan was scared stiff that there was something very wrong with Ben. Then he saw Ben was breathing. He bent down, all sticky with his own cum, and picked up Ben, who just hung over his arms like a rag doll. He put him on the bench, and he realized Ben was sleeping like a baby.

'Incredible!' he thought. He was quite frightened the guy had literally jacked himself off into oblivion, but then he stirred, pulling himself into a fetal position, and sighed a content sigh the likes of Jan had never heard.

For several seconds Jan considered what to do, sitting beside Ben on the bench.

Finally, he decided to let Ben be, and take a shower. He went out, closing the door silently, and managed to pop into the locker room completely unseen, took a few things out of the locker and headed for the showers. Fortunately, they were deserted, and he took only minutes to rinse down the remains of the weird sex he just had. He thought about it, and one of the thoughts crossing his mind was 'being this big is dangerous for other people', but the connotation was so funny, like expecting people to start cumming until they went into a coma the moment they lay eyes on him and Mike. He tried to dismiss the thought, but it kept on lingering uncomfortably. Mike... now what was he up to? Jan realized it must have been an hour since he last saw him. He stepped out of the shower, shocking a man that just entered. He couldn't care less. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and hurried off to the sauna room to see to Ben.

When he opened the door, Ben was already dressed up, he had used his shirt to towel of the cum. The sauna was still drenched with it, but obviously both didn't care about that at all. When Jan entered, Ben almost jumped. He looked at Jan with a look that could only be interpreted as fear.

'Are you all right?' Jan asked. Ben just looked at him. Then he started nodding but stopped mid-way. "I don't know' he said. Jan could do nothing but look at him, and Ben averted his eyes. They stood there like that for a short time. 'I'm sorry... I can't be near you right now...' Ben said. Jan looked at him. Ben took his shirt and went out. Jan just stood there feeling like an idiot. The guy had probably spent a lifetime being straight, denying any attraction to his own sex, and what happened must have been an incredible shock. Jan realized he was actually lucky the guy hadn't started yelling 'Rape' when he entered. He didn't know what to do. Finally, he left for the lockers, to get something clean to wear, and decided he'd look for Mike. As he went out he passed Ben in the showers, he stood under the torrent of water, and looked at Jan as he passed.

Then he smiled almost imperceptibly, and Jan felt his heart get back into the right place. For a moment there, he was really scared.

Marc had tried a lot of things in his life to make himself continue getting bigger. He was always big, but he wanted to be the biggest thing that moved on this earth, and up to now he was certain he was. He had built his muscles up to incredible dimensions, and he had also pumped up his cock. It was so big now that Marc never saw anyone who could top it, until today. He could have seen that guy was as big as him, but when he saw that cock inflate, becoming what looked like double the size of his own, he had only one thought in mind.

Marc had no problem fucking anything or anybody that would give him a good time, which usually meant worshipping every inch of his body while he flexed his muscle like mad, and it was even better if there was a mirror around. Truth be said, Marc could spend hours in front of a mirror completely alone, frequently cumming all over it several times. For him that qualified him as 'straight' although he couldn't care less what he was as long as his desires were satisfied. Ever since he met Tom, he kept wondering what it's like to be fucked by his huge cock. He had sucked himself off a few times, but he liked the feel of Tom on his cock the best. Sure, he had fucked both sexes, but the women couldn't take him any more, they mostly didn't even want to try, and he'd be damned before he'd admit he was too big on account of some broad not being able to fit him. Now, the men, those were a different story. He had several who he literally made bleed and they still kept on pushing and begging for more. Until Tom. Tom was always ready and willing to get his butt fucked apart, begging Marc to rip him open, over and over. He'd cum like a fountain, several times, while Marc kept fucking him, his hands all over Marc's body, moaning for more. After months he still couldn't get enough and Marc vowed he'd find out what it was about the fascination with a huge cock mangling your innards. Marc knew he was a narcissoid, but he considered it a virtue. The most desirable cock he would have liked in his ass was his own, but he'd need to make it far bigger to even attempt that, and as obsessed as he was, he wasn't counting on that being possible (but he sure as hell was going to try). So, he had a dildo cast from his own cock, and had progressed to the point where he could impale himself on it almost all the way. He'd do that and strut in front of the mirror, making himself cum like never before, which only made him want more. But, he wanted a real cock in him, one that would pump back and forth, swelling hugely, and fill him up completely, cumming. However, being who he was, he decided that he'd be fucked only by a man at least as big as himself or preferably bigger, or none at all. Right now, he wanted that rock hard log of a cock on that mountain of a man right up his ass, no matter what it takes. For the first time in his life, Marc was actually frightened there was something he wouldn't be able to do. His hand couldn't meet around this guy's member, and Marc had never actually been fucked before, but, he reasoned, there was a first time for everything.

Right now, Marc had the cock of his desire in his hand, and was lying on the bench, pulling it, and it's owner, closer to his wanting asshole. Right then, the door opened, and in stepped, or rather, pushed, a man which was even more huge than the one whose cock Marc was holding. All heads turned towards the newcomer. Marc noticed the questioning look the newcomer gave the other giant, and the other giant just spread his arms in a 'what can I do?' gesture. The newcomer just started taking off his clothes. Marc shot a glance at Tom, and the later only whispered 'I was trying to tell you there was a bigger one', moving his gaze back to the newcomer, whose cock now looked as big as Marc's but was swelling visibly. By the time he approached Tom, almost pushing his crotch into Tom's face, it got almost as big as the one Marc was still holding. Tom gave it a few experimental tugs, with an utterly bewildered look in his eyes, looking at the result of his ministrations - and that was a completely hard piece of manmeat as long as on the other guy, only not as thick. Well, Marc thought, there is only one thing better than a super-cock, and that's two of them. As if this newcomer was a final element in the puzzle, they all moved in place.

Marc lowered his back onto the bench and pulled at the rigid pole he held, making it's overgrown owner wince, while the other even more overgrown stallion moved over his head, the fist-sized balls swinging right over Marc's face. The final element was Tom, who maneuvered himself over Marc's raging cock, took the newcomers cock in his hands, and then, started impaling himself on Marc's cock.

As if that was a signal of some sort, Marc felt his asshole being stretched beyond anything he thought possible, as the huge cockhead, lubed by it's pre-cum started pushing into him. He looked up and cupped one of those balls in front of his face with one hand, and felt Toms hand on his other arm, which he promptly flexed. He heard Tom wince and saw his fucker grab Tom's pecs, and the other huge man flex into a double biceps pose, at the same time feeling his ass was going to bust. Tom let himself down on Marc's cock, taking the whole length in one thrust, and Marc felt his balls squeezed by Tom's ass, which made him flex all his muscles at once and come violently, almost throwing Tom of his cock.

From that moment on, he was trapped by one orgasm after another. With each movement he felt his bowels being rearranged and his ass stretched to tearing as two feet of log-thick cock inexorably pushed into him, doing that by pushing in and then back, but always gaining. His own cock felt like it would burst into pieces, swollen like never before. He could see a bulge on Tom's abdomen as it roamed around in there, Tom humping up and down, just slow enough to make Marc lose his wits, while sucking on the other two foot shaft extending right over his head. He heard Tom wince, and then say 'payback time' and he came again, his juice spewing out of Tom's ass as Tom let himself fall down on his cock again.

He felt like he was going into nuclear melt-down, dimly aware of his body spasming, clamped down by countless pounds of pumped up manmeat.

Jan could see an almost wanton desire on Mike's face, as he pushed his log-sized cock ever deeper into the huge guy on the bench. He was humping him with all his might, and the guy kept moaning 'more, rip me, fuck me', his eyes reeling in a mixture of pain, lust and pleasure. That Tom stud was humping the guy at the same time, being stroked by Mike, and then hugged so Jan could hear his bones click, and it seemed it was exactly what he wanted. Jan's balls were being given a tongue bath, interrupted suddenly by the man obviously cumming. Jan pulled off in fear the man would suffocate, but his face held an expression of absolute bliss, and his eyes circled around aimlessly. A second later, Jan flexed for Tom, and Tom came, spewing his cum all over Jan's chest, with subsequent gushes ending on the chest of the man beneath him. Then Jan rubbed it all in, into that hugely pumped up chest. The man had the biggest chest Jan had ever seen, and arms rivaling his own, which he flexed suddenly. Watching that deliciously brown skin stretch over those incredible peaks made Jan cum with all his might, grunting, splashing Tom with what looked like a gallon of cum. It lasted what seemed like minutes, and when he came to, Tom was cumming again, and then Mike roared, humping the guy so hard the whole bench moved, together with the guy, and Tom, pushing Jan. The guy on the bench winced, and just tensed, and then started jerking, uttering a series of ugh's oh's and arghs. Then he stopped, which was followed by a much wetter sound coming from where his cock went into Tom's ass. Tom continued to hump up and down. Jan looked down, feeling Tom's hands again on his cock, and noticing the huge guy's abdomen, saw a lump slowly moving back and forth under muscles the size of cobblestones. He realized Mike was fucking the guy's lights out, pulling out and pushing back, making what looked like strokes over a foot long. Then, all of a sudden, the guy took Jan's cock in his hands, and squeezed so much Jan thought his cockhead would rupture.

The guy handled Jan's cock as best he could, Tom taking the advantage to stroke the guy's pecs, and then squeeze them as hard as he could. The guy started jerking off Jan's cock, while flexing his other arm, which Jan took as a cue, groping the biceps and squeezing it hard. Then, he let it go an made a lat pose, keeping his hands off his hips, which instantly produced the desired reaction, a hand went right up his lat, which Mike flexed until he thought it would jump out of his skin. He looked up for a moment and saw Mike and Tom gaping at the sight of him, and then Mike squeezed his eyes shut, and gritted his teeth, and rammed the guy beneath with such force that Tom was practically thrown into Jan, but managed to hold on to the huge pecs beneath him. Now it was Jan's turn to gape as Mike produced a double biceps, inflating his chest, and then deflating it back producing a low growl going into a most muscular pose which showed each and every separate muscle fiber on Mike's body. It was evident he had cum such a wad that it actually made the huge guy's abdomen puff up a bit. That was enough for Jan, who just managed to say 'I'm gonna cum'. He started jacking himself off, joined by Tom, and Mike started humping the guy beneath him again with a vengeance. Jan felt he was on the verge of cumming, but somehow he just stayed there, until all of a sudden, the huge guy beneath yelped, and pulled Tom's ass of his cock. That mantool seemed like it would never end, going out of Tom's ass, but Tom was not to be bothered, and as he was almost thrown off, he managed to steady himself and start jacking himself off with a speed Jan could only describe as rivaling Ben from who knows how long ago. Mike started grunting and puffing all of a sudden, at the sight of the huge guy's cock, distended to the max, because the guy was squeezing it with both hands, jerking uncontrollably, almost trashing. Tom was the first to get over the top, suddenly stopping the fantastically fast motion of his hands, and rubbed his cock into the huge guy's flexed triceps, producing a wad of cum which made him yell aloud. Jan could see Tom's balls move up the shaft of his cock, and the muscles in his thighs and abdomen become incredibly defined cords, then relaxing a little only to flex again to produce another wad of cum which ended spilling over to the huge guy's chest. The guy in turn was still holding his cock, his eyes literally reeling around, from Jan, to Tom, to Mike. Suddenly, Mike pulled out, which made the huge guy wail, but his grip on his cock never faltered. The second Mike's log of a cock was out, Jan felt something give in his innards, right between his ass and his balls, and he finally came with such force that his toes curled, and there was nothing figurative about it. It was so strong he blacked out for a second, actually seeing the flashes in his head.

When he came to, he saw Mike jacking off with both hands, the huge guy shoot cum two yards in the air, and felt Tom sucking him off, and then, just seconds later, Mike moved to the huge guy who was still jerking and twitching from his orgasm, only to unload pints of cum all over him, spasming like he was being electrocuted. The guy just kept looking, completely out of it, as was after wad spewed forth from Mike's superhuman cock, coating his pecs and then his abdomen in milky liquid, with such force the first several squirts actually rebounded off the skin. Mike's hips kept on moving back and forth as he still fucked his fists while unloading. Finally, he started dribbling, and then he stopped, squeezing his cock from root to head, getting out the last drop of his cum. Then he just let himself fall on his knees.

Jan was pretty much back with the living, his cock still being stroked by Tom, who also sucked on the head, looking right at Jan with those beautiful blue eyes. The huge guy just stayed there on the bench, his incredible arms hanging down, and his thighs wide. His cock was slowly going soft and hung towards his knees at a low angle, still dribbling cum. Mike was on his knees, panting, looking at Jan. Jan just shrugged, repeating the gesture Mike gave him a while back, which made Mike laugh aloud. Despite Tom's ministrations Jan's cock was going soft as well, and finally, Tom let go of it and looked back and forth between Jan and Mike. Finally he spoke.

'Are you two brothers or something?' 'Err... something, I guess...' Mike answered looking at Jan. Then they both looked at the huge guy still lying on the bench. It was quite obvious they made an impression on him, in more senses than one. He was still lying there, covered with cum and sweat. His chest heaved up and down, and it was a sight to behold.

'Will he be all right?' Jan asked no one in particular. Tom looked over to the heap of muscle lying there.

'I certainly hope so, but it was one hell of a fuck. To tell you the truth, it was high time someone fucked him up properly...' he said, and smiled. He stood up, and offered a cum-covered hand to Jan. 'I'm Tom' Jan almost doubled with laughter. An extended hand after they had already, well, extended cocks, was about the most superfluous thing he'd ever seen. Tom chuckled as well, realizing what he was doing, but Jan still grabbed his hand and squeezed it properly.

'Jan... and that's Mike over there' he said. Mike lifted his eyebrows in acknowledgment.

'And that's Marc' Tom said. Suddenly, Tom's face changed from a smile to a look of concern.

'Oh shit, there's no one out there' He said, stomping over to the bench by the wall, to collect his clothes. Then, he literally rubbed himself down and dressed himself on the way to the door, jumping on one foot and then o the other as he pulled his shorts back on. Before he exited, he turned back to them, eyeing all three. Then he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

'It seems you need some clothes' he said. "I'll be back in a minute' he finished, and went out.

Jan turned to Mike. 'Mike, we've got to talk... I think we had enough fun for a day with other people'. Mike looked at him, and then at the huge guy that Jan now knew as Marc, and nodded. They tried to clean up as best they could. They both still had their shorts on, but Mike's were ripped open down the front. He was so big they still clung to him as if they were in one piece. Mike's cock hung out, soft, sprawled over his huge balls. Jan looked down, and managed to get his genitals into his shorts, noticing the band had snapped. Both of them were covered with sweat and cum. They were startled by a gurgle from Marc, still panting on the bench - which was no wonder, after all he must have cum five times. He managed to rasp 'Just promise me you'll drop by from time to time'.

Tom was glad that it seemed to be a slow day, no one new had come so no one really missed him at the desk. He popped over to the shower and took some towels. On the way he noticed Marc's shirt. He chuckled at the lettering on it which said 'I'm the king'. Well, not any more, Tom thought... but although he considered what had happened a kind of moral education for Marc, he couldn't help liking the guy in his own way. Marc would have found this funny beyond belief, but Tom considered Marc 'his'. Several minutes later, the biggest muscle threesome in the world exited the posing room while Tom kept an eye out, realizing he didn't really know what for. Marc was visibly staggering, no doubt his ass was sore as hell, and the two strangers whose names Tom was not going to forget easily, helped him. They were respectively clothed, and wrapped in towels, or holding their huge limbs over certain strategic places, depending on what part of the clothing survived. Tom stood 'guard' while they all showered quickly, deciding not to deprive himself of the view by showering himself, and ended up with the fastest shower of his life to catch up with the three after they finished. Good thing they were well and truly sexually satisfied - Tom certainly rated the sex they had as place one, on a top ten list which was for a long time only going to have the top entry. A short time later, they all gathered around the front desk, which was noticed by just about everyone passing by because they surrounded it completely. Marc was still bare-chested, the remaining three used that opportunity to touch and grope, trying to make it look like there was nothing sexual about it, and of course, not succeeding. Finally Marc took his shirt from Tom, and looked down at it.

'Huh - I'm the king... looks like I'm the king no longer' he said, looking at Mike and then at Jan. Mike and Jan looked at each other, Tom could see there was something unsaid but shared between them in that look, but couldn't guess what it was. Then, Jan bent over the counter and took a felt tip pen Tom used for the bulletin board, took Marc's shirt from him, and added 'HERE!' in big block lettering right under 'I'm the king'. He gave it back to Marc.

'Still, looks like I'll have to hit the weights much more' Marc said, and Mike gave him a mock punch in the shoulder. Tom couldn't believe the timidness Marc displayed, it was completely out of character. 'Play safely, this incredible body is the only one you've got' Mike said, squeezing Marc's arm a bit. Then he ran his hand over Marc's abs. Tom kept looking at Marc's face. The huge guy's eyes kept moving from Mike to Jan and back, skimming several times over their crotches. Tom suddenly felt a huge weight on his shoulder, and looked up to find Jan's hand on it. 'Take care of him' he said, Tom just nodded, 'Or we'll be back' Jan finished. Tom answered 'I'm counting on that' and almost jumped in surprise when his voice was joined by Marc's. Then, the two giant's left, Jan practically squeezing Mike out of the door with a hand on Mike's butt, which Tom didn't fail to notice. Then, Jan pushed through that door himself, and Tom looked at the closed door for a few seconds, and was finally left looking at Marc. Marc returned his gaze, looking back at him with those hazel-green eyes Tom knew so well. But, Tom suddenly realized, Marc looked different. There was no overbearing expression on that face any more, which almost made Tom kiss him, something he never even thought of before. He put his hand around Marc's huge neck in a sudden feat of pique, and to his utter surprise, Marc sighed, and shifted a bit like it was just the proper place for that arm to be. •

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