By Josef Howard


By 1983 a laboratory in France insolated the virus. One researcher estimated that one half of all the gay men in cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were infected. The early signs of infection that were medically detectable included elevated blood counts and testosterone levels up to 10 times the norm. The infection progressed at different rates in different men. No one knew why that was so, but it was presumed that the rate of progression had something to do with the number of times one was exposed to agent that caused the infection.

With that many men infected, there were enough around so that one could pick up a guy on his transformation night. It became sport among us, like bursting someone's cherry, to find someone and fuck him during his transformation. Our enhanced perceptions helped us recognize someone close to transformation, but it was never a sure thing. Sometimes you got really lucky, and sometimes you just got lucky.

Tim and I made it a real competition. Tim was one of the recent additions to our household. Tim was a hot cowboy-type from Texas. He grew up on a ranch, so he had the accent and the attitude down. The two of us had become attached to each other. I could relate to his rural background, because I had grown up in Iowa. We also made a formidable cruising pair, him with his cowboy look and me, I had a kind of big, dumb stud farm boy look, with dark blond hair, limp and straight except for a cow lick on my crown that I could never control. We egged each other on in our conquests, and the next morning we compared scores. We both averaged about one transformation experience in ten tricks, but the next day after one of us scored, he ribbed the other one all day, gave him no peace.

Occasionally we really hit the jackpot.

One Saturday night we were at a bar in the Castro. Most of the men that night looked pretty damn good, owing, I suppose, to the effects of a lot of early stage infections. A few of them were the size of Tim and I. Those we ignored, since we assumed they were fully mutated. Other than a friendly word, they tended to ignore us too. The smaller ones, though, were staring at us big ones like crazy. We concentrated on the ones that had the most sex-crazed look in their eyes, because we knew they were the ones most likely to be on the verge of their "big" night.

At the end of the bar stood a gorgeous man we both wanted. He looked like an Asian/African mix. He had a broad, flat nose, full lips and narrow eyes His limbs were long and densely muscled. He had a very narrow waist, which made his broad muscular shoulders seem even wider. He wore a light green tank top. His hair was long and curly, shoulder-length. Both of us got hard-ons just looking at him standing across the bar. The long, straight bulges in our pant legs, thick as baseball bats and just as obvious, drew the attention of the men standing around us.

"I saw him first," I told Tim.

"His momma saw him before anybody, but that don't mean she gets to fuck him before I do."

"Maybe he doesn't like cowboys. He looks more sophisticated."

"Oh, and you're what sophisticated men go for, farm boy?" Tim hoisted his T-shirt, exposing his brick-like abs, and rubbed his stomach as he stared at the guy. The guy winked at him. " 'Cuse me, darlin'. I gotta go collect my prize."

It didn't bother me that Tim introduced himself to the guy before I did. The evening wasn't over yet. As far as I was concerned the guy was still up for grabs. I decided to give Tim a few minutes alone with him before I intruded, so I hit the men's room. As I stood in front of the mirror, pissing into the metal trough the bar owners had made into a urinal, a tall, lean man wedged in next to me. He unzipped and started to piss, staring at my dick. I finished and was ready to tuck it back in my pants.

"That's quite a piece of equipment you've got there," he said. "I bet you haven't met many men who can do it justice."

I smiled at him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean take the whole thing down their throats."

"And you can?" I smiled wider. He didn't know what he was getting into. Soft, it was only twelve inches long.

"'I've never failed yet."

"And if you're wrong?" I asked.

"I'll give you the same deal I usually give. If I'm wrong, you can fuck me."

"What's so special about that?"

"You'd be the first."

"You're on."

I grabbed him by the shoulders and backed into the empty toilet stall, pulling him with me. I sat him on the toilet and I stood facing him. My dick still hung outside my pants, only now it was beginning to get stiff at the thought of sex. He tugged on it. It got firmer and grew an inch toward his face.

His mouth was as narrow as the rest of his frame. I wondered how he'd get the head inside his mouth, but he opened wide and his lips stretched to accommodate. The heat of him made me swell another couple inches into the back of his mouth. Before he had time to start sucking, I reached full mast and forced my way into his gullet. He pulled back a little to inhale and then dove down on it.

On the first dive he got about half of me inside. It felt so good as he pulled his lips and tongue along the length of my cock, I wanted to bury it all inside of him that instant. I wanted to lose the bet. On the second dive he got all but an inch inside, and I decided this was too easy for him. I tightened the muscles at the base of my dick to hold the blood inside. The fresh blood rushing into it made it expand again. It felt like getting an erection all over again. My new friend's eyes opened wide as it expanded. More of it pushed down his throat as it grew to eighteen inches, nineteen, twenty.

To his credit I buried at least eighteen inches of dick in him before we reached an obstruction inside his throat and I eased up. The longer it had gotten, the thicker it had gotten. It stretched his jaw near the breaking point. His mouth was so tight around my dick, he didn't need to suck anymore to give me pleasure. All he needed to do -- all he had the energy to do -- was to relax as I fucked his face.

His eyes glazed over. His own dick, easily twelve inches and extraordinarily thick for such a thin man, stuck out of his fly, engorged to the bursting point. Given the size of his dick, it was easy to see where he got his appreciation for large meat, and why he was so motivated to do it justice whenever he encountered it. I milked his dick with my hand and I reached into his pants and pulled out his fat balls. I coated my hand with spit and lubricated it for him. He grabbed the bottom two thirds of it with both his hands while I worked the top third.

His moans vibrated his throat and took me over the edge. I buried as much of my cock down his throat as possible on the first shot, then pulled back and let his tongue and lips work on my super-sensitized cock head and drive me even wilder as I unloaded the rest.

After my spasms subsided, I pulled myself from his throat. My dick was softening, but it still hung down out of my open fly a good fifteen inches. My buddy was jacking his dick frantically now. I pulled his hands away from it and knelt in front of him. It was a snug fit inside the stall. My shoulders rubbed against the walls, and my legs stuck out under the door. I stared at his swollen cock, which was jerking now, then I looked up into his eyes and grinned. Slowly I extended my tongue. When more than three inches of it was out of my mouth, he gasped. The tip of it licked the piss hole of his dick, then slipped about a quarter inch inside and lapped the inside of his cock head. He tried to grab his dick, but I blocked him. He thrust his hips up, trying to push his cock into my face. I pulled my tongue out of his cock, then I slipped more of it out of my mouth and let it snake its way around his dick. I lowered my head as my tongue wound its way lower and lower. When it had reached his root, I had about a third of him inside my mouth. I pulled my head back slightly, tugging gently on his cock with my wet tongue, then I slide slowly forward until all of it was inside me, and my tongue was wrapped around his balls as well.

He was more than big enough to reach my hot spot. My heart was already pounding and my skin was tingling all over. I rocked back and forth with him inside me to rub a few inches of him on it. I clenched my lips around the base of his dick and sucked hard. His hands grabbed the sides of my head, but I was too strong. He couldn't speed or slow my bobbing head one bit. He squirmed in the grip of my mouth. His arms and legs flailed. Finally, right at the moment I reached orgasm in my throat, he grunted and came down my throat.

When I stood up to tuck my dick back in my pants, my friend was collapsed against the toilet tank, limp.

"You're not even human," he said to me.

"And I'm not through with you yet. I intend to collect on our wager, but my buddy is waiting for me at the bar. Get dressed and follow me."

I'd been away long enough for Tim to have talked his way completely into the pants of our longhaired beauty. When we walked up it looked like they were about ready to set their drinks down and head for the door. Nevertheless I introduced myself to the guy, whose name was Enrico, who it turns out is a model, although he paid the bills as a personal trainer. Of course I stumbled over the name of my new companion, because that was one thing we hadn't exchanged. When he introduced himself, I found out his name was Walter.

"We were just on our way out," Enrico told me, his eyes devouring my chest as he spoke. "We're headed back to my place for a nightcap. Would you too like to join us?"

Ordinarily I wouldn't have intruded on Tim's situation, but after his bravado earlier, inserting myself into his fuck seemed like good clean fun to me, so I accepted for both Walter and myself. My back was turned to Tim, but I could imagine the disgust on his face. Outside the bar, it worked out that Tim and Enrico had the only two cars, so they couldn't ride together. Tim tried to give me his car keys, but I volunteered to ride with Enrico, and Enrico politely accepted.

Enrico had one of those big old sixties sedans with wide front bench seats. After he had pulled out into traffic, I slide over next to him and slipped my left hand into his pants while I fondled his leg. Just the touch of my hands was enough to make him groan. I figured he was pretty far along in his transformation if he could feel that horny. Whoever took him tonight would definitely get a wild ride, and I wasn't ready to concede that it would be Tim.

I wrapped by left hand around his big balls and squeezed, as I undid his pants with my right. His substantial equipment flopped out right there in my hands, firm and anxious to go. His dick was already over a foot long, and his balls were the size of lemons. Like the rest of him, his cock was beautifully shaped and proportioned. It looked good enough to eat. So I did. In one lunge I drew the whole length of it down my throat and massaged it with my throat muscles. The way it excited the hot spot in my throat took my breath away for a few seconds, but I recovered. I slid my tongue around his cock starting at the corona and kept wrapping it around until it was beyond the base and wrapped under his scrotum, tugging at his balls.

Enrico's breathing was so erratic by then, I could only imagine what his driving was like. He was beginning to thicken and get even firmer, so I yanked open the top of my 501s to grab hold of my dick so I could jack myself while he was cumming. He caught sight of it as I gripped it and gasped. Just then he went stiff as a board and started pouring cum into my throat like a geyser. His intense excitement and a couple of full-length wanks on my piece were all it took to get me to shoot too. He jammed his hand down on my neck, urging me to keep him deep inside my throat, and lifted his hips off the seat, grinding the coarse hairs of his groin hard into my mouth. When I came up for air we were parked in the short driveway in front of his flat. Tim's car was on the street behind us, paused just long enough to make sure it was us before he drove off to find parking.

Enrico lived in the bottom flat of a two flat house at the top of Potrero Hill. He led me up the short flight of stairs from the driveway inside and left the door to the flat ajar for Tim and Walter. I stopped him, slid my hands down the back of his still loosened pants, fondled his ass and kissed him in the darkened entryway. Naturally he was hard again, and I was too. But when the door started to open, Enrico broke off our passionate kiss and zipped himself up before Tim could catch us. I had hoped to take him away from Tim, but he obviously felt some sort of loyalty to him, or maybe he just dug him more than he dug me. I was just the hors d'oeuvre, even though it had been me who had done the eating.

Tim engulfed Enrico in his arms and they locked lips for longer than I cared to stand there counting seconds. When Enrico pulled away he suggested we all climb into the hot tub in his backyard. I wholeheartedly agreed, eager to get Enrico into more of a group encounter situation.

It was a typical chill San Francisco summer evening. There was a sturdy breeze through the postage stamp backyard that rustled the leaves of the tree next to the hot tub. We discarded our clothes at the water's edge. Everyone's dick was already hard. I sat next to Enrico, but before I could lay a hand on him, Tim started sucking on his prick, which stood straight up out of the water a good five inches, like a fleshy periscope. Tim wasted no time. In an instant his head was under water and he had his lips around the root of Enrico's dick. Enrico's massive arms were draped along the edge of the tub. Laid out flat against the tub's edge, his shoulders were even more enormous, almost as big as his head, which was thrown back, his damp, long hair pinned behind it. He twisted his torso as Tim sucked, corkscrewing his dick inside Tim's throat. He groaned through an open-mouthed smile. Tim's giant back arched above the water line like the hump of a sea serpent. All the rest of him was under the water, working Enrico over. Dick and I could both hold our breath indefinitely - a side effect of the virus' changes to our bodies. It was how the virus helped us take huge cocks down our throat.

Watching Dick take Enrico was making me begin to salivate. I reached over to Walter without taking my eyes off them and pulled him toward me. He was so mesmerized by the sight of them, I don't think he noticed I hadn't been paying attention to him. I sat him down on my lap with my prick between his legs, rubbing under his large balls and the underside of his own large dick. Both of them stuck almost a foot above the water. I tugged at his nipples and licked his back, but we didn't really need any foreplay. We were both already over excited. I drew his knees up to this chest, lifted him out of the water by the ass and positioned his asshole at the tip of my prick. Walter's asshole was so virgin, so tight, that even the weight of his whole body pressing down on my dick head wasn't enough to force it inside. He squirmed a little. I held him firmly and pulled him down harder as I forced upwards. It was like trying to fuck a brick wall! I pulled him down and drove harder. He opened up and the head of my dick slide inside, but his sphincter locked almost painfully tight around the underside of my cock head. Still, with the end of my dick inside his hot ass, all I wanted was to get in deeper. Walter began to struggle. He was suspended in air, way above the water, partially impaled on my dick.

"Relax," I said in a deep calm voice, "I promise you you're going to love this."

I stroked his chest gently with one hand and rubbed the length of his dick with the other. He began to relax. His weight began to drag him down along my cock a little. I drove upwards again. I got almost half way in. I lifted him up a little and pushed back in, just a little deeper.

Walter moaned. I could tell he was starting to get off on the sensation of being stuffed full of giant cock. I held his legs tight to his chest and twisted him around to face me, at the same time cork screwing my cock deeper inside him. His eyes were shut tight and his mouth was wide open. I was starting to lose myself in the fuck too. His still super-tight sphincter was passing over the last few inches of my dick, down towards the base where it widened. When I got completely inside him, I felt ectastic. Both of us were content to stay still and enjoy the sensations, until, after a few minutes of stillness, Walter's dick started squirting spontaneously, great globs of thick milky cum.

As the cum poured out of him, I started fucking him again, in full, deep strokes. With each stroke I lifted us further out of the hot tub, until I was standing up, cradling Walter, who was completely outside the water, by the ass. Still inside him, I walked up the steps and laid him on his back in the grass, his legs over my shoulders, and started fucking him in earnest. It wasn't long before his ass squeezed the first load from my dick.

Walter began to get hard again as he felt my cum squirt against his insides. He rubbed his hands over my balloon-like pecs, then steadied himself with his hands on my biceps. Even his large hands barely covered the front of my arms. Every stroke of my dick into his ass drew another squirt of cum from my prick. No matter how many times I squirted I didn't seem able to stop. Not that I was anxious to stop! I was enjoying myself so much I realized I had forgotten all about Tim and Enrico! This skinny little guy had to have the best ass on the planet! And he'd been keeping it hidden far too long! Tim was still deep-throating Enrico's log, but Enrico was watching us with his eyes wide open. He gripped Enrico's head with his hand like a basketball and vigorously pumped his head up and down. My entire body tingled as I poured more and more cum into Walter's ass. I felt Walter's hands all over my chest, arms and shoulders. Sweat flew off my damp hair as I shook my head and clenched my teeth.

Suddenly Enrico bucked his groin up out of the water, with a loud moan, taking Tim up with it, his lips wrapped tightly around Enrico's dick. As he surfaced suddenly, Tim looked like a sea monster. His enormously broad back was almost a big as a whale's. Tim's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed huge gulps of Enrico's cum and continued to tug his lips and tongue along the length of his dick. Tim's dick was erupting too, without even being touched. Before either of them had stopped cumming, Tim laid Enrico on his back outside the Jacuzzi and pushed his spouting prick deep inside Enrico's ass. The switch only intensified their excitement.

My own marathon orgasm had finally subsided. I was still stone hard, but I decided I wanted to suck Walter's dick. As the flared head of my penis rubbed over Walter's prostate he drew his breath sharply. I rubbed it back and forth a few more times for him. But when I tried to pull the head of it out I couldn't! His sphincter was locked tight around it, and the flare of my cock head was too wide to get through it! We were locked tight in coitus like dogs! The harder I pulled, the tighter he got. If I went deeper and tried to get some momentum, the sensation of my cock on his prostate was so intense that he tightened up further. The only way I could escape was to get soft! And no way I was going to go soft inside that incredible ass! Not for a long time! "We're stuck!" I said to Walter.

We both grinned. He began to laugh, which started me laughing too, and made me quiver, vibrating my dick inside his ass a little and cutting his laugh off with a moan. I eased deeper inside him and he squeezed me with his ass muscles. I slide all the way home and started to fuck him again. Neither of us could concentrate on anything else. I lifted his foot long prick from his stomach. It was long enough to reach my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked the head as I fucked him. It was still sticky with his syrupy cum. As I sucked, I snaked my tongue around it and halfway down its length. Walter tensed and poured more cum into my mouth. Excess leaked out my lips. It tasted so good that in an instant I started cumming inside him again. On every drive into his ass, another jet of it forced through my dick. Walter's dick was quickly drained, but it continued to spasm. I let his dick drop out of my mouth. He wrapped both his fists around it and masturbated while I just concentrated on the piston action of my foot and a half dick sliding through his super tight sphincter. As he squeezed and pulled and twisted it, it kept on spasming, as did his ass muscles around my dick.

Since my transformation I'd been able to cum what seemed like gallons, but I had never had orgasms this long before with anyone else, and I had never been able to dump so much cum at a time. I should have been amazed that Walter seemed able to absorb it all. I would have been if I had could have kept my wits. But I was so dazed after cumming for a half an hour straight, I didn't think about it until later. My eyes and mouth were wide open. Drool ran out of my mouth and down my neck. Veins stood out all over my body like a network of cables and capillaries. The spa water had completely evaporated from my skin, but I was slick with my own sweat, and my breath was increasingly irregular.

Suddenly Walter tensed under my onslaught. His back arched and his arms dropped limp to his sides. Then they tensed too, and his whole body seemed to swell just a little bit. I slowed the pace of my fuck, but my ejaculations continued. I wasn't imagining it. Walter's every muscle was straining, swelling. He was transforming right in the middle of our fuck. His skinny arms grew from pipe cleaners to well toned to beefy. His pecs went from skin flat to generously thick. His legs, which were draped over my shoulders, began to feel thick. Walter was a middleweight bodybuilder! He opened his eyes and smiled at me. He felt his biceps and his tight little six-pack. But it wasn't over. He tensed again and his muscles swelled like an inflating tire. In one step Walter went from middleweight to heavyweight. His dick was bigger too. It was now as big and thick as my own. Inside his ass I could feel undulations of muscle spasms that made my heart race, and his grin told me he had done that on purpose. Suddenly I felt his sphincter relax and he pulled out from under me. He squatted in front of my kneeling form and devilishly looked me in the eye. He stood up, purposely allowing his giant dick to bump me in the face as he rose.

"Now it's my turn to test your mettle," he said in a newly deep voice.

I opened my lips and his pushed his cock down toward my throat. The head of it scrubbed against my tonsils. I tilted my head up and inhaled. It found the sweet spot in my throat and my gullet clenched around it. Although Walter had stopped growing everywhere else, his dick had kept growing. Another foot of it was still outside my lips. I opened wide and dove to the furry root of it. Walter's knees went a little weak. The sensation of that much cock in my throat was overwhelming. My throat itched with burning desire. I wanted to drag it in and out forever. There was a lot of ground to cover, sucking a twenty-inch cock. I leaned forward on my hands and knees, and rocked back and forth, pulling and pushing it inside me. Walter steadied himself as best as he could. I imagined he found the experience even more intense than I did. He suddenly had almost twice as much dick to feel. Eventually I felt the ridge of his dick head swell inside my throat, setting me off in a blistering, throat convulsing orgasm that pulled Walter over the edge too. His ejaculations felt like a squirt gun firing inside my throat. When he stopped, I let him slide out of me.

"Satisfactory?" I asked.

It looked as though Walter was still waiting for the black spots in his vision to evaporate. Then his eyes fixed on me and he grinned.

"Yes, but not satisfied," he said.

He pushed my shoulders and I rolled onto my back with my legs in the air. Walter guided his giant dick pole toward my ass. He rubbed his cock head against my asshole, then poked it inside. His mouth widened and his eyes clenched shut. I pushed back as he pushed in, both of us relishing the feelings. Of course it was as easy for my to take him up the ass as it had been for me to take him down my throat -- and just as much fun - but this time I let him take control.

After a couple of long slow strokes Walter began to tremble. At first I thought it was just passion, then I noticed his veins were protruding, and muscles started to bulge again. This time he grew all in one intense expansion. His thighs expanded outward until they kept my ass from hitting his groin as he fucked me, pushed each other further apart and lifted his balls from between his legs to on top of his thighs. His back widened until his lats resembled buttresses that supported his arms. Walter's mouth was slack and his tongue was dangling outside it, dripping wet. His face was changing too. His brow was becoming ridged like a Neanderthal, and his jaw was widening and becoming sharper. The musculature of his arms surpassed even mine, until it didn't seem possible that so much muscle could fit on his frame. His forearms were covered with thick, straight, dark hair. So were his chest and his legs.

Watching all that happen to someone else was a first for me. The sight of it made my heart pound even harder with lust. Walter's newly gigantic paw wrapped around my penis and pumped it as he fucked me with animalistic abandon. I arched my back, delirious with the pleasure I felt in both my ass and my groin. Walter hoisted up my ass by my legs and stood up without a pause in his fucking. Only my shoulders were still on the ground. I straightened my arms out to my sides, then tensed my stomach muscles and curled my chest up. Walter supported me by my ass with his hands. I grabbed hold of Walter's broad biceps and sucked on his dangling tongue. His eyes opened. He locked lips with me. Slowly I inched my tongue down his throat and flicked the follicles in the back. He grunted. I thickened my tongue and prodded them more. He extended his tongue and found the same spot in my throat. Our tongues entwined and stuck deep inside each other's throats. Walter was bouncing me vigorously on his rigid fuck pole now. With every thrust I felt closer to bursting, yet every thrust just increased the tension. Walter's thrusts became more and more random, until I felt a great gush of cum fire off inside me. His throat tightened around my tongue. His tongue swelled inside my throat, triggering my orgasm there, then in my ass, and finally my dick. His knees slowly bent and we collapsed in slow motion to the ground.

Enrico and Tim were sitting on the ground watching us, Tim's arms enfolding Enrico's broad shoulders as he fiddled with Enrico's hard dick. The two of them weren't finished but still they had stopped to enjoy our show. I winked at Tim and grinned. Even though he had won Enrico, I had won our contest. I got the guy who morphed. In the morning, when we were both through with our conquests, back at the house in the Haight, I knew I would collect my prize. Tim knew it too, and he winked back with a half grimace, half grin. His ass was mine. •

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