Side Effects (Original)


Mike was glad he finally got out of his lab. He went in as his old self, and now, even with the euphoria of his recent change he couldn't pretend things were looking good. In fact, his setup was ruined, and he had no idea what had actually happened, all of the logs since the last backup, and that was last week, were destroyed. The data he had told him nothing at all. In a way he was glad it was so, at least things were definitely on ice until he decided to come back, but then Mary, his secretary, told him some of the high-ups have been in this morning because they heard about the accident and that it didn't look good.

Mike had reasoned this wasn't anything like his life's work, but there was this nagging voice in his head telling him that even if he did stumble onto it by chance, it could have well been his life's work. He didn't want to think about that then, so he made himself appear quite pale, so much so that even Mary, who has seen him in some pretty bad states asked him if he was OK. Just about then Jan phoned in, asking for leave of absence, so Mike ended up going to the chief administrator, who surprisingly didn't make a fuss out of it, but made it a point of mentioning 'things didn't look good'. Mike had witnessed before the speed at which bad news could travel, and he wasn't surprised now. All the more reason to get away for a while. To top it all off, he called the garage to get his car taken to it. As usual, no one competent was in (if there were any competents there at all) and he just left a message to call him at his or Jan's number when they get the car to the garage. He was a bit surprised how he remembered Jan's number and wasn't even sure where he had seen it, but he guessed it was another product of the accident. Well, incident - accidents are usually something to be avoided, and if he knew what the consequences of the experiment were going to be, he had to admit he would never even have tried to avoid it. There was a little bit of guilt somewhere in that thought - he could see some logic in humans not being born with this ability, it just felt too good to have it. Then he went home, and gladly, not only because he put Jan's T-shirt back on in the car and let himself grow back to the 'new' Mike again, but it did help a lot.

When he finally closed the door to his apartment behind him, Mike let himself down into the easy chair, and closed his eyes. With all this happening he really needed a break. It took only a thought of what he and Jan had been up to last night and earlier this morning, and he was already starting to feel hot. At first he almost felt shame to be thinking like this with so many 'more important' issues, but then he realized he was on holiday, and so help him, he'll have the best holiday in his life. Then he thought of what Jan might be doing now, and felt the tingling feeling in his ears again. Soon, he felt his hardening cock press painfully into his balls, which were in turn crammed into his pants. Those used to be baggy on the 'old' Mike, which he used to his advantage when he popped an unexpected hardon, but now they were drum tight, and the hardon on the way right now was confined in a denim Alcatraz. Mike stood up and tried to take his pants off, but it was almost impossible. Of course he could make himself smaller, but he just plain didn't want to. He got another idea, and squatted suddenly, which produced a somewhat reluctant ripping sound.

The fabric of his jeans gave way, and suddenly he felt better, pulling his pants down together with his briefs, still fighting to get them over his thighs, but managing to do so in the end. His cock sprung up like it was spring-loaded the second the elastic went down over the head. Mike looked at it. He thought of the many times his extraordinary hard-on would make him embarrassed in public, and now it was even bigger. He thought of Jan who had almost doubled in size, and got an idea. How did it feel to have a smaller cock? He wished it, and his cock went to fully hard in a most peculiar manner - by getting smaller. It went down from an almost hard shaft the size Mike used to be steel hard, to Jan's previous size, which Mike guessed as being 8 inches, and steel hard. Mike laughed at the irony of the situation, and then gave it a few pulls, tentatively. He had to admit he rarely ever got that hard, and he liked the feel, but his stroking was all screwed up, he simply didn't know how to handle a smaller organ. He tried several ways but somehow it felt odd to him, although he had to admit it, it did feel so good to be this hard. He tried fondling his abs with his cockhead, but it just wasn't the same, it didn't reach the usual places. He let himself grow back to what he used to be. He remembered how he used to surprise even himself sometimes when he got really hard, he was sure on several occasions he was much bigger than he ever remembered himself be. Then he wished he got as hard as when he was smaller, no, as hard as possible. He felt his cock suddenly start throbbing angrily, while it practically inflated before his eyes, lengthening and then thickening. He stood up quickly, trying to remember if there was some kind of tape measure in the house. His cock went rigid like never before, sticking up almost vertically, smacking into his abs and finally getting stuck in the bottom of the crevice of his pecs, as he bent down, rummaging in the kitchen drawers trying to find something to measure himself with. He didn't remember when he last did this, and the fact that he was going to now presented a huge thrill. Finally, he found a crinkled measuring tape, torn shorter at one end, and went back to the room, switching on all the lights, his cock, still throbbing despite being insanely hard already, tapping his abs.

He really felt hard like never before, and he tried to bring his cock level with the floor, but it was difficult, because when he did that, he felt like someone had grabbed the whole area between his legs and was trying to rotate it forwards. It was such a strange feeling, verging on pain, but actually very pleasurable. Finally, he had to move his hips to get his cock almost level. He felt it over. It was literally engorged, and huge, even by 'new' Mike's standards. It was so hard that it had turned dark red, and the veins stood out on it finger thick, and they were too so engorged they were as hard as the shaft and as hot - it was like feeling a hot and lumpy steel rod. The skin was distended completely. Normally, even when extremely hard Mike retained some sort of foreskin ridge, but now it was stretched out completely, in fact the skin was completely unmovable. He barely managed to hold it down to stretch the tape, noting in wonder how thick the shaft had become, and the head had engorged itself double what it used to be. Mike stretched the tape measuring almost 15 inches, he had started off as his old self, and was now over three times as long compared to his previous flaccid measurement, and much thicker even than he used to be when fully hard before. He lifted his cock up, barely resisting to suck on the huge head which he could see visibly throb. He used to suck himself off when he was a teen, but somehow he just grew out of it - or he thought so. He looked right into the piss-slit, distended wide open, so much so that the skin around it was visibly paler. He tried to squeeze the head but it too was stone hard as the rest of his cock, and so incredibly hot. He was rewarded by several large drops of pre-cum. Mike was never an 'oozer', except when extremely aroused, and this certainly was the extreme of extremes. He smeared the pre-cum around the ridge of the cockhead, almost wincing in the pleasure/pain of touching it. He tried stroking the shaft, slowly. He continued doing it, looking straight down into the piss-slit which was right under his nipples, only momentarily stopping his stroking to smear some pre-cum over them. He took the T-shirt off completely, realizing he was holding the front up with his chin all the time, his now big pecs made that easy. He continued stroking his cock slowly, it must have lasted minutes, he simply couldn't get over the incredible feeling of it.

The more he did it, the bigger the head looked. Suddenly, he realized it was bigger - actually thicker, and a lot. He pushed his cock back down, and noticed the shaft was much thicker also, reaching around it with one hand gave him a completely different feeling. He still had the tape in his other hand, and decided to put it to good use. First he measured the length of his cock again, which was now just a bit over 15 inches, and then wrapped it around. A quick calculation confirmed his glee at what he was seeing and feeling - it was well over 3" across, and he let it back up. It slapped into the bottom of his pecs, sending a shudder of pleasure down the shaft and up his spine. He put the tape measure around his neck, the ends hanging across his pecs, and continued stroking it, shuddering in ecstasy at the feeling every unsuccessful attempt to bend it gave him. He was at it for several minutes, noticing that it finally stopped expanding, the feeling of hardness verging on very real pain. It felt like every free space in his cock was filled to bursting point with his churning blood, expanding it into a phallus of a sex god. Mike of course had other ideas about that. He wished it to his new size, and with this incredible hardness. It started growing immediately, becoming longer again, until he had to dislodge the head from his pecs. He bent it slightly outwards watching in absolute awe how it continued growing in length, the almost orgasmic feeling of additional distention made even stronger by the feeling of his balls assuming their new and larger size again, and then immediately started swelling as well. He felt his cock was bursting hard, he could barely hold it with his hand, but it was still getting bigger, until the lengthening stopped, the head reaching almost to his mouth. 'Oh my god, I'm going to cum just looking at it' he thought, taking the tape into his hands again, and stretching it over his ultra hard cock, the only way he could make a distance between it and his body was to lean backwards at the hips. He read off 23 inches, almost cumming when he noticed he could still see it getting thicker. He wrapped the tape around it and waited, barely containing himself, until it stopped stretching, his cock becoming 4 and a half inches across. It looked like some red-brown limb of a tree, topped by a head the size of a small melon He let the tape down, and tried to start stroking his gargantuan cock, but he could only do it with both hands. He could feel it still throbbing hard, together with his heart which was so loud he could actually hear it. He stroked very slowly, feeling he was close to a climax he would never forget, almost clumsily, because of the size and the unusual position it ended up in, feeling his now also huge balls swing with every stroke. He continued stroking, until he ended up rubbing the edges of his palms into the immensely protruding corona of the cockhead, pushing into it, from underneath, producing such a jolt of ecstasy, he almost fell to his knees. He did it only twice more, feeling the onset of orgasm, and then it came upon him with a vengeance, and his attempts to remain on his feet made him writhe and the orgasm even stronger. It was so strong he actually felt the hair on his neck rise, amongst a jumble of feelings which made him see stars, but at first although the cramping trying to spray his cum was almost unbearable, nothing came out of his cock. Then, after the second cramp, his jizz came out as a single narrow shaft of thick liquid, producing a clearly audible squirting noise. It shot out with almost cutting force, splashing right into Mike's face, which made him open his eyes wide in utter surprise, only to catch another salvo in his hair. There were countless gushes, some of which must have splashed the ceiling, until he finally calmed down, shaking, still on his feet, and surprised at it. He looked at himself with a look of a child in wonder, his chest and his face utterly covered with cum, his cock still dribbling, only slightly less hard. He had made an utter mess of himself, but he decided it was worth it, wearing a Cheshire cat grin on his face. He went into the bathroom, and under the shower, waddling with his feet wide and his hips sticking in front of him, holding his tree-trunk manhood straight up, looking over the still impossibly huge head half of the time, and the other half looking down at his cock which was about ten times more reluctant in getting flaccid than it ever was before.

When Mike opened the valve, he was first hit by a blast of cold water, which instead of getting warmer started getting colder. Under the cold water his cock finally became softer, falling down slowly, until about half way it propped itself on the wall, and then oozed down getting more limp. Finally, it went limp enough to hang. To Mike it felt completely flaccid, but it was still large, not at all shriveled like it used to become. All that, however, was secondary to the most pressing realization that there was no hot water. He just let himself stand under the shower, letting the cum wash away. When he started lathering himself up, he wished someone would fix the boiler in the building, once and for all - he really needed that warm water. About halfway through washing, he suddenly noticed with a start the coldness of the water didn't really bother him any more. He didn't even shiver, and it must have been very cold - yet it didn't feel that way. He rinsed off quickly, and stepped out of the shower grabbing a towel. He rubbed himself down noting in passing his cock had gone to it's shriveled dimensions, and also noticing this warm tingle in his body. It lasted only a short while and then it was gone.

After dealing with some of the mess in his living room, Mike went over to the kitchen, and poured a pot of cold water. Then he opened the fridge, and took out a ton of ice that must have been lying around in the ice box for who knows how long, the cubes all stuck together in lumps. Mike never really had much use for ice, but now it would serve a good purpose. He put the ice into the pot, and added a few big lumps of salt.

Mike realized, smiling at himself, there was just no way he'd ever let go of being a scientist. Well, he'd actually call it just insatiable curiosity, and he was just trying to satisfy some of it right now. He mixed the ice and water for a while, until he saw that a lot of the ice had melted. Then he stuck his hand in it.

First, he felt the cold bite him, his joints starting to hurt. He wanted to feel warmer, and suddenly he did. It wasn't like the water was suddenly warm, because it wasn't - the ice was still there. He mixed the concoction with his hand at a leisurely pace, almost laughing at the fact it has actually started feeling nice and comfortable, even warm. He couldn't help laughing aloud at the thought of prancing around in a skimpy T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter, there would be a lot of reasons people would be shooting glances at him. Then the phone rang.

Mike pulled his hand out of the water and turned to get the phone, when agony hit him. It was suddenly like he put his hand into a fire, and he pulled it up, screaming in sudden pain, while it became a single burn, the remaining water on it evaporating so he could actually see the wisps of vapor coming from it, and then all of a sudden, with a very strange feeling which for a moment almost made him sick, the pain was gone completely, and his hand looked as good a new. He was so startled he kept looking at it for several seconds until the fact the phone was still ringing filtered into his consciousness. He picked up the receiver.

'Mr. Wessell? I'm calling about your car... it's been brought to us' said a voice on the other end of the line. Mike recognized the voice immediately - after all, he had experience. Ever since his car got into that garage, there was nothing but trouble with it, and there were no problems before. Truth be said, Mike wasn't a technical layman, he could have probably fixed half of the problems, but he either didn't have the time, or he went back because the repair was guaranteed - although it always ended in him paying for something or other.

'I'm told it won't start - we have looked at it and we'll need to...' 'Oh, don't bother, I'll be right there in about ten minutes' Mike said. He laughed inwardly - if he was the old Mike that would just never have happened.

He was still looking at his hand, thinking how stupid it was to pull it out like that.

'But, you need not bother, we've just...' 'Oh, no, it's no bother at all, believe me - I'll be right there' Mike reiterated. This was going to be interesting.

'But, the car is on the jack right now and...' 'Never mind, I'll see you there' Mike said, putting down the receiver.

Interesting? No... this was going to be fun, he thought, with an almost evil grin on his face. But first some preparation was in order.

First of all, this thing with his hand. How could have he been so stupid not to have seen it - it was generating heat to keep him warm. Of course, it's the only thing the body could do, when he pulled it out of he freezing water, the heat was no longer balanced with the cold, and the body just can't cool off like it can warm up, the heat just couldn't go away. He couldn't help but look at his hand, there was no trace of what had happened, and he guessed his hand had probably cooked itself through. He went over to his desk and wrote several notes in a notebook about this. It was a very real reminder he was still a mere mortal, that just got a lucky break. And mere mortals are entitled to their fun, which is exactly what he was going to have. 'Now, let's see' Mike thought. What he wanted was to look mad, bad and dangerous to know.

"Yo Wess! Wess!" There was a 'What?' shout from the other end of the shop. "Hey Wess, can you take this car over for a moment? It's that nerdy guy's piece of junk again, hell be coming over to see what we're doing any minute now. I've told him it's on the jack already".

Wess Sadler was a big man, by any standards. He was about 6'2", and a very stocky 230 pounds, with a slight beer-gut, a build which could only be likened to a bear. As if the fact he already had a mean air about him was not enough, he always looked even more intimidating in coveralls, hair unkempt, all greasy and dirty. To top it off he had an absolutely lunatic stare. All that meant he could subdue any nagging customer, and he knew it. In fact, everybody knew it so that's why Wess got all the problem cases.

"Ok, Al, but you owe me a beer" he said, moving over to Mikes car.

About ten minutes later Wess almost freaked out when the car moved. It happened once before to him, while he was under one, and he barely got out of there in one piece.

"What the fuck do you..."

"They told me you are taking care of my car."

"...think you're..." The words stuck in Wess's throat when he looked up from the floor. He had been lying with the board under his back, looking under the car, and as it moved off of him, he ended up subdued by the stare of a monster. It was leaning on the car with one hand, which was enough to push it a yard backwards, jack and all, exposing Wess's face, and to add to the confinement, a foot was right between Wess's legs. That hand was attached to the biggest arm Wess had ever seen, it was so big that the sleeves attempting to get around it were ripped up to the shoulder, attempting to accommodate the opposing bulges of the biceps and triceps. The arm was in turn attached to the biggest torso, one with chest muscles overflowing the T-shirt which was torn from the hem down, right down the gash between those huge muscles. And it was a huge T-shirt, because it was a completely huge monster - Wess felt himself as tiny as a child.

Looking further up, Wess found a young but rough looking face topped with longish unkempt hair, and framed by a three-day beard. There was a pair of gray eyes staring at him with a look of a lunatic, which held a clear message saying 'I could disassemble you into components, it's just that I don't think you're worth the time right now.' "You forgot to pull the hand brake"...'it' said. Wess looked down from that face, to the foot between his legs, noting the torn jeans trying to contain mammoth thighs, which even now writhed slowly in their confinement, outlining clearly an absolutely huge bulge inbetween them.

"That's very dangerous" the human monster said, flatly. Then it... he... moved, standing up. Wess looked up again.

"I'm told you are going to fix it properly this time" the man said with a voice which made Wess's stomach clench. While under the car he saw the usual jury rig job they did when they found a milking-cow sucker who kept coming back, to make him continue coming back.

Wess nodded, still looking up. He noticed the man was holding a big wrench in his hand, and there was a nice and neat knot tied in it. Wess gulped, and wanted to crawl back under the car and hide there. He lowered his eyes, and somehow ended looking the bulge between those pillar-like thighs. Wess thought there wasn't a man born that could scare him, and right now, he was scared stiff - in fact this was more than an accurate description, Wess felt his cock starting to get stiff in his pants - this has never happened to him, and the surprise at his reaction made him become even stiffer, and that nearly freaked him out of his skin.

'Good. It would be... inconvenient... if I had to come back again' Wess realized he was holding his breath, and let it out croaking a 'Well, it's nothing really serious' that last 'serious' sounding more like choking. He suddenly realized this was what it feels like to have your shit freeze in your ass.

'I'll be back for the car later.' The man said turning around. He made a step, and just when Wess thought he could breathe again, he turned back. "Sorry about the wrench, I just had to give my hands something to play with while I was waiting. Put it on the bill".

A second later, the man was gone, and Wess finally breathed in, only to let his breath out in a form of a shout.


Mike had almost jumped up in the air when he finally got out of that garage, but managed to sustain himself only because he had to muster all his will not to allow himself a raging hardon over flaunting himself in public like this. He was elated, almost intoxicated with what he had made himself to be for this little episode. First he decided he needed an unkempt 3-day beard, and it grew in seconds. Then he decided to make himself grow until he was seriously muscle-bound. He tore Jan's T-shirt at the sleeves and around his neck, he was sure Jan couldn't wear it with his new size anyway, and made himself grow until he filled the shirt until every move would produce a minute further ripping of the rips he made himself. He let his swelling thighs and calves rip his jeans further, and the feeling of his huge muscle brought another hardon which poked out through one of the rips on his jeans, quite painfully bent down. He went to the mirror, considering whether he should put on some shades. He looked at himself. Muscle bound didn't even start to describe the condition, he thought, looking at his growing cock making a rapidly enlarging bulge down the remains of the leg of his jeans. Mike barely resisted the urge to flex, shout out and start hitting himself on the chest, but he remembered it as a good idea for some later time. However he indulged himself in measuring his arms, which became a gargantuan 25 inches around. He tried to measure his chest but the old tape wasn't long enough. It really took all self control to attempt getting his hardon down. In the end, what he was about to do, and that was give those incompetents in that garage a really good telling, kept giving him a hardon all the way to there, until he wished his cock not to have a hardon, because it became so big it kept getting tangled in the steering wheel, and he didn't really want to cause an accident because of people seeing him that way. He had some ideas on letting that hardon become blatantly visible, he was after humiliating someone into learning a lesson about conning people countless times, although he barely resisted adding the twist of making the humiliated man sexually aroused over a man in front of his peers, he decided he wasn't going to be that cruel, remembering how he had felt in the same situation. All the way, driving in the car, he had chuckled at the wish he had made - he had never thought he would want a cock that couldn't get hard in this life. However, he didn't miss a single opportunity to tense his newly huge muscle, enjoying how his lats pressed into his triceps, and his pecs into his biceps, and his thighs into each other, bringing his huge genitals poking out in front of them, in the form of a huge bulge in his briefs, under his half-torn jeans. It was quite difficult to fit into Jan's car, but regardless of that he loved every second of the drive. Finally, when he came to the garage, he could see they had considered bull-shitting about something or other, but thought better of it and just pointed him to the car. Then, he saw this big wrench, and he just couldn't contain himself any more - he wanted to test his strength, and he just started bending it. Wishing to be strong enough made him strong enough, it was a very strange feeling - he didn't grow, but there was a subtle change, and slowly, because it wasn't easy, he tied it into a knot, the chrome-vanadium alloy giving way with a high pitched, muffled squeak, trying to oppose the force his hugely bulging pecs and bis created. He heard the overtortured T-shirt produce several more faint ripping sounds, and he just couldn't resist looking at his biceps bulge until he thought it would pop. He barely resisted the urge to stroke that immense bulge by forcing himself into 'scientific mode'. The exertion did leave him breathing hard, the ever vigilant scientist Mike had calculated he had produced something on the order of half a ton of force. It immediately gave him another idea to try out later.

After this little episode he was sure the car was going to run flawlessly for years. Anyway, it was time to get back to Jan's place. Half way there, he got a better idea - after all they had agreed on some privacy time, he didn't want to barge in. His place was on the way anyway, so he stopped by and used the phone.

Jan was now sure this morphing ability which he and Mike had been suddenly endowed with was limited to what would be possible to humans, however, with the added dimension of almost unlimited supply of materials and energy. However, it was not that simple - some things ran on automatic, it seemed, while others, more specific, needed a lot of thought before attempted. Some things, it seemed, were simply impossible - at least for now. If the body didn't somehow know how to achieve them, they just wouldn't happen. About an hour ago he had decided to stop being a hedonist, having satisfied himself sexually several times, and decided to try more constructive things. As a result, he now knew he could remember anything if he wanted to - in fact he had memorized several pages of one of the dictionaries he had, and he could quote from those. It took a little longer to recall after about half an hour, but once he started, he could just go on. But what he was actually most interested was biology. First of all, he could see much better in the dark, but not overly so. In the same way he augmented his hearing and quickly wished it back to normal because of the constant noise he was hearing, from just about anything - what a way to learn the meaning of 'noise pollution'. One thing which he did retain, was true 20-20 vision, chuckling how he teased Mike about it. He also tried changing his skin color, and while he could get it lighter, he couldn't get it to be any darker than deep brown, certainly not ebony dark. Pity, he really wanted to try ebony. He reverted back to the tan Mike gave him, it really did look good. He walked over to his room again, rubbing his shoulders against the doorframe. That rub carried a special feeling and it gave him another idea to try - but just then the phone rang.

Mike was having the time of his life. He had noticed the guy ogling the second he had stopped the car, and it continued while he was getting out, which Mike had to admit, must have been a show. The guy's eyes just went to Mike's body while he was stopping the car, and just never left it. He was a cute black haired little stud, about 5'7", nice tight body, and those ogling eyes were a fantastic deep blue. Mike decided it was high time he enjoyed some attention. As he moved into the building, the guy followed, passed beside him as he sat in one of the chairs, and he could just feel the stare passing over every inch of his body, from the bend in the hallway. He took great care to give the guy something to look at, standing up and walking back and forth, strutting there in his torn clothes. Then he decided to make it a bit more interesting for him.

"Come here" he said. Nothing happened, the guy flinched, but he was still standing there, in front of the elevator.

"Come on, you've been waiting for the elevator the last five minutes, you're not fooling anyone". The guy turned, and there was very evident fear in his eyes, but also curiosity. For a moment there, Mike thought the guy was going to freak out and run, so he added "Hey, I don't bite. And I like being looked at", facing straight to the guy and strutting, spreading his lats a bit and tensing his thighs and arms. He also made his pecs jump when he could see the guy was ready to start drooling. Then the guy took a tentative step towards Mike, and stopped, looking at him with a pleading look. Mike beckoned for him to get closer, and as the guy complied, and came nearer, Mike noticed he was young - early twenties, 21, 22? A beautiful young man. He stopped about a yard from Mike, rising one hand, and then pulling it back, right before almost touching Mike's chest. He looked up at Mike and then down, avoiding Mike's eyes. He muttered something, it took Mike a second to realize it was a "Oh my God".

Jan had almost laughed his ass of while in the elevator. Mike had called with the idea that they go to a gym, and Jan stopped himself just before uttering 'but we had our last workout yesterday', realizing how funny it would have sounded, and remembering Mike's words about getting out of the routine life.

Keeping to any kind of routine was something they would probably forget about very soon. However, the real laughs started when Mike said he wanted them both to strut their stuff a bit, to which Jan must have laughed for five minutes, until his abdomen hurt, remembering how the 'old' Mike wouldn't be caught dead doing that. However, to say the idea wasn't a good one would have been a blatant lie.

Jan had just stepped out of the elevator, when he got an interesting surprise to deal with. Right there, in the middle of the lobby, was a even more huge version of Mike, being ogled at and touched by a tight little kid with a good butt, the kind that would stick to Jan like flies if he allowed it. He almost laughed aloud when Mike flexed his arm, to let the kid feel it, but felt his loins tingle as well. 'Well, well, Mike my man, a lot of progress compared to that guy that hid under those oversize sweats, and obviously you have decided to start strutting your stuff early', Jan thought. He watched a while as Mike gave the kid a guided tour of his body, evidently not caring too much if someone was looking from outside - but this was a quiet part of town, so no one was. Which was exactly right for the prank Jan just had to pull.

He watched the show, he knew this was just play, but he admitted to himself he was feeling a bit jealous. It was funny, really - after all, he was that young once, he thought, looking at that beautiful little stud feeling Mike's lats, which were extended like wings in a lat pose - he could actually hear the slight ripping sound the T-shirt Mike was wearing made when he flexed. At that age, he would have given anything for a chance to feel a body like that little beauty was feeling now. Jan could feel how his cock slowly extended up his spandex gym shorts just from looking at Mike, noticing the three-day beard, and he realized it wasn't only Mike, the worshipping Mike was getting was turning him on. His shorts were so tight he had to make himself smaller to be able to put them on, making himself large again the second he did, of course. As a result they were literally as tight as if they had been painted on him. Because his waist hadn't increased, the only less tight part was where he had pulled his cock - sideways and up, right to the elastic, and now it was becoming huge, and the only way it could go was up. Jan had been worshipped this way in his time, and he did like it to a certain level. Right now that boy was licking Mike's flexed biceps, fondling Mike's pecs. Jan remembered how he liked those touches, the fascination of someone with his muscle, when that someone would touch and feel every inch of his body. He didn't want a groveling weakling, just a man who knew how to touch.

Now he discovered looking at it being done turned him on immensely. He let the bag he was carrying down onto the floor, taking care not to make any noise, and quietly got closer, well aware both guys hadn't noticed him, which was not at all surprising, considering what they were up to. The little guy had moved to licking the crevice between Mike's pecs, which had become completely exposed, the T-shirt ripping down with Mike's flexing. Jan could see the sheen the tongue bath gave those huge hard mounds of flesh, and noticed Mike holding the guy's hand in his, rubbing the bulge of his crotch, the remains of the jeans drum-tight over it. Jan was already hot as a stove, his cock now fully hard, waving in front of him, a huge mast of maleness. The little stud was so absorbed, he wiggled that perfect butt, as if begging to have something done with it, and Jan needed no better invitation. He felt that pang of jealousy but thought of a strategy to get rid of it - 'if you can't beat them, join them'.

Mike suddenly saw the super hot stud which was giving him a tongue bath gasp in surprise. A voice said: "Er, excuse me... that's my man you're touching"

Both Mike and the guy looked up. The guy screamed, and ran out, stumbling, like there was an angry swarm of wasps after him. Both Jan and Mike looked after him for seconds.

"Now look what you have done" Mike started, turning to Jan. Then his mouth dropped open.

"Sorry" Jan said, looking genuinely sorry, but Mike noted it was an utterly different way to look sorry. "I wanted to have some fun but I guess I was a bit jealous. Sorry..." he said.

Mike was looking at Jan, but Jan had grown this morning, and Mike had barely adapted to his size. But this was super-Jan. In front of him was the man with absolutely the widest shoulders on this earth, which also meant the widest pecs.

A muscle shirt was containing this incredible torso which tapered immensely into Jan's waist which was unchanged, so the taper was just out of this world. As before, everything had absolutely perfect proportion. Incredible proportion, but it was just beautiful. Those huge arms, the big pecs, like slabs of granite, covered by that right amount of fur Mike now found even more arousing than before. Big shoulders and traps, huge thighs, an absolutely fantastic body, topped off by a pouting face. It was still all Jan, the man Mike loved. And, desired. Right now. Jan's cock was absolutely huge now, reaching right up over his pecs, just at the level of Mike's mouth. For this occasion, just like everything else about Jan, perfect. Mike felt that tingle in his ears, and unzipped his pants, pulling his out his already throbbing member. Then he took to sucking on Jan's.

"Jesus Mike, someone might come in any second..." Jan started, but Mike silenced him by squeezing his cock and strategically poking his tongue under the corona of Jan's big cockhead. Mike did a full circle around it with his tongue, holding the fiercely hot shaft with one hand, and groping Jan's pec with the other, which made Jan produce a sound like purring. Mike pulled off for just a second.

"I don't care. I want you now" he said.

He went back to the job at hand with a vengeance, feeling Jan squirm in pleasure. Mike's cock was fast on it's way to fully hard, and he heard Jan mutter a "Oh God". Then he felt Jan's arms over him, going up and down his chest and arms, and then he felt his cock being pulled up. A second after that, while he was sucking Jan's pre-cum, he felt his cock growing longer, until he saw it snake up Jan's pecs. He was sure his eyes must have bugged out, as he looked at it going up, before he could even think about it, he saw Jan's arm reach for it, then felt Jan's arm grab it, and then he almost fell on his knees when he felt Jan's mouth on it. In seconds they had adjusted to each other, and Mike felt his shoulders widen against the fabric of the T-shirt which he was wearing, realizing from now on he was going to go through doors sideways, and that was all that took him over the top, he felt his balls move up his shaft, and then he started cumming. His whole body was shaking, as he felt his shoulders and lats rip the T-shirt apart, he grabbed and groped Jan's pecs, and then his arms, which suddenly appeared in his viewfield, feeling the huge head of Jan's cock press into his mouth. He almost gagged, trying to look up into Jan's face, and when his eyes went up, he saw his cock swollen to incredible and unearthly size, Jan sucking on it, holding it to his lips with both hands. Seeing his own cock becoming so big it must have extended to the level of his face extended Mike's climax until it was almost unbearable. His hands went down Jan's immense shaft, and found the huge ballsac, distended over swollen sex glands the size of tennis balls. He grabbed onto them, and squeezed. All he heard was Jan wince, and then moan. Just as Mike had stopped cumming, he felt the back of his mouth being lashed by spurts of Jan's cum. He suckled at Jan's cock like mad, stroking it, squeezing it, as volley after volley went into his throat, synched with his swallowing. Jan moaned with every squirt, rising himself on his toes, thrusting his cock into Mike's mouth.

Time had lost all sense. The sensations Mike could have said he was aware of, were of both of them still sucking on each other's cock, leaning into one another. Neither had let even a single drop of cum go to waste. They were both starting to go soft. A few seconds later, their tongues were together, all sticky from their combined cum, sharing a long kiss, and a hug. It took a long time until Mike could speak again. However, it was Jan that actually spoke first.

"Man, your cock is as wide as a log" he said.

"And please, the next time, instead of making it longer, couldn't you just make me taller?"

"You know it wouldn't have happened if you didn't allow it" Jan said. He was of course right, but the 'condition' had already been remedied. Ah well, Mike thought, he could always undo the remedy... "One of these days we should do some more experimenting with making it bigger, don't you think?" Mike said, Jan chuckling at it.

"But right now, let's go play in a gym" Mike finished.

"I thought you'd never ask" Jan said. •

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