By Josef Howard


In March of 1985, rumors spread that the virus infected Rock Hudson. At first Rock Hudson's beefy personal secretary denied both the rumors of his infection and the implied rumor that he was gay. But photos of a Rock more buff than he had ever been before, even in his prime, began to appear in the super market tabloids. In August Rock held a press conference to admit that he was infected, and that he was also homosexual, and that he had just signed a six-picture deal with Pinnacle Studios to star in big budget action films. Rock's first picture outgrossed Arnold Schwartzenegger's. Thus began the decline of Arnold, who went out of his way to prove to the world his muscle was natural and that he was not infected nor gay. Rock became the first of a half dozen actors who transformed their physique by exposure to the virus and transformed their careers by appearing as action heroes earning 25m plus a picture.

The HIV positives were beginning to invade the mainstream in other areas too. I was a personal witness to one aspect of that invasion when I attended the 1985 Mr. Olympia contest in Madison Square Garden that fall. I arrived two hours before the contest, and even that early the exhibition hall was jammed. Bodybuilding had become very popular in the last three years. The Olympia was expected to draw 50,000 spectators. Scores of clothing and supplement exhibitors manned booths outside the auditorium of Madison Square Garden. Most of the spectators were heterosexual men holding hands with their dates. Some of the guys were big, but most were only slightly above average. I drew a few stares, but I was no where near as large as the competitors.

A lot had changed in the bodybuilding world during the last few years. Four years ago Tank had won the Mr. Olympia at a body weight of 290. It was unheard of for a man of his stature to take the title, but at 290 he couldn't be passed over. Three years ago the competition got tougher. Apparently Tank was quite generous with the secret of his sudden success, or perhaps his sexual appetite was just too strong. Every one of the top ten that year were infected by the virus. The tall guys weighed 350 and above.

I had watched the transformations in the muscle magazines, wondering whether they grew bigger than the rest of us because they had better genetics, had combined the effects of the virus with steroids and growth hormone, or whether the virus just made them extra big because it knew they wanted to be extra big. Whatever the reason, things didn't stop there. By last year everyone in the lineup looked like the incredible Hulk -- the one from the comics, not the puny TV one. Rather than hurting the sport's popularity, the freakiness sent it through the roof. Not even the disclosure by the top competitors of their homosexual activities could hurt the sport. Quite the opposite! It turned plenty of public perceptions about homosexuals around. Similar stories played out in other major sports: soccer, hockey, baseball, and especially football! Over my shoulder, I heard someone shout my name. When I turned, I couldn't help but see who it was, even in that crowd, because he stood a good foot over the tallest spectators. It was Tank! And he really looked like a Tank now! He was over eight feet tall and everything about him was thick as a bull. His bone structure had widened, just like the other competitors. I'd seen his picture in magazines, but it couldn't compare to seeing him in person. My dick was stretching and thickening like crazy. His arms looked about 40 inches around. His chest was at least 90 inches, tapering to a granite hard 40-inch waist, supported by two 50-inch thighs. When he caught up to me, he wrapped his chest-sized guns around me and gave me a big hug.

"It's good to see you!" he said. "Where have you been? I called you after we met, several times."

"You look fantastic," I said, trying my best to keep from drooling as I talked. After that hug, my dick was standing straight up instead my baggy workout pants, through the elastic and under my sweatshirt.

"Thanks to you!"

Our eyes were locked. My face was flushing, and his was too. When I glanced down to check out his crotch I could see his truly enormous prick was tenting the industrial-sized jock strap under his quintuple-XL baggy pants. Judging by the size of the rest of him, I figured it must be thick as an oil can.

"Have you been backstage yet?" he asked. "Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys. They should be just about ready to pump up."

I wanted to go anywhere he wanted to take me. The crowd parted like the Red Sea as he led me out of it and down several quiet corridors to a set of double doors marked "Pump Room". Four uniformed security guards stood outside, but they let us in without saying a word, undoubtedly because of Tank's size.

Inside was a gymnasium. The floor was covered with padded mats. About ten gigantic men were spread out in various stages of undress. They were even taller than Tank, by at least two feet! Tank beamed as he walked me up to Dave London, a hot new star who had won the Nationals two years ago. He towered three feet above me and must have weighed about five hundred pounds. He had just pulled off his shirt. I stood about eye to navel with what I thought must be the largest set of abs on the planet, watching them heave in and out as he breathed. Each roll was the size of a concrete block. About level with my chest was a basket the size of a turkey. The sight of him sent precum squirting out the tip of my prick and made a big wet spot on my sweatshirt. He flashed me a broad, dimpled smile, and extended a ham-sized hand. "I'm honored to meet you," he said in the deepest voice I had ever heard. My widespread thumb and pinky barely spanned the inside of his palm as I shook his hand.

"It looks like he's pretty honored to meet you too, Dave" Tank said, as he grinned at the big wet spot on my sweatshirt.

Jack Singer had come up and stood next Dave as we were introduced. He was almost as tall. Jack had been a star in the seventies. In the mid-seventies he had posed for Colt under a pseudonym. Then he retired from the sport after a religious conversion. Two years ago he had come out of retirement. Apparently he had sacrificed his religious convictions some time ago for the chance to become truly enormous.

"Tank told us all about you, Dick." Instead of my hand, Jack reached for my steel-hard prick. He pulled it out from under my shirt and squeezed it. I gasped loudly as my dick convulsed and fired. A quart of cum splattered on Jack's bare chest. He laughed. He jacked my dick with his firm grip and it fired again. This time he had aimed it at his open mouth. He gulped it down. Tank dropped to his hands and knees and sucked the length of it into his mouth to finish draining it. The force of my orgasm took the strength from my legs. I fell forward on Tank's back, which was about as broad as a king-sized bed, as he slurped.

When my orgasm was through, Jack and Dave helped right me. I was still panting when Tank stood up to continue the introductions. After that show the rest of the competitors had clustered around us. A human forest of outrageously large, mostly undressed, muscle men surrounded me. My dick never got a chance to soften. Beyond my sexual excitement, I was weak at meeting men I had followed in the muscle magazines for years, even before our transformations. Every one of them treated me like a venerated saint. For years Tank had told them about me and credited me with all of their changes. The way they saw things, they were beholden to me for the realization of their most fantastic dreams.

Hal Beckley, the black competitor who claimed to be fifty years old, gave me a rib-cracking hug. Rick Lovely, the cop with the Motown posing routine, gave me a kiss so passionate I thought he'd make me cum without even stimulating my throat. And Anwar Mohammed, the previous Mr. Olympia slipped me his tongue. It took two of them to separate us so Tank could finish the introductions.

Leo Hartley, last year's Mr. Olympia, was the last one Tank introduced to me. In the circle of men around us, he had been standing behind me. When I turned to him I almost fainted. He was easily ten feet tall. Yet at that height he was still so massive he managed to look thick and squat. I knew he claimed to weigh over 800 pounds in contest condition, and I could believe it. His arms were reported to be 70 inches - more than twice the size of mine! His chest, 160 inches! He was completely undressed as he stood in front of me, and I could hardly take my eyes off his genitals. His testicles were the size of cantaloupes, and his dick looked like one of the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge. He beamed a broad, friendly smile down at me and put his hand on my shoulder. His deeply set eyes seemed to glow at me from under the sharp, high ridge of his brow. I felt his giant prick swell against my chest.

"You will help us get pumped?" he asked, but it sounded more like a command.

Tank shoved his head between my legs from behind me and lifted me on his shoulders. It put me just above eye level to Leo. Leo pulled my face close to his and kissed me. His thick tongue pushed inside my mouth. It was as thick as my own prick, and of course it, like all of our tongues, was very long. The hot, wet, silky width of it filled my mouth as it slithered toward my throat. I relaxed my jaw and inhaled it eagerly. It filled my gullet and brushed hard against the hot spot in my throat. My throat clenched around it and spasmed uncontrollably. My dick was pressed between my stomach and the back of Tank's head. His cool, soft hair tickled the underside of my prick and balls as I squirmed.

When my orgasm ceased, Leo slowly withdrew his tongue, pausing every inch or so to caress the inside of my mouth. I opened my eyes. He grinned at me. From up on Tank's shoulders, I could look down on Leo. The sight was breathtaking. The smallest part of his neck was as big around as my waist. From there his traps sloped broadly downward to the sides to delts as big and round as pumpkins. As Tank lowered me to the floor I got a full tour of Leo's chest. His pecs were like large smooth boulders, as thick at the top as the bottom. His nipples were as big as silver dollars. Though his abs were recessed under his pecs and gradually drew inward toward his waist, you could see how thick each fold was. The stack of them could have supported a skyscraper.

His dick was completely erect now. It stuck out from his groin over two feet with a slight upward tilt. The head of it was almost as wide as my face. I wanted so badly to devour it, as impossible as it seemed. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked at the tip of it. His piss slit was so large I could fit my entire tongue inside it, and extend it deeply inside. I spread as much as I could of my free-flowing saliva around the head of it, massaging it in with my hands. When I grabbed him just under the ridge of his dick head with both hands and squeezed, his whole body tensed and he thrust his groin forward, almost knocking me away. I could see his super-dick bulge as the first deluge of cum pushed through it. I locked my lips around the tip of his cock head and prepared to swallow as much as I could. His rich, sweet, milky cream filled my mouth and I gulped. As I gulped, as much as I had caught in the first gulp overflowed my mouth and splattered to the floor mat. I got more of the second volley down by almost inhaling it. After the fourth, though I gave up trying to swallow. My stomach was too full. Instead, I closed my eyes and milked his cock with my hands, as much of it as I could reach, letting his cum wash my face and run down my chest.

Deep in my stomach I felt heat in my belly. The heat spread through my torso and out to my limbs. When it had climbed up my neck and reached my brain, I heard the voice say, "Little One, we have so much to thank you for. We would never bring you this close to nirvana without letting you drink to your fill." All through my body the heat intensified. My muscles relaxed even as my dick grew more firm. The virus took hold of my body. I turned around and bent deeply at the waist. Leo knelt behind me, and I felt the enormous head of Leo's dick push against my ass. The blunt head of it pushed against my cheeks and spread them apart by brute force. But there was no pain. My ass stretched and enveloped the head of Leo's cock like a boa constrictor swallows and stretches around a large animal as it devours it. Instead the pleasure was more rapturous than I had ever felt at being penetrated, and it was seasoned by the sheer sense of accomplishment that enveloping that enormous prick head deserved. My dick felt like it would burst from excitement. I was compelled, whether by the virus or by my own total loss of control, to grab myself with both my hands. I twisted my fists around my dick and mouthed a scream of pleasure so intense that it couldn't even find sound from my lungs. As Leo's prick dug deeper inside me, I came with more force than I had ever felt before. The cum blasted past the top of my head and hit the floor six feet away. Everything in my body went limp except for my dick and the two fists I wrenched around it, squeezing out shot after shot of juice. Only the enormous prick impaling my ass kept me on my feet. When the cum stopped gushing out of me, and my legs regained the strength to hold myself up, I felt Leo deeper inside my abdomen, almost half way in.

Dave London, that bronze Adonis with curly brown hair, knelt in front of me and pushed his prick to my lips. It was almost as big as Leo's. I opened as wide as I could. He pushed. My mouth opened wider. I could feel my jaw dislocate, like a snake's, as my mouth stretched to engulf it. While the head was still in my mouth, I could smell the pungent odor of his own dried cum in my nose. He pushed again and the head slid down my throat. I focused my eyes on the rest of his dick outside my mouth. It was like staring down the barrel of a cannon. I could hear Dave and Leo in big, wet, open mouth, deep-tongued kiss above my back. They both pushed their dicks deeper inside me as they groaned. It was exquisite pleasure as they both, slowly, steadily, surely buried each inch and my body expanded around them. After I was sure this first long stroke would last forever, I felt Leo's cantaloupe-sized balls press tight against my ass cheeks and the wrinkled skin around the base of Dave's dick on my lips.

Then they began to pull back, and it felt like the suction they created would collapse my chest. It created a vast empty feeling inside me that I couldn't wait for them to fill again. I didn't have to wait. Before they had pulled all the way out they began pushing in again, quicker this time by half, and pace picked up with each of their coordinated thrusts. My entire body expanded and contracted around their pricks so that anyone standing to the side could see exactly where they were inside of me. The sweet spots in my throat and my ass seemed to have expanded as deep as their pricks prodded inside me. The stretching and the friction seemed to set them on fire. Both of them were so immense, it was beyond my capabilities to do anything that would enhance any of our pleasures. All I could do was relax and enjoy.

From the corner of my eye, I could see some of the others standing around us. Some were jacking their giant pricks. Some were giving each other head. The sensations inside me were so unbelievably intense, I didn't even notice at first when a mouth engulfed my own prick and began to suck on it. I couldn't see around Dave's dick to make out much of the man beneath me. All I saw was a snatch of blue cloth, and supposed that one of the guards outside the door had joined in. Undoubtedly he found my own extra large masculinity still much easier to swallow than any of the others in the room.

Dave was the first to cum inside me, pushing his rod as deep inside my stomach as he could. My lips ground hard into his coarse pubic hairs. I could feel his dick expanding in my mouth, throat and torso as the cum rushing through it made his dick bulge as it passed through, like water in a cartoon pipe. Leo quickened his pace. He moaned as best as he could with his mouth full of Dave's tongue, and poured his fuck juice into my other end. My throat and my ass couldn't have been more stimulated, but the feeling of both of them filling me with their cum and the pure excitement of knowing I had fifty inches of fuck pole inside me at one time sent all three of my erogenous zones over the edge. I convulsed like an epileptic while the two of them emptied so much juice inside me even my hard muscled abdomen couldn't stay flat. It bulged out like a pregnant woman's.

When they withdrew from me I knelt, sitting back on my heels, catching my breath. The cum in my belly felt like fire. Once again I felt the heat flowing outward in all directions, as it spread through my body and my stomach began to shrink. My heart rate slowed, but each beat grew stronger. I could feel the blood stretch my veins.

Suddenly I saw the muscles in my thighs begin to swell. Harder than they ever were before, they felt like polished granite expanding under my skin with every trip hammer beat of my heart. My thighs were getting longer as well as thicker. I stretched my arms straight up above my head. The muscles in my arms and chest were expanding too, and my torso was stretching. The muscles in my arms were so thick they could hardly fit. My biceps seemed to crowd the muscles of my forearms, now easily as thick as my upper arms used to be, and push into my rib cage. My hands and feet were growing too. My genitals, perched high atop the muscles of my thighs, swelled to the size of Leo's.

Tank reached out his hand. I grasped it and pulled myself to my feet. I stood a foot taller than him, and the floor was still receding. The guys around me were mesmerized. Some of them were masturbating again, standing in pools of cum from earlier orgasms. I stretched and flexed. Two of the guys came. When I stopped growing, I was at least as large as Leo was in every way. None of them could keep their hands off me. Every one of us was erect, only now I had just as much to be proud about as any of them.

Jack Singer was deep-throating my tongue. Dave London and Leo Hartley were sucking on my cow teat sized nipples. Rick Lovely was tonguing my ass, and Hal Beckley and Anwar Mohammed were both slurping on my dick, while two other guys were working on my balls. Every inch of me was getting attention.

Through the rush of intense sensations, I began to hear many voices inside my head, not just the voice of the virus, but the thoughts of all of the men making love to me. I began to feel the sensations they felt as well as my own. I could tell they were experiencing the same thing I was, by their wide-eyes, and by the way they redoubled their efforts on me when they realized they could feel what I felt.

Anwar bent in front of me and began to impale himself on my newly enlarged prick. The sight of it extending two feet straight out in front of my groin, and over twenty inches around, arcing upwards, twitching with lust and slick with the pre-cum that had been dribbling out, was a thrill beyond imagination. Anwar would have been enthusiastic enough to get fucked by it under normal circumstances, but with his head plugged into mine and everyone else's, for the first time he could feel how it felt to fuck his own ass. And he could see what his getting fucked looked like, from several angles at once. The instant he forced me into him, my own lust seized control of my limbs. I buried myself inside his well-muscled ass in an instant and ground hard against his distended sphincter.

Behind me Rick Lovely, a black god as tall as myself and Leo, forced his beautiful chocolate cannon up my own ass. Jack Singer was still exchanging spit with me as he fingered my teats, but the others broke off from their slavish devotion to my towering physique and began to fuck and suck each other. I swayed back and forth between my two lovers, withdrawing from Anwar as I impaled myself on Rick, then driving into Anwar and away from Rick. The two of them stood still and let me do the fucking for the three of us. The combined sights, sounds, and sensations of ten superhuman men engaged in the most fantastic orgy the planet had ever seen flashed through my brain like a pornographic rock video on fast forward. It became impossible to separate my own sensations from everyone else's. I couldn't tell whether sharing the excruciating pleasure of Dave London cumming up Tank's butt fueled my orgasm or even if the orgasm that followed Dave London's was my own. Through several eyes I could see the other security guard was watching too now, his pants unzipped and his hard-on hanging out. Completely overwhelmed by the sexual energy in the room the two guards started fucking each other.

When the contest organizers finally came back to see what was keeping us from the stage, most of the action was over. We were all certainly pumped and shiny, mostly with sweat. The contest started late -- like that's unusual for a bodybuilding contest! Tank arranged for me to watch from the orchestra pit with the photographers from the magazines. Of course you probably know that Leo Hartley won his second Olympia that night, on his way to a total of nine before he retired, but you may not remember what he did when they announced it. Before he even struck a victory pose for the photographer's with his statuette, he grabbed the microphone from the MC and called me up to the stage. He pulled my sweatshirt off and dragged my pants down to my ankles to show the whole crowd how I was his equal. Then he told them all how it should really be my trophy, because if it weren't for me he couldn't have even qualified for the contest. He raised my hand up high with his own and handed me his trophy. Although they couldn't have understood why he said what he did, the crowd was thrilled to share what was obviously a touching moment for both of us. A cheer went up. People stood and clapped. The other finalists rushed on stage. They shook my hand and patted me on the back, then one of them lifted me up and set me on their shoulders, and I rode off the stage.

Thankfully my newfound gigantism was temporary. I wasn't ready to make the kind of life accommodations the pros made on a daily basis - special homes, clothes and cars. Over the next few weeks I slowly returned to my "normal" size. •

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