Side Effects (Original)


Mike surprised himself by saying "As for the week - you're on, but as for the shower - later". In fact, he surprised himself even more by something he would never have done only minutes before - he saw Jan standing there, in all his glory, which included a massive hardon, and the only thing he could think of was having it in him - so he went over, grabbed Jan by his cock, suppressing a laugh at the face he made. He practically dragged Jan back to the bed.

"But there's something funny..." Jan started.

"Oh, I like you fine just the way you are... it can wait" Mike finished, pushing Jan onto the bed, until he had no choice but to let himself fall. Of course, Mike could just see it was sort of along Jan's line of reasoning anyway. They were both so hot for each other there was no stopping them. In fact Mike had sprouted wings of passion by his standards - he was rarely if ever one to take the initiative, but he longed for Jan for months. Usually, this would in his case result in a feeling of disappointment once he'd get what he longed for, but this time, it was exactly the opposite. Now that all restraint has gone to pot, Jan was like one hundred times more sexy and it made Mike permanently hard and horny as hell. In fact, he was amazed at realizing that he was indeed bigger in the cock department, in fact he was bigger than he ever remembered himself, and it made him even hotter. He wanted Jan, now.

Jan was in fact now lying on the bed, and looked bigger and more perfect than ever, and his hardon was sticking right out from his crotch, as perfect as anything else about him. Mike straddled him, and with a sigh, impaled himself on Jan's tool, stroking Jan's pecs. It made Jan suck in a breath and let it out, shuddering in ecstasy, which Mike shared to the fullest, as he felt Jan's pole filling him slowly. Although not nearly as big as Mike's, Jan's cock was by all standards large, in fact, Mike never had one that big in him, and he felt stretched as never before. But, where he expected pain, he got absolute bliss, and he started wondering how Jan felt impaled on his own huge member. He started slowly moving up and down, which made them both grunt in ecstasy, and he stroked and squeezed Jan's pecs, arms. Mike's cock was hard to the point of bursting, and it went right over Jan's abs, precum oozing out of the piss slit, and into the relief of the muscle beneath. In a second, their hands were everywhere, and it was difficult to know which were whose, but it didn't matter. Mike as on the way to heaven, and he wanted it to last. He savored every curve on Jan's body, imagining how it felt to have all that muscle, to be so physically perfect. All his life he wondered about that, and at that strange moment he realized he really wanted a chance at such perfection. He had known this deep in his heart, after all that's why he went to the gym. Time slowed for him, as he imagined himself being Jan, worshipped by Mike, and being Mike at the same time, knowing what turned him/Jan on the best. He felt himself being filled by the real Jan, his muscles filled his hands, and his cock filled his ass, more and more, and that was all he wanted.

Jan had never had sex like this before, it was... it was... he had no words, and it was getting better by the second. He felt Mike's huge cock on his belly, and it seemed ever bigger to him, and he felt Mike all over, that body Mike would always hide, as if there was something wrong with it. As he looked at Jan, his eyes out of focus with pleasure, he only wanted to give him more, more of the pleasure Mike gave him, as he stroked Mike's chest. It was taut and wiry under his hands, and he liked the shapes he was feeling. Suddenly he realized Mike's fascination with his muscles and he could see it himself. Just minutes ago when he saw he was bigger, he realized that was what he wanted, he knew the attraction of himself to himself, he felt so funny that he rationalized it all his life when it was so plain. He thought about Mike's ultra hard tube of manflesh bobbing up and down his abs, and he wondered how it would be to be that big, realizing it held the same fascination. He touched it, he felt Mike's insides writhe around his own cock which has never been so hard in his life.

Mike started moaning, and Jan became aware of their combined touches. Hands were everywhere, and Jan only wanted it to last. Then he felt it, he felt his orgasm build up, slowly, almost agonizingly. He felt his spine start to tingle, and just when he thought he would go over the edge, it stopped at that hump, and lasted what felt like forever. It had built like some giant wave, and his whole body resounded with the power stored in it, his guts and his balls churning with the power of that wave, an then he could feel the inevitable, the crest of that wave falling into itself, about to release all it's energy. He felt his innards start to cramp, he felt hot, he felt cold, all at the same time, but the wave rolled on, and then, he felt his innards cramping hard, but so agonizingly slowly. He closed his eyes and he still saw flashes, every time his internal muscles would flex, but it was like a flutter, and then, with the force of an ocean, he felt his essence shoot out, and somehow, he felt Mike shoot out as well. He must have shouted and shook like crazy, and when he almost regained consciousness, he heard an echo of his own cry come from Mike's mouth. It took him a minute before he remembered where they were. He saw Mike open his eyes, and let himself collapse. They ended up in an embrace of passion, and exhaustion As the passion slowly abided, he stroked Mike, and as reason slowly seeped back in, he realized he couldn't connect what he felt with what he remembered.

"Now we really need that shower" he heard Mike whisper, beside his ear.

Still, there was this strange feeling, but he would never have complained to what he was feeling. It was like... more of Mike. In fact, he felt the curves and bulges of Mike press in more, like Mike weighed more, but it wasn't only that - and he actually loved the feeling. He even loved the feeling of Mike around his cock, so tight. Mike shifted a bit. Then he wiggled his butt, and laughed.

"Well, big guy, believe me, I have nothing over you down there" Mike said, and slowly moved until he straddled Jan again. As he did so, Jan's eyes went wider and wider.

Mike didn't feel heavier. He was heavier.

Mike looked at Jan look at him like he saw a ghost. No, not a ghost - it looked like that a second ago, right now he looked about to start slurping. Mike knew the feeling as he looked down at Jan and what he saw almost made him return where he was seconds ago, and that is down on Jan's pecs. In fact, Mike could swear Jan looked... well, like Jan squared. He looked bigger, but of course that wasn't possible - nevertheless, Mike loved what he saw.

"Mike, I... there's something very strange going on here" Jan said. Mike silenced him by starting to pull off him, enjoying every second. It worked, Jan sighed a sigh which stated getting Mike hard again, and he could feel Jan lost only a fraction of the hardness. Finally, he felt the head of Jan's cock pop out of him, with a wet slap because of a huge amount of cum that went out with it, and felt something warm touch his own cock which hung propped on Jan's abs. He moved, propping himself on Jan, his hands half in the puddle his own cum made between Jan's chest and abs. He looked down, and saw Jan's cockhead nested beside his own. He almost jumped off Jan in amazement.

"See what I mean?" Jan said, propped up, looking at his crotch.

"What the hell happened?" he asked, not being able to unstick his gaze from Jan's cock, which was now soft, but larger than it was when he last saw it, hard.

"You should look at yourself" he heard Jan say, just about as he was getting the same idea. He looked down, and almost freaked out. He could see his abs in bold relief, and he wasn't even tensing them. They were huge, they looked like someone put eight giant ravioli under his skin, and to top it off, his legs were bigger, and cut. He moved his hand to touch his abs which went up and down as he breathed. That was completely normal, but he joust couldn't believe they were his. Just then he realized he was bending to get his crotch out because somehow his chest was in the way for him to see his abs.

"Oh fuck" he heard himself say, as he touched himself, and then looked at his arm. It looked twice the size it was! "Oh fuck, oh bloody fuck" he kept saying.

"Hey! Hey, snap out of it!!!" he was startled to hear Jan shouting.

Jan was beside him, standing, holding his head.


"But I... what... my... look at me!"

"Mike! Mike, tell me one thing!"

"But don't you see..." Mike started, but then he noticed Jan's suddenly huge cock, and pointed at it, noticing with a start his finger trembled. He tried stopping it from trembling, but it made it tremble even more. He looked at Jan. "...How... what happened?"

"Mike, I need you to tell me one thing. Mike, I need you to tell me exactly what you thought when we made love, anything you can remember"

Mike realized he was near to fainting. N1ot because this felt wrong, but because it felt exactly right. There was a time he would have done everything to look like he apparently did now, and after a long time of trying he settled for what he had. He felt how thinking logically was holding him back from going mad at what happened, and in fact it made him think even more - he also thought how funny that felt. He wondered how it would be to have such muscles, well, now he was about to have a first hand chance at learning. Then it hit him.

"My God. My God, Jan, that's what I was thinking, I was thinking... I was fantasizing... I wanted to... I wanted to be big like you" he said. For some reason he felt ashamed at admitting this. "I wanted to feel you feel me like I felt you... and I wanted to be more me for you..." He was almost sobbing, and he didn't know why... no, he did. He had to admit it to himself, he did know, it was only that he had forgotten.

Jan embraced Mike, he just knew he had to.

"Oh, Mike, I love you, and I never want to leave you..." he said, not really knowing why, but is sounded right. He felt tears stream down his face.

" too..." Mike whispered. Suddenly Jan realized why it sounded right.

Everyone has wishes, and dreams. Wishes and dreams that in time turn out not to be possible. We still have them, but we just never plan for them to come true, because they never do. But now they did. Jan always wanted to be hung and to be strong. Hell, all of us men want to be he-men, don't we?! Well, he got to be really big and strong, so one out of two wasn't bad. He suddenly caught himself wondering how much of his body was overcompensation for not being hugely hung - like, if I'm good at something, then better still, be very very good at something. He was sure it was the same with Mike, only in his case it was being hung that came for granted. He realize he was overjoyed to have his wish, and at the same time saddened because he was leaving behind another me, one which Mike loved. Would he love this me as well? He knew it was funny thinking this way, because he didn't fall in love with Mike's body and he was sure the feeling was shared. Or did he? He had to admit that at first he did. But then he remembered he enjoyed feeling Mike's muscles, before, and in fact even more now. He realized another thing then. He laughed.

"Mike, look at me"

Mike looked at him, and his gaze slowly drifted down to Jan's crotch.

"Well, I guess you like it" Mike said. "It's like getting off of yourself squared, isn't it?"

Mike laughed, and looked up at Jan again.

"Yes, I guess it is, isn't it" Mike said.

"Come on, we need that shower", Jan said. Looking right back at Mike. Mike looked like he'd gained about three years in bodybuilding, although in actuality it was probably just minutes, and he looked absolutely fantastic. Jan felt a slight stir in his cock, feeling how low it hung now. He was just too tired to give in to the feeling right now, but he knew everything will be just fine, and somehow he knew they were going to have the time of their lives.

"Jan, I've been wondering..."

"I know. It must have something to do with the accident"

"Oh, you bet it has, it's just... too weird. How can this happen - I mean, we wished for something and, pop - now it's here. Well, it does make some sense when you think of today morning, and that discharge thing"

"Well, only one way to test it!" Jan said, and he let himself imagine it.

"Jan... don't do anything stupi... oh God" Mike said.

Mike watched in awe as Jan's hair suddenly turned from black to almost blonde, like his. It also gained something in length like his. He had to laugh out loud.

"What, you liked it better the old way?" Jan asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth I did..." Mike answered, still laughing. He really had to admit part of that laugh was because he was relieved. He could think of a lot of things he would wish Jan to try that could have made him jack off the whole night. Just as he thought about it, he almost froze in terror, partly because Jan's hair went back to normal, and because he realized... "Jan stop. Stop right now. I think this works on each of us, I mean each other.

Man this could be dangerous..."

"Well..." Jan said, looking at Mike for a few seconds, before he continued ""

"What do you mean 'no'?! How do you..? Jan, you... oh my god! What did you wish?"

"Hey, hey, don't panic, I only wanted your hair to be black like mine. It didn't work."

"What do you mean like yours, I like it fine as it is..."

"You very likely have a point there, but that's not why I think it didn't work"

Jan stepped closer, and put one hand on Mike's shoulder. Mike flinched, but then calmed down.

"Don't worry, you can undo anything you don't like. Or do anything you like.

Well, almost anything, probably. Now, I think it's better for both of us if we figure this thing out as soon as possible. Now wish me a nice tan, will you?"

Jan said. He knew he was playing with the unknown, but something told him it wasn't dangerous. Mike looked at him as he was crazy.

"Come on, Mike, please do this for me. It's not as if I'm asking for anything special"

Mike chuckled. "OK, here goes... oh shit, it really works" Jan heard Mike say. He looked at his forearm, first noting that it was larger than he remembered it, and looked more defined, but that could have been due to this perfect deep golden brown tan he now had.

"Wow, I think I like that" Jan said. "I'll keep it. Congratulations, you really have a fantastic imagination"

"Jan, I know what's happening" Mike said.

Mike felt like a child in a candy store, with a voucher for unlimited sweets.

Why didn't he see it before! "Jan, I know what happened" he said. He barely contained himself imagining the possibilities, but he was surprised how he suddenly saw the difference between imagining something and wishing for it, wanting it - because this difference was now crucial.

"Jan, you and I both carry the inflation field. When our experiment blew the field somehow got into us, it is now probably a part of us, don't ask me how.

The reason why it works when we touch is because it becomes one field again" A sudden thought started creeping into his awareness. "Jan, be very very careful what you wish for, I'm not sure the condition is safe at all"

Jan laughed out loud. "Well, it seems pretty safe to me, and very pleasurable. I hope it won't dissipate, though, I still have some ideas I'd want to try"

"Jan, hold it. Listen to me. I have no idea why the field is responsive to our thought, I really don't. It might be that it's even still here because it somehow likes out thoughts - before, no-one imagined anything and it would collapse by itself in the machine. Jan, if it collapses, both of us together have gained about 40 or more pounds of mass, just the thought of the amount of energy debt we have right now is scaring me shitless" As Mike realized what he was talking about, he almost fainted. He had to sit.

"Jesus I just realized we're carrying something like the combined energy this planet has used up in years, as muscle on our bodies, and this" he said, lifting his now utterly flaccid cock and letting it down with a slap. He sat on the bed.

He wanted to wish it back to it's old size, and wish away the muscle he now carried, but he had to admit that would be the last thing he really wanted.

"God, Jan, the worst thing is I don't want to return it" suddenly he was cold, and ashamed, but it was such a strange feeling because he had no idea why he was so.

"Shit." Jan said, and sat on the bed beside him. Mike could see that every bit of sexual excitement had dissipated like a drop of water in a desert. He suddenly realized he was sleepy and he hadn't had anything to eat the last 12 hours or so. He caught himself half way wishing it would go away and almost froze in fear. Wishing - and only a minute ago it was about the safest and most futile thing you could do! "Jan... Jan, I just thought of something. I think it would be a very bad idea if either of us fell asleep right now... oh god, if we start dreaming, who knows what will happen!"

Jan heard Mike's words and his heart almost froze. But then, there must be some logical explanation. First he gave Mike that blow job, and then Mike fucked him senseless, and as a result he gained 20 pounds of very nicely distributed muscle, but he was certain he didn't wish for it, only that Mike fuck him senseless. And he did. That was it! He decided to try something. He did, and his lips curled in a smirking smile of a cat that ate the proverbial canary bird. He felt so elated he jumped up on the bed like a little kid, quite obviously freaking out Mike, until he grabbed him and kissed him straight in the lips.

"Mike, I love you, I love you! No, it IS safe, I can prove it!"

"Jan don't even..." Mike started.

"Too late, I already did it." Mike's eyes went wide.

"Oh, don't worry, I just wished my skin was blue, and evidently," he looked at himself " isn't. It's simple. Mike, tell me what do you think about when you are having sex?"

"What kind of a question is that?!"

"Oh, a very relevant one! I for one think of all sorts of very crazy things, and probably dangerous things, before I actually stop thinking, hell do I know what happens then - and guess what, we let ourselves at each other with abandon, what, three times, and - nothing happened!"

Mike looked at him. His eyes went from something that looked like fear to understanding, and then almost to lust. Jan enjoyed the change immensely.

"I think it's impossible to do anything which we don't really want to do - just like anything else, there seems to be a lot of filtering going on. And it seems also some things are still impossible - like this hunger I have, and I still feel the need to sleep" Jan said.

"If what you say is true, that would be normal. We could possibly go on without food for ever, but there would be hunger, and wishing it away would be like wishing our digestive tract into oblivion" Mike said. "Yuck, I don't even like the thought of that" he finished, making a disgusted face. They looked at each other. Jan for one liked what he saw very much.

"Mike, where do you think we are borrowing all this from?" he said, stroking his pec. He could really feel it was bigger and he liked the feeling. He liked how it felt on him, how it felt under his hand. He liked it very much.

"I'm not certain, we would have to go back to the lab to see for certain, but I think we are not borrowing energy, but mass. Unlike our experiment, we don't have a confinement setup for the effect, for all I know we could be spreading the 'payback' effect over the whole universe. If that's so, I don't think there's anything we could do to affect anything significantly, really" Mike said.

Jan beamed. "Well, Dr. Wessell, I'll take your word for fact, it's enough for me. Now, how about you and me have that shower, and then something to eat, and then..."

Mike felt huge relief. There was that nagging feeling that he might have gotten it all wrong, but the fact that nothing dangerous happened was almost conclusive evidence. He might have been a scientist, but what he did was all about curiosity. What happened was so wonderful, and he knew under the circumstances, rationalization or not, he wouldn't be able to keep himself from experimenting.

As he walked to the bathroom, right behind Jan, he couldn't stop consciously feeling every muscle as it moved in his body. It was very weird, normally one just moves, there's nothing to it. But all this muscle felt wonderful, and so hot, it made him hornyer with every step. In fact, he realized he felt more than a little shame - well, it's quite normal to get off on yourself once in a while, or even all the time to a certain degree, but it was... well, private. He knew this could possibly become a problem. Some quite weird pictures passed through his head of what he would like to try, all very sexual. But would Jan understand that? Jan had just stepped of the scale, beaming. Evidently he was very satisfied with what he saw. He had turned to the mirror, and was tracing his abdominal muscles, one by one. Mike touched his shoulder, and Jan flinched, but Mike could see Jan's eyes refocus to his image in the mirror, and it was like Jan's eyes did a visual equivalent of slurping. Mike was far from oblivious to the feeling himself. He looked at his image, and Jan's. Jan was on the way to sporting a huge boner, and Mike felt that warm tingling in his ears as well, looking at two magnificent men in the mirror.

"Jan, I... I don't know how to say this, but... I think we should try some wishes in private"

Jan looked at him. Then he nodded. "Yes, I know."

Some of that sexual atmosphere did change, but still, looking at Jan, now that he knew he was even bigger, and that tan... Mike went into the shower, and put the water on full blast. It was freezing, and suddenly it became warmer. Then he felt a hand on his ass. He opened his eyes. Jan was fiddling with the valve with one hand, and with the other caressing Mike's butt. The water was soon comfortably warm, and of course it defeated the actual purpose of the shower, so Mike was now hard as stone. So was Jan, in fact, Mike was amazed that their cocks were almost the same size, but it was somehow still Jan's, that perfectly shaped man-flesh. He looked up at Jan.

Jan looked down in those incredible steel gray eyes, realizing then they were the most beautiful he saw. It only made him more certain Mike was his other half, now in a much more literal sense.

"Don't you ever try to run away again. You know this is not only me here, there is a lot of you in what you're looking at, Mike"

Mike knew he was right. It went both ways. He knew now why they had grown initially - he remembered how he looked at Jan in the gym, curling away, those perfect biceps bulging, and how he thought they even looked bigger from the pump, and wished they would really be bigger and the rest of Jan too. Jan must have thought something along the lines when he saw him having a hardon, there was no doubt that it was bigger and he didn't wish it at the time. But, he seemed to be opened to the possibility, otherwise Jan could have imagined all he wanted. It seemed Jan was opened to a few possibilities of his own, as well.

But all that logical thought soon dimmed with Mike's rising passion, because Jan was right in front of him, and they were lathering each other up, but that of course was not the point at all, it was all about touch. Soon lathering was out and stroking and hugging was in, and then kissing, then tongues came into play, and Mike just let his roam. The repulsive taste of the soap didn't mean a thing, because of what was under it. He traced the crevice between Jan's pecs, right down, to where they joined the abs, and then he went down further, but in the cut below the top ridge the head of Jan's steel-hard cock was already waiting.

He went at it with abandon, holding Jan by the cords of his obliques, breaking that hold only to stroke him wherever he could reach. Jan held his shoulders, then started stroking his back, and his arms. Mike realized what was missing, got down to his knees, never letting the head of Jan's raging cock out of his mouth, and brought his arms up and flexed for all he was worth.

He felt his own muscle bunch up into balls, stretching his skin. He was flexing like mad and just a few hours ago he wouldn't be caught dead doing that, but now he felt the power in his arms, his chest, his legs, everywhere, and when he flexed it felt incredibly arousing, as if he wasn't aroused enough. Jan's hands on his flexing muscle made him squeeze like he was doing it to save his life, because with them on top it felt ten times better to flex, and at the same time, he only wanted more of that perfect and now huge cock in him.

In seconds all reason was gone. Mike only felt Jan in his mouth, under one hand, on the other arm, tracing the bulges of his newly transformed body, and he felt his whole body, vibrant, and getting ready to drown in ecstasy.

Jan thought he would ignite in flames, this feeling of an orgasm done backwards, not sudden, but a continuous crescendo of feeling was making him want to shout out in ecstasy, or was he already shouting? He had propped himself to the wall not to fall down and he could feel himself sliding down slowly, as his knees just stopped holding him upright, the orgasmic feeling reaching that peak, and then wavering there, going back and forth, before plunging down producing an even stronger feeling. But this Jan, the one taking note of all that, was only a small part of the real Jan, and the larger part was that feeling. He knew he had cum, was cumming, all of him. Then, he could feel this orgasm of orgasms start to fade, but it was so slow, he had time to enjoy every facet of it, and he cold feel Mike there with him, immersed in the same feeling, until finally, it finished, agonizingly slowly.

The first feeling he had was that of water streaming down on him. He felt every drop collide with him, break into smaller drops, some ricocheting off him, some becoming small torrents that broke into smaller torrents and then joined back into larger ones. When he finally regained a sense of self, Mike opened his eyes, and looked into a perfect face from the distance of two inches. His mouth tasted of something sweet and repulsive at the same time, but he loved every minute of every sensation it meant, realizing he swallowed all the essence of Jan that Jan had given him. Jan opened his eyes, and Mike could only look into them.

"Mmmm..." Jan said.

"Uh..." was all Mike could utter.

Mike had no sense of time, they might have stayed that way for a minute, or an hour, before they stood up, almost as a unit. Jan turned off the water. They toweled each other, never loosing the touch between them, and still thus connected, they went to the bed. Mike knew they both fell asleep the second they lay down. •

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