Pygmalion '68

Nocturnal Interlude


By M.U.

I did not tell my parents or big brother about our Muscle Club. I was sure they would not understand my suddenly becoming twelve-year-old Stan's new buddy, and as for Jonathan ... well, something told me that they wouldn't approve of my spending hours in the garage of a near-total stranger over the summer. Besides, my brother was at UCLA, and would have a few choice words about fraternizing with a USC man!

The dinner conversation was pretty ordinary. Of course, I said, I was looking forward to summer school, yes, a lot of kids were still in shock about Bobby Kennedy's assassination, especially the ones who had walked precincts for him. A bunch of people from the Los Angeles science fiction club are going together to see '2001', can I go with them? The subjects of muscles, bodybuilding, and two new friends never arose.

But that night, I dreamed about Jonathan, his body glistening with sweat in a pair of briefs, flexing his sculpted muscles while Barry (also covered with new muscle), Stan (taller and more muscular than the real Stan) and I surrounded him and stroked him over his entire body, rubbing his body with our hands and faces and ...

I woke up. It was 2am, and my boner was as hard as I could remember it ever being. I lay on my belly and pushed down with my hips, causing a pleasant tickling sensation that just caused it to throb more insistently. Surprised at the feeling, I repeated the motion, rubbing my dick up and down in bed, faster and faster as the images of Jonathan, Stan, and even Barry, all flexing their muscular bodies, raced across my mental screen. Without warning, there was a squirt of warm fluid from my penis, then another, and another, and another...I sighed with pleasure and surprise at the badly needed release of the sexual tension that had been building all day.

Yes, I know, by the time most guys are fifteen, they've long since made this little 'discovery' ... but it took me a few moments to understand just what it was I had done, and what it implied about me. Hell, I thought, I guess I'm officially queer now. I resolved that Jonathan and the others would never find out. They wouldn't want a queer in the Muscle Club, and right now, I wanted to be there more than anything in the world.

Oddly, my next thought was to wonder what Mom would think when she did the laundry. A cinch that *I* wasn't going to say anything about it!

I slept really well the rest of the night, with no further dreams that I could remember. •

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